an atlanta brave that i actually like

I Like It, I Love It.

Song Fiction

Characters: Aaron Hotchner x Reader

Requested: NOPE :)

A/N: My first Aaron Hotchner x Reader fiction EVER! Breaking ground here! Hope you enjoy it! The Atlanta Braves are mentioned in the lyrics and I brought up the Chicago Cubs not realizing that they actually play each other today in Atlanta at noon. LOL

Song: I Like It, I Love It - Tim McGraw

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Spent forty-eight dollars
Last night at the county fair,
I throwed out my shoulder
But I won her that teddy bear.
She’s got me saying
Sugar-pie, honey, darlin’, and dear,
I ain’t seen the braves
Play a game all year.
I’m gonna get fired,
If I don’t get some sleep,
My long lost buddies
Say I’m gettin’ in to deep.

You leaned up against the fence watching Aaron and Derek compete each other against the sledge hammer game. Emily stood on your right and JJ on your left. Both women rolled their eyes shaking their heads as they watched their fellow coworkers act like little kids. “Come on, Hotch!” Derek laughs. “All this time away from the BAU and you didn’t once lift a weight? They have weight benches in the protection program too, you know..” He said handing the sledge hammer to Aaron.

Aaron shook his head laughing as he took the hammer from Derek. “Well you have to build those muscles up if you want to take down Peter Lewis.” Aaron said as he lifted the hammer over his shoulder. “Watch and learn..” He swings the hammer back and throws it forward hitting the panel below. The metal ball flew up the board illuminating light bulbs as it climbed higher. You could see everyone’s jaw slowly drop open as it got closer to the bell. Metal combined together creating a loud high pitched ringing sound to resonate from the bell.

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anonymous asked:

I suspect that the pic of Ben with ice cream was actually taken in Atlanta weeks ago, and held back to use when it was useful. Nobody else but Seb saw him at Hampstead Heath, with or without his family? Maybe because he was never there and the whole story is made up?

I don’t think it was Nonny.  The hair colour doesn’t look like it matches the Atlanta hair, and he could have brought the Atlanta Braves hat back with him from the US.

Also, Seb didn’t see him.  The pap who spotted him and snapped the pic of him enjoying his ice cream did.  And then Seb wrote a blurb that didn’t match the picture about it   ;o)