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Feminist Fallacies Part 6 (No True Scotsman Fallacy)

I’ve come to discover that feminism is rife with arguments based entirely on logical fallacies. So one by one I will point out the flawed logic in popular feminist arguments. I do this so that my anti-feminist friends can recognize feminist claims that can be dismissed automatically without need of lengthy argument and without cost to your sanity.

No True Scotsman (Appeal To Purity): This fallacy is used to make it so that your claims are never able to be attacked by appealing to an often arbitrary (pure) idea of what your claims are. No matter how compelling the evidence is against you, they are dismissed without being addressed or considered by appealing to purity.

Feminist Example: “Not all feminists are like that.” “You’re just against radical feminists and misandry.” “Real feminism is about equality.”

This is without a doubt the most commonly used feminist fallacy so I decided to give 3 examples. No matter how many examples of feminists spreading hate you show, no matter how many prominent feminist writers, philosophers, bloggers and speakers you show that promote sexist ideas and concepts, feminists will always claim they do not represent feminism. When a feminist comes forward and rejects the ideas of feminism because they promote inequality, rather than embrace them as a hero for equality…feminists reject them and call them (man or woman) misogynists. The not all feminists argument (NAFALT) is a fallacious rationalization to avoid rationale criticisms of feminism. It is a defence mechanism right up there with sticking your fingers in your ears and humming. Any feminists counter argument that is a variant of the NAFALT argument is in and of itself a fallacy. It does not matter if not all feminists are insane radfems that is not a valid defence of feminism. Sexist ideas absolutely represent feminism and have saturated feminism beyond repair. Myself and many other anti-feminists both on and off Tumblr have provided evidence to backup that claim. I have not yet seen any evidence to suggest that the radicals and sexists are not representative of feminism. (Hint: Saying I’m a feminist and I’m not sexist is not proof of this.) If you want to stop being associated with radicals then expel the radicals and reject their ideas instead of making… not all feminist appeals to purity. Put up and change or shut the fuck up and stop wondering why people are rejecting your movement.

Since it seems like these kinds of arguments are the only leg you have to stand on…consider your shit ruined feminists.

Quality Time

Rated: R

Calum Hood/Reader

Word Count: 2,140

I sat in bed only halfway reading my book, my mind more focused on other things rather than the story unfolding before me. The fight that had occurred between me and Calum still hadn’t been resolved. I was more than ready to fix things in our relationship, but he was apparently still holding everything I said, against me. Laying down my book, I rested my head back against the headboard remembering the events that occurred exactly a week ago.

He’d come home late again. That was never a problem though, until it turned into him spending more time with his best friends than with me. I hated to be that girlfriend that practically begged her boyfriend to stay home with her, but I had begun missing him. This particular night, Calum didn’t step in the door until after 2 in the morning; I was furious.

I winced, thinking of how if I would’ve take a different approach that night, the entire fight could’ve been avoided. The words that were said on both ends were so harsh, like imaginary daggers being thrown at each other. Half of those words were my fault.

“Look who decided to finally grace me with an appearance,” I laughed bitterly, watching him step into the hallway, my arms tightly crossed over my chest.

Calum had drank enough to be tipsy, but enough not to lose his awareness, or his speech, for that matter. In fact, he was in pretty good shape compared to other nights he’d stumbled in.

“Well hello to you too baby. I missed you too.” He left his car keys on the hook by the door, coming over to greet me with a kiss in which I denied.

He frowned slightly by the turn of my head, the expression deepening as I stepped away from him all together. His eyes followed me before walking after me, clearly confused.

“Are you upset with me?”

I lost it then. Whirling around to face him, months of frustration and hurt came spilling out all at once.

“Yes! I’m pissed because I hardly see you anymore!”

His eyebrows furrowed, staring at me in shock, “What do you mean? I see you every morning and every night.”

I scoffed, “Wow, I’m glad you make time in your busy day to see me every now and then.”

The anger was exploding from within me and the words were coming too quickly for me to stop them.

“I do have a job, you know,” Calum shot back.

“You’re missing the point Calum! I would love if you weren’t always out with friends and with me instead!”

His eyes narrowed and I should’ve bit my tongue and stopped there, but it only continued, like word vomit.

“So I have to drop everything, just to be here for your every beckon call? A relationship doesn’t work that way, sweetheart.”

I flinched at the venom in his normal cute, pet name for me. But I wasn’t going to let him win this. I had a point to get across.

“You’re such an idiot, you know? All I want is time with you! I don’t mean the five minute- if even that, conversation we have every night before you pass out. Dammit Calum, I miss you.”

