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Excuse Me? (Dan Howell x Reader)

Anonymous: Can you do a request when a girl walks in the store and her ex has been following her. She bumps into Dan. And since Dan is v tall and she’s shorter. She excuses herself and then awkwardly hugs him, burying her face into his chest, apologizing simultaneously. She just wants to hide away from her ex xD

A/N: Thank you so much for the request! It’s so cute! I hope you enjoy it, lovely anon!! xx

Warnings: creepy ex

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“So, (Y/N), are you doing anything tonight?” your ex-boyfriend asked, leaning against the Starbucks’ counter. 

You clutched your iced coffee nervously and bit your lip. This was the last man you wanted to be talking to right now. You had ended it with him over two months ago but every now and then he would drunk text you, asking for a hundredth chance. Today, you ran into him at the Starbucks outside of the bookstore you worked at. 

“I, uh, I’m meeting someone today. Now, actually, I gotta go,” you started walking out of the coffee store before you even finished. 

“Some other time then,” you heard him shout after you. You didn’t bother turning around or responding. You swiftly made your way down the pavement, heading towards the market. 

Work faced you with an uncooperative customer today so running into HIM hadn’t improved your mood at all. You were going to pick up a fresh loaf of bread and some wine to try and relax tonight when you got home. 

You stopped outside of the market to look at the succulents on display when an unpleasant sight caught your attention out of the corner of your eye. You slowly turned your head to see your ex, meandering in your direction. Quickly, you entered the market hoping to lose him in the aisles. 

You couldn’t believe this. You just couldn’t. As you walked past the pasta aisle, you noticed him again. You had to do something to deter him, and fast. Turning into the spice aisle, you noticed a tall, curly-haired man staring confused at a jar of thyme. Mustering up as much courage as possible, you strode towards him. 

“Excuse me?” you said timidly, tugging at the sleeve of his dark sweater. You swallowed nervously for he was much taller, and very handsome, up close. 

“Oh, hi,” he said, a sideways grin on his face. A shadow of a dimple showed on his cheek. A soft blush crept its way onto your cheeks. 

“If its not too much to ask, I need your help. Its… Its my ex. He’s following me and…” As you were talking, the man had been glancing over your head and noticed the ex in question. By the way your ex looked at you, the man couldn’t deny it was him. 

Before you could finish talking, the man pulled you into his chest, letting out a cheeky laugh and saying loud enough for your ex to hear, “I’ve been waiting for you, love!”

Your heart began to race as you clung to his sweater. You were incredibly grateful that he had caught on and that you could trust him. Unexpectedly, you felt the man press his lips to the top of  your head. “Thank you,” you whispered. 

The man released you and took a step back. You drooped a little at his absence. He was very warm and he smelled of mint and coffee. “Anytime. I’m Dan, by the way.”

You felt embarrassed that you hadn’t even introduced yourself. “I’m (Y/N),” you replied shyly. “Thank you, again and I’m incredibly sorry if I imposed.”

Dan shook his head and placed a hand on your shoulder. You looked up into his chestnut eyes and smiled softly. “Don’t be sorry at all. I’m glad I could help.”

You nodded softly and Dan let his hand linger, taking it away slowly. You noticed a blush forming on his cheeks as well. “I better get my things and head home. Thank you, Dan.” With that, you turned and quickly made your way down the aisle. 

“(Y/N),” Dan called after you. An electric chill went down your spine at the sound of your name coming from his lips. You turned around to see him striding toward you, nervously chewing his lip. “Would you want an escort home? You know, in case that guy follows you again?”

You hadn’t thought that far ahead and of the possibility of that happening. You smiled broadly at Dan before saying, “I would very much appreciate that, thank you. How could I ever repay you?”

“No need, (Y/N), no need. I’m happy to help. I couldn’t bear to think of what might happen to you…” he trailed off and cleared his throat, looking at the floor.

“Would you like to join me for dinner tonight?” you blurted out, surprised by your proposition. “I’m picking up some wine and bread and planned on making some Alfredo tonight. Of course, if you have other plans I understand but I just want to repa…” you stammered nervously. 

“I would love to,” Dan interrupted, smiling softly down at you. “So, about that wine?” 

You giggled and turned to head towards the wine aisle, planning on letting Dan pick it out. He fell in step next to you, his scent filling your nostrils and comforting you. Dan hesitantly placed an arm around your shoulders, looking around cautiously. You smiled to yourself. Although you had only known him for mere minutes, you felt incredibly safe.

A/N: I’m sorry its so short but I hope you liked it! I changed it just the slightest bit from the request! xx

Angels- Mino

basically inspired by the drama goblin

At some point in life a fallen angel is placed with an angel. These angels are to decide the fate of each other. Will the fallen angel ask for redemption? Or will the angel sin and become one of the fallen? Once redeemed, a fallen angel can decide to remain immortal and save their current bloodline from being a fallen, or put their spirit to rest and forget the horrors of their past. The second option sounds more selfish than the other as they cannot save their family, but most fallen angels suffer harsh punishments through the sins of their ancestors. If an angel sins by the control of a fallen angel, their present and future bloodline must live their afterlife as a fallen angel with no luck of redemption. The fallen angel on the other hand can put their spirit to rest with no reminisce of their past, but just like the angel their living family suffers burden placed upon them with no redemption.

Gaining redemption seemed to be the only positive in your life, until you saw the angel you were paired with. She was breathtaking, the problem was she despised you. The words she uses to describe you hurt, but she has a reason for her hate. When her eyes aren’t glaring into the depths of your soul she is truly an angel. Y/N’s complexion, her personality, her voice they all portray an angel. To her you were evil, her mood gradually worsens when she feels the presences of you. You didn’t enjoy being a fallen angel, constantly watching the deaths of innocent people, yet you couldn’t save them. You only declared the fates of the sinners, and the single angel you were placed with. The only way to gain your redemption is to become close to angel, to prove your worthiness. Fallen angels are known as manipulative and condescending, very few earn their redemption. Your family was cursed as fallen angels from an ancestors past, so you promised yourself that you will be saved from a constant life of hell.

When paired with an angel you must be around them at all times, Y/N wasn’t really fond of that idea. What made it worst for her was that you two had to live in the same apartment. You didn’t mind this at all, no matter how much Y/N disliked and avoided you, you still admired her. Not only that, but the apartment was beautiful it would be more enjoyable if you two could get along. So far you’ve been stuck with her for around 4 months and no progress in communication has been made. It sucked, your attempts of small talk only angered her more, possibly her fear of becoming a fallen angel like you. Yet, if she only talked to you she would know you wanted to change your future for the better.

You’ve heard multiple stories of angels being stuck together for centuries, and that’s not going to be you two.

A basic day for you was nothing spectacular. You weren’t hidden by a fake identity, so you didn’t have a job or human friends. Life was pretty easy, you earned money for doing nothing. Your friends were other fallen angels with the same goal as you. You were also placed in the country you grew up in, so you were quite happy for such an evil soul.

Today you woke up at 4 in the morning, you had to tell a sinner their inevitable fate. This case was nothing new as you were faced with it many times, a person murdered another and than killed themselves. Any normal human wouldn’t want to face a duty like this, but this was your job. You had to force pain into sinners, the pain of everyone they affected. Before you left, you heard the opening of the apartment door.

“Hello? Y/N is that you?” You asked.

You heard a hiccup, “Yes, it is I, Mr. Song Minhooo.” Y/N replied with no stability in her voice or her body.

“Where were you? It’s 4 am.” You said. It slightly surprised you that she responded back.

“Well, I was partying with some friends and they gave me really tasty juice, it was so good so I drank a ton. No one ever told me that there’s a thing called ‘too much’ juice.” She walked towards the couch in the living area and plopped down. “Also, I got some message that some guy killed some innocent person. So I gotta help one of them out, the problem is my legs just can’t move right now.” She has never talked to you so openly these past 4 months and you were shocked. You wish she wasn’t inebriated, and you could talk to her like this normally.

“I got the same message too, but for the murderer.” You told her.

“I guess we should go together, you need to help me walk though. A lot of juice must affect your physical capabilities. I’m not drinking juice again.” She did a small burp, which made you laugh, she is so unaware. “Minho, stop talking bout juice we got to give some dead people news.”

Just like humans, angels could get drunk too. Y/N seemed to be uneducated on alcohol and her friends must’ve thought it’d be funny to get her drunk. As amusing as it was, it’s bad being drunk when you have to deal with a dead person. It’s not ethical. Luckily, you had medicine to end her intoxication. She wasn’t blackout drunk, so she’d be able to remember the conversation that just took place.

“Y/N I have medicine that will take away the effects of ‘juice.’ I can give it to you if you’d like? You have to be presentable for the dead you know, you’re an angel.” She nodded her head for the medicine and you gave it to her. The pill is known to work right away, once she takes it she should be completely sober. Within the matter of seconds, Y/N looks up at you apologetically but she became tense.

“Sorry,” she said looking at the ground, “we should get going.” She got right up and walked out the door and you followed right behind her.

