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Hey can u please do a bbrae fanfic where raven and bb meet up somewhere secretly, where the rest of the titans don't know about or bb takes Rae on a surprise date? Btw I love ur account and ur fanfics are great xx

Raven peeked out of her doorway. The coast was clear, with not another Titan in sight. 


She carefully stepped out into the hallway, quietly closing the door behind her. Her senses told her that everyone was in their respective rooms, either fast asleep or on their way there. 

Everyone except for one, anyway. 

Raven slipped into the common room, a faint smile dancing on her lips. She was greeted by the soft glow of the television and the savory smell of chicken. 


Beast Boy’s low voice broke the calm silence settled about the room, and Raven looked up to meet his gaze. “Smells good,” she murmured. He grinned. 

“I hope so, it took an hour to make. Do you know how hard it is to cook without Starfire asking a hundred questions?” 

Raven chuckled. “No, I don’t I can’t cook, remember?” 

“Oh. Right.” He entwined his hand with hers and led her to the coffee table, where he’d set up a rather fancy display. Two plates, one topped with tender chicken and a savory sauce, the other with a healthy vegetable stir fry. Two wine glasses accompanied the dinner, and a vase of flowers provided some decor. Raven shot him a look. 

“How’d you pull this off?” she asked. Beast Boy shrugged. 

“You know, I have no clue. I thought for sure Rob was gonna barge in while I was setting up.” 

They weren’t dating. At least, not officially. Hell, Raven had no idea what they were doing. Seeing each other? Close enough, she supposed. They held hands, went on secret dates, and sometimes kissed. 

Secret, mostly because they hadn’t told anyone about…them. Not that there was much to tell. Other than the kissing, perhaps. 

They both wanted to take whatever this was slow. That had been agreed upon almost immediately. There was still uncertainty about them, and their feelings, and how exactly they were supposed to make this work, so slow and steady was the best course of action. 

The secrecy just sort of came as a side-effect. 

Raven savored the chicken, almost moaning with delight. “This is amazing,” she mumbled. Beast Boy flashed a grin. 

“Thanks! I found the recipe online.” 

“Well, it’s delicious. You should cook more often.” 

Beast Boy flushed and shrugged bashfully. “Eh, Cy and Star love the kitchen. ‘Sides, no one wants my veggie stuff anyway.” 

It was true. Both Cyborg and Starfire had an almost unhealthy obsession with cooking, resulting in a disaster zone for a kitchen. Still, Raven was beginning to find that Beast Boy was an absolute expert in the culinary arts, his vegetarian status aside. 

“Honestly, it’s not that bad. You’re pretty good at the cooking thing.” 

Beast Boy just blushed. 

It was then that the common room doors slid open, making the two of them freeze. They both looked up to see Robin stumble into the room, his mask halfheartedly stuck onto his face. “Hey, Raven, hey Beast Boy,” he mumbled as he fumbled towards the kitchen. 

Robin of course paused, seeming to perk up a bit, and slowly backed up. He peered down at them, bafflement riddling itself onto his tired face. “Uh, what are you guys doing?” 

Beast Boy and Raven shared a look. 

“Having dinner,” Beast Boy said. 


They both nodded. “Yes,” Raven said, “indeed we are.” 

Robin blinked. “What, like a date?” 

Raven looked at Beast Boy and bit her lip. His brows were drawn together, alarm written all over his face. Of course. They had yet to even begin discussing what to do in scenarios like this. Still, Raven decided to take the lead, and leaned forward to press a kiss onto Beast Boy’s lips. It was a gentle kiss, more like a peck. The look on his face was priceless, however, and Raven couldn’t help but smirk. 

She turned back to Robin, an eyebrow raised. “Does that answer your question?” 

The Boy Wonder stared openly, and she could feel his confusion pulsating int the room. Robin shook his head slowly and rubbed at his eyes. “I’m going back to bed,” he muttered, shuffling out of the common room. 

“Does this mean we’re…officially…a thing?” Beast Boy asked uncertainly. Raven shrugged. 

“I suppose it does.” 

Beast Boy grinned, tugging her close and kissing her. 

Here you are, anon! I just sort of combined the two options, because who doesn’t love awkward BB and Rae trying to figure out how to date each other? Fun stuff, lemme tell ya’. Anyway, enjoy!

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