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Fic Recs: You Show Me Yours by endingthemes:(~11k)

When Erik receives nudes in the middle of the night from an unknown number, he’s confused and mildly amused. He doesn’t expect it to turn into an actual conversation…with feelings.

As if that’s not baffling enough, his friend’s brother ends up crashing at his place, further complicating everything.

Comments: Amazing, incredibly sweet, wonderfully written fic, please kudo this to outer space. It’s in Erik’s pov, but you can see Charles pining - both of them pine like the idiots they usually are , and there are misunderstandings and texting sass and all that jazz of a good fluffy rom com. I have reread this at least three times

Phichuuri Week Day 1: Firsts & Sleepovers

It’s still Sunday where I am aaaaaaaa (Also on ao3) This is just a big ole pile of fluff @phichuuriweek

At the end of every week, Yuuri’s last class ends at three and Phichit’s at two. Phichit’s usual Friday routine is to chat with some friends at one of the coffee shops on campus for an hour, and then meet Yuuri outside the building of that class.

As the lecture finally wraps up, Yuuri packed up his notes and practically skiped down the stairs, a little pep in his step at the thought of the weekend. Classes are always draining, and Yuuri always craved the weekend as a time to let his mind relax, escaping to the rink or with some videogames.

The afternoon sun blinded him for a moment, but then Yuuri is greeted by the cheerful smile of his best friend. Phichit slides his phone into his pocket before handing Yuuri a cup of hot chocolate.

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The Houses Most Used Expression When an Unexpected Photo of them is Taken
  • Ravenclaw: Dazzling smile because you gotta expect the unexpected
  • Hufflepuff: Duck face and peace sign because they're swag
  • Slytherin: Dirty look directed at the person taking the photograph because how dare you take a picture of me without approval
  • Gryffindor: Tongue out and arms around friends because they're crazy and always ready for a picture

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OH HELL I CAN'T DECIDE between this one: “So, is there anyone you’re secretly crushing on?” and this one: “If I see another couple holding hands, I’ll… I’ll-” :3 thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks Beeeeeeeeeeeeells! love ya

Awww Gri I love you too babe! I mixed the prompt and put a dash of Allydia in there for you and it got BIG, I hope you like it! All my love and gratitude to @mahnaxmahna​  for the beta work on this you’re amazing!

Stiles hated valentine’s day.

“No, that’s not true. It’s not like I hate it, okay? I just think it is a day made up for capitalists to earn money. I mean there is a whole section of the market just for it? It’s flower shops, food companies, teddy bears, restaurants, hotels, and a lot of our entertainment section is directioned to a day of the year made for us to spend money. It’s ridiculous.”

“You know that you actually sound like a whiny bitch without a date, right? Trust me on this Stiles, you don’t want to be that bitch. You want to be the fierce bitch who get’s the girl, or the guy, or the non binary person. Sometimes your pansexuality tires me. I mean, I have to cover all the bases, while you aren’t getting on anyone’s bases,” Lydia told him for tenth time.

They were lazing around Lydia’s office, waiting for the last print of pictures to decide which one they would put in the current issue, but their photographer was late. Stiles was currently lying in Lydia’s expensive couch that was indeed more comfortable than Stiles bed, while Lydia had her legs up on the desk. Perks of being the Editor in Chief and the creative director of the QUEER magazine.

“Right, why not throw it in your best friend’s face that he’s not getting laid, or getting loved. And also insult his sexuality in the process. Someday I’ll believe you and file a lawsuit against you, Lyds.”

“As if you would ever sue me. First, you know you would lose because Allison would kick your lawyer’s ass in the next generation, and second, you love me too much to risk it. Talking about Ally, I want to tell you something, but I don’t know if you can keep your bloody mouth shut.”

“What? Lydia? You can’t just look to me and say, look I gotta tell you something but I can’t. I have anxiety and I’m also very curious and nosy, you know I need to know, and I need to know now! Besides I would never tell anyone your secret.”

“You would. If it was anything related to Ally, you would sell my soul in a blink of an eye.” She gave him a meaningful look and he had to yield.

“Okay, you’re right. I would tell Ally. But she’s my sister Lydia, it’s like my duty.”

“I’m not criticizing the fact you put my girlfriend first Stiles. I would never get between you two, you know that, but I want this to be kept secret. I need it to be.”

Stiles sat up and took a second to look at Lydia, really look at her, and he noticed a emotion so rare, that it was almost like a pod person had taken control of his best friend’s body.

Lydia Martin was insecure, and there was only one reason for her to feel like that.

