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Ink Sans Artist Encouragment (Undertale Au Motivational Audio)


Welcome back to Motivational Mondays. (its still monday as i post this) DX

Today! Ink Sans Encourages Artists to not give up and draw him something!

ink sans belongs to @comyet / @myebi

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Okay I don’t do requests but you’ve really hit me in a weak spot bc I’ve loved these two since the old tt cartoon and I still think they’re wonderful together now. Also I’m super new to dc in general so I approximated w the outfits

also the close up looks like a selfie

Gravity Falls is great, but how about the world?

Why do people always have older!Dipper stuck in Gravity falls obsessing over the same book?

Wouldn’t he try exploring the world? In a time where travel is only getting easier and easier, and we have a live, global library at our fingertips?

What if Dipper made a journal that wasn’t just a bunch of handwritten books, but rather he took full advantage of modern technology? Creating files within files, but of course being careful enough to have some form of it in the material world. He’d have handwritten pages full of Cipher and diagrams, but twice as many encrypted files or the occasional word doc. There’d be no particular order, to the untrained eye. A bit like a choose your own adventure book, there would be prompts to the next page but only Dipper would understand.

I’ve always thought that after this summer is over, he’d look beyond Gravity Falls. He’d look at the wider world and travel, finding places like Gravity Falls spotted all over the globe. Some of them tamer, and some of them making his summer at the mystery shack look like a walk in the park.

Imagine Dipper travelling the world and finding little triangles with eyes all over the globe. On make-up, on cash, in ancient tombs, on his tube of shaving cream. The guy’s always watching, am I right?

Imagine this lonely little kid making friends all over the globe who are just as interested as him. Imagine him making twice as many enemies.

There’s a whole world full of myths and legends; puzzles and mysteries. With Dipper knowing that all of them could very well be real, he would never be able to settle down. 

So could we all talk about this? If anyone has ideas, please message me! I need this so bad.

The real gag is: Normani Kordei did a cover and sung like five parts by herself over simple 808 tracks by layering and harmonizing with her own voice

Final pictures of the mermaid pot!

It’s a little wonky due to kiln warping and… construction issues, but the colors came out really nicely! It’s about 14ish inches tall, I think.

For anyone in ceramics, it’s stoneware fired to Cone 5 with a mix of underglaze and amaco, spectrum, georgies, and coyote cone 5/6 glazes.

anonymous asked:

There are so many artists on tumblr who can draw amazingly but they struggle every day to make ends meet or to get a foothold in any job, what would you say to them?

First of all I want to hug each and every one of them because I know how it feels to be in that position. Making ends meet in this world is a struggle and is stressful to be on top of. But speaking of this general idea, I just want to address something that I’ve been wanting to talk a little bit about..

This is always a rough subject to tackle because there seems to be this unhealthy mindset that if you don’t 100% dedicate your life to art then it somehow makes you lesser of an artist. If you need to get a day job to take care of the bills, then of course you gotta do what you gotta do. Be smart about the circumstances you are facing and how you’re going about them. If you think that you can make it by being a freelance artist, then dedicate yourself to that and make sure to allocate time and energy and be mindful of your health and how you work. However if you want to do art on the side and pursue a different career as well, then by all means go for it! 

Do what makes you happy and what makes things work for YOU! :) Don’t let the attitude that if you aren’t going for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree for four years and then strictly pursuing jobs in the creative field that it makes you any less of an artist then the person that went to Cal Arts on scholarship and is constantly hopping between different jobs at major studios. It’s not a competition. It’s whether or not you are happy with what you are doing with your career and your life and how you want to dedicate your time, and other people should respect that as well. If the person working at a major studio looks down on you as a lesser artist for working a job in retail and doing what you love on the side because you’re under heavy and difficult circumstances, that just makes them majorly uncool. Everyone’s circumstances are different and it does not give them the right to be pretentious and think that they are more of a person than you are just because they currently hold that job.

I just want people to realize that, as artists, even though we are all competing for jobs, that doesn’t equate to being a bully to people that aren’t quite up to your level yet. Look back on your art from 5-10 years ago and realize that you can’t forget where you’ve come from as a content creator. Realize that the job you got is really a blessing and be humble about it!