an angry mob with pitchforks

Let’s not jump to conclusions

We all know SKAM loves to play with our emotions. Before we all start the pitchforks and the angry mobs for Sana sinisterly looking down at a password, let’s see how it plays out.

 Do ya’ll honestly think Sana would turn her back on Noora, just after Noora dropped out of the bus purely because Sana’s not doing it?

 I suspect that it’s more along the lines of fucking with Sara. After all, the main focus of this clip has been the shitty things Sara has been saying behind people’s backs. 

Also, has anyone thought that maybe Sana is crying partially because all her friends are being played by someone else? We all know Sana cares deeply about her friends. 

Yes, it is painful when your crush is playing with your emotions, but there is something to be said about friend-to-friend empathy. 

At the end of the day, I just want to see Sara get outed as the backstabbing racist person she is, and see Sana happy and surrounded by her friends again. 

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Holy Super AIDS PSAs!

HIV/AIDS Public Service Announcements by DC Comics, 1990s

Awkward ‘teaching moments’ with Changling, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and Robin, to the strange pitchfork-and-torchless angry mobs that the Green Lantern[s] encounter, DC Comics tries to broach the subject of HIV and AIDS through the vagaries of ‘Get Some Facts’ without providing much substance that may offend the ‘rents… Flash offers the least cringe-worthy PSA, with a nice ‘gross’-face useful at parties, or tumblr threads…

Be Careful… But Be Informed… Get Some Facts!

The Hunt - Part 1 (Mercy76)

The last of my three Mercy76 Halloween-inspired fics. This one is about white witch Mercy and how’s she’s being hunted for being a witch. Just when she thinks she’s about to die, a man comes to her rescue. And, together, they run for safety.

Part 1 - Running

No matter how fast feet flew against the browning grass, she just couldn’t get far enough ahead to catch her breath. Her footing was getting sloppy and her breath heavy and ragged. It didn’t matter what she did, she just couldn’t escape. She couldn’t find peace. Find sanctuary.

Panic consumed every inch of her and fear was ever prevalent in her serene blue eyes. Salem was yet another dead end only, this time, she wasn’t sure she’d make it out alive.

For the past hundred years, a woman by the name of Mercy had migrated across the land. Or rather, the Atlantic Ocean. She fled from Europe to escape prosecution (living for two hundred years wasn’t considered normal so she couldn’t stay in Europe much longer without being found out). She heard rumors of a magical  little town in a place called Salem, Massachusetts. It was a part of the New World. A new world meant new faces and a chance to start over. It sounded like a dream come true.

For years, she would aid the sick and injured. She’d invite them into her quaint home and tend to their ailments. By day, Mercy would appear to be a simple, kind nurse. But by night? Well, that’s when Mercy’s true colors showed. It was in the middle of the night, when said individual was asleep, that the real treatment would begin. With the flick of her wand and the light chanting of ancient prayers, the potion would brew. Once perfected, Mercy would slip the concoction into the morning stew and the ill patient would recover with uncanny speed. In days, they would leave with full-health and a sparkle in their eyes.

Or at least that’s how it was for the past five or so years…

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Imagine Charles Xavier finding you and knowing about your power that you’ve been trying to keep secret your whole life -Requested by anon

Being a mutant wasn’t all fun and games. Sure, you had incredible power that most people could only dream of. But it’s not like you could just wield your power around in public. In fact, you couldn’t at all. Mutants were seen as freaks of nature, and you really didn’t want to be driven out of town by an angry mob with torches and pitchforks. So you lead your life as low-key quietly as you could. But you weren’t cut out for a normal life, and you knew it. The man in the wheelchair knew it, too.

You met him when your doorbell rang one Saturday afternoon. You were expecting the UPS guy, but was surprised when you opened the door to reveal two guys standing idly by. Well, one of them was standing. One man was sat in a wheelchair. Behind him was the other guy with neatly combed hair and glasses.

You glanced nervously around. “Uh… can I help you two?”

The man in the wheelchair smiled. “Yes, actually, I believe you can. My name is Charles Xavier, and this is my associate, Hank McCoy. It’s a pleasure to meet you, (y/n).”