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Don't yo man get mad that you post naked photos online? Ain't those suppose to be for just him?

Lol the guy I’m dating doesn’t care about this internet shit. All tumblr gets to see are pre-approved pictures of me in my undies. My guy gets to see all of me when he wants, he gets to feel on me how/when he wants, he gets to breathe me in when he wants, he gets to taste me when he wants, he gets to listen to me moan his name when he wants, he gets to feel how wet it is when he wants. My guy can get whatever he wants, whenever he wants. All tumblr gets to see are pictures of me in my under wear lol.

His privileges > tumblr’s privileges.

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2 and 18... vernon's birthday :)

Thx Radish!! 💞 clever I approve :^)
2. A picture of me
I don’t know how to add a pic here lmao but if anyone cares you can just go to my /myself page!! (
18. Phobia
So many but the one that’s probably the worst is my fear of dying but idk what that’s officially called 👀
Thank you ily!! 💖

Date Me
Bring me home to your mom and dad
Let them talk about me when I go to the bathroom
Nonchalantly tell your friends how you can’t stop thinking about me
but make it seem like you aren’t really shook by your feelings
Write it down
Write down how you feel
Tell me how you feel
Be honest with me
Fall For Me
Make it hurt
Let me in
Bring me there
Show your brother pictures of me to see if he approves
even though you really don’t care if he does or doesn’t
Just fucking give me a real chance
Come sleep in by bed and kiss my neck
and when I start to cry because I’m emotionally overwhelmed
by how much I feel for you
just tell me you’ll fucking stay
—  n.a


Hi I’m making patches

Size is 4.5x4.5 inches 

Here is what I’ll need from you


What would you like the center image to be? Do you want more than one thing in the patch?


The words that go on the outside of the patch, a saying, a URL, a name, lyrics, poems, what have you. 


Certain Font send samples my way



$25 regular patch

+$5 color choice

+$5 for more than three objects

-$5-10 for font depending on intricate it’s going to be 

$10-15 for simple patches like lone image or saying

*I have a gallon zip lock bag full of embroidery floss but some of the colors are vast amounts and some are sparse, if you want certain colors it will cost extra because I don’t know if I’ll find it in that bag or have to go get some more…or I might have a limited amount. 

Sources of Images

Top- art and design originally done by me for tattooed-disappointment Photo by me

Bottom Leftslimglitsoul Who did the “Courage the Cowardly Dog” image that I used to embroider on Photo by me

Bottom Right- art and design originally done by me for rootbeerflotsam AKA Shannon “APPROVED*” Mccormick picture taken by Mr. Mccormick himself  

If you’d like to contact me with more questions do stop by at my inbox or give me an email at

*patch has the Shannon Mccormick stamp of approval


Es… estás llorando…?

[La razón está por acá uvu]


Jo is the cutest little goat, I love her (even though she usually just wants to eat me…). And Goldie next to her kinda-sorta in the picture is such a sweetie, too. 

The Weight of Us ~Chapter III

~Chapter III Part I

There dinner went great, they talked about a lot of unresolved issues and decided this vacation would be there key to resolving things so they enjoyed each others company for a little while longer until they made there way back home.
Creeping into the house, Maks and Meryl quietly made there way towards the stairs and rushed up to room.

“You two were out pretty late. Have fun?” Jenna asked, stopping them in the hall.

“Yeees. Maks found this adorable place in town and it was really good. What did you guys have?” Meryl said stopping to talk to her friend in the hallway.

“Oh the kitchen served chicken pot pies. They were ummm.”

“Oh I bet, it’s to bad we missed them.”

“Oh I’m sure you had much more fun with this guy.” Jenna said winking towards Maks.

“I think thats our que to leave.” Maks laughed while dragging a reluctant Meryl away.

“Wait I forgot to tell you.” Jenna called after them. “I signed everyone up for white water rafting tomorrow so be downstairs for breakfast at 7 sharp.”

“Okay. See you then, Night Jenna.”

“Night gurl!”

Entering their room, Maks and Meryl began their seperate routines for bed before meeting in the center of the room for their first night together. Pulling back the huge comforter, they both crawled towards the center and immediately settled back into the plush pillows.
“Are you ready for bed?” Meryl asked with an impish smile, turning her head towards him.

“Are you ?” he smiled back, head propped up on one hand as he looked down at her.

“No…” she giggled shaking her head.

“We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow…”


“Okay.” he smiled, laying down completely.
Sliding closer Meryl laid down against his shoulder and cuddeled into him.

“Lightly…?” she whispered. Reaching over to night stand, Maks shut the lamp off and turned back to her.