The walk was slow and completely silent. You’ve experienced silence when talking to her before so you thought you would try once again. “So, what kind of ‘juice’ did you drink with your friends?” You were afraid you were going to laugh when asking her this. How could she be so naive, even children know what alcohol is.

“Why do you want to know?” She asked suspiciously.

“No specific reason, just want to have a conversation. If you don’t want to talk to me you don’t have to, I just thought 4 months of silence was enough.” You told her honestly.

“You sure are eager to talk to me. If I told you want I drank, you could give it to me and make me sin.” She replied.

“You’re overthinking, Y/N. I asked you a simple question, but that sounds like a great plan if I wanted to remain a fallen angel. You wouldn’t know that because you don’t talk to me.” You responded a bit aggravated.

“How am I supposed to trust a fallen angel? Maybe you’re not thinking enough.” She retorted. It was hard for you to make her understand, she must’ve been brought up believing that your kind was evil.

“I’m not asking you to trust me, at least communicate with me. Communication can lead to trust. Please just know I don’t enjoy this afterlife I have, I get harsh punishments from one of my ancestors sins. I did nothing wrong when I was alive, yet my whole bloodline will suffer if I don’t gain redemption. You’re an angel, there should be a little sympathy in you for me, understand where I come from. Don’t judge me because I’m an ‘evil’ angel, I never asked to be one. You might be thinking, why is he blabbing on or where did all of this come from? I’ve been a fallen angel for 400 odd years, I was so happy to be paired with you. It was the only time I was happy during these 400 years, but you constantly neglect me. I can only tell you how much I despise this afterlife I live, because only you can rid of it for me. You get to give dead souls a meaningful afterlife, I send dead souls to hell I force pain into them, indescribable pain. No human, no angel would be able to live through such pain. I’m only slightly glad to be a fallen angel, you will see me put a man in hell today, he isn’t going to be a fallen angel like me. He will go crazy, he will never become immune to the pain that will be forced into him. His family chain that is currently alive now will all become fallen angels once they die. Their punishment will be based off the sin this man committed, which is murder and suicide. I’m not a fallen angel that wants you to sin, I want a better afterlife for myself. I apologize for my rant, but you’ve never given me the chance to express myself. I thought this was the best opportunity to do so.” It felt so great to release your feelings, but you knew she’d still be suspicious of you.

“You sure do talk a lot…” She said finally looking into your eyes, “and I will take everything that you said tonight to heart. I believe that you don’t want to be evil anymore, just take into consideration an angels perception of a fallen angel. Anyways, we’ve been letting these souls wait to long so we better hurry and get to them.”

You both picked up your pace to get to the exact location of the dead bodies. It may sound wrong that you had a sliver of hope for your future, when you are minutes away from sending a person to hell. But soon enough this won’t be your job, you could finally be an angel…


my first mino scenario, so please enjoy :)

for the anon who requested this to be long and waited so long, i apologize. BUT, i plan on making this a short series, so hopefully you wont be so mad. and the ending is kind of rushed, and for that i apologize as well.

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You're Older - Grayson Imagine

Requested by: Anon

Growing up being in the same grade as Cameron Dolan, you were familiar with her younger twin brothers, Ethan and Grayson. As you progressed in your education through school, you and Cameron became best friend. Each weekend, you would be over at her house just hanging out. Grayson would always play pranks on you and Cameron and try to listen to your conversations. Cameron always groaned in annoyance with the pranks, but you thought it was actually pretty cute. In your opinion, the boys were cute… like kid cute. After the boys got into high school with you and Cameron, they both started to fill out. In more ways than just one. The two of them started getting into fitness and sports, making their frames tall, lean, and muscular. It was undeniable that the two were an attractive pair. Towards the end of your junior year, the boys started posting short clips on social media and they gained a huge following! You felt like a proud mom. They had come so far from their home made videos and edits. You had to admit that they videos were quite funny and you could really see why they had so many fans in such a short time. Soon, you and Cameron graduated and headed off to college. Being best friends, Cameron and yourself decided on the same college and rigged the housing system so you could room together. When Cameron visited home, you went with her and helped with the twins video. During a confessional video, Grayson had to confirm whether or not he had a crush. After many attempts to distract Ethan, Cameron, and yourself from the question, he finally answered. He said that he had known a certain girl for a while and they actually grew up together. As soon as the video was posted, their fans started trying to guess at who Grayson could have a crush on. Reading through some of the tweets with Cam, you came across one that suggested that Grayson had a crush on you! That was ridiculous! He could never have a crush on you! Not with you being so close to his sister and him seeing you in your worst state numerous times. You brushed it off and after a while, Cam and you went to sleep.
You woke up to hear yelling coming from down the hall of the Dolan house. You stretched and got out of bed to follow the noise. You got closer to the yelling and noticed that it was Cameron who was yelling. “How could you do this Grayson?!” She bellowed. “What was she talking about?” you wondered to yourself. Grayson’s voice came small like one belonging to a child. “I’m sorry, Cam, but I’ve been in love with Y/N since eighth grade and you can’t do anything to change that.” Your jaw dropped to the floor. Were you hearing things okay? Because there was no way you heard what you thought you did just then. Grayson couldn’t be IN LOVE with you. A crush? Sure, you could see it with his constant teasing and blushing around you, but in love? No way.
A couple of weeks had passed when you received a text from Grayson. “I know that you heard Cameron and I speaking the day after we posted the video.” It read. Witty as you are, you typed a reply quickly. “I don’t think I would call that speaking.” You sat your phone down only for it to vibrate immediately with another text message from him. “Look, Y/N, I need to know if there is any chance that you and I could be something. I’m tired of waiting for this feeling inside of me to fade away and knowing within my heart that it won’t. There. I’ve said what I need to say and you know already how I feel about you. The ball is in your court.” When you read it, your heart sank. Had he really been telling the truth? You decided to ignore him like you done so many times before, but this time, you actually felt badly about it.
Grayson’s secret hadn’t affected your friendship with Cameron and for that, you were so grateful. Cam knows too much now for her to be set free from your bond. The fans had finally died down a couple of months ago when they were incessantly asking you and Grayson to get together. You didn’t have anymore classes for today, so you decided to take a nap, but before you did - you opened Instagram. The first picture that showed was a picture of Grayson kissing some girl on the cheek. Rage consumed you. “How could he do this to you?” You pondered. You instantly got out of bed and took off to go home for the day. You sped down the interstate and arrived at the Dolan household within an hour. You didn’t know if Grayson was even there, but you would soon find out. You opened the door without knocking. You were considered family, so no one questioned your presence in the house now. You sprinted up to Grayson’s room and flung the door open. He was laying on his bed and snapped his head up when the door hit the wall behind it. “Y/N? What are you doing here?” Grayson asked you innocently. You took three big steps over to his bed and sat yourself in front of his crossed legs. His face held a confused expression and, in that moment, you swore that he never looked more adorable. Quickly, you snaked your hand around the snape of Grayson’s neck and smashed your lips into his plump, pink ones. After taking a second to adjust and assess the moment, he began to move his lips against yours. You pulled away just a tad after a few minutes of just feeling his lips mold with yours and kept your lips grazed on his. “Grayson, I love you. Be with me.” You whispered against him. Grayson responded to you with a small chuckle and returning his lips to yours.

Bressie on holiday...

“Mallorca?”  He asked, not missing a beat as he picked out a tune on the guitar that is chief resident in his office.

I nodded before continuing, “Yea. It’s an island off the coast of Spain…”

“I know where it’s at. I’ve been there.” He cut you off before you could continue. You remembered as soon as he said it.

“Oh? Well, um…will you go with me?” You knew asking Bressie to go on holiday with you was a big step for your fledgling relationship, but you really wanted to be alone with him without the worries and distractions of work or flatmates. His hazel stare flicked to yours as he strummed the guitar that sat on his firm thighs. The large Gibson L5 looked tiny and delicate against his large body, and you imagined that’s how you looked when you cuddled up next to him.

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You Should Have Called - Pietro Maximoff x (f)Reader

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Words: 1230
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x (f)Reader
Featuring: Clint Barton
Requested by anon
Hiii, I’m here to request. I was thinking about a prompt where Pietro and the reader fight and break up, and she leaves and he feels really bad, and then months later they bump into each other at the store, idk, and he realizes she’s (obviously) pregnant, PLEEEEEEASE? I love your writing ssooo much. Thank you and sorry if it’s a lot of details.
Authors Note: I always love myself some Pietro. Also, I kinda gave it my own little twist but it still follows the request. I also changed the store to a cafe because it just fit better :) (WORDS IN ITALICS ARE MEMORIES)


You stared at the TV, not saying a word, not eating your breakfast, not even looking at the texts you were receiving from your friend. Just, staring.

“Local hero, Quicksilver, saves a whole part of a city from harmful criminals.” The TV said, and you continued to watch.

“It started with the robberies of banks and innocent people, and the police had trouble finding these men. And apparently, so did the Avengers. But when our speeding hero was running around New York, he saw some suspicious men walking towards the banks and schools. He managed to talk to them, and make them break down into confessing. What a guy!” The announcer said. “More coming up, after the break.”