The guy behind him nodded politely, but that didn’t make you feel any less comfortable. “Wait a second, how do you know my name?” You inched behind the door uncertainly.

“If you think we’re here for malevolent reasons, rest assured we’re not,” Charles said. “We’re more alike than you think. I know who you are because I’m a telepath.”

“A… what?” You laughed nervously.

Charles’ eyes twinkled. “A telepath. A mind-reader. A mutant. Whichever you prefer.”

“Wait a second, you’re a… a mutant?” You opened the door a little wider.

“As a matter of fact, both of us are.” He gestured to Hank behind him. “And we happen to know that you’re one, too.”

You stepped outside, thoroughly interested now. “Why are you here?”

Charles smiled, like he knew something you didn’t. “We’ve come to represent my school- Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters- a place for mutants like you. Would you mind if we came inside? We’ve got a lot of talking to do.”

Maid To Serve

TITLE: Maid to Serve

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty Six

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have been sold to a slave trader to pay a debt. One day you are bought and given to Loki as a gift. He ignores you at first, but he slowly begins to notice your attention to small details in your daily tasks and your funny little quirks. He tries everything he can to seduce you, and the more you resist the more intrigued he is.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES : I await the torches and pitchforks of the angry mob. 

You grinned wicked as Loki stared in disbelief. “How?” He demanded.

You just shrugged, “beginners’ luck I suppose.”

“What suppose, there is no suppose about it, you’re cheating.” He retorted in an infantile manner.

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WITCH! prompt

descendantsimagines malvie-trash I’ll never forgive myself for writing this. I’m so heartbroken

What am I doing with my life I was looking at old documents about the salem witch trials and articles about what happens to a burning body first thing in the morning all for the sake of two gays from a disney channel movie


The mob outside is angry, yielding torches of fire and sharpened pitchforks. They’re out for blood. In this case, blood belonging to Evie.

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“See, this way you can say what you want without actually telling them to their face!”

“How is flattened plant matter going to help?”

Jasper and Peridot were sitting in the barn surrounded by paper, markers, and various art supplies plundered from the various boxes around the building and Steven’s backpack.

“It’s an apology card Jasper. You want to apologize to Greg for mistaking Steven for Rose Quartz, headbutting him, trying to haul him off to Yellow Diamond, and eating multiple sentient watermelon replicas of him. Golly, it’s a wonder he hasn’t gotten an angry mob to chase you out of town with torches and pitchforks.”

“What’s a pitchfork?”

“Never mind, but this card will help make everything better. I made one for Lazuli and it really worked!”

Lapis’ voice echoed down from the rafters.

“No it didn’t!”

“I’m lying to make Jasper feel better!”

Jasper grunted.

“This is stupid. I’m a Jasper we take things head on!”

“I don’t think doing that will help. Humans are soft and fragile.”

“I mean I’m going to go and talk to him.”

As the quartz got up to leave the voice from the rafters returned.

“And if that doesn’t work you can just punch him! You’re good at that!”

After a long walk Jasper finally arrived at the carwash, only to find Greg sitting by the van tinkering with what appeared to be a hose.

“Huh, I could have sworn I just replaced that valve…Oh hi Jasper.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Eh, I’ve been holding off on replacing this thing for a while.”

“Not that. It’s about Steven, he’s important to you and I wanted to apologize for, well…”

“Trying to take him away in your ship? Wouldn’t be the first time, Pearl tried the same thing awhile back.

“Why are you so calm about this?!”

“Because I can tell you’re being sincere. Besides, if every porkchop were perfect we wouldn’t have hot dogs.”

“What’s a porkchop?”

“Oh, right I…well we all make mistakes, but you admitted that you made one and tried to make up for it and that’s what’s important. Apology accepted.”

“So I didn’t need to make you a card?”

“I kind of ran out of room for cards. Peridot gave me a dozen of them to make up for pushing me off the barn’s roof.”

“Did they work?”


Can we just not be so quick to grab our pitchforks?

Why can’t our first response to something that seems offensive, wrong, horrifying or something along those lines be to ASK QUESTIONS, get some clarification, take a moment to investigate?  Why are we in such a rush to grab our pitchforks and form or join an angry mob?

