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There was Nienna for healing and Estë for peace, Tulkas for strength and Nessa for swiftness. 

Manwë for his mercy and Varda for light in dark places.

And Ulmo, Lord of salt waters, surely had some power over blood-

Likely he was hysterical. Surely not a one of them would answer if he called. 

If he had ever questioned his father, it had been for murdered sailors, stolen ships and friends and family abandoned to the Ice. But wrong or not, mad or not, the Valar were not their masters and had no right to sunder families as it pleased them. 

The Noldor did that well enough themselves. 

In his arms, Fingon was still and very cold. 

His skin was dry and marked by scars that Maedhros did not know. Frostbite, maybe, and ice-bears and orcish swords before they took him, wounds won honestly to match those scratches he’d so boasted of in Valinor. Maedhros hoped but could not make himself believe.

“Don’t leave,” Fingon had said when he still had strength to beg and Maedhros had promised that he wouldn’t. Another oath but this one he made easily. If only because, though he had slipped into Angband, he held little hope of slipping out, with Fingon or without him.

“Not by my will,” he said and Fingon sighed and closed his eyes and bled a little more. 

The bandages were well tied. He had wrapped Fingon in his cloak, given him water, done all that could be done for him. 

It would be enough or it would not be. 

The Valar would not answer him. 

Nevertheless, he raised his face to the heavens and prayed. 

People often ask me, why I bother to write books, post on my blogs or share anything concerning my life as an atheist. Why bother? Do you expect to change anyone’s mind? While it would be very cool if my words did wake someone up from their blissful religious ignorance, my true purpose is to my fellow non-believers, those atheists around the world who are not as well off as myself.

This is all for my fellow Atheists across this pale blue dot who are hesitant to make that first difficult and dangerous step out of the closet. That first step could cause them to be shamed by their own family, shunned by their people, and even arrested, tortured and murdered by their governments. It is for them that I do this work, so that I don’t take what I have for granted. I will continue speak my mind as often as I can regarding this issue for them.

They are the reason why I’ll never stop fighting the ultimate stupidity that is organized religion. Why I’ll never rest until my dying breathe.

You are not alone, there are more of us than you think.


Artist Profile: Peter Steele

Steele was born in Red Hook, Brooklyn into a Roman Catholic family and attended Edward R. Murrow High School located in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn. His father was of Russian and Polish descent, and his mother of Irish, Scottish, Norwegian and Icelandic heritage. He was raised in the Bensonhurst and Brighton Beach neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Steele was the youngest of six children, with five older sisters. His father fought in World War II and later worked at a shipyard. Steele started taking guitar lessons at age 12, moving on to bass six months later.

Steele worked for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation up until he began touring with Type O Negative in the summer of 1994. He was based at Brooklyn Heights Promenade, where his job involved park maintenance, driving vehicles including garbage trucks and steamrollers, and eventual promotion to the role of Park Supervisor. Steele considered his days working for the Parks Department to be among his happiest.

Steele was widely known for standing 6’8” (203 cm) tall, giving him a famously menacing stage appearance. Despite that perception, Steele admitted to suffering from stage fright which he overcame by drinking alcohol before shows, and by drinking red wine when on stage.

Outside of music, Steele spent time lifting weights both at home and on his tour bus. Steele also enjoyed reading books on the subject of science and he had an interest in European culture. Steele liked working on his house and was interested in architecture and civil engineering. Steele also worked on his cars, including a heavily modified 1985 Pontiac Grand Prix he customized himself. Steele had a love for cats and kept several as pets.

In 1979, Steele formed the heavy metal band Fallout. In 1982, after the split of Fallout, Steele formed the thrash metal band Carnivore. With Carnivore, Steele’s lyrics were often harsh and politically incorrect, dealing with religion, war, race and misogyny. Carnivore released their debut self-titled album in 1985. In 1986, Steele wrote lyrics for several songs on hardcore punk band Agnostic Front’s second album Cause for Alarm. In 1987, Carnivore released Retaliation, before splitting up later that year.

Former Carnivore frontman Steele, along with childhood friends Sal Abruscato (later replaced by Johnny Kelly), Josh Silver and Kenny Hickey, formed Type O Negative and signed to Roadrunner Records. Shortly after signing in 1991 the band released their debut, Slow, Deep and Hard.
Type O’s first album Slow Deep and Hard incorporated dragging dirge riffs, maniacal punk-metal outbursts, and droning industrial and gothic atmospheres. The songs were long, multi-part theatrical epics, with lyrical topics ranging from heartbreak to getting revenge on a cheating lover, and even contemplating suicide.

