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The Moment of Truth

Summary: Dean finally tells Cas he loves him, and they are together for the first time.

Characters: Dean x Cas

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: Rated M; sexually explicit; mention of attempted rape

A/N: This is the first time I’ve written Dean and Cas in bed together. I really wanted to get it right.

It is part 2 to an earlier work called The Word is Love which is about Dean being kidnapped by angels who plan to rape him as a way of punishing Castiel for choosing Dean over heaven.

Cas followed Dean into his bedroom staying close behind him. He was still in protective mode. Dean sat down on the edge of his bed and hung his head looking at his hands in his lap. Cas observed him with a pain filled heart. He knew what had almost happened to Dean. He knew Dean was still shaken by it, and he knew Dean had been calling for him while it was happening.

Cas took off his tie and trench coat, placed them on a chair, and sat down next to Dean. He looked intently at the man who had shown him how to be human. “I’ll watch over you, Dean.” At the words, Dean tilted his head in Cas’ direction.

“Yeah.” Dean had always pretended he thought it was creepy when Cas watched him sleep. The truth was he liked it. “Yeah. Stay. I need you to stay and listen to me.” Dean was looking right into Cas’ deep blue eyes. He swallowed hard.

Dean averted his eyes from Cas’. He pulled his bottom lip into his mouth and released it slowly before he began to speak. “I’ve been in situations like that before, but I’ve never been tied up when it was happening.” Dean tilted his head to the side and paused; this was hard for him. Cas waited patiently for Dean to continue.

“I was always able to fight them off, but this time I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t stop it. I was calling out to you because I wanted to tell you ‘I’m sorry.’ I’m sorry I never let you in, never really let you get close. I didn’t want it to happen like that. I’ve never been that scared, Cas, and there’s been a lot of shit that should have scared the hell out of me.”

He looked at Cas now. “I didn’t want that guy to take something that I should have given to you a long time ago. Then you showed up ready to fight no matter the cost. I’ve watched you almost die and I just couldn’t. You told me you love me when you were dying from Michael’s spear, and I said nothing. Nothing. I knew you were talking to me, and I pretended I didn’t. I realized I could have lost the chance to tell you how I feel forever. That should have sunk in before now, but it didn’t.”

“I’m no good with love, Cas. I never have been. I’ve never even told Sam that I love him.”

Cas reached over and took one of Dean’s hands into his rubbing the back of it with his thumb. “Dean, you may not be good with the words, but you show your love all the time. It’s in your eyes, your smile, your actions. It’s in the way you get mad when you’re worried. It’s in the way you don’t think and just act when it involves someone you love.”

Dean gave Cas a lopsided smile. “Saying it makes it real, you know? I guess I always thought I could protect myself if I didn’t say it.”

“You have suffered far too much pain in your life, Dean.” Cas was still holding his hand. “You don’t have to protect yourself anymore. I’m still an angel. Your angel. I’ll protect you. I’ve protected you from heaven and hell before, and I’ll do it again.”

Dean felt butterflies in his stomach. It was time. “I love you, Cas.” Cas pulled Dean’s head to his so their lips were touching. That kiss was filled with everything that had never been said between them. When their mouths parted, Dean said in an unsure voice that was almost shaky. “Cas, when I said I want you to stay to listen to me, that wasn’t the only reason I want you to stay.”

“I understand, Dean. I understand more about you than you realize. I’m going to show you just how worthy of love you are.” Cas tugged on the bottom of his shirt pulling it out of his pants and started slowly unbuttoning it. He pushed it back off his shoulders. “Touch me, Dean.” Dean started with his shoulders. He was much broader than was evident by all the clothes that normally hid his form.

Dean’s hand moved across his shoulders and moved to his chest. His pectorals were firm. As Dean’s hand continued to explore, he discovered Cas’ abs were not rock hard, but they weren’t soft either. Cas’ body was perfect, and this was only part of it. Cas tilted his head before leaning in to kiss Dean again. “Relax, Dean.” Cas started peeling off the many layers Dean always wore, jacket, plaid, t-shirt. He laid Dean back on the bed.

Dean looked up at him, mouth slightly open, lips pink from Cas’ kisses. “Cas, I’ve never been with a man before.” Cas blazed a trail of kisses down his neck, over his shoulder, across his chest, and down his stomach.

“I’ll take care of you, Dean”

Dean looked at him with questions and trust in his eyes. “Cas, how do you know? How do you know what to do?” Cas started to unfasten Dean’s belt, and Dean let out a ragged little breath.

“For you. I know for you. I’ve researched the topic. I love you, Dean. Remember that.” Cas pulled Dean’s jeans down and off. That felt better, so much better. His growing erection had made them too tight. Cas started to stroke him to fuller hardness and Dean moaned. He was already leaking pre come. Cas kept stroking him until his shaft lay fully erect and rock hard against his stomach. Dean’s eyes were squeezed shut and his head was thrown back against the pillow. He cock was visibly throbbing with the need for more.

