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Summary: Innogen Bashir had always known exactly what she wanted to do with her life. She’d planned it out in early childhood and made sure to do whatever she could to keep everything on that path: pursue design as a vocation, move to London and take a job at a prestigious firm, marry the woman of her dreams and create a body of work that would live on long after her, and to top it off, still have time to go out dancing. That was her plan.

But as the saying goes, when man makes plans, God laughs.

(Sidestory/prequel to Stubborn Mouths: Humans In Translation.)


And we’re live! It’ll be a chapter a day, six days a week, so keep watching as events unfold.

Woven From Your Brown Hair

by Hannah

Innogen Bashir had always known exactly what she wanted to do with her life. She’d planned it out in early childhood and made sure to do whatever she could to keep everything on that path: pursue design as a vocation, move to London and take a job at a prestigious firm, marry the woman of her dreams and create a body of work that would live on long after her, and to top it off, still have time to go out dancing. That was her plan.

But as the saying goes, when man makes plans, God laughs.

(Sidestory/prequel to Stubborn Mouths: Humans In Translation.)

Words: 3813, Chapters: 1/34, Language: English

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When trans people headcanon characters as trans or autistic people headcanon characters as autistic etc people are always like “stop inserting yourself into characters!! Stop acting like you need to make them all like you!!” Like honestly stop having double standards literally everyone projects themselves onto their favorite characters. Everyone. If you have a favorite character you are going to want to imagine that they are like you.

It’s just bullshit way of saying “I don’t want these characters to be like you” and that’s already petty as hell because other people’s headcanons are not hurting you and you have no reason to agree that a character is trans or autistic or bi or whatever but it’s also transparently bigoted considering they don’t say this to people whose headcanons for characters aren’t marginalized identities. They don’t say that when a white person headcanons a character white. They don’t say that when a straight person headcanons a character as straight.

Everyone projects themselves onto fictional characters and everyone likes to imagine their favorite characters are like them ur not fooling anyone with this shitty argument

Sign-ups Open!

Sign-ups for the Autistic Exchange are now open! Sign-up for the Autistic Exchange!

Sign-ups will close July 7th at 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time. You can add, edit, or delete your sign-up form anytime before sign-ups close.

What is the Autistic Exchange?
The Autistic Exchange is a fanfiction gift exchange by autistic people, for autistic people. Our aim is to encourage autistic people to write stories featuring their favourite canonically autistic or headcanoned autistic characters, and to receive a story featuring a desired autistic character in return!

We’d like to see more stories featuring autistic people on AO3. We’d also like to encourage more diverse representations of autism and autistic people. We’d love to see autistic characters of colour, multiply disabled autistic characters, autistic women, queer autistic characters, trans and non-binary autistic characters, and more!

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JESUS FUCK… Nobody likes character hate and I especially understand how people feel about all the hate torwards Pearl this week, but please repeat with me:

Disliking Pearl does not make you homophobe

Disliking Pearl does not make you homophobe

Disliking Pearl does not make you homophobe

I know how toxic some people in this fandom can be but not all of them have bad reasons to dislike a character, some people just dislike her behavior and some even dislike her because she actually reminds them of people they’ve had a bad history with. Not the fact she’s in love in Rose.

I’m not trying to support the hate torwards Pearl, heck no! I just wanna make clear that some people actually have valid reasons to dislike a character and don’t need to be bashed around for their opinions

Now let’s give both the fandom and mamma birb a break from judgement and enjoy this beautiful show~

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11 Reasons Why You Should Watch White Collar

1) It normalises queer relationships. A doctor and an FBI agent at that. More of this pls.

2) Matt Bomer. That is all.

3) There is an autistic character, but they don’t make a big deal about his autism. He just is. They don’t explicitly label him or try to change him (unlike most other autistic characters I see)


4) Every episode is a gem. Literally, every single one. 

5) The are are no weak female characters. They are not there to be killed off (read into that what you will).


6) Mark Sheppard is in it. And he is wonderful.

8) Cliffhangers. So many cliffhangers.

9) Clever storylines. No mindless sh*t, all of it intertwines nicely.

10) You learn a bit about art. I now know Degas is pronounced Degar, and that sculpting is better when done topless.


11) No token black person, multiple POC. Breath of fresh air compared to most shows.

11) Honestly, just watch it and you can add your own points to this list 



Instead of all the autistic characters being robots, how about autistic characters with robot friends??!!!!

