an angry uterus

I’m sorry but why are girls on their periods expected to keep quiet so we don’t gross males out and go about our days pretending nothing is happening? 

Because you can’t  even try to tell me that if once a month dudes experienced the pain of their testicles wringing out blood and chunks that got expelled out of their dicks they would just carry on with their day to day lives because you KNOW they would be shouting about their pain from the roof tops, expect to be waited on hand and foot, and somehow use it as proof that men are superior to women. 

Whenever I don’t sacrifice sperm to my uterus, it seems to get really mad at me for neglecting my fertility rites and retaliates with blood and pain after approximately 28 days, which is ironic because that’s what ends up happening approximately nine months later if I do perform the ritual sacrifice anyway. WILL YOU EVER BE CONTENT? I WANT NO PART OF THIS WEIRD RITUAL. CALM THE FUCK DOWN, UTERUS.

Actual conversation with my family.

Step dad: *sees me doubled over in pain* Awe, what’s wrong?
Mom: She has cramps.
Me: It feels like Satan is stabbing me in the uterus.
*family laughs*
Me: You think this is funny? I’m serious! Let me stab you in the lower abdominal and genital area and see how you feel.. You inconsiderate assholes.

  • pms: u want cookies
  • me: we dont have any cookies
  • pms: lets cry
  • ....
  • pms: oh listen its your favorite band
  • pms: oh then lets cry
  • .....
  • pms: that boy looked at you
  • me: wtf does he want go to hell
  • pms: lets be ridiculously angry and then cry later at home
  • .....
  • pms: see that couple
  • me: they look pretty happy
  • pms: lets feel lonely and cry for like an hour
  • ......
  • pms: they just said something nice to you
  • me: yes i love people theyre great i love them all
  • pms: u should still be crying

god i’m having an off weekend i don’t even know.  it’s p cold and i just… can’t… draw. everything is ugly ugh ugh ugh

so i watched kingsman: the secret service twice and then doodled this dumb egg bc why not maybe it’ll help me both figure out how art works again and also give me back the motivation that my hormones completely destroyed

i’m too unmotivated to do uniformly clean lineart and attempt shades so whatever have it in all the sketchy glory i don’t care anymore

ps: JB is the best part of the movie look at that happy pug