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As a writer yourself and a lover of Anne Rice, what are your thoughts on Anne Rice's attitude and actions towards fandom and fanfic writers?

They’re appalling. There’s no other way to describe them.

I deeply adore a lot of her writing, especially the first three of the Vampire Chronicles and The Witching Hour. I am impressed with how completely herself she is. But that doesn’t blind me to the fact that the way she has treated fandom and fanfic is awful. Every time I see a post from folks new to AR fandom that talks about “But why isn’t there more fic?!”, I just shake my head. SHE SUED PEOPLE. She harassed (and had her fans harass) people who wrote fic. She lost her damn mind over negative reviews on Amazon. She’s flawed. She’s written things I love, things that are permanently embedded in my brain, but she’s flawed. (And that’s putting it mildly.)

Speaking as a writer: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH FANFIC. FANFIC DOES NOT CHANGE THE ORIGINAL MEDIA. Should authors read fic based on their works? Oh fuck no. Never, ever, ever. But should fic exist? FUCK YES. 

Be our fan! Be our fan! Watch the episode again!


Ma chere Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride

and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.

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chair as the dining room proudly presents -

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Put our plotpoints to the test

Hold your handkerchief to cheek, cherie

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Lumiere and Chorus:

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Souls and curses “en flambe”


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You’re alone

And you’re scared

But the story arch’s prepared

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I reached a bit of a follower milestone recently, and I wanted to do something fun for you all because I’ve been getting so many messages asking for a cosplay for the past six months and I never really do anything XD You’ve all been making my Tumblr experience so much fun and I really appreciate you all, this is a great fandom (it’s also my only fandom but still!!)

I wanted to do a little thing, so here’s a smiley retro-ish Armand reading a Hulk comic.

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So, what did Anne Rice actually did, that you all hate her? I don't want to miss the drama!

Off the top of my head:

1) Forbade fanfiction/fanart - destroying the fandom

2) Publicly insulted people (and sulked over) bad reviews

3) Ruined a woman’s career for disliking her books

Link to Book Rice Got Cancelled 

Link to Anne Rice Throwing Hissy Fit

Link to Her Banning Fanfiction

* * * 

Long Rant:

Anne Rice is her own worst enemy.

If you look at say “Voltron”, as a random example, you’ll hear about notorious incidents and a lot of drama and some events that even made it to press, but - guess what - it gets it publicity and keeps it relevant. If I type in “Voltron” right now, I can go through pages and pages and pages of content, until I’d have to choose to stop, as I’d be there for hours upon hours.

Anne Rice refuses to have an editor (so the quality drastically declined, which is why I always say there’s only a trilogy of “The Vampire Chronicles”), and she also refuses to let the fandom exist … if you can’t exchange fan theories, or fanfiction, or fanart -? You’ll probably end up forgetting about the series. I can literally go through tags like “Lestat” or “Anne Rice” in less than twenty minutes per tag, as so little is said or known about them in this modern climate.

It’s probably why she’s needed to sell out and make a film.

Anne Rice has a huge core base of fans, but times move on … hardcore fans may buy new books, because of the cult-like status, but if you talk to someone under twenty then how likely are they to even know who ‘Lestat’ is or that ‘Louis’ isn’t just a French chef from a Disney film or a One Direction member? How many of us pick up the new books or even notice when they get released? How many good reviews does she get as of late by critics?

This new film will bring a whole new base of viewers, which will also bring a whole new base of readers, and this naive woman thinks she can still control those people and keep her works “hers” … it won’t happen. A work stops being “yours” the minute you put it in the public domain. 

Oh, and this generation -? I barely recognise it.

They won’t be afraid like we are … they’ll post works to AO3, which has a legal team to back them up, and others will follow suit, then people like me will join in because we’ll finally feel the numbers are too large for her to hit, and then others will follow … they’ll be fanart sites, fanfiction sites, and Tumblr will be flooded with “are Louis/Lestate an item?” and “is Gabrielle a bitch or a hero?” and “which books do you consider canon?” 

You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. The second this movie gets made, and a whole new generation grabs a hold of it, it will no longer be her work and she won’t be able to do jack-shit about it … changes in laws, like “fair use”, and changes in how social media operates, and a press very much against censorship with recent political changes, too … 

She’s her own worst enemy. 

She’s making her own worst fears come true.

So Anne Rice is currently developing a Vampire Chronicles series and my inner sixteen year old self is squeeing all over the place because those books were a huge part of my teenaged-early twenties life experience. It was basically my introduction to slash and probably just about my first experience with fandom. But as someone who was part of that culture in the late 90’s, I remember firsthand how Anne Rice used to treat fans who just wanted to play in her sandbox. Now, internet culture and fandom in general has exploded since then, and creators by and large have come to embrace those communities, which is amazing! So my question is has Anne Rice’s stance on fan works evolved at all over the last twenty years…? Because in this day and age, launching a high concept drama series about sexy vampires, unless it is a complete dumpster fire of a show, is GOING to engender a fan following. There will be headcanons and shit pairings and meta. There will be art. There will be fanfic. And I cannot imagine anyone running a successful campaign to stamp all that out, not anymore. I would love to see Ms Rice embrace her fans and redeem herself for her past reign of terror, because shit, I still love her characters and I WANT to forgive the person who contributed something that was so significant to me. The last thing I want to see, and I guess my biggest fear in connection to this, is for her to take an oppositional stance against the fans and start a PR war. Fan works are about love, not theft, and I wish every creator could see and appreciate that sentiment. Fans don’t generate their own content to disrespect you - they only want to celebrate something they love, something you put out in the world. Isn’t that something to be proud of?