  • Robot friends who can understand their nonverbal autistic pals by brain scans/mind reading and enhanced gesture/expression detection that clues them into their feelings and thoughts without them having to say a word
  • Robot friends who stim with their autistic buddies because their gears tighten up if they aren’t used frequently, so while their autistic friend is flapping their hands happily the robot does it too since it keeps their body in top condition
  • Robots friends who love hearing their autistic friends infodump and encourage it because they’re constantly trying to learn new information about the world and understand things better
  • Robot friends who can sit on their autistic friends’ laps and since they’re so heavy because of all of their gears and wiring they are perfect for pressure stimming
  • Robot friends who learn how to make certain noises with certain pitches and frequencies for their autistic friends to audio stim with
  • Robot friends who have the same special interest as their autistic buds because they’re programmed to study a specific thing
  • Robot friends and their autistic buddies helping each other through meltdowns and shutdowns because even if the cause is a little different they both have them and both understand how awful they can be
  • Robot friends who are just as sensitive to loud noise or bright light as their autistic friends so they avoid bad sensory overload-inducing things in favor of darker quieter calmer places together

Autistic robot buddies!!!

Let’s be real though, being against Autistic headcanons always comes from ableism. That “there’s no proof” or “it’s disrespectful to actual Autistic people” is just bullshit. It’s just allistic people being uncomfortable to even think about the possibility that a character they like is autistic, because they’ve internalised autism as some awful disease, and well that character can’t have because they’re obviously awesome, right? 

I’m not saying they all do it on purpose. Internalised ableism is a nasty thing and I’m sure many are just doing it subconsciously. But you really need to stop and think why autistic people saying “this character is like me” makes you so angry. Why you think being autistic is something that takes away from your idea of the character, or makes the character worse.

It’s always ableism. There’s no other possible reason.  

I follow a blog called Autistic Character of the Day. They post characters from shows and movies and books that people have submitted as someone they consider autistic. A lot of autistic folk submit characters they relate to and see their own traits in. It’s a wonderful little blog and it is completely swamped in vitriolic hate messages: everything from neurotypical people yelling about how the characters aren’t ‘canonically autistic’ to autistic people frustrated with the fact that there is no autistic representation in the media beyond the savant or Rainman tropes.
It’s just one little blog. It’s not hurting anyone. It’s a place where autistics can go to see themselves represented and respected by others in their community, and yet it draws more ire than murder or neo-nazi blogs on Tumblr.
I am perplexed.
I am also thoroughly enjoying browsing through other people’s autistic headcanons…
We need better representation in the media. The fact that people have such a narrow view of autism (and consequently refuse to accept the true faces of autism when they encounter them) is directly related to the honesty and reality of autistic characters in media. This needs to change.


Autistic Head Canons: Luna Lovegood 

Favourite Quotes:

“I enjoyed the meetings to. It was like having friends.”

“I don’t think you should be an Auror, Harry,“ said Luna unexpectedly. Everybody looked at her. "The Aurors are part of the Rotfang Conspiracy, I thought everyone knew that. They’re working to bring down the Ministry of Magic from within using a mixture of dark magic and gum disease.”

“Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?”
”…I think the answer is that a circle has no beginning.“
"Well reasoned.”

  “I think I’ll just go down and have some pudding and wait for it all to turn up - it always does in the end.” 

“And anyway, it’s not as though I’ll never see Mum again, is it?” 

“Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am.”

Special Ed. AUs

(Because I was a SpEd kid, and I’ve gotten tired of not existing in stories. These are high school or middle school, mostly based on real experiences or observations. #ableism tw for some of them.)

  • Characters A and B are the only two SpEd kids in their history class and share an aide, so they keep getting assigned to work together on projects.
  • “I’ve been SpEd since preschool and you were just diagnosed and put in my Learning Skills class, so… welcome to the club, I guess.”
  • “I don’t get to study (a specific subject) because that’s when I have Academic Support, so I’m going to learn it on my own.” (The subject was music in my case and foreign languages in my brother’s, for a couple of examples.)
  • Character A, an abled kid, asks Autistic Character B to prom in front of everyone, with the expectation of getting a lot of praise and attention for being so “selfless”, not expecting Character B to turn them down to go with Character C.
  • “I am (age) years old, and if you give me another coloring page, I swear to God…”

the actual problems with telltale:

  • their ability to fuck up structured characters and personalities they make beyond recognition for no reason / only to further another character or for random “shock” value nobody needed
  • the fact that they won’t fix nor want to fix how racist, transphobic, homophobic, and misogynistic their forum is and they don’t care enough to try and make it more inclusive so the rest of their fans can safely enjoy their content
  • abusing tropes that they could easily avoid and falling prey to mistakes that companies like TTG shouldn’t make
  • only listening to one part of their HUGE fanbase (the forum), catering to basically everything the forum wants when (as mentioned above) the forum is disgusting
  • forcing players to do things that don’t even make sense, such as traumatizing sarah to save her life only to kill her off in the same episode unconditionally because the forum hates autistic characters and characters who aren’t white or forcing sasha (a black woman) and her entire character to revolve around the feelings of white men because, again, the forum was pushing for it even though the two characters had no chemistry and half the fans were led to believe their relationship was sibling-like
  • just in general forcing things into their games because the forum wants it but nobody else does
  • ableist and mediocre writers who aren’t even capable of writing the characters they need to write or bothering with any sort of consistency or accuracy :P