Back in the States, Type O began creating a new album that was supposed to be live. The subsequent 1992 album was entitled The Origin of the Feces and a warning label was put on the album cover: “Not Live At Brighton Beach”.

Type O Negative’s third album, Bloody Kisses, was released in 1993 to critical and listener acclaim, and eventually became the first record for Roadrunner to reach certified Platinum status in the US.

Bloody Kisses mostly addressed loneliness and heartbreak, with songs like “Too Late: Frozen”, “Blood & Fire”, and “Can’t Lose You”. The organ-driven “Set Me on Fire” is vintage sixties garage rock, while “Summer Breeze” covered the 1972 Seals and Crofts hit. “Christian Woman” and “Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)” became the most popular tracks, after having been edited down to radio-friendly lengths (the album versions were 8½ and 11 minutes long). In order to promote the album, Type O Negative embarked on a two-year world tour. During this time, the band was featured on MTV, VH1, and in Rolling Stone. In the midst of this media blitz, drummer Sal Abruscato quit the band to join another Brooklyn quartet, Life of Agony. Johnny Kelly, the band’s drum technician, was therefore hired as a full-fledged member. Bloody Kisses was re-released a year after the original release in a limited-edition Digipak form, including eight of the musical tracks from the original (omitting the “filler” tracks) and the previously unreleased “Suspended in Dusk”.

Type O’s October Rust picked up where Bloody Kisses left off, this album continued to explore themes of sex and sensuality, explored in a humorous sense on the single “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” and then taken much darker with “Love You To Death”. This record also saw a cover of Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl” as well as the fan favorite, semi-serene “Green Man”. While not quite as successful as Bloody Kisses, the album was certified Gold in the US, and was the first Type O Negative album to enter the top half of the Billboard Top 200, debuting at No. 42.

With the completion of another successful world tour, writing for a fourth album began. In the period immediately following the release of October Rust, resulted in 1999’s World Coming Down (working titles included Prophets of Doom and Aggroculture).World Coming Down debuted at No. 39 on the Billboard Top 200 charts.

A best of album followed in 2000, entitled The Least Worst of Type O Negative. Although most songs appear on previous albums, many are unreleased remixes or B-sides of previously released singles. Along with these songs are some unreleased numbers from the World Coming Down sessions, the band’s cover of “Black Sabbath” by Black Sabbath (Peter Steele’s version with different lyrics, written from the perspective of Satan), and a cleaner version of “Hey Pete” (originally released on the mock live album The Origin of the Feces).

Type O Negative’s sixth studio album, Life Is Killing Me (originally called The Dream Is Dead after the closing song), was released in 2003. For this album, the band picked up the pace of their sound from the dirgeful slowness of World Coming Down. Songs such as “Todd’s Ship Gods (Above All Things)”, “(We Were) Electrocute”, and “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” convey the band’s classic elements of melody, though the song lengths were much shorter on this outing, the longest being the 7 and a half-minute “How Could She?”, a list of female character names from television shows. The album includes a humorous cover of the song “Angry Inch” from the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, detailing a sex change operation gone terribly wrong.

Type O then left Roadrunner for SPV Records and released Dead Again. Dead Again debuted at No. 27 in the United States; the band’s highest chart debut to date. They also continued to tour through October of that year, including a performance at the Rock am Ring festival in Nürburgring, Germany.

During 2005, Steele disappeared for an extended period with no explanation. Rumors of his death, terminal illness, and other speculations increased until the mystery was dispelled in an interview on the 2006 DVD Symphony for the Devil. In the interview Steele briefly mentions his incarceration in Rikers Island and “the psych ward at Kings County Hospital “. Steele’s family members had staged an intervention and insisted he check into a mental institution. Steele later confirmed he had been suffering from paranoia caused by his heavy substance abuse. Steele had been using cocaine since the age of 35, a decision he expressed great regret about. Steele then attended rehab for cocaine and alcohol addiction, and later served a 30-day prison term for assaulting a love rival. Steele made light of his incarceration by wearing a prison uniform on stage during live performances.