One of the main reasons that I chose to leave the field of teaching is that our current school system seems hell-bent on teaching to the test, and my firm belief is that if you teach students how to think–how to ask questions, look for facts, don’t take things at face value–they will be prepared for any test.  Stop teaching kids not to look beyond the page in front of them.  That’s never more dangerous than in this time of social media.  We live in a time when the internet allows us to learn so much about so much…but it also lets us blindly grab our pitchforks and form an angry mob based on some viral statement or rant from an uninformed, average individual blindly quoting something out of context or forwarding some inflammatory statement/video/tweet, etc.  Too often, we don’t stop and ask ourselves the necessary questions first.  We don’t take a moment and think, “Fuck, that is really terrible.  I wonder if that’s true. I wonder what research supports that.  I wonder what context that statement was made in.”

My best and most valuable class (I was a social work major) in college required one major assignment.  You had to pass the assignment to pass the class and you couldn’t graduate without that class.  The assignment?  Investigate ourselves.  What are our prejudices?  What group(s) could we not work with effectively?  Why not?  How could we work with an individual from one of those identified groups if we were faced with them in our future social work careers?  There was no option to say, “Oh, but professor, I don’t have any prejudices!”  Throughout the whole class, we had to learn the intricacies of discussion.  Discussion facilitates understanding, but you have to be willing to listen to have a discussion.  You have to be willing to ask questions and actually think about the responses.  How can we separate one trait or one decision from the whole person?  How can we accept the fact that sometimes we simply have NO IDEA what is right or wrong in some situations and sometimes there ISN’T a right or a wrong and simply a decision that felt right at the time.  And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, we had to understand that you can very well be personally against something but ALSO believe in the overall human right of others to live, practice, believe in their own way–even if you don’t agree/understand/support it.  Those are not mutually exclusive beliefs. 

I wish everyone had to take that class.  I wish everyone would take a moment to think through things, ask questions, take a minute to look up something that they find disturbing before slamming the reblog/reply/forward button.

A young girl’s tale||Medieval AU||

A young woman and her partner were led in a small cottage, the pair were cuddled up against one another and the male rested his head on his wife’s stomach, “So how’s my little guy doing?” The woman chuckled, “Daniel….it’s a little girl.” She ruffled her husband’s hair playfully. “Even better dear, she’ll be our little princess.” Charlotte smiled over at her husband as they sat happily, thinking about the many possibilities of their life with their future daughter. 

Months later the woman went into labour with the baby and just as she had said a beautiful, healthy baby girl was born. Charlotte cradled the baby in her arms and smiled happily over at her husband who had tears of joy trickling down his cheeks, “She looks just like you my dear Charlotte.” He kissed her forehead softly and they both smiled at their daughter. Sadly the moment would not continue to be happy. 

An angry mob of townsfolk with pitchforks came marching into the home, demanding and insisting that Charlotte was a witch. The couple were shocked and denied all charges which only angers the people more. The wife was dragged out of the cottage with her husband and brought to a fire. Daniel hid the child in a blanket and watched in agony as his wife was burned, he screamed and pleaded for them not to do it but he was easily ignored by the townsfolk. He was almost free to leave until the baby began to cry, a woman looked at the child and insisted that it also be burnt as it was spawn of the witch. 

Once again Daniel denied the charges and began to run with the child, he was brutally attacked by the townspeople and with his final moments he managed to reach an isolated manor where he safely placed Gwen on the doorstep and he died beside his child. He was now free to unite with his wife once more….

Hey Guys! I want you to know that this is me. I am a no-makeup, glasses-wearing, long-haired, casual-dressed (on the verge of being dressed worse then a hobo-no offense hobos), tanned, pimpled  weirdo. that is what i am okay with. I am not okay with people setting standards and and expectations on who they think i am, or who they think they can change me to be. THIS IS ME. i may hate it most of the time but that is what i was born with, and who i must live with. But that doesn’t give you any rights to label me or mold me. Its not your job. so let me be. okay. please and thank you. 