The hurt came in the last five words to leave my mouth. An overwhelming pang of sadness swept over me as I realized a part of myself had been missing the whole time, the part that came alive when he was around. Unfortunately, Calum was too miffed to pick up, or even care about my sadness.

“So I have to give up going out with friends to stay with you all the time?”

Miscommunication was like the ammo to this fire. I gawked at him, bewildered. How could he think such a thing?

“I never said that!” I cried.

He was agitated now, shuffling his feet and rubbing his tense jaw.

“Yeah, well that’s what you were implying. If I knew you’d be so clingy, I would’ve never moved in with you.”

His words hit me like a brick. Moving in together was a big step in our relationship, one we had both decided to do together. We even went apartment shopping together, both of us saving up until we could finally afford where we were currently residing.

“So what are you saying? You regret our whole relationship? The past two years we’ve been together? Cause maybe I do too.” The words weren’t true, but I couldn’t think of any other thing to shoot back to have as much impact on him as what he’d just previously spoken.

“Why do you think I try to get away as much as I do? Sometimes I need space from you all the time!”

I had no idea what that even meant, but my head was spinning, things happening too quickly and spiraling out of control.

“If you don’t wanna be around me then leave! Go! I don’t care if you ever came back.”

There it was. The dart that I had been hoping to aim to hurt him as much, had been released into the air with no way of pulling it back. The room fell silent, the heaviness of my words hanging above both of us. Even if I had taken them back, it wouldn’t erase the fact that they’d been said. He was staring at me, a look that I couldn’t read on his face. It was actually ironic. I knew him like a book, but for the first time ever I had no clue what was going on behind his neutral expression. He turned and grabbed his keys, heading out the door, closing it with a hard slam.

I hadn’t heard from or seen him since. That night like every single one to follow had been spent crying myself to sleep. I wanted Calum home, I missed him terribly. Even attempts from friends to keep me company or go out for a night didn’t seem appealing. Tonight was my breaking point. I was going to lose my sanity this way.

Walking to the bathroom, I turned the shower on, waiting for the steam to fog my vision before pulling off Calum’s shirt that I had been practically living in. After checking the temperature of the water, I stepped into the warmth, closing the shower door behind me. Long, hot showers were always one of my favorite ways to unwind and relax after a stressful day. In this case, I was in desperate need of rejuvenating.

I tried to keep my mind away from Calum, but I failed miserably. I kept wondering where he was, what he was doing, if he was even thinking of me. I made a promise to myself to call him the minute I got out of the shower. I may not have wanted to be the first one to break down and contact him, but at this point I was ready to apologize for everything.

Just the thought alone of what I was intending to do lightened my mood significantly. I hummed to myself as I reached for my loofah, finding it to be a bit higher than where I left it last time. Prepared to stand on my toes, I reached out further to grab it when I felt a touch at my waist, pulling me back.

“Hi Y/N,” I heard from behind me.

My breathing stopped for a millisecond, partially in shock. I hadn’t even heard anyone come in the bathroom, let alone the shower. Turning, I was greeted with the handsome face of my boyfriend.

“Calum,” I breathed, in disbelief.

He smiled in response, chuckling slightly, “Hi there.”

My first instinct was to throw my arms around him and not let go and that’s just what I did. I buried my face into his chest, kissing it, mumbling how sorry I was and how much I regretted every bad word I said.

“I’m so sorry,” I repeated for the millionth time, “I didn’t mean any of it.”

“Baby,” he pushed me away slightly so he could look down at my face, “I’m sorry too. For misunderstanding you, for not understanding in general.”

It had been a week of agony and in the moment I couldn’t resist the temptation. I pulled him down by his shoulders, kissing him roughly with every single ounce of passion and love I had. His hands traced over my hips, backing me to the shower seat that was rarely used for anything. Well, except things like this.

“Let me make it up to you,” Calum whispered, guiding me to sit down on the seat, him falling to his knees in front of me.

Tilting his head up, he placed a single kiss to my lips, trailing down my jaw and sucking slightly. I shivered, not from the chill of being away from the stream of warm water, but from his touch moving up my stomach to my breasts. His mouth soon joined his wandering hands and they both started a slow descent back down my body.

I watched him with curious eyes. It had been a while since we had been properly intimate and I was quivering already with need and curiosity. The spray of water was hitting his back, but as he bent down, I felt heavy droplets hit my thighs. He took his time, slowly licking up both of my inner thighs making me throb even more with anticipation.

A breathy moan escaped my throat as I felt his tongue glide over my folds, my head falling back against the wall of the shower with a thud. With one little flick of his tongue against my clit, I’d already bucked my hips up, fingers tangled in his wet hair.

“Oh my god, Cal, yes,” I panted, my heart rate already speeding up only after a few touches from him.

