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i’m getting really nostalgic right now so for people who have been fans of regular show since the beginning who remembers
• when the fandom had more than like 7 people and new episodes were talked about
• that one kid in class who would always go “you know who else ____? MY MOM!!”
• rigby died at least once every season
• those previews that ended with a still of the park and a narrator saying “regular show: it’s anything but. new episode monday at 8.”
• lady pecs
• before eileen was introduced so in a desperate attempt to give rigby a love interest people made female raccoon ocs that all had the same “cool chick, loves coffee and video games” personality
• party tonight was the ultimate jam
• but there was that super weird official music video for it that cartoon network released that had people actually dressed up as the characters and it just… nyeeeh
• “cj was a really cool character i hope she comes back one day and makes up with mordecai”
• super saiyan benson
• it was pretty much agreed by everyone that the funniest scene was when muscle man got punched by the hammer and his own boobs hit him in the face
• “i hope mordecai and margaret kiss under the mistletoe in the christmas special!”
• techmo was everyone’s fave
•when bendrey still like existed
• that meme about mordecai eating salad
• the acid trip from weekend at benson’s and how you will probably never listen to mississippi queen again without imagining mordecai, rigby, and benson stumbling down the street while dancing chili peppers distort reality around them
• people editing that scene from brain eraser where the cashier guy goes “i watch it all day, every day” with their favorite show
• the really creepy original ending to terror tales of the park 2 (you see mordecai and rigby’s mangled dead bodies at the scene of a car crash and then everyone goes to hell)
• the promo for bad kiss coming out and everybody flipped
• 10 hour long loops of summertime lovin on youtube
• everybody being super proud when mordecai punched benson… yeah you know the moment
• back when rigby was just starting to like eileen but not quite so in ship fics and stuff he was depicted as like “gosh i HATE eileen and her STUPID face so why do i want to KISS HER SO BAD?”
• mordecai’s mom cecilia
• when power tower first aired and for some reason that was never explained the colors were all wrong and did it kind of hurt anyone else’s eyes?
• future meets the past (HAVE FUN BIRTHING US)
• art of rigby and rocket raccoon
• this is probably really dumb but… i miss when margaret almost always wore yellow for her casual outfits? like, i don’t know, but i still headcanon it as her favorite color :3
• people thought rigby was gay for mordecai (but come on they weren’t wrong) because he showed no interest in girls or dating for the first, second and arguably part of the third season
• “thomas is such a boring character why did he even join the show?”
• when benson told mordecai and rigby he loved them in blind trust :_)
• don’t lie, you HAVE thought about changing your name to trash boat
• “they should use the song come on eileen in the show”
• that mordecai in art school flashback and how everyone thought it was the cutest thing
• everybody hated benson after best burger in the world
• when rigby ran on all fours more often… i miss that :_(
• crossover art with adventure time
• mordaret was the most popular ship in the fandom seriously everybody was rooting for them
• i think benpops was pretty popular too
• that scene from terror tales 5 where rigby goes “let’s do something REALLY scary!” and pops goes “we could go to bed early and be alone with our thoughts” and how every once in a while the regular show tag will be spammed with the same screenshot of it over and over
• meteor moves had half the fandom screaming over the mordaret kiss and the other half reeaaally mad about the whole friend zone thing
• you probably tried to send something to the moon once, it most likely didn’t work
• that part from video game wizards where mordecai is trying to sleep in a motel room while rigby blasts his homemade song on a boom box outside and how people always replace the song with another one in edits that are all like “trying to get your friend to listen to ___”
• “omg donald trump tried to destroy thanksgiving in regular show!”
• chad and jeremy fan art/fanfictions EVERYWHERE
• the preview for steak me amadeus came out just a little after adventure time’s fire and ice aired and people were like “i have a bad feeling about mordecai and margaret since finn and flame princess just broke up”
• people wanted cj to be the new waitress at the coffee shop after margaret left
• did anyone else try to learn how to do mordecai’s robot from the tgi tuesday dance battle? no? just me? okay
• the fandom went nuts when phone recordings of comic con panels were uploaded to youtube (also remember when william salyers acted out rigby asking eileen for a date? good times)
• “can mordecai fly?”
• the calvin wong/toby jones and hilary florido/madeline queripel board teams
• i think cloudyleen was a thing for a while
• ooh also cj x thomas was actually pretty huge i’m pretty sure even one of the storyboarders like toby jones or owen dennis or someone said they shipped it
• admit it at one point or another you have wanted a mordecai and the rigbys t-shirt or an eggcellent hat
• i don’t remember the exact situation but someone from the show posted something about “ready to go steady” and tagged it rigby and eileen and nobody knew what it meant but the shippers had a field day
• how benson’s car was accidentally aired before the terror tales episode that explained how thomas got stuck wearing his pizza costume until thanksgiving so HE JUST RANDOMLY WALKED INTO THE HOUSE DRESSED AS A SLICE OF PIZZA WITH NO CONTEXT AND WALKED RIGHT OUT HAHAHAHAAAHA
• the tag after maxin and relaxin aired being flooded with screencaps of all the mordeblushes
• after the movie there were people who went “SEE this is why i hate rigby he’s selfish and ruined mordecai’s future and lied about it” and then there were people who went “LOOK AT HIM RIGBY MY SON HIS PARENTS DIDN’T BELIEVE IN HIM NO DON’T CRY HE’S TRYING TO MAKE THINGS BETTER HE GOT BRUTALLY REJECTED FROM THE MOST ACCEPTING COLLEGE ON THE PLANET HE HAS SUCH LOW SELF-ESTEEM I WANT TO GIVE HIM A HUG”
• eileen’s rock polisher jokes
• the mordaret shippers getting excited for diary but then “I THINK EILEEN LOOKS HOT WITHOUT HER GLASSES ON!” and the rigleen shippers rose
• the titles and synopses for the first few episodes of season 6 being released and they were all about muscle man and the entire fandom was like “aw CRAP HERE COMES ANOTHER SEASON 4 BOYS”
• a lot of people were even praying that the end of muscle man was about his untimely death
• speaking of which remember how like half the fandom went “damn they had the perfect opportunity to kill off muscle man” after last meal haha
• the running gag where maellard always called benson the wrong name
• also the one where margaret had a new boyfriend every episode
• you may or may not have known someone who said “TGI TUESDAY!” every tuesday for like a year
• the best rap in the entire show was probably when mordecai was telling rigby off in sweater woes for being selfish and not moving on from margaret (“not fine not fine!”)
• screen caps of those animatronics from fuzzy dice with the caption “is this five nights at freddy’s”
• when the post card was announced and all the writers were like “it’s a hi five ghost episode! no, really!”
• “you really have to blow, you’re not blowing hard enough, BLOW HARDER!”
• this was in season 7 so not exactly old but sam spina’s bad art contests
• the swift rise and fall of the cloudygret ship at one point in the love triangle i think it was after eileen flat screen aired
• everybody making their own theories about skips and his “mystery lost love” and then there were tears when skips’ story aired
• muscle man getting beaten up to holly jolly christmas and we all laughed because he deserved it
• benson’s girlfriend veronica
• “i can’t believe evangelion copied regular show”
• you’ve witnessed the introduction, filling, and re-digging of the crash pit
• the eileen flat screen fake out where jg quintel hyped the episode and said it was gonna be big and people immediately thought “RIGLEEN” but it was like nope margaret’s back
• “still think i’m a momma’s boy?”
• people making thomas memorial videos or “rip thomas” text posts after the real thomas aired
• how a lot of people left the fandom after the two great controversies™, meteor moves (“FRIEND ZONE! FRIEND ZONE FRIEND ZONE FRIEND ZONE!”) and the season 6 love triangle, also the real thomas but to a lesser extent, but most of them still went “but tell me when rigleen becomes canon yo”
• is it just me or will my favorite scene always be the season 4 ending where rigby joined mordecai on the park house roof and they watched the sunset together
• “you take margaret to the airport?” “yeah” “you want to talk about it?” “no” seriously if this is not your favorite moment then why not