Anne Rice’s belief on how fandom should operate is just the opening scene to King Lear.


—Tell me, my daughters,
(Since now we will divest us both of rule,
Interest of territory, cares of state)
Which of you shall we say doth love us most
That we our largest bounty may extend 
Where nature doth with merit challenge? *

[*translation, for those who’ve not seen the play: ALRIGHT, WHO CAN KISS MY ASS THE MOST FOR THEIR SHARE OF THE INHERITANCE]

It is such a weird experience whenever I stumble across a post about fandom that clearly has absolutely no conception of what fandom was like before the last ~20 years.

I just saw one that said George Lucas “apparently threatened to sue” people writing gay Star Wars fanzines, and I’m just. Honey, no. There was no threatened about it.

I suspect being part of the early 2000s era Vampire Chronicles fandom is part of what makes me so particularly bitter about EL James. I mean, as if it isn’t enough that the 50 Shades books sold a dangerous and thoroughly unresearched version of BDSM as a subculture to the public consciousness and started a truly atrocious conversation about whether women “really” want to be dominated when the relationship in the books is less dangerous escapism and more “straight checks off an alarming number of signs on the abusive partner checklist.” 

But it’s also fanfiction profiting off an existing property (and look, people have written fanfiction and then turned that into compelling original stories - but that takes a lot of work, basically involving taking the core nugget of the thing you did and then utterly reworking it; 50 Shades, meanwhile, bears about 90% fidelity to the original “Master of the Universe” Twilight AU fic with little more than the names changed). James has made millions by relaxing in a legal grey zone.

And guess what. That’s the exact excuse Anne Rice used for sending her lawyers to harass people, to shut down websites and threaten individuals who were very vocal about not profiting from their fandom contributions with lawsuits. She was “protecting her intellectual property from theft.” For that, an entire community suffered terror of the thought of doing something that had been an established way of interacting with media since at least the 1960s and arguably before; sending, likewise, a wave through the way fandoms as a whole conducted themselves for almost a decade afterward. 

Just as we started to crawl out of the shadow of that, along comes EL fucking James, one of the most successful authors of the 21st century, who became so by becoming essentially the fandom boogeyman. Who now stands there, successful, as a singular figure at which old guard authors can point and say “look, we had to do it; look what might have happened.” 

And for that, more than anything else, fuck her. 

anonymous asked:

Advice for VC fandom newbies?

advice? ADVICE? Um, wowww… so I usually have strong opinions on ALOT of things, especially VC-related, but this sort of knocked me speechless. For about a minute. Then I wanted to write a thesis on the subject but managed to keep it to this much.

I would suggest that:

  • If you want to RP as one of the characters, or an OC, you really have to read at least the first 3 books. And lots of fanfiction ;)
  • We have awesome fanfiction and AO3 aims to protect it.
  • Did I mention the fanfiction? It fills in the gaps that canon leaves. And it’s also just delishus.
  • The RPers on here are SO fun to follow. Try finding some in the vcdirectory
  • With the canon: you should have an open mind to Crazy Shit Happening

  • DUE to the Crazy Shit that Happens later in the series, you are not required to consider it all canon ;) Alot of people don’t consider books 5-10 to be canon. Or 4-10. Or wherever they want to draw the line. That is FINE.
  • Brace yourself, because Prince Lestat is coming. No, not like that, you filthy thing! ARRIVING. 10/28/14. And, depending on its crackiness, there is going to be a divide between people who consider it to be canon and people who do not, and that is FINE. 
  • There’s a divide between People of the Page and People Off the Page, described here.
  • In general the People Off the Page are a low-drama fandom, but we do have our spats, even the illustrious human behind i-want-my-iwtv has experienced a few direct situations, and that’s just life, bc people are people, after all. I’ve accepted my share of the fault in these situations and learned from the experiences. I’m not perfect, nobody is :-\

The bottom line is that it’s a fandom that only in the past year or so has really come back to life, we were in hiding bc Anne Rice disapproved of fanfic and waged war on us in the 90’s for it. Now that she seems to have lowered her weapons about that, and even praised some VC fanart - permanentglitter for example! - and with the announcement in March of the new book, well, we’re all coming out into the light and making friends and it’s been wonderful!  

I hope you see this, Anon, because we all know there’s a human behind that gray face, too, and I want to personally welcome you and anyone who’s just joining us now… we are a different kind of vampire fandom, that’s for sure.