He danced his fingertips against my inner thigh, being the little tease he was. Moving them closer, they rubbed my entrance before pushing one digit in. His finger curled slightly resulting in a strangled moan from me. It was amazing just how sensitive I was to him after going such a long period without. He kissed my clit once and pulled his finger away, sitting back on his feet.

“Patience sweetheart,” he cooed when I whimpered in protest, staring down at him.

He stood, pulling me up with him, repositioning our bodies to where we were just next to the now lukewarm water.

“How’s this for quality time?” Calum whispered in my ear, pressing me against the shower wall, hips slowly grinding into mine.

A small whine came as his response and that’s all he needed. Reaching to the back of my thighs, he lifted me up, holding me up against the wall. My legs automatically wrapped around his waist, begging him to give me something this instant.

His tip brushed my opening then pushed in entirely, our reactions sounding simultaneously. My mouth came up to his collarbone, sucking the hollow of it while his hips rocked into mine, creating something not too rough yet not exactly gentle either.

I blinked away droplets of water that fell in my eyes and gripped at his back, thrusting my hips up against his, a groan rumbling from deep in his chest.

“Y/N,” Calum sighed, dropping his head on my shoulder, trying to speed up the pace of my hips without completely bruising my lower back.

I obliged anyway, aware that the bruises that were most likely to form later on would be worth it in the end. As the packed quickened, so did our breaths, both of our releases on the brink. I pushed on his chest, part of me wanting dominance, the other part listening to my straining muscles that were trying hard to hold me up. He complied, sinking down to the seat, his own legs starting to become wobbly.

His fingers slid over my back and sides as I moved my hips, trying to finish us both off. Our increasing moans bounced off the shower walls him releasing deep inside of me, my own climax following shortly after.

It took a moment for my brain to transfer the message to my limbs to move. I shakily withdrew myself from him, my knees buckling the instant I tried to balance my weight on my own. Calum’s hands shot out to steady my swaying figure with a breathy chuckle.

“Quality time like that should definitely happen more often,” I noted, him agreeing with a nod and a kiss to my lips.

“After we get showered, how about I take you downtown for a burger and a milkshake? Just the two of us?”

A smile spread across my face, the happiness replacing all the other negative emotions I’d felt the past seven days.

“I’d like that.”

Feminist Fallacies Part 4 (Appeal To Emotion Fallacy)

I’ve come to discover that feminism is rife with arguments based entirely on logical fallacies. So one by one I will point out the flawed logic in popular feminist arguments. I do this so that my anti-feminist friends can recognize feminist claims that can be dismissed automatically without need of lengthy argument and without cost to your sanity.

Appeal To Emotion Fallacy: This fallacy occurs when someone uses emotions in place of an argument. This fallacy takes human emotion and manipulates it in order to cover that you do not have a real argument. It is also used to shame people into agreeing with you.

Feminist Example: How can you be against feminism? There are women who are abused, raped and murdered!

These kinds of arguments are effective because they assault the natural human sensibility to have an emotional response to emotionally charged words and concepts. It distracts from the fact that there is really no argument being presented. They do not explain how feminism helps fight abuse, they do not argue that the way in which feminism fights abuse is good or effective. Most importantly they ignore all possibility of being against abuse and still being against feminism. The hope with this argument is that people will be so immediately aghast that they ignore logic and agree with you. Not only are these arguments devoid of reason and full of dishonesty it uses peoples suffering to benefit your own agenda. Also be wary of people who say “I feel that…” when they state their opinion. Using feel in place of the word think is a subtle way to disguise an appeal to emotion as a regular opinion. If someone thinks something… you can say no you are mistaken and here is evidence to support me. If someone says I feel something… you cannot argue against it because it is impossible to disprove personal feeling. And remember any argument based solely on a logical fallacy can be dismissed automatically.

Feminist Fallacies Part 5 (Bandwagon Fallacy)

I’ve come to discover that feminism is rife with arguments based entirely on logical fallacies. So one by one I will point out the flawed logic in popular feminist arguments. I do this so that my anti-feminist friends can recognize feminist claims that can be dismissed automatically without need of lengthy argument and without cost to your sanity.

Bandwagon Fallacy: An appeal to the popularity of an idea or concept as a way to validate the idea. This is a fallacy because popularity tells us nothing about the logical content of an idea. 

Feminist Example: How can you be against feminism? So many women everywhere are feminists. Feminism has been around for decades.

The irony here is that this is a fallacy that dismisses ideas simply for being marginalized… strange thing for feminists and SJWs to support isn’t it. Popularity has absolutely nothing to do with validity; if many people started to believe the moon was made of cheese it would not make it so.