Steele stated in a 2003 interview that he was bipolar, and linked his mood swings to the types of songs he wrote. He also suffered from clinical depression for which he had received occasional psychiatric treatment. During a 2007 interview Steele explained:

“I’ve always been a very depressed person, but that’s only one side of me, you know. It makes me feel better when I can express my depression, my anger, my frustration through music… sonic therapy.”

In April 2007, Steele revealed that he began identifying himself as Roman Catholic in recent years, after decades of self-professed atheism. In an interview with Decibel magazine, Steele explained:

“There are no atheists in foxholes, they say, and I was a foxhole atheist for a long time. But after going through a midlife crisis and having many things change very quickly, it made me realize my mortality. And when you start to think about death, you start to think about what’s after it. And then you start hoping there is a God. For me, it’s a frightening thought to go nowhere. I also can’t believe that people like Stalin and Hitler are gonna go to the same place as Mother Teresa.”

Peter Steele died of an aortic aneurysm (initially reported as heart failure) on April 14, 2010 at the age of 48. Prior to his death, Steele was preparing to write and record new music. The remaining members of Type O Negative decided to dissolve the band rather than replace Steele, with Johnny Kelly stating “Even if there is somebody who could take his place it wouldn’t matter. We don’t have any interest in continuing. It’s impossible – it hasn’t even come up in any kind of discussion. When Peter died, Type O Negative died with him.” On November 21, 2011, an oak tree was planted in Prospect Park to commemorate Steele.

Following his death, the metal band Voyager penned a track entitled “Iron Dream” in memoriam of Steele, released on their 2011 album The Meaning of I. Lacuna Coil wrote the song “My Spirit” in memory of Steele for their 2012 album Dark Adrenaline. The Moonspell song “New Tears Eve”, from the 2012 album Alpha Noir / Omega White, is dedicated to Steele. Biohazard dedicated their 2012 album Reborn in Defiance to Steele. Swallow the Sun wrote the song “April 14th” as a tribute to Steele for their 2012 album Emerald Forest and the Blackbird. Meridian Dawn recorded a cover version of the Type O Negative song “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” in tribute to Steele for their 2014 debut release The Mixtape EP. The Crowbar song “Symbolic Suicide”, from the 2014 album Symmetry in Black, is inspired by the legacy of Peter Steele. The band Danzig, who include Steele’s former bandmate Johnny Kelly, have dedicated live performances of the song “On a Wicked Night” to Steele.

In his autobiography Iron Man, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi described his shock at Steele’s death, adding, “Peter was a big, tall, and very, very nice guy.”

Quite possibly the one of the most brilliant minds in Gothic Metal, we miss you Peter \m/

Atheist in a Foxhole || Nicolas x Erik (origins flashback)

November 7th, 1866.

For once, he was innocent. He’d only just arrived in this backwards little town called Arcadia; having never been this south in Connecticut before. Hell, he hadn’t even known the swamp was populated until his carriage had been accosted by a rag-tag group of hunters. It was clear from the trap they’d laid that his passage through the area had been reported ahead of time, and that extensive preparation had gone into this ambush. Four of his riding companions were dead - two of them good friends, and in the confusion of the fray, someone managed to snap his neck and send him out like a light. Long enough to bind him in titanium chains doused in vervain. He’d come-to as a result of the blinding pain; killed seven of his assailants even with the chains on, though two more seemed to pop up for each one he felled. Eventually, they’d thrown him into a jail-cell; hungry, angry and vengeful.

It was there that he learned of Arcadia’s recent past; the war between the humans and the supernatural had come to a tipping point shortly before his untimely passage. It was easy to piece together what happened as a result; his name had been tipped off in advance, and though he’d done nothing to deserve it - Not in Arcadia, at least, the hunters here were already thirsty for his blood. 

Which was a good thing, now that he had time to think about it - because where bloodlust was concerned, no one matched his own. And his retribution, as a result, would be glorious.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching his jail-cell. His nostrils captured the scent of a human rapidly enough, and after two-days in this rotting prison, his stomach all but growled in hunger. Though he’d been biding his time in hopes of breaking out on the third day - when the Mayor was scheduled to visit, he was beginning to think a day early wouldn’t be such a bad idea after-all, if it meant a vervain-free meal. Weighing his options, Nicolas kept his eyes fixed to the parchment paper on which he was scribbling, feigning disinterest in the approaching human.

