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Astro; first reactions

So I’m starting to get into Astro because of my older sister’s obsession with them and I thought it would be fun to write down some of my first reactions to them. 

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JinJin- cutest eye smile ever, happy squishy child, needs protection, not gonna lie I had no idea he was one of the older ones, cinnamon roll, jaw line tho, whoever ends up with him is gonna be so happy oh my lord, when he raps tho like boi yasss

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MJ- aegyo king, smol (not in an offensive way, in a cute way), cheesy awkward funny style, hyper child, I expected him to be one of the older boys unlike most people thinking he’s younger, cute, i feel like he would end up having a lot of derps tbh

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Eunwoo- angelic flower boy that I first saw in a drama scene with Daehyun, prettier than 99.99% of the world, pure, quiet squish baby who causes some 2nd hand embarrassment bc of awkward squishy actions

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Moonbin- bias bias bias, wut is a catpup??, sos he’s so cute, squishy baby, dang that boy can dance, I need him in my life, must protect, also from drama scene with Daehyun and Eunwoo, I was wrecked as soon as I saw him, him with glasses on if definition of perfection

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Rocky- how can someone be so manly and cute at the same time?, already trynna be a bias wrecker, rudely attractive, I really wanna dance with him tbh, cute smile but intense eyes, for some reason I really wanted to hug him the first time I saw him

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Sanha- tol, but at the same time obviously the maknae, I’ve seen him on evil maknae videos before, ah yes another beagle, boy is cute, there’s some second hand embarrassment still, died watching him use his hyungs for balance in one legged push ups on weekly idol

So yeah, I just thought maybe this would funny for some of the Arohas out there, I’m gonna be joining you soon!

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