an angel from hell

I’m struggling out of this art block


And what better way to get out of art block then with this little angel <3 

I walked along a sinister path, rushing towards the fire at the end, when an angel came up to me.
‘Darling, what are you doing here? Come with me and I will lead you into heaven’
I looked at the angel, a sad smile was playing around my lips.
‘No, I’m sorry. I can’t come with you’
The angel looked down at me, spreading its wings, as if it were to stop me.
‘But sweetie, this road is leading to hell’
I walked past its mesmerising silver wings.

'I know, but that’s where he will be’

—  He was a demon

The Signs as Types of Fairies pt. 4 (Water)

Cancer - Dryad
Dryads are female nature fairies who live in forests and trees, preferably oak trees. They are very shy and afraid of getting too far away from their inhabited tree. Every tree is connected to the Dryad’s spirit  which is why some trees appear creepy while others look peaceful. When the tree dies, the fairy will die with it. Dryads are very playful and non-violent which is why you will never see them hurting animals or humans.

Scorpio - Adhene (Manx Fairy, Cloanny Moyrn Fairy)
In many folklore or legends, Adhenes are fallen angels, banned from heaven but too good for hell. They are very shy, usually female fairies who love to play in waterfalls or dance on mountain tops. They look beautiful, even angelic but behave very mischievous when it comes to humans, stealing women and children when they wish. But they could never truly hurt someone because it is believed that their truest intentions are purely good.

Pisces - Asrai
Asrais are aquatic fairies that can either look like beautiful young maidens or children. In fact, they are hundreds of years old but only few humans will ever see them because they are very shy and constantly afraid of being captured. If an Asrai is caught or touches the sunlight, it will die, melting off into a pool of water. It seldom happens that people cross paths with this creatures but if they are touched by Asrais, they will forever have a body part colder than the rest of their bodies.


I just saw x-men apocalypse and OMFG YES!!! Mostly in love with Angel, Quicksilver, Scott, and Nightcrawler because honestly FUCK!!!! Okay so anyhow I’m doing another quick fics tonight also getting some more request done!

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The world is barren by a war between Heaven and Hell. Every so often an angel falls from the sky, signaling its death. These bodies are sought after by survivors on Earth for their valuable resources. One day, hundreds of angels start to fall.

me when I first saw hobi vs now

me then: omg who is this what is this bulletproof boyscouts I must keep up with this new band

me now: this beautiful ray of sunshine what did humanity do to deserve such a blessed being oh that’s right nothing bc we don’t deserve the precious soul that is jung hoseok and the fact that anyone could ignore him or hate him is derived from hell because he is an angel

Lost Without You

Lost Without You by cloudyjenn
Rating: T
Word Count 16,600
Summary: The last time Dean saw Castiel, he promised Dean he would hold off the attack of archangels. That was four years ago. Now, just when Dean thinks he’s been given a second chance, a demon and Castiel’s memory loss threaten to keep them apart for good.

Once upon a time, an angel saved the Righteous Man from Hell. This story was written in those early days: before Lucifer, before Raphael, before leviathans and purgatory, before the Men of Letters and the Darkness. Yet the core characterizations of Dean and Cas are still there, which is what makes this simple case fic truly delightful. Drawn like sailors to a siren’s song, the Winchesters show up to investigate a series of suspicious deaths and instead find Cas with amnesia. An angel with too much heart and a man who refuses to let anyone make sacrifices for him, while giving of himself until nothing is left - sound familiar? 

I strongly encourage you to read some of the first wave Destiel authors. A few are still active in fandom and some have been moving their work from LJ to AO3, where I found this gem. Sure there are elements that canon and time have left behind, yet sweet fics like this remind me of where these characters came from and why I love them so much. 

If you enjoyed the fic, please drop by the archive (AO3) and let the author know with your comments and/or kudos!

Sugar Lips

Pairing: Gabriel x Winchester!Reader
Word Count: 623
Request: @feelmyroarrrr - Congratulations on 300!! Could I request Gabriel x reader and 7 please?
Prompt: ‘You heard me. Take. It. Off.’

A/N - This is my first Gabriel, so if it’s shit that’s why. Feedback is always appreciated.  

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You and your brothers had encountered a lot more angels than you thought you would. It was strange. When your mom said, that there would be an angel looking over your shoulder, you didn’t think there would actually be angels in this world. But hey, where there are demons there are Angels.

The Angel you met after Dean had returned from hell,was Castiel. He had been the one to “raise him from perdition” At first, he was oblivious to everything surrounding him; for him, it was either black or white. There was no in between, no grey, it was either right or wrong. He was a weird one.

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“The story of a man afraid of flying, and an angel afraid of falling, who somehow met in the middle. The man who denied the existence of angels came to love one. The angel who never felt began to feel. The man who was saved from an eternity in Hell by an angel. The angel who fell in every way imaginable for a man. The man, with a clear path to escape, decided instead to stay in Purgatory for a year, searching for his angel, praying to him every night. Begging. When he found him, he held him; he told him that he needed him, that he’d get him out, even if it killed them both. The angel rejected his faith, his family, his home, and everything he knew, so he could keep the man safe. They stay together despite fate, despite what they are, because they refuse to be pulled apart”.

-The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.