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Your sethkate metas are really insightful and was wondering when you think seth and kate knew were they romantically in love with each other?

The short answer is at different times and probably not in the order you’d expect. Because I’m well and fully sure that Seth knew he was in love with Kate first, even though you might expect it would be the other way around. 

But I’m guessing you’re looking for the long answer, so let’s talk about Seth first. When did he realize he was in love with Kate? Right here:

It’s just like Seth to realize he loves someone when he hears they’ve died, isn’t it? I mean geez, Seth. But yeah, that’s his impetus. He lets the emotions finally come forward because Kate is gone, and his guilt level is so high, he could practically drown in it. If he hadn’t pushed her away, would she have found herself there, at the mercy of Carlos’ gun? Who knows. Well, Seth thinks he does, and that’s the point. Because recognizing his love for Kate is what sets them all down the path to ending Amaru and saving the world.

I’ve mentioned before that season 3 is Seth’s path to deserving Kate, and this all comes about because of this moment, and because of Kate’s unwitting sacrifice. As he finds out that Kate is still alive, trapped in her own body, we continue to see Seth’s love for her. He doesn’t hide it. Seth has cared about her almost from the start, but we can actually see a progression on his face as the seasons go, and it gets amplified in season 3. (Watch how DJ’s face changes - it’s a nice piece of acting.) But beyond his love for her - which makes him incapable of shooting her, even when she begs, because he can’t even fathom the thought of doing that - he believes in her, because she’s Kate. He believes she’s still there, that she can fight, that she’ll win. It isn’t until he’s brought her back from the brink of death with his blood, until she’s telling him how she’s going to end it that he realizes what he’s going to lose. And that he has to love her enough to lower his gun.

And that he isn’t alone in that love. She just happens to say it out loud.

So when does Kate realize she’s in love with Seth? Right here:

If it’s surprising that it happens later for her, it shouldn’t be. Kate was never going to fall in love with season 1 or season 2 Seth. He was too selfish in season 1 and too self-destructive in season 2. Neither was a man that Kate could admire or respect. But season 3 Seth is a man that inspires her faith.

Seth is the first person she sees when she wakes up, and he appears in front of a cross. They basically whacked us over the head with that one. But that scene is all about faith, from Scott reciting the Our Father, to Seth’s fuck it no atheists in foxholes, to the plastic tubing carrying Seth’s soul to Kate’s body under the watchful eye of the cross on the wall - an almost literal interpretation of the red string of fate, tying them together. All of this happens in a church, and all of this is meant to show that Seth is worthy of Kate’s faith. And we all know about Kate’s relationship to her faith. 

It’s an essential part of who she is.

She always believed Seth had it in him. Now he’s proved he does.

Using religious imagery to establish SK as romantic

The word “religion” can be used as a euphemism for sex, and has been used with that connotation in 1x06 (by Seth, regarding Kate). This establishes a precedence.

Then Seth runs “to the cross”, ie Kate in 3x09. (See below. In Figure A Coto says Seth is running to the cross, and Figure B is a tweet Coto liked asking if Seth was running to Kate. The Cross is a symbol for Kate.)

Figure A.

Figure B.

And then when Kate wakes up, the first thing she sees is Seth standing in front of a cross (Figure C). This not-so-subtly implies Seth to be Kate’s “religion”→ sex→ romantic interest.

Figure C.

And let’s not forget, as Kate received a blood transfusion from Seth a cross was shown in the background (Figure D), once again emphasizing the religious nature of this act.

Figure D.

As @kdworden said in their post, the cross and the church are also symbols of marriage. I’m going to take that idea less literally, and say the writers were trying to establish “unity” between Kate and Seth. The blood transfusion was a metaphorical marriage.

Kate became Seth’s religion (”No atheists in foxholes,” Seth Gecko 3x10), and Seth became Kate’s religion (Figure C.)

TLDR; SethKate were endgame.
Miami Beach has run out of sand. Now what?
For years the sea has been eating away at the shore, and the city has spent millions of dollars pumping up sand from the seafloor to replace it, only to have it wash away again.
By Josh Dzieza

with quotes like 

It will probably always be worth it for Miami Beach to go to absurd lengths in order to maintain its shore, right up until the moment the city sinks beneath the sea. Mayor Philip Levine, one of the first Florida politicians to raise the alarm about climate change, has spent $100 million building pumps and raising roads and plans to spend hundreds of millions more. But Florida has no income tax, so if cities are going to pay for the infrastructure needed to adapt, property values need to keep rising and tourists need to keep coming. Without a beach, why come to Miami Beach?