Nose boops all around

It was the night of nose boops. I swear to god, the kids have been following fandom and know exactly what they’re doing. Anthony booped Sam during the “Whatever’s been holding your brain together has completely snapped” line, Cherrelle booped Anthony during “Scorpion King”, and Sam made a pretty good boop attempt which ending up being a shoulder poke shortly after. But nose boops are definitely a thing now.

Perfect Balance

Prompt: Mask
Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin
Setting: Fantasy AU with spirit companions and masquerades
Characters: Kaoru Kamiya, Kenshin Himura
Word count: 1000

Her dragon was glowering on her shoulder. Not visible, oh no – it didn’t feel threatened or angry enough to physically manifest – but the weight of its glare pushed most spirit beasts to guide their humans away from her.

‘Stop that! We’re here for a reason, remember?’

Her dragon ignored her and coiled tighter around her shoulders, protective and alert for any danger.

Kaoru sighed, though she wasn’t surprised. Her dragon had always been willful; once it had made its mind, no burst of temper or attempt at coaxing or commanding would help change it. She knew that from a long, bitter experience. But then again, she wasn’t that excited to be here, either.

Her friend, Tae-san, had prompted her to take part in a masquerade ball for the unmatched. Such events were arranged once a season so the unattached and their spirit companions could meet without the weight of their family’s name or status. Wearing masks and elaborate costumes, everyone in the ballroom was on an equal footing and more approachable for a compatible match – at least, in theory.