You took a bite of your food. “Yeah,” You mumbled, “What a guy.”

“If you would just listen to me! Or maybe even spend some time with me!” You told him.

“At least I’m out there saving the world, doing things! At least I have a job!” Pietro yelled. Both of you were sleep deprived, and fighting while in this state was a bad idea, but there was no going back.

What Pietro said made your jaw drop. “I have a job, thank you!”

“I have not seen anything about it recently.” Pietro mumbled.

“Because I’m working on a project with my co-worker that’s hard to talk about! In early stages, explaining it is hard.” You crossed your arms, getting irritated.

“I’m going to start calling you the queen of excuses.” Pietro told you.

Excuse me?” You looked up at him with a death glare.

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All I Want Is You (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

A/N: Happy December lovelies!


Anon: hey can you please make a shawn imagine base on justin bieber’s All I Want is You?? That would be so great and fluff

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Sitting here, all alone
Watching the snow fall
Looking back at the days
We threw them snow balls

Shawn sighed. It was December 15th, ten days before Christmas. He thought about this time of the year exactly a year ago. When Y/N was still here. When they were together. When he was truly happy.

Y/N and Shawn were unstoppable. They were Hollywood’s couple. The fans adored them together, and Shawn was deeply in love with Y/N.

I can’t believe
I’m putting the tree all by myself

Shawn’s heart gave a small jump when he picked up a peculiar red ornament from the box. It was an orb with a picture of Y/N and him together. He smiled at the memory. It was taken during a red carpet event, Y/N was grinning at the camera and Shawn had his hand on her waist, his eyes glued to her as if the cameras didn’t even exist.

I need you
And nobody else

Shawn handed the ornament to Aaliyah who was in charge of the top of the tree. She frowned at him from on top of the ladder.

“You want me to put this on?” she questioned.

Shawn nodded intently. “Yes.”

And I’m sorry dear
If I pushed you away

Another wave of guilt hit him. Your relationship ended 2 months ago. Shawn’s schedule was getting fuller and fuller and your time together was getting shorter and shorter. So, convincing himself you deserved more, Shawn ended it with you. What a fucking stupid move, he thought to himself.

And I don’t care, if I don’t get anything
All I need is you here right now

“Yo Shawn what d’you want me to get ya this year?” Shawn’s dad walked into the living room.


“You don’t want anything?”

I want Y/N, he thought. Honestly, he didn’t want anything else. He didn’t care if he was empty handed on Christmas, he just needed your presence. To speak to you again, to hear your voice, to feel you in his arms.

But I know that All I Want Is You
This christmas, this christmas, this Christmas

Shawn picked up his phone and clicked your name. It rang a couple times before he heard your voice cheerily say: “Hey it’s Y/N! Please leave me a message, thanks!”

“Hi um- Y/N this is Shawn. Shawn Mendes, that is. Um, I was wondering if maybe we can get together some time? Just to catch up and hang out like the good old days… Well, if you want to of course. Um anyway have a nice day!” He awkwardly said. It was like the first time he talked to you, he was stuttering like mad.

To his surprise, his phone rang and he picked it up.

“Hi Shawn, I just got your message. How are ya?” Your voice rang through the phone.

“Y/N! Hi. Um I’m okay you?”

“I’m alright yeah.”

“So uh I was wond-dering if you’d like to go skating l-later today?” Shawn said. Skating was your first date ever with him.

“I’d love to. Can you pick me up around 8?”

“Of course. See you then, Y/N.”


He pulled up at your driveway. It has been 2 months since he’s been here at your house, although sometimes he’d absent-mindedly drive past it when he was missing you. He had a plan. You two would go skating at the little outdoor skating rink until the sky is pitch-black, then he’d take you to the café for hot cocoa, where you two first kissed.

He rang the doorbell and you opened it. He let his mouth open slightly. He had forgotten how beautiful you were, how naturally stunning you always were.

“Hi.” You smiled shyly at him. “Shall we go?”

You two drove in his car to the little skating rink, chatting on what you’ve been up to in the past two months. Once you were there, you both laced up your skates and got onto the empty rink.

“Remember when you taught me how to skate here?” You smiled.

“Yes, I loved teaching you.” Shawn smiled. His first genuinely happy smile in two months.

“Why is that?”

“I got to hold your hand. I got to have you hold onto me as if your life depended on it. I got to know that you trusted me.”

“Look Y/N. I can’t hide it anymore. These past 2 months have been actual hell without you. The minute after I broke up with you, I regretted it. I would wake up every morning hating myself for what I did to us, and to you. In every room full of people, I would feel so incredibly lonely knowing you weren’t mine anymore.” His voice cracked slightly. Shawn had been dying to tell you this for 2 whole months. “Please Y/N. I realized that I really can’t live without you. That my life is meaningless without you in it. Please. Give me another chance.”

“Okay.” You smiled slightly at him. You missed him so much. And in the two months of separation, you never truly stopped loving him. He took you in his arms and hugged you. At last, your hearts were put at ease. You two were finally home. “I missed you too Shawn.” You said looking up to him.

“I love you Y/N. And I don’t think I’m ever going to fall out of the love I have for you.” He said. Then his loving expression turned into a small smirk. “Oh and by the way, I also remember on that first date, that I totally beat you at a speed race.”

You rolled your eyes and smirked back at him. “Is that a challenge Mendes?”

You both skated as fast as you can to the other end of the rink. Chuckling too hard, you tripped and fell, bringing Shawn down with you. You two stayed lying on the ice together for a really long time.

“I missed this. I missed you.” Shawn whispered, moving a piece of your hair behind your ear.

You looked up into his hazel eyes and got lost in them, just like you used to. Utter happiness spread across you, having him back again. Shawn leaned his head down and planted a soft kiss on your lips.

“I missed you too.” You said, smiling into the kiss. It felt great having his lips on yours once again.

“Hey you know what else I remember from that first date of ours?” You asked him.

“What?” He smiled.

“You took me out for hot cocoa after skating.”

Shawn’s smile got even bigger if it was possible. God, he had missed you. And now that he had you once more, he mentally promised himself that he would never, ever, let you go again.

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Reasons Why

Warnings: ‘the fluffy goodness’ that anon requested :)
Rating: everyone
Summary: Chris’ mom and/or dad don’t really like you but they take Chris to get his wisdom teeth out and whilst he is under the influence of the laughing gas he becomes extremely candid with his parents about how much he loves you. Where he gives all the reasons that you make him happy and all that fluffy goodness (as requested by anonymous)
Y/N = your name
(Chris’ POV)

Dad doesn’t really like Y/N. No specific reason why, he just doesn’t. Maybe he doesn’t want her type around our family; though, she’s as normal as anyone else. But she’s not normal in my eyes. We’re meant to be just friends, but a couple months ago I found that I had very deep feelings for her. I’ve loved her ever since. We visit each other regularly, but my dad always gives excuses to leave the house when she comes over. Mom has no problem at all with her. She actually likes her; she says Y/N’s a really sweet girl.

Dad’s been telling at me for a year now to have my wisdom teeth removed, y'know, ‘cause he’s a dentist. I’ve not had a problem with them until today. I woke up with extreme toothache. It was excruciatingly painful. I told my dad and he checked it out; said that my wisdom teeth were applying pressure to the rest of my teeth and pushing them forward. He arranged for me to get them all removed the day after.

My mom insisted that she comes with us, for support. My dad was the one who was pulling the teeth out, so mom sat to the side while he got to work and set up the utensils. I sat comfortably in the blue chair but then dad stuck a tube into my mouth and told me to “Breathe normally; it’s just laughing gas.”

Under the influence of laughing gas, people usually go one of two ways, sometimes even both. They can either become overly emotional and start crying about the simplest things, or they can start laughing and babbling on and on about something in particular. Lucky for me, I knew I’d go down the second path. But little did I know, the subject of which I’d be babbling about, would be how much I loved Y/N. And my parents didn’t know that I had feelings for her.

It hurt, but dad finally finished pulling all four of my wisdom teeth out. My mind was a little foggy at that point and the only thing I could clearly focus on was how much I loved her.

“I love Y/N,” I blurted out, my voice muffled because of the tissue that was in my mouth to stop the bleeding.

Mom chuckled, “Do you?”

“Yeah, she’s beautiful…like an angel. You knowwwww, like the angels in heaven. Only she’s alive. Angels don’t fall from heaven, do they? They’d get hurt.”

“They would get hurt,” Dad laughed at how stupid I sounded.

“Y/N is so kind I’m pretty sure that she’s not even human. I just know she’s an angel. Sometimes…I just wanna kiss her. I wanna see what it feels like, to kiss Y/N’s soft luscious lips.”

“You want to kiss Y/N?”

“Yeah, I think I might even wanna marry her…” I didn’t know that I’d also become emotional under the influence of laughing gas because at that moment I realized something and started blubbering like a baby. “But she doesn’t love me, she’s never said that she loves me. I wish she loved me too, she’s got enough love in her heart to share. She has a really big heart and I wish she’d give it to me. I’d take care of it and - and I’d love her forever. She’s generous too so I think she might give her heart to me.”

