an angel from hell

“It’s funny, but not really.. sometimes the glint from your halo kinda looks like little horns from this angle.. even though, in my heart, I always know you were sent from heaven.”

Eue - Thoughts of Skeeter

a bit about the rankings of angels

seraphim (singular: seraph): these are the angels closest to God, in charge of guarding His throne. they help to rule over heaven and maintain order. usually, they are depicted as beings of pure and radiant light or fire - though many do have a human form as well. seraphim are often known for their voices, be it for the gorgeous songs they sang or the terrifying holy screeches they unleashed. though these may be some of the most orderly and composed angels, they can also be some of the most emotional. 

cherubim (singular: cherub): these angels are most often remembered for being the guardians of Eden. Now, however, they are said to be guardians of holy places on earth. they typically have many wings, eyes, faces, limbs etc., though, like seraphim, they may also have a more human form. cherubim are responsible for keeping harmony in heaven, and providing power to those in His kingdom. these angels are more likely to be peaceful and docile than confrontational, but of course there are exceptions.

thrones: usually depicted as beings of fire and many eyes, these angels are the ones who carry out God’s orders. they are most known for their inhuman forms, often described as being wheels. thrones are the bringers of justice in heaven, and, on earth, likely retain their strong moral compass. these angels are secretive and tend to keep to themselves and other thrones, so they have a lot of mystery surrounding them.

dominions: dominions were the leaders of the lower angels, offering advice and direction. they are very tied to heaven, and not likely to interact with humans. they are described as divinely beautiful, often with glowing skin, eyes, hair, or wings. their true forms tend to be more human-like than the angels above them in rank, and are usually remembered for their appealing appearance (to other angels, humans would of course be startled by them). these angels are thoughtful and determined, though friendly.

virtues: these angels are those who bring God’s grace to earth. though they do not interact directly with humans usually, they bring miracles and enlightenment to the world and its inhabitants. they are brilliant and powerful, though almost always benevolent and peaceful. virtues are angels of choice, and accredited with keeping earth moving forward and developing further. though they are naturally good and kind, virtues can be fierce fighters if necessary.  

powers: these are the angels in charge of defending heaven from hell and providing balance in the universe. they are often depicted as warriors and soldiers of God, though they are usually on the defensive rather than offensive. powers are wise, and it is said that they are the keepers of history. they are immensely loyal to heaven, and some believe no power has ever fallen. 

principalities: principalities are protectors of certain places, nations, cities, or groups of people on earth. they usually derive their physical characteristics and personality from the place/people they are watching over (for example, a principality of a lake may have blue or green tinted wings, wear pearls or water plants, and have a calm and peaceful personality). they also teach valuable lessons to those on earth, and are said to be the ones who inspire humans to create or invent. 

archangels: these are the warriors and protectors of human life. they are the commanders in God’s armies, and the ones to relay his most important messages to humans. they are incredibly loyal to their cause in heaven, but also show empathy towards humans and fallen angels. they show a great deal of understanding towards others, and because of that can be persuaded to join a cause even if it goes against heaven - although this is rare. archangels tend to be very complex, but their dedication and ferocity is constant.

angels: common angels are the ones most concerned with humans. there are different types of these angels, such as messengers to humans and personal guardian angels. it is difficult to categorize these angels as a whole, as there are so many of them. they are highly diverse, and the most like humans in both personality, morality, and appearance. 

fallen angels: these are angels who no longer serve heaven, and now reside on earth. typically it refers to angels who have sinned or rebelled and are then cast out of heaven by God, but there are other ways in which angels can become “fallen” as well. angels who desire free will, or fall in love with a human/humans can also be cast out. fallen angels can originate from any of the ranks above.

Will you try to love him?

Him and his tattered heart and death in his rib cage; with a name like poison. War is in his tongue. His entire body is made of collapsed stars.

Will you try to love him?

Even if it’s a thin line he walks, with a face half in the light and half in the dark. Him, with scars in his heart and holes in his back; cracks in place of skin. He is a thing of destruction.

Will you try to love him?

Him, with his nightmares during the day and demons in the dark. Atlas’s burden rests on his shoulders. He craves for light, grasping for rays in his miles of night.

Will you try to love him?

Him and his reckless love and secret pain. His is a silent grief for the sky, for the earth, for the heavens. The universe is confined in his flesh.

Will you try to love him?

Even if he clings to foolish hope and leaves prayers in your mouth. Him, with chaos for eyes and blood in his lungs. He remembers how to fall. He remembers how to burn.

Will you try to love him, the angel that fell from Heaven and then rose from Hell?

L.H.Z // Will you try to love him


The Signs as Types of Fairies pt. 4 (Water)

Cancer - Dryad
Dryads are female nature fairies who live in forests and trees, preferably oak trees. They are very shy and afraid of getting too far away from their inhabited tree. Every tree is connected to the Dryad’s spirit  which is why some trees appear creepy while others look peaceful. When the tree dies, the fairy will die with it. Dryads are very playful and non-violent which is why you will never see them hurting animals or humans.

Scorpio - Adhene (Manx Fairy, Cloanny Moyrn Fairy)
In many folklore or legends, Adhenes are fallen angels, banned from heaven but too good for hell. They are very shy, usually female fairies who love to play in waterfalls or dance on mountain tops. They look beautiful, even angelic but behave very mischievous when it comes to humans, stealing women and children when they wish. But they could never truly hurt someone because it is believed that their truest intentions are purely good.

