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I thought I was done with TF2 fusion. Apparently not. Here are some random possible moments of medic x sniper fusion. The fusion’s name is “The crossbow”. 

more Crossbow drawings

TF2 Sniper/Spy  Headcanon

Based on a random convo where we were talking about how Spy/Sniper tends to either have
a) woofbified Sniper or Spy, b) creepy stalker Spy or c) feral bushman Sniper that has to be civilised by Spy. 

Primary concept: Why give us 10K of creepy ass spysniper when you could have the pair happily together, and they tell the team by announcing Scout now has two dads over dinner bc they went to Las Vegas over the weekend.

@camiluna27 said that Sniper could help Spy learn to be a dad to Scout, and well, I had an alternate idea, so… this happened:


Sniper has no experience.

If anything, Engie might be the closest the team has to a father figure. And Spy would prefer death over admitting it to the Texan…

Sniper, on the other hand, is just oddly casual with everyone even those he’s going to kill. He can get serious, but mostly, it’s chill… everyone can relate to him, in their own way. He listens, offers advice, and has your back on the field.

Spy, in contrast, has been made paranoid by the world in which he lives. Lies, deceptions, masks, targets, always the threat of death haunting every move… if your smile is even an ounce deceptive, you die. He has learned to be what people need to see, to adapt to a challenge.

Who he is, as a person, is a little difficult for him to gauge. The closest he came to being… him, a person, was when he spent time with Scout’s mother, who challenged his normal statements, behaviours, seductions as utterly false. An act. And he suddenly realised she was right.

Now he was on a base, and he did not need to BE anyone. That is, after battle was over… he was just… Spy. And who was that?

He went for haughty, kept them at bay. The man he was, was dead, if you thought about it. Buried under a thousand faces and facades, all in the name of espionage.

Scout… was an unpleasant surprise. He’d thought, based on what correspondence he’d received in the last year from Her… that the boy was going to college for an art degree, and yet… here he was smashing in heads amongst hardened mercenaries?

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After a bit, Sniper found Scout lounging on the break room couch, writing something down on some paper.  As he drew closer, he realized that Scout wasn’t writing something, he was drawing.

“…Is that me gettin’ eaten by a croc?” Sniper asked, leaning against the back of the couch as he peered down at Scout’s work.

“Um…maybe?” Scout replied, refusing to look up at his team mate as he tucked his drawing towards his chest.

To compensate for Scout’s refusal to look his way, Sniper moved around the couch and took a seat on the table in front of it.  This was his chance to try to make things right, or at least make up for snapping at Scout.  Even if he didn’t think he was going to do it well, he was going to give Scout’s little game a try. 

“I, uh, Scout, do like the idea of Massa-you-setts,” Sniper said, looking at Scout over the top of his glasses.

Scout said nothing, but he did look at Sniper, trying to see if he understood what his team mate was saying to him.  That, at least, was something.

Sniper leaned back, crossing his arms over his chest. Either Scout didn’t believe what he was saying, he didn’t understand, or Scout was giving him a, unfortunately deserved, taste of his own medicine.  Leaning forward, his arms resting on his legs, he tried again, taking a different approach this time.

“You like baseball, right?” Sniper asked, “Okay, um, if you don’t balk at the idea, I’d like to walk you back to m’camper an’ maybe touch all the bases, or maybe just stop at first, unless I strike out here because, Scout, I think you’re a real catch.

Scout laughed, his shoulders shaking as he turned his head away from Sniper.  He tried to hide it, but there was definitely a pleased smile on his face.

“That was lame,” Scout said as he looked back at Sniper with a grin, “Super lame.  How much do you even know about baseball?”

“Enough to get a smile on that face of yours,” Sniper replied, “Even if you’re gonna turn m‘offer down, did I make up for slamming a door in your face?”


“Only kinda?  After all that?” Sniper asked, his eyebrows raising as he moved to sit next to Scout, “Why?”

“’Cause we still need to go out to your camper so you can make up for it all the way,” Scout said, “Who said I was gonna turn you down, Sniper?”

“…You made me go through all that jus’ to see me squirm an’ stutter, didn’t ya’?”

Oh yeah I did.  You know it,” Scout replied, standing as he balled the drawing up in his hand, “And it was worth it.  Hearing all that come of your mouth made it so worth it.  So we gonna’ start walking out to your camper now or what, Snipes?  C’mon, let’s get goin’, man.”

