an angry blade


Huginn + Muninn

“O'er Mithgarth Hugin and Munin both
Each day set forth to fly;
For Hugin I fear lest he come not home,
But for Munin my care is more.”

Above excerpt from the Poetic Edda poem Grímnismál

Fast and light it swings
Like Huginn’s feathered wings.
Quick and brute the seax
Like Muninn’s angry beak.

15″ Blade (wrought iron, 1084, 15n20, 80crv2)
5/5” Handle (wrought iron, elk antler, teak)
20.5” Overall
1.2 Pounds
2.125” POB from the hilt


The Starks Know No Music But the Howling of Wolves
a house stark fanmix - (the winters are hard, but the stark’s will endure. we always have)


i. wolves // phosphorescent | ii. charlie boy // lumineers (robb) | iii. winter is coming // radical face | iv. faded from the winter // iron & wine (rickon) | v. wilderland // anais mitchell | vi. wolf // tailor (sansa) | vii. winter bones // stars | viii. an angry blade // iron & wine (arya) | ix. wolves // maggie rogers | x. black eyes // radical face (catelyn) | xi. winter // daughter | xii. skinwalkers // orion (bran) | xiii. finding north // the civil wars | ixv. dust bowl dance // mumford and sons (jon) | xv. cold as it gets // patty griffin | xvi. ghost’s that we knew // mumford and sons (eddard) | xvii. in the snow // the antlers |