Just as there are proverbially no atheists in foxholes, it’s increasingly difficult to be a local politician in coastal Florida and deny the sea is rising.

this entire article is a wild ride.

but like Seth saying “no atheists in foxholes” is so underrated!!!! Like he literally believed in a higher being at that moment as he was trying to save Kate because that’s how much he wanted to save Her and help her and hope that the blood transfusion would work. It’s also so crazy how Kate has that affect on Seth who probably only really believes in his abilities and his brother. For him to throw out his beliefs so quickly and specially for her is amazing.

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idk if you've answered this or not, but what are your top 5 sethkate moments (and why! haha)

oooh no I haven’t!! This is hard but I’m not gonna overthink it..

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1) 3x10 in the tunnel on the way to hell: the convo + bandaging + “you should be dancing with some Jesus freak” because it gets to the heart of the angst in their relationship but it also shows how much care and compassion and gentleness there is there. ALSO it’s when Kate says, “you can always count of Seth Gecko to make the hard call” which is fucking hilarious because he’s a softie and he literally never makes the “tough call” when it comes to her. Anyway that conversation is just so!!!! amazing!!!

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2) 2x02 when Kate is practicing with the doornob and Seth is being obstinate and they have that push and pull argument and Kate lays him out and he’s harsh to her but also like he clearly cannot be frustrated with her for long. And she finally confides in him about her father. I love this scene because it shows the core of the reason why they eventually split up but it also sheds light on the trust, comradery and partnership they’ve built. Like they’re so comfortable around each other and telling each other off it makes me want to Die. ALSO: that look they give each other at the end of that scene….RIP me

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3) 3x10: Blood transfusion + Unsubtle Religious Imagery!!! Seth x Kate x Religion is my not-so-secret ot3. I love Kate’s relationship to religious faith and how it parallels Seth’s relationship to faith of any kind. The “there are no atheists in the foxhole” line was pulled straight from my sethkate dream journal I s2g. I mean,, Kate literally gives Seth faith; faith in himself, in culebras, in humanity. And Seth standing in front of the cross being the first thing Kate sees is just…like…Too Much for my heart. He has come full circle for her; from a kidnapper to a mentor to a protector to a partner; from someone who always questioned her faith to someone whose very presence inspires her faith.

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4) 2x02 The Break Up. This is just like the best angst ever because it comes from a very real philosophical/emotional difference between them. And it’s so painful because they’ve grown so codependent and so close to each other. And I’m sorry but Seth angrily throwing that car in reverse and angrily shoving a bag full of cash at Kate and just angrily being a mother hen disguised as a Badass Criminal Who Doesn’t Care^tm is one of cinema’s greatest moments. I also love this moment because Kate is strong as hell and she’s finally strong enough to leave Seth because she needs to, finally putting herself before her her affection for him and his dependence on her.

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5) 3x04: “You do have a soul.” This scene is so underrated tbh. Kate breaks through for Seth because she’s finally like: “yes, here’s someone I can trust to do this, to put me out of my misery, to be on my team.” She totally overestimates how able Seth is to kill her, obviously, but she comes out in that moment because she sees this person who was her partner and she needs him to set her free. And if you listen carefully you can hear Kate begging him, “no, don’t t- (touch me)” because she knows Amaru is about to take back over and she’s desperate to protect him. And then, of course, the “you do have a soul” LIKE – Amaru can see how much soul Seth actually has in that moment, she can feel his love and his pain and his debilitating guilt. Amaru can see what Kate cannot: she can see how much Seth loves (and loves Kate). And then, for icing on the cake in this scene, the look on Seth’s face when he realizes Kate is in there is just……the most heartbreaking thing in the entire world. Idk how DJ pulls off hopeful and shattered at the same time, but he does.

+6 because I have no self-control) EVERYTIME THEY SAY “PARTNER” RIP MEEEEE

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I am a retired USAF officer. I was never raised religious and really never contemplated people’s beliefs. That is until I kept getting the default labels and associations of theism. I found myself correcting forms and my wishes at nearly every turn because it was all ways assumed in the military that you were a theists… I keep this picture as my profile picture in all my social media to remind people that there are “atheists in foxholes” and that we do need to represent ourselves to the rest of the world. I think to many people continue to get away with some fantasy “atheists are evil people” charicature because they simply do not realize they may actually know and respect an atheist already.