I took a deep breath and carried on rambling, “I like it when she laughs. She emits this…this positive energy and she just makes me so happy when I’m around her. I’m in looooooooooove….I love her. I love her, I love her, I love her. Can I marry her? I want her to be my wife. I want to have kids with her and grow old with her. ‘Til the end of the line. Will you guys be okay with that? About marrying Y/N?”

“No, Chris. You haven’t given yourself a chance to find other people. It’s best if you wait a little longer-” dad tried reasoning but I started tearing up and I interrupted.

NO, Dad! I love Y/N and I want to spend the rest of my life with her, she makes me happier than anyone else has ever made me! It’s like she was made for me, like a soul mate. WHY don’t you like her? She’s the best person in the world and I don’t understand why you don’t like her.”

Dad sighed, turned to mom, then turned back to me, “I never knew you loved her that much. I always thought that she was a bad influence on you, but now I see that she’s not. If you’re serious about marriage, then, I’m not going to stop you from marrying the person you love.”
You received two message from Lisa. Opening it to see that one was a voice recording and the other was a small message that read, “You’ll enjoy this ;)”, you pressed play and held your phone to your ear.

Lisa had been recording everything that Chris said when he was getting his wisdom teeth removed. It made your heart warm with awe, and you spilled some tears of happiness.

Hearing Chris’ voice say those words in real life instead of in the fantasies that went on in your head made you beyond joyful. And so, instead of greeting him the next day with words, you greeted him with a kiss, because a kiss has the power to explain the equivalent of those three magic words: ‘I love you’.

Red Rosie [Mad Hatter x Reader]

Request: Do you think you could write a “You’re really short and cute and you buy a cup of black coffee every morning but when you drink it you make weird faces and don’t finish it are you trying to look mature or something?” Coffeshop au with the mad hatter? From Anon

Words: 788

Warnings: No real warnings. Just Hatter (hopefully) being hatter.

Note: Hatter refers to the reader as ‘Red Rosie’ throughout the fic even though it’s established that that is not the readers name. Unless you are named Rosie in which case I’m sorry. Was supper excited when I saw this request. Love Hatter, I’m glad I got the chance to write something for him.

“One large black coffee please Rosie.” Your favourite customer requested. You couldn’t help but hesitate. The fake happy customer service smile on your face fading ever so slightly.

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"Little Bug" John Laurens x Reader

“Can I request the prompt No. 36 with John Laurens -anon
36. "Does he know about the baby?”

The sun shined in through the giant window in your room. You rolled over to snuggle your husband, only to find him missing. You opened your eyes to confirm it. You stood up, think he could be in his study. That was a bad idea though. As soon as you stood up you felt dizzy and nauseous. You ran to the bathroom and threw up.

“John!?” You yelled, hoping he was in the house.

No one answered. You cleaned yourself up and walked to the kitchen. On your way you passed his study and peaked in. He wasn’t there. Once you were in the kitchen you saw a note on the counter.

“Went out with Hercules and Lafayette. I’ll be home by dinner. -Love John”

“So that’s where he is. We I’ll just make some breakfast.” You thought to yourself.

You made your way around the kitchen and made yourself your usual breakfast. You sat down at the table and looked through the mail. You saw that you had a letter from your childhood bestfriend Eliza Schuyler. She invited you and John to the winter ball. You went to Johns study so you could respond.

You went back to the the table and cleaned up. All of a sudden you felt nauseous again. You ran back to the bathroom and threw up again. You decided it was best to lay down for a little. You hoped you weren’t getting sick.

Some time had passed. You didn’t eat lunch, afraid you would throw up again. It was close to the time John would be getting home, so you decided to start making dinner. Like clockwork, the door opened.

“Y/N!” He called out.

“In the kitchen!” You shouted back.

“Hello!” He said as he locked you up into a hug.

“Hello there! You’re in a gold mood!” You laughed as he set you down.

“Yes! I met this guy today. His name is Alexander Hamilton. He is super interested in the revolution. I mean this guy is insane! You should hear him talk! He laid it into Seabury, not like be didn’t deserve it.” He rambled. “Hey. Shays wrong?”

“I haven’t felt good today. That’s all.” You said as you put the food on the table.

“Why don’t you go lay down? I have to respond to some letters. I’ll clean up then come lay down with you.” He said with concern on his face.

“No it’s fine, really John. I’ll clean up.”

He picked you up and was bringing you to your room.

“John put me down.”

“You need to lay down.”

“No really John put me down. I don’t feel good.”

He set you down and you ran to the familiar spot in the bathroom. John leaned on the door frame.

“Is this the first time?” He asked.

“Third.” You replied, cleaning yourself up.
“I’m sorry.”

“Why?” You asked, confused.

“For not being here for you today while you werr sick.”

“You didn’t know. Don’t beat yourself up.”

“Yeah, but I could have at least waited until you were up. I would have knownwhat then.”

“Stop it! You didn’t know. I’m not mad.” You said cupping his face so he would look at you. “You can make it up to me and lay down with me when your done though.”

You didn’t get better, but lucky for you John always got up early, so you could hide it. You made foods that wouldn’t make you throw up. It eventually died down a little, but you were gaining weight even though you were eating less.
It has been about two months since the first insident and you definitely knew what it was. You were pregnant. You haven’t told John yet. Its not that you didn’t want to, its just that he was so busy with the revolution. He left a couple of weeks ago and everyday you worry that he will be killed and not know about his child.

“Does he know about the baby?” Eliza asked.

“No. I didn’t have the chance to. I don’t want to tell him through a letter, but I grow wary everyday.” You replied.

“Come with me. I’m going to see Alexander at their base camp tomorrow. You can tell him then.” She offered.

“Okay I will.”

As you headed to the base camp your mind was going a mile a minute. What would John think? Would he be mad you didn’t tell him? Did he even want a child right now? You talked about having children, but with the revolution would it be too much? Eliza grabbed your hand.

“Everything will work out Y/N. Don’t stress too much. Its bad for the baby.”

Eliza has been there for you ever since you found out. You couldn’t thank her enough. You pulled up to the base camp. You became even more nervous. You got out of the carriage and looked around for John, but couldn’t find him.

“Let’s find General Washington. He’ll know where they are.” Eliza suggested. You made your way to Washington’s tent.

“Permission to enter sir?” Stated Eliza.

“Eliza! Y/N! It’s great to see you.” Beamed Washington.

“Y/N and I are looking for Alexander and John. Do you know where tthey are?”

“Ah yes. They are getting checked out at the hospital tent. Don’t worth they aren’t seriously injured. They got into a scuffle with a fellow soldier is all. I’ll have someone escort you over.”

“Thank you sir!” You smiled.

Once you made it to the tent you could hear John and Alexander talking loudly about the fight.

“You first.” Giggled Eliza.

“John I thought you said you weren’t going to do anything stupid while you were gone.” You said as you walked into the tent.

“Ha! John and stupid are a package deal. I thought you’d know that by now.” Said Alexander.

“Alexander.” You nodded.

“Y/N.” He nodded back.

“Y/N!” John shouted, running to you. “What are you doing here?”

“I had something to tell you and I thought it shojkd be done in person. Since you couldn’t come home I came to you.”

John and Alexander were clear to go so you walked out of the tent.

“What is it Y/N?” He looked concerned.

“Well. I don’t want you to be mad at me. I wanted to tell you, but you were so busy and then you left so I didn’t get to tell you.” You rambled.

“Y/N get to the point.”

“John I’m pregnant.”

A smile spread across his face.

“What!? Really!? This is great!” He said picking you up and hugging you. “How long have you known?”

“About two months.”

“And you waited this long to tell me?”

“Like I said, you were busy and I didn’t want to add to it. I’m sorry really.” Tears started to form in your eyes. Hormones most likely.

“Shh don’t cry. I’m not mad.” He said while wiping the tears away. “I don’t care that you waited. All I care about is you and our child.”

“I love you John.”

“I love you too.” He replied.

You walk over to the guys.

“Guess who’s going to be a father?” John shouted.

You knew he was going to be a great dad.

