an awaesome freak


if any of you wanna know are curious, this is my kristen stewart magazine collection. yes, it seems like a lot but to be honest, i do need a couple more till it’s complete. i have a total of 26 magazines ranging from 2007 to today. as you can see, i have different covers of the same magazine. to be a good collector, you should own different covers. i’ve spent about.. 250 dollars for all of these considering i didn’t get all of them off the shelf. the most money i have ever spent is 48 dollars for my dazed & confused because i got it specially from the UK since i live in the states. and the cheapest i’ve spent is 5 dollars for a entertainment weekly. :) i have been collecting since feburary. i work hard for my collection so i can pay for it, and i really enjoy doing it. i love my collection to death and i’m glad i spend my money on it for my love for kristen stewart. you can call me a freak, but this is a fun hobby. i mostly get my magazines from ebay and amazon. i scope out good deals and i will win a bid on ebay for whatever price. :) so that’s my collection.