an angry blade

So since no one else seems to be screaming about it, then let me be the first to flail that Lucifer is now HUMAN ENOUGH FOR THE ANGRY ASS BLADE TO AFFECT HIM.

And it’s terrible what that could lead to, but my baby is becoming human, finding his place amongst the semi-intelligent monkey, it’s so beautiful I cry.

boys with pretty faces and dagger-sharp smiles
↳...he had Neil Wesninski, with his truths and scars and eyes that promised to pull Andrew apart and find out how he worked. With his cautious hands and his welcoming mouth and the threat of his foot against Andrew’s throat, a fall at his back. (a switchblade is my preferred weapon side b) [l i s t e n]

i. beautiful crime - tamer  ii. fish - wye oak  iii. new ways - daughter iv. night time - the xx v. the walk - imogen heap vi. we only attack ourselves - funeral suits vii. feeling a moment - feeder  viii. mortal - fractures ix. give up - fka twigs x. you should know where i’m coming from - banks xi. pull me down - mikky ekko xii. blood flood - alt-j xiii. an angry blade - iron & wine xiv. wolves without teeth - of monsters and men xv. stay - thirty seconds to mars xvi. secret - greeley estates


Huginn + Muninn

“O'er Mithgarth Hugin and Munin both
Each day set forth to fly;
For Hugin I fear lest he come not home,
But for Munin my care is more.”

Above excerpt from the Poetic Edda poem Grímnismál

Fast and light it swings
Like Huginn’s feathered wings.
Quick and brute the seax
Like Muninn’s angry beak.

15″ Blade (wrought iron, 1084, 15n20, 80crv2)
5/5” Handle (wrought iron, elk antler, teak)
20.5” Overall
1.2 Pounds
2.125” POB from the hilt


The Basics:

Name | Ohki'to “Nil” Hin

Age | Twenty-four

Deity | All, but leans most upon Menphina.

One good trait | Stalwart.

One bad trait | Apathetic.


One bad habit | The desire to drown himself and his sorrows in liquor.

One good habit | Ensuring the well-being of those around him, if in a gruff manner.

One habit they can’t break | Imbibing more alcohol than he should.

One they’ve broken | Obsessively washing his hands any time anything mundane stained them or if time had wore on long enough. His clan had instilled that habit in him, and he would find himself rushing off to cleanse them in water whenever he could.

What they’re afraid of | Being abandoned by or harm coming to his loved ones, death, losing his mind, what the future entails, Brass Blades (an angry sort of fear)…


Their parent’s names | Ohki Hin and Yhen'to.

Their sibling’s names | Urha, Ohki'a, Ohki'li, Amh.

Other relations | A dozen or so others comprise the remainder of his small clan, though he has distanced himself from them more than he would like to admit. Aside from them, Yhua and her adopted mother and father are people who have embraced Nil like their own child.

✘ Favorite childhood memory | An instance of hand-fishing in which Nil caught his first considerably-sized fish that the clan was able to cook and consume later. He had gone with his siblings and cousins that day, and he could still remember standing upon the marsh shoreline with them as the sun was but a sliver of wane, orange light upon the horizon. He quite misses those days.

Favorite childhood toy | Not quite a toy, but a staff for conjury he wrought himself as an adolescent from driftwood. He still has it, though it is buried somewhere away in his bedroom now.

Embarrassing story | After coming to live with Yhua and her adoptive parents in Ul'dah, teenage Nil attempted to grow a faerie apple tree in Trinne’s greenhouse as a gift. Now, he is wonderful with plants, but terrible with controlling his conjuration. Long story short, the canopy burst through the glass roofing.

Favorite family member | His elder sister Urha, easily. Composed, resilient, and well-spoken; he could never be like her.

A story about that family member | Nil had left his clan for Ul'dah in a terribly unceremonious way. He simply stated his intention one night at a meal gathering, picked up his things, and walked off. Despite that, years later, Urha came for him in Thanalan, as patient as ever.

What they prefer:

Coffee or tea? Tea? Only when Yhua or Trinne brews it, he supposes. Otherwise, most hot teas he has tried have only been rather bland.

Showering in the day or night? Whenever he gets a chance. With his schedule, he cannot be picky.

Taking baths or taking showers? Baths, but he can never stay in them as long as he wants, usually.

Writing or reading? Ahahahah! He can barely do either, but Yhua is stubbornly trying to remedy this.

✘ TV or movies? Had Nil been in a time of either of these, perhaps he would enjoy nature documentaries.

✘ Platonic or romantic love? Ahh… Maybe another time.

✘ Iced tea or lemonade? Depends on how the first tastes, and Nil could never handle how sour lemons are.

Ice cream or smoothies? Smoothies.

Cupcakes or cake? Neither as he doesn’t care much for overly sweet things.

✘ Beach or mountains? Perhaps not the beach, but any of the shorelines of Rootslake. Time exists in a different way there… Mountains are ideal for hunting, so Nil is also fond of them.

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who run the world [listen];

I. words as weapons / birdy [if you use your words as a weapon, then as a weapon, i’ll shed no tears] II. this is war / ingrid michaelson [i won’t surrender, i will fight better] III. one girl revolution (battle mix) / superchic(k) [i am a voice yet waiting to be heard] IV. an angry blade / iron & wine [you’re an angry blade and you’re brave, but you’re all alone] V. nothing in between / meredith brooks [i’m a little bit of everything, all rolled into one] VI. watch me shine / joanna pacitti [so from my head to toe, i’m taking full control] VII. yellow flicker beat / lorde [i’m a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm] VIII. short skirt/long jacket / cake [she’s putting up her hair, she’s touring the facility, and picking up slack] IX. girl almighty / one direction [let’s have another toast to the girl almighty]

No Legacies, Just the Water
A SilverFlint fanmix

  1. An Angry Blade - Iron & Wine
  2. Thistle & Weeds - Mumford & Sons
  3. Ship to Wreck - Florence + The Machine
  4. The Sound of Winter - Bush
  5. Like a Stone - Audioslave
  6. Panic Switch - Silversun Pickups
  7. Tyrant - OneRepublic
  8. Black Water - Of Monsters and Men
  9. Demons - Imagine Dragons
  10. Hardest of Hearts - Florence + The Machine
  11. Swallowed in the Sea - Coldplay
  12. Washing of the Water - Peter Gabriel


“There are no legacies in this life. No monuments. No history. Just the water. It pays us, and then it claims us. Swallows us whole, as if we’ve never been there at all.”

sorrow - an Abelas fanmix for acrossthedas

come as you are - civil twilight | in the woods somewhere - hozier | exile vilify - the national | awake o sleeper - the brothers bright | hope in the air - laura marling | what the water gave me - florence and the machine | an angry blade - iron & wine | sorrow - the national | thanatos - soap&skin | patron saint hunter - timber timbre | i’ll drown - soley | buried in the water - dead man’s bones | pinesong - a fine frenzy


i.  sleeping at last  //  earth  ii.   blood   //   the middle east  iii.   nascence  //  journey ost   iv.   winter  //  daughter  v.   disintegration anxiety  //  explosions in the sky  vi.  hardest of hearts  //  florence  +  the machine   v.   composure  //  warpaint   vi.   to kill a king  //  saltillo   vii.   words  //  low   viii.   an angry blade  //  iron & wine