“Where do you want it?”

“My back.” she said turning on her side, still facing him. She loved to be lightlied before sleeping and Maks was one if the few people who that about her and she was so happy to have that back.

“Do you want to me to do under the shirt?”

“Oh yea….hold on.” Meryl said sitting up. Lifting her nighty over head she threw it across the room and then lied back down in her sports bra and silk shorts.
“Okay. I am ready.” she sighed, pressing her bare stomach against his shirt clad one.
Swallowing hard, Maks began stroking her back very lightly with his long finger tips, earning a small groan from his little bed mate in the process.

“I have missed this.” she whispered, rubbing her cheek into his chest.

“I have missed you.” he returned quietly, still stroking her back as they both dozed off.

~Next Morning~

“Come on honey, wake up.” Maks beckoned Meryl from the bed as he shook her gently.

“No…” she groaned when he took the blankets away.

“We have to get up. I am going to take you somewhere.”

“…but it’s so cold.”

“I know baby, I have clothes for you to put on” he explained. Accepting the clothes, Meryl slipped them on as Maks finished getting dress. Slipping out the door, down the stairs, and through the house, Maks and Meryl were soon on there way.

“Where are we going Maks?” Meryl asked 20 minutes in to there hike.

“I want to take you somewhere.” was all he said before coming to a stop.


“There.” he pointed.
Turning her head she was met with a breath taking view of a dark blue lake that captured a perfect reflection of the sun rising. Gleams of yellows and blues danced across the swaying lake as Meryl gazed on in awe.

“Oh Maks…this is absolutely breathtaking.” she breathed out.
Coming up behind her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and reseted his chin on her shoulder.

“Not as beautiful as you.” he whispered into her ear.

They stood there in silence, just gazing at what nature had to offer them.
Taking her hand in his, Maks led them over to a giant white rock that steaked the ground. Sitting them in a comfortable position-Meryl in his lap- Maks was ready to begin.

“Your privacy issues drove me crazy.” he admitted quietly. She didn’t reply, she picked up his hand and squeezed it tightly.

“I think you fell for me to fast…like Karina .” she whispered.
Maks gasped.

“Karina…” he began. “She didn’t love me as much as I loved her. ”

“I know.”

“So…does that mean you dont love me that much?” he asked with a tear flooded voice.

“What? No!” she frowned turning towards him.

“ I wasn’t ready. That was the problem.” she explained, resting against him once more. “When I walked through that door and saw you that day in rehearsal for the first time…the first thing I thought was ‘he is a great looking guy and there’s no way he would ever go for me,’ but you did, and you were so open about it. That scared me so much but you were so gentle and nurturing that I couldn’t help but want to be nurtured by you and slowly I realised that you were looking for someone to love you as hard as you loved them.” she finished.

“I have never felt such strong feelings for anyone the way I have felt them for you Meryl.”

“I understand that, but I need you to understand that you jump to soon Maks and that is why you get hurt so fast and so hard.”

“Okay, I understand that. But I want you to understand that when I fell in love with you I wasn’t expecting it and I know I love hard…you just handled me differently to a point that I didn’t care if I crashed hard or not because you were worth it and I wasn’t expecting you to do what you did.”

“What?” she said asked confused.

“Thats for another morning.” he said gently.

“Fine, as for my privacy…I didn’t see a problem with that.”

“Your privacy issues were insane and they drove me insane. I had to have your approval for every picture I posted with me and you in it, I could never touch you for to long…”

“You groped me every chance you got on national television-” she accused.

“You touched back. Dont act like I was the only one-”

“I didnt say that. But if it wasn’t me and my privacy I guarantee everyone would have known we were together. ”

“I am pretty sure everyone already knew. We didn’t act much different on camera or in public.”

“I know…”

“All I am saying is I want a private relationship, not a non exsistent one”

“Okay, I’ll ease up.”

“Thank you.”

“Well…that went good for our first time ” Meryl complimented.

“I think so to, I feel better, you?”

“Definitely. What time is it? Jenna wants us for breakfast.”
Glancing at his watch, Maks read 6:23 A.M.

“We should head back.” He said, lifting both of them from the rock, making their way back to the trail.

“Maks…” Meryl said stopping them for a moment. “Thank you for bringing me here. I think it helped us more.”

“I will do whatever I can to make us right again.” he said cupping her cheek and stroking it with his thumb softly.

~Back at the house~

“There you two are!” Jenna said exasperated. “We’re just about to sit down and eat.”

“Perfect, I know this little one is hungry.” Maks laughed walking over to the table as the room laughed.