Request by anon: Hi! Newbie Here!=D Can You Do A Fluffy Jimin Scenario Where He secretly Likes You (And You secretly Like Him Back) But The Guys Set You Up On A Surprise date together? =D Thanks. Love ur Blog!=D Sorry for the wait, as always *sigh* i suck haha-Admin Kitty
External image
It was saturday morning and you were waiting outside the BTS dorm for your best friend, Hoseok. You’d been visiting Seoul for a month and would be staying for the rest of the summer with one of your friends from high school. In that time, you’d become close with most of the members of BTS and you’d even got into the habit of calling them oppa, all apart from one. Jimin. Although you knew all the boys were absolutely gorgeous, there was something about Jimin that made you nervous everytime he was around. You’d ignored it at first, but your feelings for him were getting stronger by the minute and now a days it was more like butterflies would fly through your stomach when you so much as thought of him or heard his name or his voice on the radio. He was so good looking. And sweet. And smart. And hilarious. You were way too embarrassed and shy to call him oppa, so you just stuck to calling him by his name.  Hoseok emerged from the house and walked down the pathway to where you were sat on a wall, waiting for him. He grinned widely, “Annyeong!” You smiled, saying hey as he walked over to you to give you a hug and you leaned forward to hug him. “I missed youuuu!” You laughed as you pulled out of eachothers embrace, “I saw you two days ago, pabo~” “Still.” He pouted, “We used to see eachother everyday.” You sighed, knowing exacty how he felt. When you were both in high school together, everyday started with him knocking on your door so you could walk to school together and every weekend was spent going on bike rides together or helping eachother with homework. He’d always been such a good friend to you, it still felt weird not seeing him all the time, even though BTS had debuted just over a year back now. He perked up quickly, “Hey, I hope you don’t mind but one of the other members wanted to come with us today. He needs to get Jiwon a birthday present too.” Your heart leaped in to action, what if it was Jimin? You started to panic, not sure if you could be around him for that long. See, it wasn’t that you didn’t want to see him…you really, really did. But you felt the more time you were with him, the more time you had to make an absolute fool of yourself infront of him and you cared about what he thought of you, honestly. You wanted him to like you, even though you were absolutely sure he would never like you in a romantic away, what with him being an idol and you just being a mere ugly mortal, you wanted him to at least think you were cool as a person.  Jiwon was Namjoon’s cousin, who’s wedding you had all been invited to, mainly because Jiwon’s future husband’s friends had been called out for military service one week ago, and they have already payed for all the food.  “Oh. Who?” You tried to act nonchalant, as if you didn’t really care which member came…but you knew you did. “Namjoon.” He said, and then he leaped onto the wall you sat on and looked at you out of the corner of his eye, a teasing look in his eyes, “Why?” You gazed forward, avoiding looking at him, “Oh, I just wondered, that’s all.” You said, trying to seem indifferent to the news that it was infact not Jimin who would be coming with you two today. “That’s all…sure…” He nodded, looking forward too, a smirk dancing across his lips while he tried to keep a straight face, “So you’re not…Disappointed then?” You looked at him, shocked, and then covered it up by letting out a tiny nervous laugh, “Disappointed? What about?” He shrugged, trying to keep the smile off his face but failing, “That it’s not someone else coming with us..” You laughed shakily again, “Ha..L-Like who?” “Oh, I don’t know…” His eyes were laughing now, and his tone teasing, “Park Jimin, maybe!" 

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My Immortal - Fallen!Bucky Barnes x (f)Reader

Words: 1340
Pairing: Fallen!Bucky Barnes x (f)Reader  
Featuring: Steve Rogers, Howard Stark, Peggy Carter
Warnings: mention of war, death, sadness, crying, ANGST!
Requested by anon
Hey! Would you possibly write a Bucky imagine to go with the song ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescence, maybe it could be after the train incident or something? If not it’s fine :) Thank you!
Authors Note: This is based ff of the song above ^^ and you can check it out here! This takes place in the 1940s and while the beginning part is mostly background, i find it fucking cool.


I wish that you would just leave, Cause your presence still lingers here, and it won’t leave me alone

these wounds won’t seem to heal, this pain is just too real, there’s just too much that time cannot erase  

With this war, everyone was aware there would be fatalities. Friends and loved ones would be lost, but you had faith in your boys, you never had any idea they would be two of the ones to go. They were ones that knew what they were doing. Now, a few months ago you could have seen Steve struggling, but especially recently, you couldn’t think of one way he would go out. And in just a few weeks, you lost your best friend and boyfriend.

You expected people from the army to be at the funerals, even Peggy Carter. You had met her a few times after the shows Steve did, but she was so busy it was hard to talk to her for more than a few minutes. She did, however, know about your relationships with the boys and went over to you to say a few words.

The one person you did not expect at the funerals was Howard Stark. You knew Steve and Bucky adored his work, but why was he at the funeral for them? You were staring, as you went to every presentation done by him with your boys, and he turned his head to see you. He smiled, and before you knew it, he walked over to you. “Hey there dollface,” He stuck out his hand, “Howard Stark.”

“(Y/N) (L/N),” You shook his hand, astonished that you were talking to the Howard Stark.

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KBTBB - Soryu Oh - Shadow Queen

Hey, Anon, so I tried it and I’ll hope it’ll make you happy. I really liked your request (though I hope I understood it right what you wanted). So, I hope you’ll like what I’ve written.

Aaaand: Credit for KBTBB and all characters connected to it goes to Voltage Inc. Thanks for creating these awesome games.

Enjoy reading!

“Damn. I’m so tired. I went to bed way too late.”

And I was late for work as well. If only I hadn’t been so careless back then. I could still have the nice life I was used to. But because of my carelessness I ended up as an item on a black market auction. I ended up in the possession of a mobster and to be honest I’m not sure which was the hardest about all that: pretending like I was a scared little damsel in distress (although … at some times I was actually pretty scared) or not being able to use my powers. A short time after I started working at this hotel I lost my powers. Well … not exactly lost. It’s more like … I can’t use them right now. I overdid it a little on my last job and ended up using too much of my powers, almost killing myself. I was told to get some rest and recover my powers before even thinking about a new job.

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Lovesick (requested by anon)

request: The Lost Boys make fun of Peter because he’s acting all cute and careful towards you.

Peter gave me a soft little peck on the lips before letting me go into the woods. A whistle appeared from somewhere. The Lost Boys couldn’t believe how nicely Peter treated me. He has always been a sassy wicked and devilish personality, but when he was around me, he changed into a caring and soft boy needing love. I loved that but the Lost Boys were mocking him about it. They picked on him and joked around about us. In my opinion Peter hasn’t changed at all, he has just discovered another side on him that he only showed to me. The boys probably thought that he’d actually turned soft but he didn’t, he was just the same rough and sassy boy from before. “Turning soft again Pan?” Felix asked from behind. “Don’t you have work to do Felix?” Peter said mockingly, not bothering to face him. “Already on my way.” He said sneeringly walking off. Peter walked around just about to pass a group of Lost Boys. “Hey! Peter! Where did you leave (Y/N)? You can’t really take the responsibility of letting her go alone.” Winston, one of the older Lost Boys, said. He never really was a great friend of Peter’s. “What do you want to say with that?” He asked, raising an eyebrow as he approached to the group around the fire. “I want to say that since she arrived… You’ve been nothing more than a lovesick coward. I’m not sure if you’re even able to be a leader anymore.” He said snorting. “Don’t you worry, Winston. I’ve got everything under control. Unlike… you. Your work started about half an hour ago, last week you totally forgot about your firewood collecting duty -which you’re going to start with tonight. And - Oh, I think the last time you have even approached to the kitchen was a month ago. And just that you know, today you’ll wash all the dishes from dinner together with the group here sitting around on their lazy butts.” He gave them a wicked smirk and left. Every time they provoked him and tried to show that he’d turned into a sissy he proved them wrong and hit them with his leadership abilities and cruelness. He knew exactly how to shoo and chase them around. When I finally returned from hunting I brought the prey into the kitchen where I saw Winston and some other boys talking to the cook. “Pan told us that we’ll have some work to do tonight.” Winston said annoyed. When he saw me he gave me a grave look, which seemed strange to me. Winston never really had a problem with me. I put everything on the counter. “Here’s everything I got today Michael. Hope you can do something with it.” I said smiling and was just about to leave when I noticed Winston was still looking at me like he wanted to kill me. “Did I do something wrong?” I asked startled. “Not you. But your little boyfriend did. He exposed me in front of everybody… Made me look like an idiot. And then he slapped those shitty tasks on me. But I’m not gonna let him get away with it.” He slowly approached to me with a furious look in his eyes. “Look, Winston… I’m sorry that you have so much to do but you can’t blame me or Peter for it. I’m sure he didn’t punish you for nothing..” Winston was now right in front of me I tried to retreat even more but my back already hit the wall. “Get away from me, Winston.” I said threatening. “You know what, (Y/N)? Since you arrived everything on this damn island changed and I’m not gonna let you get away with it that easy. You need to disappear from here and then things will be like they were before. And before you say something…” He pulled out a sharp dagger and held it against my chest. “If you don’t go yourself I will make you.” He smirked devilishly at me. “Do you really think you’re getting away with that?” Peter suddenly leaned against the doorframe. “Peter…” I said feeling relief washing through my whole body. ‘He’s going to save me.’ I thought and gave Winston a little smirk. Suddenly he grabbed me and captured me in his arms pushing the knife against my throat. “If you try anything she’s dead.” He said threatening. Peter hardly impressed let out a sneering laugh. He raised his hand and let a little fire appear on his palm. “If you don’t stop immediately I’ll burn your whole body down before you can even make a move.” Winston paused to think about it. When he finally realized he had no chance against Peter he let me go, pushing me away from him. I stumbled into Peter’s arms. He caught me and started caressing my back with his free hand. “Oh how cute. The savior and his little girl.” Winston said sneeringly. “Winston. You and me will have a talk outside. Now.” Peter said sounding not really amused. Winston followed the order grudgingly, but left the room with Peter. When they were done 'talking’, we finally were allowed to leave the kitchen again. “There you are!” I said approaching slowly to him. “I’m so glad you’re okay (Y/N)!” He said softly and wrapped his arms around me. “I’m glad you came to rescue me.. Lifesaver.” I mumbled into his chest. He went through my hair and played with it. “I’m sure you could’ve rescued yourself. My strong little Lost Girl.” It meant a lot to me that Peter didn’t see me as a fragile dependent girl but as a fighter who could defend herself if she wanted to. “Maybe.. But the way you did it was far more comfortable.” He made me look at him and gave me a sneering look, raising an eyebrow at me. “Next time Ima’ let you solve problems yourself.” He laughed and pressed me against his chest again. “Never.” He mumbled into my hair. “I’ll always protect you.. Do you understand? I’ll never let you down, love.” He said tenderly and gave me a little kiss on the forehead. “I love you.” I said looking him deep in the eyes. “I love you too.” He said and kissed me softly on the lips. Then he took my hand and lead me to the bonfire in the middle of the camp. We sat there all night, talked and danced and enjoyed each others company until he grabbed my hand and took me to his tent…

