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whats ur other blog name

Andy: I have this one, 

@andygrayselfie —> personal trash blog where you can ask me questions concerning gender and sexuality, tutorial stuff, whateverr your heart desires

@dancing-on-moonshadows —-> My nsfw blog where I take questions/submissions of that kind (18+ ONLY THANKS). 

@of-detectives-and-army-doctors —> My johnlock blog where I will sometimes RP as them if I get enough interest. 

@floral-punk-dick-lovin-dude —-> my soft boy blog. It’s pastels, flowers, softboys, and some nudity. All of my soft boys are allowed to submit seflies/aesthetics/whatever to that blog. 

and those are all the blogs I have

A little bit more Tumblr Blog AU:

  • John messaging Sherlock ‘You looked hot today, Posh Boy’ and Sherlock going through his mind trying to figure out which person that he met could have been him
  • Sherlock asking why he didn’t tell him he’s his anon and John not answering, leaving Sherlock confused
  • John casually mentioning that he still got his uniform after Sherlock makes a post about how ‘Every girl loves a man in a uniform’
  • Sherlock giving another anon tips on how to let people know he’s gay with fashion, John being impressed that he knows so much about gay fashion
  • John joking about how Sherlock’s first posts were about tobacco ash and telling him that he’s glad he changed his blog theme because otherwise he wouldn’t have found him
  • Sherlock and John for once actually talking about something fashion related and Sherlock at some point asking ‘So what are you wearing, Doctor?’ and not realizing what he did until he reads the comments
  • Someone trying to mess with Sherlock by using ‘Army Doctor’ as signature as well but Sherlock just being like 'You’re not him’
  • People suggesting they should just meet each other but both ignoring the comments because they are not sure if the other one actually would want to meet them (also the reason why John didn’t speak to Sherlock when he saw him)

rather tempted to change my url to silverliningjohn bc look at him, he’s holding galaxies and he’s so unaware. it’s the most precious thing and he’s so beautiful

‘i’m an army doctor, which means i can break every bone in your body while naming them.’

To Two Undiscerning Writers

Three years ago I started the Sherlock series
without any notion of any queer love theories,
I barely knew the leads would be a pair
and thus I believe my point of view was fair.

When the army doctor met the young detective,
immediately it gained an interesting perspective.
The charming gifted stranger donning a black suit
gave John Watson a wink that screamed ‘meet cute’.

So went the introduction to his new flatmate,
with Stamford as a symbolical ‘Red String of Fate’.
I hardly could believe this show was really gay,
for all we ever answer to are cold 'won’t they?’

They went on 'Not A Date’, a candle set the mood,
John said 'Do you have a boyfriend? No? Good.’
From then has been used every single love trope:
'held gaze’, 'hand holding’, 'sleep cute’, 'knee grope’.

A 'Declaration of Protection’ was Sherlock’s last stance
right before a mention of the 'Dance of Romance’.
The follow-through was an 'Aborted Declaration of Love’,
to touch John one last time, the man removed his glove.

Yet to what end my sentiments were lured
to believe in this age queer love would not be obscured
and to what aim touch them in two thousand seventeen
if still these characters aren’t allowed to kiss on-screen? 

BTS While Driving

Jin: *Stare at himself in the mirror* *Crashes car* 

Suga: Suga don’t need no driving lesson because Suga has swag *Start car* *Car explodes* 

J-Hope: *Yells words of encouragement to every passing car* 

Rap Monster: *Accidentally breaks the steering wheel* Gosh darn it

Jimin: I’m trying to switch lanes here stop ignoring me and let me pass 

V: *Gets pulled over by a police* Don’t fail me now 

Jungkook: *On a toy car* They see me rollin’ they hatin’

When BTS Saw You Crying

Jin: *Wipes your tears using his thumbs* A pretty girl like you should not cry. 

Suga: *Helps you stand up* Don’t waste your precious tears in such useless things.

J-Hope: *Run his fingers through your hair* Everything will be alright, you’re with me. No one can hurt you. 

Rap Monster: *Place your head on his shoulder* Just cry until you feel better 

Jimin: *Hug you tight* I don’t know why you’re crying but I hope this make you feel better

V: Hey beautiful look at me *Makes funny expression to make you laugh and you did* You are the most beautiful girl when you laugh* 

Jungkook: Noona don’t cry *Give you a tissue*  Want me to sing you a song? 

John Didn’t Go Into Action

So what really struck me odd is that while “Mary” was dying, John quickly rushed to her side and gave pressure on the wound, but mostly he did this:

He just talked. As an experienced Army doctor all he did was talk to his dying wife. Now, obviously when thrown in such a horrible scenario for someone you care for, it’s a bit hard to think straight. But not only is John a bloody doctor, but he’s been in these situations before.

Such as this:

And what did he immediately do?

“My God… Who shot him?!”

Same here, when realizing that the soldier were still breathing:

“Give me your scarf- quickly, now! Call an ambulance, now! DO IT!” 

So why on Earth would he just sit there, not demand things or answers in a frenzy, and let his wife of all people die without a fighting chance? It just doesn’t add up. 

As “Mary” says herself:

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