“Everyone partner up with a raft or iner-Tube” Jenna shouted to the group. Everyone shuffled the floating devices around until they were all ready to get into the water. Henry and Artem were in singles; Nicole and her husband were sharing a small raft; Maks and Meryl were sharing a black tube and Peta, Jenna, Val and the rest were on one big raft.
Settling into Maks’ lap, Meryl held on to him as he pushed them off of the side of the edge to get them into the center so they could follow after the other rafts.

“Maks!” Meryl yelped. “My sun block!”

“I got it baby.” he assured her, grabbing the bottle drom his water proof backpack.

“Oh thank you!” she sighed in relief. “Can you put some on me?”

“Yea.” he agreed. Pouring some into his hands, Maks started on her back and shoulders as Meryl did her face. Lathering her chest in the white cream, Maks moved to her stomach, rubbing it in as best he could as they floated down the river. His fingertips dipped under her bikini top as her continued to rub but Meryl did say anything.
Moving to her lower stomach, Maks paused when he reached her bathing suit bottoms that rode low.

“Go ahead.” she whispered, urging him to put lotion there. Skimming over her area as quickly as possible Maks moved down her legs and up her thighs.

“Open your legs…” he instructed. Pushing her back into him, Meryl spread her legs open to allow Maks to rub the last of the lotion.

“Really you guys?” Val shouted at them from across the river.

“Shut up Val!” Jenna screeched back.

“What the hell did I do?” Val yelled back.

“Leave them alone!” Jenna snapped.

“You guys it’s fine.” Meryl said sweetly.

“Who has the beer chest?” Henry yelled.

“It’s 10 AM!” Nicole laughed.

“Give me a break, I am on vacation with this group.


They cruzed down the river, exchanging memories and adult beverages in the summer sun until they stopped to have lunch at a popular jumping cliff.
Getting all the rafts on the shore, the girls enjoyed their lunches as the boys went cliff diving.

"There are some crazy currents down there!” Val laughed as he climbed out of the water and headed towards the girls.

“We wanna go!” Peta said pointing to her and Nicole.

“Yea that sounds fun.” Nicole agreed.

“You wanna go Mer?” Jenna offerd.

“Sure”. She said jumping up, missing the eye roll the blond shot them.

“Come on Emma!” yelled Meryl as all the girls rushed off.

“Be careful!” Val shouted while taking a bite of his sandwich.


“Where are all the girls?” Maks asked coming out of the water with the rest of the guys trudging behind them. But before Val could answer a piercing scream echoed around them,

“WHAT THE HELL PETA!” Someone shouted, a loud splash followed.

Shawn Mendes Imagine for Anon

You attempted to go up to your father once again. “Dad…” you go up to him as he reads the newspaper. “Yes?” he says.

“Can we talk…” you say.


“Shawn.” You bite your lip lightly. You watch your father as he looks up from his newspaper. He sets it down and puts his attention on you. “Didn’t we already talk about this?” he tells you. You knew your father wouldn’t accept Shawn. You knew he was just trying to look out for you however; he got the wrong impression of him. “Dad, listen.” You say as you grab a chair. “Shawn isn’t that bad of a guy.” You start to say. “Actually, he’s one of the sweetest guys ever.” You let out.

You watch as your father’s eyes grow large. You knew he didn’t want to hear any of your nonsense. He takes a sip of his coffee as he tries to read his paper again. “Y/n, I don’t want to believe it. You remember the other guy who hurt you.” He said. “I know, I know. But Shawn’s different.” You say as you start to drift off romancing about him. “Uh huh, y/n, I’ve heard that many of times.” He says annoyed. “Why do you hate him so much!?” you stand up. “I’ve seen his pictures on Facebook, I don’t approve of the shirtless pictures.” He starts to say. “Oh trust me…Cam posts way more.” You mumble to yourself. “What was that?” your father asks. “Nothing, but…those were two pictures, he rarely post any.” You explain.

“Also, he’s just a Justin bieber wannabe.” He starts. You feel your mouth open wide as your father continued to diss your boyfriend. “Have you even heard him? He has a voice of an angel.” You protest. “I never heard him, and don’t ever want to hear him.”

“You can’t judge someone because of those pointless reasons. I’ll prove you that he’s not what you think.” You say to him. He looks you in the eye and you see some agreement. “Alright, y/n. Invite him over for dinner. I’ll see what this hot shot is really about” he sighs. “Really!” you start to shriek.

“I mean…yeah…I’ll go text him.” You say as you slowly walk out of the kitchen with a smile on your face.