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My name 😎 is Zak Bagans ☝️🔥I never ❌ believed in ghosts 😤🙅‍♂️👻until I came face to face with one😱. So I set out on a quest 🏃💨to capture what I once saw 👀onto video🎥👌. With no 🚫big camera crews following us around 😳😏, I am joined only ‼️by my fellow investigator Nick Groff 🙏and our equipment🔌💡 tech Aaron Goodwin👍🥇. The three of us will travel ✈️to the some of most highly active 🙌paranormal locations😨, where we will spend an entire night, being locked 🔐💦down from dusk 🌚until dawn🌞….Raw 💪Extreme 💯These are our ☠️Ghost☠️Adventures☠️😈

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Name: Mia
Age: 16
Country: United States

I’m Mia. Sarcasm is my second name. (I live and breathe sarcasm😂) I live in Alaska (yes Alaska is part of the U.S.) I’m turning 16 in 3 days. I love photography. Netflix and I are currently in a love-hate relationship; I shamelessly love to binge watch.(Right now binging “Switched at Birth”), I’m a volleyball player and track athlete and I even do a little bit of lifting. I love almost any type of music. (No offense but I hate most country music.) My love for music goes from Twenty One Pilots to Kendrick Lamar to oldies. Really anything. I do play a few instruments for instance I play flute, piano, little bit of uke, and a little bit of drums. I’m looking for a pen pal because I love learning about other people. I think it’s a fun way to have friends around the country, states, and world. And it’s always fun telling people “the real truth” about Alaska. (Some of the stories that I’ve heard about “stereotypical Alaskans” are hilarious)

Preferences: 15-16 girls
Girls who 1. understand sarcasm & 2. Don’t get offended easily (because I’m so sarcastic)
Contact through social media/email

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i gotta say i love you blog! can you help me find a sterek fic? I dont really remember much about it, only that stiles sucked at lacrosse and decided to join the track team instead and was super good at it and derek went to see him run and stuff. The fic wasnt centred in track but its all i remember from it. thank you so much fo all the help!

eyesinthewood says it’s this fic!  Enjoy!  -Emmy

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Go Home, Or Make a Home by lady_ragnell

(7,437 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

In a world where Derek lets Scott kill the Alpha and get the cure, he has to figure out how to rebuild his life, with help from Stiles.



090314145532_MG_1558 by Mark Edward Maciel