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when someone blocks you, that means that they are done talking to you. i don’t care how badly you want to continuing arguing, you need to accept it and move the fuck on. screenshotting someone’s blog in an attempt to circumvent blocks is a shitty thing to do. they have made their desire to stop engaging with you very clear, and you need to respect that. 


When Kara had first met the Danvers, sleep had been difficult.

The mattress beneath her body was nothing like Krypton or even the space within her pod. Kryptonian technology allowed for the material to mask and mold like a second skin. It calculated the appropriate pressures and necessary points the body needed to find comfort. Earth’s mattress were solid, unmoving, and Kara found more comfort and give on the living room floor or the green grass outside.

On most nights, it wasn’t uncommon for the Danvers to find Kara curled up outside, back pressed to the porch or sprawled between the couch and coffee table, staring up at the roof in longing.

The Danvers had made numerous attempts to help Kara transition to the new feel - adding extra blankets, creating mountains of pillows - but nothing felt the same and each night, shroud in darkness, Kara sought the closest comforts to Krypton.

Two months on Earth, Kara discovered Alex’s arms were greater than any grass, rug, blanket or pillow.

Fourteen years later, as Kara allowed Alex to lead her through her own living room - stripping her of the crest of El, of the burden of the blue cloth and red cape - Kara realised Krypton had never felt like this.

Under her sheets, Alex’s arms wound about her waist and the warmth of her body seeping through Kara’s skin like sunlight to her cells, Kara felt a level of safety that compared to none. Not in the arms of her mother or the comforts of her Krypton bed.


Anyways, here she is. I’ve been working on this on and off for the past two weeks or so, perhaps longer. I hope you guys enjoy it!

So we have donations boxes at every register for homeless animals. And this guy starting getting upset that the box was full, and I was like ?????. And he never even made an attempt at putting money in the box and didn’t mention anything about wanting to donate. Plus the other register three steps away was empty. 


Hey so I got bored and made a YouTube video. Here’s my attempt at doing my makeup right-handed.

Competition time

I made this blog in an attempt to try and get my work out there. I figured this would be a good way to push my work, because you get something from it and who doesn’t love free stuff. 

First prize: 

A custom drawing of you as a trainer, you can choose your Pokemon, your pose and your outfit. (Maybe a simple background)


Second Prize:

An A3 print of your choice from the following:

Third Prize:

An A4 print of your choice from the following:


  • Must be following this blog
  • Only reblogs count
  • One reblog = one entry
  • Multiple reblogs count
  • Winners will be chosen at random
  • Must be willing to give me your address 
  • Prints will be posted anywhere in the world
  • Winners announced September 30th 
  • Winners must reply within 48 hours of annoucments

Good luck.

As God as my witness, they’re playing the video for “Beds Are Burning” at this morning meeting. Nothing says “inspirational morning corporate get-together” like a decades-old Aboriginal-rights anthem.

Good song, but WTF?


The guy who I suspect picked “Beds Are Burning” for the kick-off song started off strong, talking about the radical message of the song, but then made an attempt to tie the lyrics to the struggles of our customers.

Back to Reality

Despite only having been back in Korea for less than a week, so much has already happened. As soon as I got back to Korea, I went to Busan (well, the following day) for my friend’s wedding. Initially, I wanted to go the night I got back but it didn’t go as planned. Actually, a few things happened that I didn’t anticipate (bombing, losing my phone and not being able to communicate or meet up with friends as a result of losing my phone). Nonetheless, it was quite troublesome BUT despite it all, my friend’s wedding changed my overall mood and made me feel a lot happier. I attempted to take a few pictures at the wedding. When I say “attempt” I’m talking about 200 pictures or so. I wanted to take more pictures but given the situation and space, it didn’t allow me to do so. The wedding package included a photographer and videographer. Despite this, I discreetly took pictures along with the photographer and videographer. Well, I tried but it was hard since the space was small and it was somewhat intimidating. At some point, I tried to bypass the videographer. He was starting to motion for me to not get in the way but I already knew and wasn’t even planning to get in his way. Instead, I went around him. After that incident I realized that the space was too small and I should leave it to the photographer and videographer to do their job. Not to mention I was half soaked in my own sweat. Half of my dress shirt was dark blue while the other half was blue. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I was caught up trying to take pictures so I wasn’t “present” during the ceremony but despite it all, it was elegant and emotional. 