Here’s another imagine requested by one of you lovelies, for you.. Hope you like it! I’m sorry that I couldn’t update yesterday already but lovely wifi decided against me. Tonight I had a very crazy but cool dream and I’m already working on an imagine about it. I’m sure you’ll like the idea that my brain brought up to me. Have a nice day Neverlanders and thank you for everything! You always support me and I’m so thankful for every single one of you.

Love Felia:)

Direct Message Part 1 - Requested (Calum)

Hello, this was requested by Anon (One where you you run a fan account and you DM Calum a weird message because you don’t expect him to reply but you end up having a conversation and meeting him when he’s in town?? Or is that like too much for one?) i hope its doesnt feel too rushed, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

You in a strange mood and decide to send Calum Hood a weird message, he followed you back about three months ago and you haven’t dared to direct message him yet, mainly because you didn’t see much point because he is Calum Hood and there was hardly any chance of him seeing it and replying. You open a direct message to him.

‘Hey, so if I could change one thing in the world it would be to make bananas blue, what would you change?’ you send the message and go back to the feed page. You skip down stairs to get a drink and when you get back to your room you have an unread direct message, you heart jumps a little in the hopes that’s it’s from Calum. You open the message.

‘I should probably say world peace but turning oranges yellow would be pretty awesome, you know just to confuse people. Nice question by the way :-P’ you let out a breath that you had been holding as you read the message over and over.

‘Sounds good, I have no reason for blue bananas I just like it would look funny. How is your day going?’ you hit the send button hoping he will see the message before he logs out and forgets about you.

‘Blue bananas don’t sound as good as yellow oranges. We are actually in California at the minute so it’s 9.30pm, where do you live? – Calum’

‘Hmm, that sound amazing I would love to see California, I’m in England and its 2.30am :-)’

‘Give me a seconds and I will show you a little of California. Why are you awake at that time? – Calum’

‘How? Just can’t sleep’ you wait for about five minutes but there is no reply, you sigh thinking he has gone but then a message with a upload on comes through, you open the link and it’s a video. Calum’s face pops up on screen and he is shirtless.

‘Hey, so check out the view from our hotel room’ the camera is turned and you can see a couple of huge buildings but in-between in a huge crowd of people, screaming and you realise it is fans, he moves the camera again and you can see blue sea, the sand is hidden behind the buildings but it look amazing. ‘Beautiful right? I will have to show you when it’s dark and all the lights are on’ Calum’s voice comes from your speakers. This is surreal, like Calum Hood is sending you videos how crazy. You jump up and head to your window pulling out your camera on your phone.

‘California is beautiful, I mean wow, but nowhere can beat good old England and guess what, it’s raining’ you make a fake sad face and turn the camera to the window showing him your huge garden in the pitch black it can hardly be seen but the rain is hitting the window making a loud pattering sound. ‘I love the sound of rain’ you whisper, and then you end the video and send it to Calum over twitter direct message.

‘You want to video chat? – Calum’ your heart stops, you jump up and check your reflection, oh fuck it, it’s pretty dark, he won’t be able to see you that much. So you send a quick yes and wait for him to reply.

‘What’s your Skype? – Calum’ you can’t drop the grin on your face as you send him your Skype name and wait for him to call you.

The call comes through in the name ‘ThomasHC’ you accept and wait for it to connect. The screen flashed up but nobody was there, your screen showed a cream wall and you could tell the laptop was on the bed.

'Give me a sec’ you hear Calum’s voice shout making you laugh a little.

'Okay’ is all you reply, you wait a couple of minutes but nothing happens. 'Calum?’ You say

'Sorry one more second’ he tells you.

'What are you doing?’ You ask

'Trying to find a shirt’ he laughs and you hear some shuffling.

'I don’t mind if you’re not wearing one’ you laugh. And his head pops into view at the side of the screen. He looks at you for a second and you wave, he shrugs sitting down on the bed.

'Okay then. Hi’ he says raising his hand a little, his smile filling his who face.

'Hey, how’s your day been?’ You ask, sticking out your tongue he laughs a little.

'Good, we only had one interview today so we pretty much got the day off. I played football in Luke, went to beach and ate….a lot’ he tells you, you nod. You see him squint and his eyes focus to your right.

'Is that a guitar?’ He asks, you look behind you at your guitar and nod.

'Yep his name is gunner’ you tell him.

'Gunner?’ He asks raising an eyebrow.

'Yep, I watched the first series of Nashville and there was this hot guitarist called gunner, so yeah’ you explain.

'I’m a hot guitarist, you could have called it hood’ Calum tell you faking sadness.

'Sorry, gunner is better.’ You smile at him and he rolls his eyes.

'Play for me’ he tells you and your eyes widen as you shake your head trying to think of an excuse.

'I can’t’ you tell him.

'What you can’t play?’ He asks and you shake your head again.

'No I can play I just mean I can’t right now, you know cause it’s 3am and I will wake everyone up’ you tell him, inside tapping your own back for the brilliant excuse.

'Oh yeah, fine but you have to play for me some other time. Do you sing?’ He asks

'Erm a little a guess’ you mumble.

'You guess? Well I guess you should sing for me sometime too’ he laughs and you do to. You both talk for a couple of hours and before you know it your mum is standing at your door asking why you are up so early (5.30am) and you realise you haven’t slept all night. You and Calum say good bye and you fall straight to sleep. You speak to Calum the next day and the next and the next. And after talking for two months he asks you to meet him because he has a show in a stadium not far from your home, you agree of course plus you already had tickets to see the show it’s 1D but 5SOS are opening. You meet up with Calum before the show in the afternoon in Starbucks near your house. You walk in to see Calum in the far corner; you smile as soon as he looks at you and rush, dodging a couple of people to get to him. His arms are around your waist and yours around his neck. His body is warm and he holds you close.

'Nice to finally meet you’ you whisper in his ear.

'You’re more beautiful in person if that’s even possible’ he whispers back kissing your cheek as you both sit down. And you can’t help but hope this is just the beginning.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

From Chelsea

Our Love is Art

Requested: Yes

Rating: PG/fluff

Pairing: Michael Clifford and Reader

Author’s note: This was an amazing request that I got from an anon. I absolutely love the concept of Art!5sos and I love painting and writing myself, so this was right up my alley. I hope you guys love and enjoy it. and to the anon that requested it, thank you, i hope you enjoy, and please come off anon and be my friend!!! Love you guys! 

Enjoy xx 

The shades in the bedroom cast lines across the stark white duvet covering your body in the warm, shaded room. Complete silence engulfed the room as you hazily stirred in the sheets sprawled across the large bed. Pushing yourself up and out of bed, your only destination was coffee. Until you came crashing back down on the bed, arms wrapped around your body in a feeble but desperate attempt at keeping you close. He nuzzled his face close to your neck, a soft, contented sigh falling into the crease of your neck, his warm breath sending a feeling of comfort to overcome your body. You tilted your head into his and laid your cheek on top of his bright blue hair.

“Good morning, my love” you breathed out into the open room, eyes closed and a smile gracing your lips. He didn’t glorify an answer with words. Instead, he lifted himself up and kissed you, soft and lazy, the morning kisses you always looked so forward to. After a while, you untangled yourself from his arms and the sheets, making your way to the kitchen, this time successfully. As you put the coffee in to brew, you heard footsteps behind you, making their way in to start the day with you. “What’s the plan today, babe?” Michael mumbles from the kitchen table, still sitting in just his boxers, hair amess and the light shining just perfectly on his face and chest. “Well, since I’m on spring break, I have so much time to work in my studio now, so I’m just gonna write a little, paint a little, finally polish off all of those half-finished projects of mine”, you say through sips of coffee, breathing in the sunlight and coffee, amazed at how beautiful this morning is, with Michael by your side. You had been so hectically busy lately, you didn’t have the chance to just stop and take everything in. You were such a whirlwind of movement and rushing around the past few months, you barely had a second to just take everything in and actually be present with Michael. “What’s the plan with you today, Mikey?” “Well, I have the next week off so I could spend time with you over your break. So I’m up for whatever you want today”, he smiled at you, content with where you both were right in this moment, unable to break the reverie and happiness that exuded from the both of you and exploded in the room.

