an athlete

  • Veronica: Martha has had a thing for Ram for 12 years now, this will kill her-
  • Heather Chandler: Are we gonna HAVE A PROBLEM??💢💢😤😡You gotta BONE TO PICK??☠️💢💀why now are you PULLING ON MY DICK???💢😠🍆🖕If you wanna FUCK with the EAGLES🕊🕊🕊🙌you have to learn to FLY👏💯SAY GOODBYE TO SHAMU😈😈🐳STEP INTO MY CANDY STORE💛❤💚👉👉👉
  • Link: Okay I'm about to go take back Vah Ruta-
  • Sidon: I BELIEVE in you Link😎👍🏻 Don't 🙅‍♂️ ever stop! ❌ You're the BEST✨😍 Save Hyrule⛰☄️ Save Zora's Domain🐠🐟 GO😤 till you regain Vah Ruta!🐘💫 Long live King Dorephan👑 R.i.p. Mipha🙏😩

🐴Griffin is👋👋🎩
🗣🌮Hungry👅 for responsibility👏 🍆Horny for 🍌teamwork🤝 And ready to 😩BUST A NUT🥜🥜🥜 in this job!💲💲💲🤑 Skills: 8️⃣ FOOT VERTICAL LEAP⛹️ Young, dumb and full of… you 💦💦know 😏😉 I love you😘💕💕
😭RIP Ms. Beakman🦅


Working hard

This is my last 100 metres sprint face , I am enjoying myself I swear . my official time from yesterday’s race was 28:18 ! Still a long way off pre injury times but significantly quicker than what I was aiming for amd another consistent result.

My times are coming back down again but this time I’m making sure I train smart , plenty of rehab and strengthening work too .

Mindfully moving forward