I am a retired USAF officer. I was never raised religious and really never contemplated people’s beliefs. That is until I kept getting the default labels and associations of theism. I found myself correcting forms and my wishes at nearly every turn because it was all ways assumed in the military that you were a theists… I keep this picture as my profile picture in all my social media to remind people that there are “atheists in foxholes” and that we do need to represent ourselves to the rest of the world. I think to many people continue to get away with some fantasy “atheists are evil people” caricature because they simply do not realize they may actually know and respect an Atheist already

  • * We already have the largest & best funded all volunteer military force ON EARTH: As long as such a sizeable chunk of our taxes are going to military spending anyway, there's no reason to force American citizens into military service when we already have more than what we need.
  • * The draft is sexist: Since the Supreme Court ruled that the military could no longer bar qualified & capable female soldiers from combat positions or promotions, an argument could be made that if we absolutely insist on keeping Selective Service then we must include women. NO ONE should be forced to serve a government that doesn't have their best interests at heart by sending them off to die in for-profit occupations, especially since it seems our government barely considers women to be human beings.
  • * The draft is an outdated concept that has outlived it's purpose: They say there are 'no atheists in foxholes' but forget that the age of trench warfare ended with Vietnam, and thus no capable military has truly needed foxholes in a very goddamn long time. We aren't fighting wars with bayonets or boots on the ground anymore, we are using satelites and drones to accomplish our military goals FOR US. There is no sign of this kind of combat climate changing back to "the good ol' days" any time soon, even IF the United States were to be invaded.
  • * Enacting the draft would be pointless because of health reasons: With obesity and other diet-related illnesses at all-time highs within America's population, even if you COULD drag every 20-year-old male to an armory, it's more than likely that you'll be sending a significant majority of them home because they are medically unqualified for military service.
  • * Enacting the draft would be pointless because of MENTAL health reasons: There's an ever growing list of mental/emotional conditions that would bar someone from enlisting or getting commissioned, and there aren't enough available resources for people (military OR civilian) to seek effective treatment. If you are bipolar, autistic, schizoid, anti-social (in the clinical sense, not just the common usage of the term) have epilepsy, tourettes, aspergers syndrome, downs syndrome, already existing PTSD, etc... you can't WILLINGLY join the American military with any of these, or more, diagnoses. If a draft is enacted, a significant majority of people would be rejected by default due to existing psychiatric conditions.
  • * Our military made exceptions for felons and sex offenders during O.I.F... and they're still regretting it: Before I continue, at present I do not know if felons are still eligible to be drafted. I've looked into the matter and I have not been able to find any accurate resources, however there was a noticeable & obvious rise in the violent crime rate among our military community when waivers were being issued for felons to enlist. IF felons & sex offenders COULD still be called in under Selective Service and manage to make the cut, there's a very real possibility that their presence could throw gasoline on an already out-of-control fire.
  • * All American citizens have a right to bodily autonomy: Enacting the draft and forcing a person to undergo very vigorous, often dangerous, military training (regardless of wether or not it eventually results in dying in war) goes against their right to decide what happens to their own bodies. Selective Service, by it's very nature, violates bodily autonomy.
  • * The American military is already PLAGUED with religious extremism and internal violence: According to a 2012 M.A.A.F study, almost 70% of military personnel outwardly call themselves some version of Christian. Evangelical/Pentacostal Christians make up a significant portion of that 70%, as do Mormons and Catholics. Over the last 20 years, fundamentalists have crept their way into the ranks and gone out of their way to make life Hell (literally and figuratively) for any service members who think differently than they do. Examples include an atheist West Point Cadet who was chased out a semester away from graduation, an Airman whose re-enlistment was denied because he didn't want to say "so help me god" during his ceremony, a Wiccan Soldier whose sexual assault went ignored and un-prosecuted while her C.O.C. told her she had it coming due to her defyiance of the Bible, etc... there are countless reports and examples of abuse of power at the hands of Christian Extremists wearing rank they probably don't deserve, but your tax dollars are paying for anyway.
  • This is not a system that represents the best interests of the American people or the very idea of "freedom" itself, so why would any sane person want to force people to be a part of it?