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I'm having trouble coming up with a title for my one shot! Any recommendations or suggestions (from you or any followers) of how to start choosing titles???

For my creative writing course, I usually turn to Shakespeare quotes haha or take a specific line from my story and use it as the title! Song lyrics are also useful as well!

Authors, what do you do? Reply and let me know!

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;___; You guys are my fave rp blogs. You took something awesome and made it the AWESOMEST THING EVER. No matter what happens from now, thank you for this experience, it's totally amazing to watch everything unfold before our eyes in this way. Keep up the great work and always remember to have fun! <3

OP: Don’t cry, anon! We love you too! ❤ Thank you so much for the compliments; we’re doing our best to have fun but SOME PEOPLE (I’m looking at some very specific anons here) have been trying to make it difficult.

Also there’s this AND I QUOTE:

promptodiary mod: there is NOTHING FUN about waking up at 5am to write a post because i didn’t do it the night before, let me tell you.


(the rest is kinda cool though don’t make me out to be a bitch)

(you’re gonna keep that bitch part in there aren’t you)

(i’m going to mail you a box of spiders)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ as you see we are very responsible and we all adore each other

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Building on the slogan of your blog, do you have a working definition or set of guidelines for identifying good universal storytelling?

Yes, and I have a short list in mind, but @sejinpk already asked me the same question forever and a year ago, so I’m going to post my answer in my response to their ask in the near future. I actually want to turn it into a regular feature on this blog: holding up a single panel of a manga or short clip from an anime and talking about the specific “good vs. bad” storytelling criteria involved. 

I’m actually planning on posting an editorial about fight scenes in anime by Ninouh today that does something similar that I’d like to use for fight scene clips I post in the future. In his editorial he proposes that there are three pillars that are necessary to hold up a good fight sequence (with subjective taste in anime making up for the rest.) The pillars are geography, motion, and psychology. I think he’s dead on and was speaking more concisely to what I was trying to say when discussing this Ghost in the Shell clip that only got 7 notes. I wouldn’t bother with it myself if it weren’t for the fact that this Ghost in the Shell clip is sitting pretty at 359. I’m willing to bet FIVE nickels that the difference has to do with Ninouh’s Pillars. 

That’s all I’m going to say for now, no matter how many times you try to drill me for answers.   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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i had two shots of vodka to forget about luke and her but i still feel like shit :/

babycakes :( the only way i know how to cheer someone up is to

a) tell you the quote my mom always says when i’m upset, “this too shall pass” (i’m getting it tattooed soon) because truly, everything is temporary.

b) rec some really good fluffy writing! kacieblogs has a great domestic series, shutuplashton’s writing always makes me feel schmoopy and happy, and lukes2k16‘s dating series [here, here, and & here] is really awesome, & anything by hemmoful is really good as well as [this] whole list here of writers!!!!

c) listen to break-up playlists because that’s what i’m doing. (specifically from my playlist called “fuck boys”: “you belong with me” - taylor swift, “misery business” - paramore, “ignorance” - paramore, “how to be a heartbreaker” - marina & the diamonds, “gives you hell” - the all american rejects, “really don’t care (feat. cher lloyd)” - demi lovato, “miss moving’ on” - fifth harmony, “potential break up song” - aly & aj, “blow me (one last kiss)” - p!nk, “just one yesterday” - fall out boy (it really pumps me up), “i love it (feat. charlie xcx)” - icona pop, “roar” - katy perry, “goodbye” - kristina debarge, “changing of the seasons” - two door cinema club, “all you had to do was stay” - taylor swift, “i knew you were trouble” - taylor swift, “better than revenge” - taylor swift, “picture to burn” - taylor swift, “independence day” - five seconds of summer, “don’t” - ed sheeran)

d) remember he’s just a boy that probably forgets to put deodorant on 2/7 days of the week and wears the same pair of pants for four days in a row. (not tryna drag him here, just saying that guys sometimes just aren’t worth the heartache unfortunately :/)

hope you feel better soon!!!!!

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PLEASE bother us with your Star Trek AU.

I’m gonna try not to ramble but historically that has almost never worked out, so we’ll see how this goes

OKAY so first off some quick character placements/descriptions (pls assume TOS uniforms bc I love the classics)  ((also I’m limiting myself to just the usual GoM kids bc I literally cannot shut up pls forgive me.  I can talk more abt others if anyone is curious??  but you’re gonna have to ask.))