Following my weekend in Busan, I had to desk warm a few days. As far as desk warming goes, it was wisely spent slacking off. I was trying to savor the moment and accept the fact that my vacation was officially over and school was resuming soon. Did I mention that at some point, it was dreadfully long just to slack off and desk warm? I also met the new science teacher. The science teacher is officially the youngest and cutest teacher at our school. Anyhow, yesterday I decided to go back to the gym and started my workout routine. I neglected a few days and was finally able to convince myself to go yesterday. I rarely talk to the ajummas or ajusshis at my gym other than greeting them. I mean people usually don’t go to the gym to socialize right? Either that or I’m just really shady. It was “leg day” yesterday and I was doing my usual routine. You know how at every gym there are those people who have the looks and physique? Well, I guess my gym isn’t just all ajummas and ajusshis. At my gym there are a few young guys who are close to my age or slightly older. Yesterday there was a guy at the gym and he was doing his routine and I was doing mine. I don’t know his name but I’ll call him Motivation. After I finished squatting, Motivation finished his routine too. Motivation walked around, caught his breath and then walked to where I was squatting. Motivation gave me a thumbs up and told me I was doing a good job. I was squatting (160 lbs) which is pretty close to how much Motivation is able to squat. I think Motivation was surprised that I can squat almost as much as he can. I’m not exactly sure but sometimes I watch Motivation and Motivation 2 (his workout buddy) do their routines. That’s how I know. 

Today was the first day of school and I finally saw my students after a month and boy do they look different!  Especially my 6th graders! It’s as if they went through puberty overnight. I was quite surprised at how much they have grown. Like usual, there weren’t classes on the first day back to school. We had a small assembly to greet and welcome the new science teacher. I helped a little with minor cleaning, desk warm some more and then had lunch with the teachers. I thought tomorrow would be another day of desk warming but it seems I’ll be teaching my third graders. And so I’m back to reality.

SNM #14 - 8/24/2016

i think my favorite moment last night was when i made a feeble and awkward attempt to catch lady macduff when she fell (i mean, i always feel bad watching the poor pregnant woman crash to the floor) and danvers came over and gave me a look like “how DARE you” and kind of tut-tut-ed me (well, and probably directed at lady macduff too)

(can anyone confirm lady macduff was isadora?)

gino’s fulton has already become one of my favorite loops to follow.

“When, as happened recently in France, attempt is made to coerce women out of the burqa rather than creating a situation in which a woman can choose what she wishes to do, it’s not about liberating her. It becomes an act of humiliation and cultual imperialism. t’s not about the burqa. It’s about the coercion. Coercing a women out of a burqa is as bad as coercing her into one.” - Arundhati Roy

anonymous asked:

Very intrigued by the quote from your therapist you mentioned — “The less you do, the more you’ll see". Can you unpack that a little bit for us?

Okay so specifically with regards to me, when I first started going to therapy a few years ago, I was constantly getting myself into explosively negative situations, with just about everybody in my inner circle, and my immediate response to situations that made me feel bad or insecure was to attempt to do everything I could to control them in order to force them to go my way in order to make me NOT feel bad or insecure.

Obviously trying to control other people’s emotions or reactions to us is a fool’s errand, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t try it as hard as I could as often as possible.

So I’d go into therapy and complain about the same group of people doing the same things which made me feel really really really bad, and my therapist would tell me to calm down and take a step back, because with a little perspective I would see a pattern emerging that would hopefully enable me to react differently the next time this exact same situation occurred.

The less you do, the more you see.

When I got a bit of distance from the situation, I discovered that the way for me to figure myself out was to end the romantic relationship, move out of the party house, stop going to nightclubs until 4 or 5am five or six nights a week, basically stop everything I was doing.

Trust me when I tell you that it didn’t happen overnight. This whole process took me the better part of three or four years. But the end result (or the work in progress result) is that I don’t often fight with people, I don’t often find myself hating people or myself, I don’t often get enraged and I have a little more peace and serenity most days.

But distance is key! Perspective is all important! The less you do, the more you see!

This past year I’ve gone through more than most people go through in decades. In the aftermath of each tragedy, the way I dealt was to shut down and not deal. I coped with alcohol, with detachment, recklessness, and by self sabotaging. It hurts that it took another self destructive act and loss to make me realize this, but I’m grateful. I need to time and space to breathe and heal. All of this starts with asking everyone that I hurt in this process for forgiveness - starting with myself. I post this as a reminder to be gentle with myself as I embark on this journey of self care. I tend be extremely hard on myself for making human mistakes and that has to be unlearned. I can’t write this without mentioning the eternal gratitude that I have for my amazing support system. Those that held me while I cried each time, are the same ones holding me now - regardless of all the attempts I made to push them away. I’m now making my mental health a priority and hoping that with a lot of self awareness and healthy self care tactics, I can finally get past this period of my life.

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