               After coffee, you Michael went straight to the bathroom for a shower while you sat yourself down and got started on your day of you. Working in your studio made you so happy, you couldn’t contain yourself. There was a sunroom just off the living room in your house, every wall was covered floor to ceiling in glass. The day you and Michael first looked at the house, you had both decided this is where you wanted to live. It was perfect for the both of you and the second you saw the sunroom you knew it would be perfect for a studio for your art supplies. Two years later and it might have been a mess of a room, but was just perfect. The canvases scattered across the room, mixed with the paint splatters all over the concrete floor, the large, tattered area rug in the center of the room, also covered in paint, felt like home. The ambiance of the white twinkle lights mixed with the white-gold sunlight pouring into the room sparked the deepest of inspiration to you. You loved writing about raw emotion, painting in bright hues, golds, yellows, whites, pale pinks, all mixed together to create a flurry of ideas that rushed to your mind all at once. It was home and it was peaceful. You sat down at the metal and wooden stool in the middle of your desk. The desk sat against the long wall directly across from the door to the sunroom. It was a long, white desk that spanned across the entirety of the wall and was covered form end-to-end in different projects you had been working on over the past two years.

               Pulling out your charcoal pencils, you quickly got to work on a still-life you had recently started. It seemed like just a second ago you had walked into the room when you suddenly felt Michael walk up behind you. “How’s the studio day going, babe?” Michael hummed, resting his arms on your shoulders, peeking over to see what you’ve created this time. You stared at the shells spanning over the scape of the canvas, proud of the shading that you’d been working so hard to improve upon. “Pretty good, I’d say, I’m working on the shells you love so much” You turn your head to see him scanning across the span of the canvas, taking it all in and the light that shone behind his eyes, it inspired you and made your stomach flutter. “I love it. I love, love, love it. And you. I love you and your creativity and how amazingly talented you are.” He pulled his arm across your chest, laying his chin to rest on your shoulder, your arm automatically coming up to hold onto his, laying your cheek against his. “I’d love to work together with you one day, Mikey.” “Really?” surprise laced his tone and you just nodded in return. “I’ve been thinking about that for years, Y/N. I’d love to just watch you work or help you in some way. I always love watching you create and get so into your element. Your process is amazing. You amaze me.” “Well, do you want to help me today?” you inquired, so taken back by his request, so ready to work together in harmony on something like this. “Yeah! I’d love to model for you, if that’s alright with you, I mean?” You were a little bit shocked at his request, but you had so many ideas flooding your mind the second the words left his mouth. “Of course! I’d love to draw you in pastels, or chalk, or even better, charcoal! It fits your personality so well and it would look so good if you stood in front of the blinds in here so that the light hit you in stripes, and then the shading would be awesome! And then-““Woah there! One thing at a time, Y/N” Michael chuckled, you had gotten so carried away in your ideas that you completely went off on a tangent. “Let’s go a little slower and just take it one thing at a time, yeah?” Michael suggested. You smiled and took a deep breath, “OK, so, first I need you to take your shirt off”. Michael raised an eyebrow, but complied, you blushing the entire time. “Ok, so, now I just sit down here and rest your arms on the table”, you pulled an empty milk crate over, giving him a makeshift stool for him to sit on, helping his adjust his arms so that they were effortlessly resting across the table, slightly folded but open enough to look leisurely. “OK, so the idea is that I just capture your arms in the charcoal, right? And the light from the blinds in front of you will cast stripe-y shadows across your arms and the table, and the bend in the light where your arms meet the table will help give it some dimension.” He just nodded along, seemingly in awe at the talent that effortlessly flowed through your ideas into words, you immediately going to work and pulling the charcoals out with a fresh canvas.

               After a few hours, you finished and let Michael move his arms. You blew across the canvas, getting rid of any fragments and dust from the pencils and quickly signed the crease of his elbow on the canvas and showing him your work. “Oh my gosh, babe. I love it! I can’t believe how talented my beautiful girlfriend is.” He smiled, sweeping you up into his arms and just holding you. You leaned into his chest, listening to his heartbeat as you both contentedly sat there, basking in the sunlight, and more importantly, each other. “Michael, I’m definitely not as good as you lead people on to believe” “Oh but babe, you definitely are. You just don’t see it for yourself. You’re too wrapped up in what project comes next and the next idea that pops into that beautiful little head of yours that you’re such a whirlwind of creativity and idea, always writing something down to remember later, always working on something, that you don’t even stop to admire your own work. You’re talented, babe. Amazingly so. And I know other people see that. I’m just so goddamn lucky that I get to see it in person for myself every day. And I thank the heavens for every day that I get with you and I hope it never ends.” You looked up at him, in awe from the words he’s expressed for you. You’re speechless, and settle for leaning up to cup his face with your hands and look him in the eye. “I love you, Michael Clifford, and no amount of time will be enough with you. I love you so much.” And with that, you kiss him and you both bask in the happiness that exudes from your bodies and your words. .

Man Up - Requested (Michael)

Hello, Anon requested (Can you write something about how mickey gets jelous when you ask ashton to teach you drums a bit, you end up getting into an argument with mickey in front of all the boys yelling at him that “your no my boyfriend!!” “your not allowed to be jelous until you man up and ask me out” and then storming out when one of the boys makes a joke “Not everything is a joke A/C/L”. Thank you, i love your work :3 I read all your imagines) so i had an idea but i got carried away and it didnt turn out how i imagined it but anyways, i hope you like it. ENJOY!!!!

‘I feel like we’re free’ Calum laughs, as your walk in throwing your phone charger at Luke because he has been whining that his is broke. Then you drop onto the floor, leaning against the sofa, you rest your head on the sofa next to Ashton’s knees and straight away feel his fingers playing with your hair.

‘I know four weeks is crazy’ Luke laughs, you glance at him as he speak, he is sitting in the chair across from you, Michael is sitting on the floor leaning against the wall, you look over to pull a face but he is glaring at you, well more at Ashton’s hand in your hair, you shake your head a little, his eyes move to you and you stick out your tongue at him, hoping he will stop glaring but he just looks away and down at his phone.

‘Do you guys have any plays for your break?’ you question, moving your head further up to look at Calum and Ashton.

‘Not much just spending time with everyone’ Ashton nods, Calum stretches his arms out and puts towards you.

‘Come cuddle (Y/N)’ he tells you, you laugh a little and jump up, sitting between Calum and Ashton, Calum’s arm moves around you and he pulls you closer to his side holding you close, you see Michael glare again but ignore his childish behaviour.

‘Ash I was thinking maybe now you have the time off that you can teach me how to play’ you smile at Ashton as his eyes sparkle, a year ago he offered to teach you the drums but with them on tour there was never a chance.

‘Yeah, I have been waiting forever’ he laughs dramatically and you stick your tongue out.

‘Your fault for going on tour’ you pout and so does Ashton, he moves on the sofa so he is lying over you and Calum, hugging you in a way, making you laugh as his body presses against yours. Once he gets off you stand up to go and get yourself a drink.

‘Do you want anything to drink?’ you ask the boys, Calum and Ashton nod, Luke shakes his head and Michael doesn’t reply.

‘Michael?’ you ask, but he doesn’t reply instead completely ignores you; you roll your eyes and head out the room. While in the kitchen the door opens and you turn to see Michael, you ignore him and turn back to pouring the drinks.

‘What’s wrong with you today?’ he asks, you frown and turn back to look at him.

‘Me? You’re the one glaring at me and ignoring me, I’m fine’ you tell him, raising an eyebrow.

‘Your all over the guys today, you have hardly spoke to me’ he defends and you shake your head, turning back to the drinks and ignoring Michael.

‘I thought you wanted me to teach you guitar?’ Michael asks.

‘I do, but I want to learn the drums first’ you tell him, putting the pop back into the fridge, when you turn back with the drinks on a tray Michael is gone, you walk back to the games room and as you reach the door you hear Michael talking.

‘I just think you will be wasting your time, she won’t concentrate, and she has no rhythm, just doesn’t make sense that she would want to learn the drums, she’s just wasting your time’ you realise he is finished and walk in, putting down the tray.

‘Michael stop being a jealous prick’ you tell him, spinning to face him ‘Seriously you have been glaring at me all fucking day, you’re not my boyfriend, you don’t get to be jealous, if you want me then man up and say so’ you shout, his face is blank, and you see him bite his lip as you go to leave.

‘You’re in trouble’ Luke sings as you leave.

‘Not everything is a joke Luke’ you call over your shoulder.