The trouble was actually finding the right match. Male souls typically attracted strong, courageous spirits and nurturing, gentle tempered spirits bonded with female souls. Both influences were needed to create a harmonious family. All well and good, except for the fact that Kaoru had been born kicking and screaming under the scorching summer sun and not a moment after her first lungful of air, one of the fiercest, most revered spirit companions known to man had bonded with her.

How could a son of a respected family be able to face a woman with a dragon on her shoulder?

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Closed with @thegoddessofgoats

It was a rather good day for the pirate Captain Andra, having docked in a major port city only hours before, she was striding down streets and into shops, cutting a clear path through any crowd. She made no attempt at hiding her riches, either, in a long blood red and gold coat with a matching hat, feathers pluming from the top, gold rings on her fingers and earrings in her ears.

She got an enjoyable trip into town, to pick up a few items for herself while her crew rested and resupplied for the next leg of their journey.

Sunday Six

Bond made six kills, foiled a dozen assassination attempts, and talked to Q over comms three times before he returned from his mission. He picked up groceries on the way back, immersing himself in the mundanity of the Tesco experience: the bounty of food and drink, the polite nods to fellow customers, and the quiet queue of tired people who wanted to go home and eat as soon as possible and who probably hadn’t murdered anyone. When he walked out of the store, his hands were full of reusable bags filled with three meals’ worth of food and a packet of Haribo coke bottle sweeties for Q, as if he had stepped out three weeks ago to hunt some lunch instead of some people.

He let himself into the flat, grocery bags in hand. Feeling a little self-conscious, he called, “I’m home!”

Home: a result of cohabitation that far made up for the damn soldering iron he found taking up valuable kitchen counter real estate when he went to set the bags down.

–from beginte’s ‘milk’ prompt 

ckotherletters  asked:

Have you met any pre-war ghouls, sentient robots, frozen heads, or murderous AI supercomputers to have some pre-war conversations with? What about a social club for anyone still hanging on from the Old World!?

Attempts were made but Cass eventually earned the ire of a number of the other pre-war folks when they discovered that she loved playing Johnny Guitar. On loop. On max volume. 

goat curse

the chicago cubs have made it to the world series. but why do we care? this is american baseball, and teams make it to the world series every year! my friend, it is apparent that you are not aware of the curse of the billy goat.

our story begins at wrigley field in 1945. the cubs play the detroit tigers in the world series. Billy Sianis, owner of the billy goat tavern, buys two tickets and goes to watch the game with his beloved pet goat, Murphy. but its not to be. he is barred from bringing his goat into the stadium by an usher and the stadium owner. they tell him ‘you can watch if you want but not with the goat. it smells.’ outraged by this treatment of Murphy, Sianis curses them team saying “Them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more!”

Since then, 71 dry years have passed. more than 10 attempts have been made to reverse the goat curse by both the team and fans. these include inviting Sianis’ nephew into the field with Murphy’s descendant several times, electrocuting a baseball, eating a  40ib goat in 13min, and donating goats to impoverished families around the world. According the Sianis’ family, the only real way to break the curse is when the cubs show a ‘true and sincere affection towards goats’. they haven’t won yet but this might just be the year.

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Kellyanne Conway Pushed By Wallace To Answer Rumors She's Grown Uncomfortable With Trump

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager tried to ignore the many attempts of Fox News Sunday’s host Chris Wallace made trying to get her to explain why she cancelled her appearances on his show after the release of the Billy Bush sex tape.

Wallace asked, “There are suggestions you have grown uncomfortable with Donald Trump and his campaign. From our personal experience, you were pulled twice from this show around the time that there were all these allegations about women saying that he had groped them.”

He also backed up that premise by asking her why she cancelled her appearance on his show the morning after and Rudy Giuliani showed up in her place.

Chris also asked her about a re-tweet she made and Kellyanne used that for not responding to the discomfort issue she has with Trump.

Kellyanne instead pivoted to her tweeting patterns and then launched into a long-winded praise of Trump’s crazy late-term abortion answer during the final presidential debate.

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43 - Night Bus

I let out a yawn and leaned my forehead up against the cold glass of the window, listening to the rattle of the bus engine. It had been a long day at work and every one of my muscles ached, my feet especially. Switching to the night shift might have been a bad idea after all. I just wanted to get home and dive face first into my bed, but I still had a long ride a head of me. My eyes were growing heavy and I was worried that I may fall asleep.

Besides me, and of course the driver, there was only one other person on the bus. There was a young woman in a waitressing uniform who looked just about as tired as myself. She sat in the seat across the aisle from me, but neither of us made any attempts to speak to one another. I’m sure that, like myself, she wanted nothing more than to be home and in bed right now. As I let out another yawn, and so did she soon afterwards.