  • Kuroko works in engineering (he’s a redshirt, good luck, kiddo), specifically he’s a systems engineer; he works with the tractor beams and transporters.  he might not have a very flashy job, but he’s damn good at it and he does his best to keep the ship running smoothly.  (you know how there’s always that one episode/plot point centered around transporters doing something that should be impossible?  he’d be the one who becomes a hero for making it work out somehow.)
  • Kagami is in security (so, also a redshirt).  He’s one of the regular members of a rotating security team that accompanies the bridge crew on away missions because he’s very large and strong and good at subduing threats without causing too much unnecessary harm.  also, as a bonus, he speaks Klingon (a leftover from spending part of his childhood on a colony planet in Klingon space) and can be relied upon to communicate to Klingons without causing major offense which is a rare and valuable trait and in Starfleet in this tentative TOS setting I’m kinda tossing around.
  • Midorima, like I mentioned earlier, is absolutely a medical officer, which means he’s wearing blue.  he did some pretty intense exchange programs to Vulcan when he was finishing his medical degree(s?) (which I imagine is way more hardcore when you’re trying to be a space doctor and you have to be able to treat space disease and aliens with weird biology) so he speaks excellent Vulcan and he has a top-notch poker face (at least, for a human).
  • Kise is a hotshot pilot who gets to wear command gold and he’s shadowing the current (primary) helmsman.  usually he pilots smaller transport shuttles and whatnot, but technically he’s got the training and he’s being mentored to one day be a proper helmsman and be allowed to sit on the bridge all the time.  (look: I really want Kise to be that cocky scifi character who’s like “I can fly anything.”  you know.  that kind of character.  that’s what I want.  except at the same time he’s also Kise.)
  • Aomine is in the same security team as Kagami, but they’re hardly ever assigned to the same shifts bc it is generally considered a bad thing when your security team tries to fight each other.  Aomine is typically sent as a bodyguard in tense situations (smh Starfleet why do you have to defuse intergalactic feuds and shit) and also he’s sent along with the away team in cases when they’re on planets that there is very little or no available data on bc he’s very versatile and preforms really well in challenging situations (read: doesn’t get anyone killed by accident when things get fucking weird bc they decided to wander around blindly on an unknown planet).  he and Kuroko were actually roommates during their freshman year at Starfleet Academy so they’ve known each other for a while.
  • Momoi wears operations red and she’s one of the yeomen assigned to the bridge crew.  mostly she assists the communications officer, but occasionally she’s worked directly for the captain bc her skill set is incredibly useful.  generally she’s asked to find and analyze data on the different groups that the ship encounters (like in situations where they encounter conflict and are asked to mediate a solution that would be deemed acceptable to the cultures of the affected parties) and help keep track of and coordinate the resources available to the ship.  ((I’m not explaining this well.  trust me, she’s super cool and they rely on her a lot.))  (((she’ll be a good candidate for first officer one day.)))
  • Murasakibara works in engineering (everyone wears red I’m sorry it’s turning out like this) and he is really irritatingly talented at his actual job but he spends like half of his time slacking off and trying to program the replicators to make novelty deserts.  when he can be convinced to do his goddamn job, he’s a warp field engineer, which basically means he has to understand how warp fields work and how the ship’s warp drive works so the ship can get from place to place quickly (which is kind of a necessity in space).
  • Akashi, of course, is an executive officer and he’s wearing command gold.  he’s not a captain right out of the Academy, but you can bet your ass he’s got his eye on that captain’s chair and he’s going to get his own ship eventually.  he’s the chief tactical officer (very young for the job, but as you’d expect he’s doing it well) which means he has a position on the bridge near the helmsman and control over the shields, weapons, and security (and sometimes long-range sensors and communications).  he absolutely plans to take the Starfleet bridge officer examination as soon as he can so he’ll have official authorization to take command of the ship even though he’s not the captain or first/second/third officer.

I have so much to say about this AU but I’d better cut this off bc it’s getting long, so just hmu if you have questions or you want to know more about these guys or specific other characters or w/e and I’d be really excited to share!!