You and Michael have liked each other for years, you never went anywhere with it though, you overheard Michael telling Calum that he liked you but that was four years ago, you were only fourteen, you tried to push it aside because you were so close to him you didn’t want to ruin anything but over the last year you have felt the feelings for him coming back and from the way he acts around you, you assume it’s the same for him. Michael is one of your best friends along with Ashton, Calum and Luke. But his jealousy has made things hard over the last couple of months, one minute he will be fine but if he is having a bad day you are in the firing line.

You’re sitting in your bed room, well more like lying face down in your bed, burying your head into your pillows, when you hear the door open.

‘Go away’ you shout but it’s muffled through the pillow. You hear the door close and then your bed dips.

‘Do you really think I’m a prick?’ you’re surprised to hear Michael’s voice, although he annoys the hell out of you, you love him and can’t ignore him when he is trying to help.

‘Yeah’ you mumble into your pillow and you hear him sigh.

‘So I guess it’s time to talk about this’ his voice is a little groggy, he isn’t talking normally or mumbling or whispering but is voice is low.

‘I don’t want to talk about it’ you mumble and you feel Michael’s hand on your back, his fingers start to trace patterns.

‘Please’ he whispers, you sigh into your pillow and then start to shuffle so you can see him, he smiles as you turn on your side and he moves to lie down with you, your faces only millimetres apart. He looks between your bodies and picks up t your hand and entwines his fingers with your, then locking his eyes back on yours.

‘I’m sorry’ he whispers, making you smile a little, you bite your lip and see his eyes quickly glance at your lips then moving back to your eyes. ‘I’m manning up’ he tells you, playing with your fingers a little, which makes you laugh a little. ‘Can I kiss you?’ he whispers, your breath catches in your throat at you look down at Michaels lips, you nod slightly and his face comes closer, his lips brushing ever so softly against yours, he moves so he is hovering over you slightly and presses his lips harder against yours, he starts to move his lips against yours and you join his movement. You start to get lost in his lips, his hands on your, his fingers digging in you slightly.

But you pull away needing to breath, he rests his forehead on yours, still hovering over you, and he brushes his nose with yours, making you smile up at him. ‘Did I man up enough?’ he whispers, his lips brushing yours as he speaks and you laugh a little and nod, before his lips press back into yours.

From Chelsea

On My Own - Requested (All)

Hello, this was requested by Anon (Could you possible do an imagine where you have a disability like you can’t walk and you get frustrated? :)), it was kinda hard to write becasue i havent been through it but i hope its okay.

‘I need a drink….Calllll’ Michael sing leaning back on hischair to give Calum a sweet smile, he shakes his head, ‘Me to but I’m comfortable’ he laughs, ‘I’ll go’ you tell them pushing the blanket off you and onto the floor, ‘No’ Calum jumps up at the same time as Michael stands up ‘I can go’ Michael offers, you roll your eyes, ‘I can pour a drink guys’ you laugh a little, ‘We know but…you know, the glasses are..’ Michael doesn’t finish his sentence as he points up, ‘I know Michael, I have to get myself a drink while you guys are out, I got it covered, Luke, Ash want a drink?’ you asks.

‘Sure’ Luke nods before shaking his head and quickly looking at you, ;I mean, no, I’m good’ he smiles, ‘For Christ sake I can get the drinks’ you groan as you wheel yourself out of the lounge and into the kitchen, you had one this before, it wasn’t too bad, you reach for the picker, which is a long stick with a handle one end and pinchers the other, you lift it to the cupboard opening it with ease, you take three glasses down and are on the third when the grip on the glass goes and it falls hitting the counter and smashing, the bits of glass falling all around you and on your lap. You groan, as you start to take the pieces of glass off your lap, you only pick one piece up when Calum and Ashton rush in, Luke and Michael right behind them.

‘What the fuck?’ Calum scolds, ‘Don’t worry, I have..’ Ashton doesn’t give you time to finish as he start picking the pieces from your lap for you, you sigh watching the boys getting to work cleaning up for you. You zone out from what they are saying, you just wish they would listen to you, ever since the accident it’s; like you have no voice, no independence. Sometime you want to just scream, it’s your legs that aren’t working not your brain.

Three months ago there was an accident, a car lost control and drove through the window of the store you worked in, you were crushed under the counter, there was only one customer in at the time, but he was standing right near the window and died on impact. You were in hospital for a month, your legs weren’t there, well they were but they weren’t doing anything, they didn’t hurt, they didn’t feel cold or warm, they didn’t kick or walk, they were useless. Then the doctor told you there is a 40% chance you could regain full mobility, it was enough for you, that day you started physic, you worked hard every day. Refusing to stay still, you lived, that has to be enough to fight, but the days got harder when there was no progress, when you reached the end of the bar path in physic with your legs still dragging behind you. But you carried on, you refused to talk about it, when people ask you smile and say ‘I’m alive’ and they give you that sympathetic look, the one you have grown to hate more than anything. There are times when you give that answer and in your head you think, maybe it would have been easier if you died. You wouldn’t be wheeling around, faking positivity for months, and you wouldn’t have your family and friends putting their lives on hold to babysit you.

The boys have cancelled four months of their first tour to stay home and help you, as least that’s what they think they are doing, you love them you do but they are always around, and if not they call, every twenty minutes. A couple of weeks ago Ashton offered to help you in the bath, THE BATH, he has been your best friend since you were twelve and he has seen you naked on many occasion but to help you in the bath, that would have been the final straw of your independence gone.


Three hours later, you are being pushed into the house by Michael, he has took you to physic today and as usual there was no progress, nothing, not even a twitch, you hadn’t spoke in the car, refusing to act fine anymore. ‘I’m gonna make a sandwich’ you mutter, taking over the wheels, ‘I can do it’ Michael offer, ‘My arms are working fine Michael’ you snap harshly, you feel guilty straight away as you wheel into the empty kitchen, you get the stuff from the fridge that you need and then get a sharp knife for the tomatoes, you pull your tray down to your chair and start to move things around, giving you room to cut, the knife slides down the gap between the tray and you belly, landing on the top of your legs, you gasp as it falls until you realise you can’t even feel it, if it wasn’t for seeing it fall you wouldn’t have known it was there, if it had stabbed you, you wouldn’t have even known.

You pick up the knife, staring at it for a moment before you put the tray back on the counter only holding the knife in your hand, you slide your figure over the blade watching as it pierces you skin a little and you hiss at the sting, you twirl the knife in your hand so the tip is lightly pressed on your thigh. You could just do it, push it in, would you feel it? The metal going into your leg? The blood pumping out? Would you feel it? You twirl the knife, the tip doing turning into your jeans but not with a force.

‘WHAT THE HELL’ you look up to see Michael, his eyes wide as he rushed over snatching the knife from you, you shake your head, ‘I wasn’t gon…’ but he doesn’t listen throwing the knife into the sink ‘YES YOU WERE’ he yells before rushing out, he looks scared, worried, confused and you hear him talking, imagining him tell the others.

‘Are you stupid?’ Ashton scolds as he calmly walks in closing the door behind himself, he moves dragging a chair in front of you and sitting down. ‘You’re alive’ he reminds you.

‘Like I need reminding Ashton, like I need you to tell me that I’m living a fucking nightmare’ you hiss, his eyes gleam with fresh tears. ‘You gotta have hope’ he sigh, but you hear it, he doesn’t even believe what he is saying.

‘Hope’ you scoff, ‘I’ve had hope and it got me to the help of the fucking path Ashton’ you snap, ‘I reached the help and they cheered and my legs were behind me’ you continue. ‘Hopes giving me nothing Ashton’.

‘THESE’ you yell hitting your legs over and over, ‘THEY DO NOTHING, THEY ARE USELESS’ you scream feeling the tears rising yourself. ‘I can’t walk, I can’t bend them, I can’t sit straight without this, I can’t do anything Ash’ you sigh, ‘AND you…your guys won’t let me make a fucking sandwich, I can’t even bath without having one of my best friend guarding the door’.

‘It’s useless Ash, like these legs, like hope, it’s all fucking useless, so yeah, I wanted you ram that stupid fucking knife into them, but would it have mattered, I wouldn’t have felt it, BECAUSE THEY DON’T WORK’ the tears are streaming down your face now as you keep hitting them over and over, Ashton frozen in his seat with his own tears running down his cheeks.

‘UI don’t want to be here’ you sigh dropping your hands and closing your eyes as your head drops, ‘I don’t want to fight anymore’ you whisper.

‘Don’t’ he whispers his voice groggy from the crying. ‘I wish it had crushed me Ash, I wish I wasn’t here, I wish it fucking crushed me’ you cry harder, ‘I can’t be brave anymore’ his hand comes to your shoulder, before moving under your armpits, he pulls you up, out of the chair and wraps his arms tightly around your waist holding you up against his chest.

‘Then don’t be’ he whispers into your ear as you drop your head into his shoulder, ‘I will be brave for us both, because  you are gonna get through this, I will make sure.’ He whispers, you crying silently into his shoulder, after about five minutes of holding up your dead weight he sits back on his seat but with you on his knee your head still in his shoulder as you continue to cry. You feel the other boys join, silently wrapping themselves around you, giving you their support. You could do this, with them.

From Chelsea