And now it appears to be that yet more drama is occurring because of NISA’s translation of DR - except, this time, it’s serious

For those of you who are unaware, in the Hangman’s Gambit portion of Trial 2, you have to come up with a word that explains something involving a member of the cast who’s just been outed as being a serial killer with DID. The word that NIS America used was “schizo”. Problem is, that word is a slur, and not only is it a slur, it’s not even the correct condition - The character in question has DID, not schizophrenia.

Overall this is reeeeeally shitty, but on the other hand it’s getting blown up to witch hunt levels. Oh, yes, let’s boycott the game for this one, single instance where the worst term possible is used, and either pirate the game or buy the Japanese copies, when that would actually be detrimental to our favorite series’s success in the West because pirating isn’t even SUPPORTING the series, and buying and importing from Japan doesn’t really solve things either. 

Also, it needs to be noted that the slur was only used in this one, single Hangman’s Gambit - every single other point in the game uses the correct terminology, that is, DID. Does it make it okay? Fuck no. But at least they’re not using the incorrect terminology ALL the time, which lessens the overall shittiness.

Finally, we have the dev team’s word on the issue, courtesy of the NISA forums (a goldmine of dev team input on translation choices):

    “For every instance but one, they refer to it as dissociative identity disorder. There’s one gameplay-related moment where we needed a keyword to represent this idea, but it couldn’t be more than a few letters long.

    ‘Schizo’ isn’t perfect, either in reflecting the disorder or in terms of sensitivity, but it only comes up once, players understand the association, and when you consider it’s high schoolers, it’s not a stretch to imagine they don’t always know the best way to phrase things.

    I’m not thrilled with it, but given the constraints we had, it was the best option for that spot. But in every other spot in the game, the proper terminology is used.”

The game devs are fully aware of how the word is not okay, were reluctant to use it and are as unhappy about it as we are, and probably will not do this type of thing again. The only reason they used it was because of gameplay constraints, and if they had the option they sure as hell wouldn’t have used it. Why didn’t they just use DID? Who the fuck knows. Maybe they thought "DID” was way too easy on any difficulty. I don’t know.

And as shitty as it sounds, when it comes to in-characterness they….. have a point. In an ideal world everyone would be tolerant and knowledgeable on SJ issues, but sadly this isn’t an ideal world, and most high schoolers aren’t as educated on SJ issues as the SJ sector on Tumblr is, and sure as hell aren’t thrown in situations where it’s kill-or-be-killed and confronted with a serial killer who has mental issues.

Does any of the above make it okay? Fucking hell no. But it’s not as bad as it could have been, and while I agree that we should make it clear that we do NOT support stuff like that, but we shouldn’t go to the lengths of boycotting the game over one, single instance to do it. The translators already made it clear that they’re not too happy about it either, and now they know better and will be avoiding it next time.

At most, I suggest we petition for an official patch to change this instead, rather than just go on a massive witch hunt and boycott everything in sight like you’re all prepared to do.  If that’s successful, then we should just exercise the ability to forgive for once. If there’s anything that the Tumblr SJ movement is doing wrong, it’s that it’s ridiculously black and white and too unforgiving (Don’t try to say otherwise - Macklemore may be a shitty ally, but going back five whole years to find homophobic tweets is a bit much considering how much a person can change in that period of time).

TL;DR This is really shitty and they shouldn’t have done it but the translators know they’re wrong and may be more willing to listen to a group of petitioners asking for a patch to fix it or something than an angry mob carrying torches and pitchforks ready to lynch them all for one, single instance they the dev team will probably never resort to again.

Edit: After some searching I’ve pieced together that the only reason the word was used, was, indeed, gameplay reasons. The words in the Hangman’s Gambit section can’t be too long, or they’d go over character limit, but on the other hand they can’t be too short either, or they’d be way too vague, or there wouldn’t be enough characters. They can’t use “Disassociative Identity Disorder” for obvious reasons, and they can’t use “Schizoprenia” for those same reasons. “DID” is short and inoffensive, but the problem is, it’s too short - when put out as blanks - “_ _ _ ” - it’s really vague, and it probably doesn'treach the minimum number of needed characters. However unfortunate it is, they had to use the term they used because that was the only one they could come up with that fit all the constraints.

It’s still really shitty, but not enough to form an angry mob over.