Cas stood and removed his pants then lay down on the bed next to Dean. He propped himself up on one elbow to look down into those green eyes that had mesmerized him long ago. He ran his hand through Dean’s short, soft hair. He felt Dean relax and moved his hand to brush his fingertips up and down Dean’s inner thighs. Dean’s legs started to part. “That’s right, Dean. Open yourself to me.”

Cas covered his hand in lube and gently pushed Dean’s legs farther apart. He rubbed his fingers across Dean’s opening. Dean’s hips raised up off the bed. Nothing had ever felt like that before. Cas continued to move his fingers back and forth getting Dean used to the sensation of being touched there. Then he carefully slipped one finger inside just to the first knuckle. This earned another moan from Dean.

After probing carefully for a few seconds, Cas pushed his finger the rest of the way inside. He pushed easily in and out. Dean’s hips were moving against his finger. “Cas, Cas, just do it. I want you. Just do it.”

“We’ve got to take it slow, Dean. If I don’t prepare you, it will hurt. I’m not going to hurt you.” Cas placed his other hand back on Dean’s cock to stroke it as he continued to prep him. Cas took his time and by the time he felt Dean was ready, Dean was writhing and begging to feel Cas inside him.

When Cas lined himself up with Dean’s entrance, he placed two fingers under Dean’s chin and turned his face to look at him. “I love you, Dean.” Dean’s angel was about to make love to him. Dean had been fucked enough in his life, and Cas was going to make sure that changed right now. He wanted Dean to climax with words of love on his tongue.

Cas’ words were the last thing Dean heard as he felt Cas push inside him. There was a pressure and a burn, but having Cas inside him felt so much better than that. Cas didn’t move at first and then slowly. The pressure and burn gave way to only pleasure, and Cas began to move faster. He reached up and threaded his fingers through Dean’s, holding his hand.

Dean’s stomach was wet with the pre come pouring out of him. Cas thrust harder; Dean gripped his hand. Cas’ thrusts went deeper. He was going to come, and he was going to bring Dean with him. He let go of Dean’s hand and placed it on his cock that lay against his stomach dripping and neglected. Dean took his now empty hand and grabbed a fistful of the pillow by his head.

Cas thrust and stroked in rhythm. Dean cried out as thick, white ropes of come streaked his stomach. “Cas, Cas! I love you.” Cas released himself inside Dean even as Dean was still calling his name. Cas lay down next to Dean taking him in his arms.

Dean’s breath was still coming in gasps. Cas kissed him until his breathing was even again saying “I love you too, Dean” against his lips. Dean was at peace. Every trauma he’d ever lived through, including the most recent one, was wiped from his mind. There was only Cas. Finally Cas.

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This is for Monday Motivation that @rosewater7 tagged me in. I know that it is Wednesday, but I have been extremely busy. I know, I know…

JK Rowling: This is something that I don’t talk about often, but my friends know. I used to have a terrible speech impediment to the point that I wouldn’t read or talk when I was in class. My school provided a speech therapist but I still didn’t like to read because the stutter translated in my head. When I was in 3rd grade, my librarian gave me Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This was the first book I ever read in its entirety and quickly became an avid reader. This woman is the woman that inspires me to continue my writing. I mean….I have two manuscripts in my apartment of books that I have written. She is truly amazing. She has openly spoken about her depression and how she battles it. She has talked about what it is like to have truly hit rock bottom. Where you are living from government funds just to make it through your daily life. You know what? She kept going. She kept writing and she is amazing for that! She doesn’t take crap from anyone. Her twitter account is proof. When she became rich, she didn’t move out of London, she stayed there to pay her taxes and she regularly donates to charities and sends money to people that are asking for help and its amazing! 

Maya Angelou: She is a phenomenal woman as well. Her words give me strength when I am down. If you don’t know her background story, I suggest you do some research. She was mute for the earlier half of her life because she was mute after suffering from sexual abuse until she was 7 years old. She educated herself by reading so much that she read her entire library. She over came that and spoke about loving yourself and knowing that you are a phenomenal woman. She is something that I will forever hold in my heart because she is so strong and amazing. She is inspirational and her words will forever be relevant. 

Gillian Anderson: I was watching her since the age of twelve in The X-Files. A show I wasn’t allowed to watch, but did it anyways. She is truly an outspoken feminist and I love her for that. She is constantly championing women. She doesn’t pit women against women and I love that about her! When I was in my true realm of bad mental health, I would stop and think about how Gillian has been through her own hell and back but she is still here, doing what she loves. The humanitarian side of her is amazing. She is constantly giving and giving and I can’t stop thinking about it. Like she gives so much already and yet she keeps doing more and more! She constantly helps me push myself to go that extra mile and to keep giving even when the world is cruel.