My eyes were beginning to close themselves involuntarily. The never ending rows of passing buildings was almost hypnotic. I rubbed my eyes, smudging my makeup in the process. I kept telling myself to hang on for just a bit more, but it was getting harder to fight it. Every blink was getting slower and longer until my eyes were stubbornly refusing to open again. Rain pelted the window, but the air in the bus was warm. It almost felt cozy. Once more, my eyelids began to fall. I felt my mind start to fade. I almost forgot where I was, when the sound of crying pulled me back.

I opened my eyes just in time to see the face. It was not a human face, but it looked like one. It was massive, filling the space between two buildings. The face had no expression, it just stared forward blankly. The bus drove passed it without any hesitation and in that one instant its eyes turned to meet mine. A whimper escaped my lips. There was a clear intelligence in its gaze. It sent a shiver through my body.

I couldn’t move. Even after the face was long gone down the road, I kept on staring out the window with wide eyes trying to make sense of what I had seen. It was then I realized that I could no longer recognize any of the buildings. It looked like a whole other section of the town that I had never seen before. Maybe I had fallen asleep after all. Worried that I missed my stop, I perked up my head and looked around.

The woman in the waitressing uniform across the aisle was crying, she had been the whole time. She hid her face in her palms and shook her head wildly. She seemed to be mumbling something, but I could hardly make it out through the tears. All I could came out was the word “no” over and over again. I wondered if I should say something to her, if I should see if she’s all right. I opened my mouth, but no words came out. I decided that it was best to mind my own business and I reached to pull the cord for the bell to get off.

“No don’t!” screamed the woman with her face buried in her palms. “You can’t go out there!”

She sounded terrified and if I were to be honest, her reaction only wanted me to get away from her more. I ringed the bell and she let out another scream. The bus driver slammed on the brakes and yelled at me to get off. The woman looked up at me and I saw then that her eyes were gone, just two empty black circles in her face. The tears she cried, were bright red. She kept screaming over and over again that I couldn’t go out there. I quickly grabbed my things and rushed out the door of the bus.

I stepped out into darkness. The street was there, but it looked like an image projected onto black cloth. I heard the bus drive off, but when I turned there was nothing there. I could hear the sound of the falling rain, but felt none of its wetness. I could still hear the rumble of the engine as it faded away. Before me, there was only black. Surely, I was dreaming. I had to be. I pinched my arm, knowing that I would soon wake up in my seat on the bus. Only, that didn’t happen.

A face emerged the darkness. It was the same one that I had seen before. It was followed by another, and another. I was soon surrounded by them. Nowhere to run. They watched me with their blank stares. It was as though they were looking through me. Into me.

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vintagegeekculture  asked:

You mentioned that Robotech used to have a substantial fan following (called "Protoculture addicts") that went away. I'm not familiar enough with Robotech or anime fandom to be entitled to speculate, but why do you think it didn't stand the test of time, the way, say, Sailor Moon fandom did?

Robotech was a series of three unrelated sci fi anime series that were combined and given an new narrative structure to create an 85-episode saga about three successive human-alien wars. The series was high-concept with lots of character development, mature themes, and long story arcs including a series-long arc that concluded with the end of the third and final Robotech War. These are themes that would later be employed by Michael J. Straczynski in his live-action sci fi series Babylon 5.

While an excellent sci fi saga, the fact that Robotech had a proper conclusion and didn’t simply “end” made a sequel somewhat problematic. An attempt at a sequel – Robotech II: The Sentinels – was begun but only three episodes were produced, allegedly because the dollar-to-yen exchange rate crash in the mid-1980s caused Matchbox Toys to withdraw from funding the new series which made the project financially non-viable.

Additional iterations of Robotech have been attempted over the years with very little success. The character development and long story acs that were so innovative in the early-to-mid 1980s have been par for the course in sci fi for over 20 years now. Robotech lost pop culture momentum after the original series concluded and has never been able to regain it.

anyway, repeat after me y'all: employees in customer service are not there to make personable conversations with you or for your behalf

the fact that you so blatantly don’t care about how being in a social service job is not necessarily an invitation for a friendship bracelet party is extremely telling of your inner selfishness and attitude

the fact that you claim the servicewoman didn’t see you as ‘human’ when she didn’t want to make a connection with you on any level besides 'acquaintaince’ when she’s getting paid to do a certain job shows me exactly how unselfaware you are and how you think about those in customer service

anyways, those in customer service do NOT need to connect with you on any level deeper than acquaintance, nor are they obligated to, and most likely, you were the one keeping her from doing her job efficiently. Which is kind of what she’s getting paid for.


EDIT: it’s not totally clear but OP made several botched attempts to relate to her servicewoman by pointing out her purple hair, her night before Christmas apparel, and her witchcraft tattoo. She then made a snappy comment about how you should always be “willing to open yourself up to people” because, and I directly quote “you never know who you’re talking to”