Somehow, he realized after he started following after Scout, Sniper couldn’t get angry at Scout for teasing him like that.  The Aussie did deserve it, at least a bit, and Scout seemed to be in a better mood now.  Sniper also got the feeling that, later, once they were out in his camper, neither of them should be holding any sort of grudge anymore.

Not when the Didgeri-do was busy getting Didgeri-done.

Difference Between RED and BLU *updated*
Okay, so I know this might be weird, but I’ve always thought that there are slight differences between the mercenaries on RED and BLU team. For example, I think RED Spy is a bit older and more experienced, and he’s perfected his ability at stabbing and sapping, while BLU Spy is younger and more enthusiastic and is better at disguising and cloaking. RED Sniper prefers his rifle and SMG and is a little more socially awkward, while BLU Sniper prefers the huntsman and his kukri and tends to avoid people because he’s a loner, not because he’s awkward. And Candygrahm  had a really interesting idea that RED Medic was more confident in medicine for the experiments and to get out his crazy, while BLU Medic is a little more meeker and more timid, and actually focuses on the objective, rather than the procedures that could come out of it.

Here’s the story:

It was Day 3, and I knew that I wouldn’t be seeing many TF2 cosplayers, due to the fact that the Valve Gathering had been the day before. We were walking out to take a shuttle to the hotel, when I saw a RED Medic in the distance. It was only the second time I had seen a TF2 cosplayer that day, so I decided that I wanted to take a photo with them, and hopefully they would allow it. I shouted, “MEDIC!” and they came over, agreeing to take a photo.

Mere seconds after we took the first photo, the Medic saw another Sniper and a Spy walking around. They called the two over, while telling me, “Don’t worry, they’re REDs too. We’ll be okay.” And we took another photo.

huge shoutout to you three for taking photos with me, outside in the blazing heat. ; o ; I was the awkward RED Anger Sniper. You guys were the only TF2 cosplayers I saw that day and took photos with.

These two photos are also the first photos I’ve ever taken in full cosplay, and thanks to you guys, I have decided that I want to cosplay more in the future. Thank you for being so patient with me (I had to take off my glasses, and then put on the hood, veil, and aviators – it’s hard to when you’re clumsy like me).

Also thank you to the Medic and their friend for complimenting my horrid cardboard Tribalman’s Shiv;;; it meant a lot to me!

If you guys know who these people are, please help me identify them! :)

(Photograph credits to sardonium)

EDIT: The Huntsman Sniper is inkyshark and the Spy is do-you-feel-tres-bon.

EDIT #2: The Medic is furylordofderp!

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truth or dare with the mercs and scout starts asking extremely sexual questions to some of the more shy and awkward ish classes, like sniper and medic. they either ask for a skip or answer it regretfully, their faces turning redder than ever. demo dares soldier to attempt a sticky jump, but breaks his legs. spy answers all of the questions with false information, but leaves the room when engie asks him to lick the floor that they never clean.

“Hey, Spy. truth or dare?” Scout asked in a hyper tone. Sniper, Medic, Scout, Spy, Demo, Engie, and Solly agreed to play truth or dare together, but they instantly knew they would all regret it. Fortunately, all of them were too scared of mocking to back out. 

“Truth.” Spy cocked his head and propped it on his palm, watching the younger Mercenary intently. Scout made a sound that almost sounded like giggling. “Okay,” He started to laugh, “Have you ever had a threesome?" 

Scout was very proud of himself for coming up with such a good, sex-themed question.

Oui.“ Spy shrugged without hesitation. Some of the others looked up at Spy questioningly, but said nothing. Scout looked disappointed Spy answered his question without any shame. 

"That didn’t count. Spy’s boring as hell. I want to go again.” Scout whined. Spy rolled his eyes, but nodded, passing his turn back to Scout, who grinned devilishly. 

“Okay, Medic, truth or dare?”

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Any headcanons for mercs on their first dates ? (And this time, no prom things with mutant breads scout)

Adorably awkward: Scout, Sniper, Engineer, and Medic.

Charming: Demo, Heavy, Pyro, and Soldier. 

And then Spy is a whole other league. He is like an olympic gold medalist in first dates.