an angel without wings

Once upon a time, there was a girl with stars. And yes, we often talk about lovers who placed stars into our veins, but this girl? She was made from them. She didn’t need someone to put it inside of her, she had it. A smile so pure, you wanted to be her friend. If you met her once, you would’ve known, there are angels on this earth. Some without halos, some without wings– Icarus’s memoir. She was a reminder that even humans can get dipped in gold, she was a reminder that even humans could be like daylight. And then enters, some guy. A stranger, unbeknownst to him– they’d fall in love. It starts with a hello, how are you? Some days he still wonders if it’s real, some days her absence feels fake. Some days, the coffee just makes him bend. Some days, the moon just makes him cry, she loved midnight walks, especially if his arms meant home. Some stories don’t have a prequel or a sequel– in this love story, they only needed each other in that moment, forever and ever. There is no the end. In this poem. There is no ending. They live in the mouth of this wordsmith. They live in my inkwell. They live in my forever. Sickness doesn’t take her away and he never reads the letter that goes “It’s not your fault, and i’m sorry for not telling you how hard i was trying to stay alive for you.” In this world, they fall in love forever because once you’re inside of poetry, once you’re embedded into a writer’s mind, in an alternate universe; you guys never had to bury her, you never had to mourn her, you never had to leave her, she kissed you goodnight every fucking night. And you know, there’s something beautiful about literature, I know you didn’t ask for this, but it’s happening. In this once upon a time, it was forever. In this once upon a time, you got lost in those twinkling eyes forever and she just smiles with that loose strand of hair over her lips, and you? You’re just glad to hold her whenever she needed comfort. And the wind will always blow her hair just right, it’s almost like a scene from every damn Hollywood movie, he falls for her and she catches him. They never fall out of love, because in this scene? You two are my cliffhangers. You two are my superstars. You two are my new favorite definition of always and forever.
—  You two

psa : there are no requirements to being an angel

you do not have to have the same memories as everyone else, you don’t have to be what most people think angels are, you don’t have to be kind-hearted and devoted to helping people, you don’t have to be human-hating, you don’t have to want to go home, you don’t have to be like any other angel to be an angel ok? 

i know some people (including me) feel invalid because they’re different … but you’re still an angel. you do not have to fit the world’s standards of what an angel is. you certainly don’t have to fit tumblr’s idea of what an angel is. no one can decide what you are for you. that is up to you. if you say you’re an angel, i don’t care how different you are from what everyone thinks - i believe you. 

angels with no god are real, non-Abrahamic angels are real, angels without wings are real, angels without memories are real, angels who are cruel are real, angels who exist to help are real, angels who love being human are real… 

sometimes it’s easy to feel left out or spoken over on tumblr, where it seems like everyone knows each other, everyone remembers the same things, everyone feels the same… but that’s not true. on the outside, it seems like everyone agrees, but on the inside? it’s clear there’s a disparity in beliefs, and that’s okay. spirituality is a unique experience that everyone goes through differently. 

i love you. i care about you. i am here to listen to you, to help you, to guide you. if you feel frustrated or lonely, you can come talk to me. you miss home? you can come talk to me. you feel invalid? you can come talk to me. your wings really hurt? you can come talk to me. whatever’s going on, you can talk to me and i will listen. i care about you. 

one day we stopped expecting the angels,
stopped setting our clocks for them,
stopped making wreaths of the snow-white feathers
which drifted, restless, at the edge of the saltwater.

instead we found divinity in ourselves
holiness in our ivory ankles and ebony mouths
in the scarlet drumbeat existence of a body
soaring without flying. believing without prompting.

and when they returned, when the angels touched
their golden toes back onto the frost-covered concrete
and set their many eyes spinning in all directions
they were shocked for the first time in millennia to find–

angels everywhere. angels with bright red hair
and missing teeth. angels too young to know they
were angels. angels too sick to bless their neighbors,
who smiled beatifically as they were blessed instead.

 those from heaven faced those from earth and found
each other holy, those with eyes like sea glass and those
with skin like sepia photographs and those without wings.
without wings. without anything but trust in themselves.

finding angels, 6 january 2017


life is nothing without @ 

i like you quite a lot.. @ 

together forever, never apart… maybe in distance but never in heart. @ 

you are beautiful inside and out 🌞 @ 

good friends are like stars: you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there @ 

i hate the stars because I look at the same ones as you do, without you @ 

a part of you has grown in me @ 

together forever and never apart @ 

one good friend is worth a thousands bitches @ 

and when you cry i’ll be your consolation @ 

always in my heart no matter what @ 

missing you like crazy @ 

true friends don’t let you do stupid things… alone @ 

you’re a angel without wings @ 

we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason @ 

my heart belongs to you @ 

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Pocket-ARMY: I’m Writer S for pocket-army now, so I will be reblogging the stories I write there as well

Things I ask others: I used to ask for reactions and such from other people, sometimes i still do now, I choose to share those with you. (under the tag stars of another galaxy)

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Just like the post babys  ☆ ★ ☆   credit automatic

I love the way you smile @user

°˖✧  me and @user, the rest so much… ✧˖°

i love @user with all my heart and soul

@user have no notion of its effect on me 

If I have @user, the rest is just detail

@user é  a melhor parte dessa vida tão confusa 

@user have a little bit of me

@user you’re an angel without wings

@user are my safe haven, my refuge

@user cause everything that you are, is all I need

@user makes my heart beat faster

*✧ some friends are so friends,@user are like sister ✧*

I promise to always be here for @user

✧ ✧ @user is art  ✧ ✧

i want you,only you @user

Pushing on without him

**Sorry I got carried away**

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader (Character death), Sam and Dean with the angels mentioned! (Castiel, Chuck, Balthazar, and Lucifer)

Story includes: Gabriel after he sacrifices himself, the reader moving on because she has to be strong through her pregnancy. The boys and angels rally around her, and are just one big family!

Warnings: Sadness and fluff

Words: 4, 589

You could still hear your screams echoing through the room, still unsure if what had happened before you was true. You couldn’t face that reality, not alone, and not without your golden winged angel. Sitting up in a sweat you panted heavily, hearing footsteps come closer to your room, a soft knock and you tried to straighten yourself up as you drank the glass of water beside you. Your throat as dry as the desert, before smoothing out your hair.

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There are people in my life, that I am convinced are angels born without wings.
—  Anonymous