Pisces - Asrai
Asrais are aquatic fairies that can either look like beautiful young maidens or children. In fact, they are hundreds of years old but only few humans will ever see them because they are very shy and constantly afraid of being captured. If an Asrai is caught or touches the sunlight, it will die, melting off into a pool of water. It seldom happens that people cross paths with this creatures but if they are touched by Asrais, they will forever have a body part colder than the rest of their bodies.

I walked along a sinister path, rushing towards the fire at the end, when an angel came up to me.
‘Darling, what are you doing here? Come with me and I will lead you into heaven’
I looked at the angel, a sad smile was playing around my lips.
‘No, I’m sorry. I can’t come with you’
The angel looked down at me, spreading its wings, as if it were to stop me.
‘But sweetie, this road is leading to hell’
I walked past its mesmerising silver wings.

'I know, but that’s where he will be’

—  He was a demon
Dean’s body language

So this is supposed to be a few weeks after Castiel left to search for Kelly Kline. Castiel and Mary doesn’t know that Dean was hit with the forgetting curse because Dean forbade Sam from telling either Mary or Castiel.

But Dean knew that he was close to death and he forgot Castiel. He forgot his best friend and the angel who saved him from hell. The first two GIFs show Dean getting out of the car. He sees his mom and a random hunter and he acts normally like it isn’t a big deal. But we as the audience know that it is supposed to be a big deal because Dean forgot his mom and his own name recently. So the lack of any major reaction upon seeing his mom is very obvious in its absence. When Sam gets out of the car, he acknowledges Mary right away by saying “Hey, Mom.” But when Mary greets Dean, he just nods in her direction and shakes Wally’s hand first. He is very distant with Mary. 

Next, let’s observe Dean’s reaction when Castiel enters the scene. Dean turns the moment he hears Cas’s footsteps. He acknowledges Cas even before Cas joins the group. He greets Cas unlike his mother (who he doesn’t say anything directly to this whole scene.) In the first GIF above, Dean turns his body to face Cas. He literally takes a step in the direction of Cas. Meanwhile, you can see Sam and Wally just turn their heads to look at Cas. 

Already it is obvious that Dean orients himself to Cas when he approaches. But, in the second GIF above, see Dean taking ANOTHER step in the direction of Castiel. He further orientates towards Cas. This is the first time Dean is seeing Cas after forgetting him in the last episode. We can clearly see Deans desire to be closer to Cas, to re-memorise him, the way he looks and the ways he talks. He is much more affected by Castiel’s presence than by his own mothers.

So, here’s the clip below if you want to watch the whole scene and see for yourself.

At this point it is important to notice that after Dean escaped from prison in first blood, he called Castiel and wanted to see him before he sacrificed himself to Billy. He sat in the back seat with Castiel and was closer to Castiel than his own Mother. 

Trimberly Week (D4)


tw: brief mentions of death, bullying, and character death

  • When Kimberly Hart died in a car accident she didn’t expect to wake up at the gates of Heaven, nor did she expect to train to become a Guardian Angel
    • Guardian Angels are heavenly warriors tasked with protecting humans from the demons who escape Hell 
    • whereas Reapers are members of the undead who have to drag those demons back to Hell
    • they rarely ever get along
  • In order for Kim to earn her wings she’s assigned to protect a boy named Billy Cranston who seems to attract demons better than a fire attracts moths to a flame
  • It’s during the first attack on Billy that she meets Trini, a dual-dagger wielding Reaper with an attitude problem and a bite worse than her bark
  • They hate each other almost immediately
    • When Trini returns to Hell she tells her ‘friend’ Zack, a mischievous imp that passes between Heaven, Hell, and Earth, about the bitchiest guardian angel she’s ever met
      • Zack says she’s in love and Trini throws him in a fire pit
    • Kim laments to Jason, a messenger Angel, about the Reaper she had to deal with but Jason just laughs and says dealing with the ‘other-halfs’ just come with the territory
  • But because they’re both sort of assigned to saving Billy they form a working relationship, although they’re constantly butting heads and arguing
    • One day after they send a poltergeist back to Hell they’re bickering in Billy’s room when the boy stops what he’s working on and tells them to shut up
    • Kim and Trini freeze
      • Kim: “Wait! You can see us?!”
      • Billy: “Yes. And hear you, which is getting very annoying.”
    • Humans can’t see angels or reapers, occasionally they see the demons and the ghosts that cross into their world, but they hardly ever see the beings that save them
    • A rare few can and it turns out Billy is one of them
    • which is probably why all the demons and ghosts are after him
    • Billy also tells them they fight like an old married couple which makes them blush and sputter before Trini disappears in a puff of smoke
  • A few days later Jason delivers a message to Kim from their mentor Zordon, a superior Guardian Angel, saying that she needs to move Billy to a secure location; Angel Grove
    • A powerful demon named Rita Repulsa has broken free from her hell-prison and is gathering an army to destroy both Heaven and Earth
    • she’s kidnapping people with the Sight and murdering their guardian Angels
    • Angel Grove is a town on consecrated ground and the only way for humans to pass into Heaven; if Rita breaks the barrier she’ll be able to enter Heaven and then there would be no stopping her
  • Kim and Jason find Billy just as Trini and Zack show up and they all set out on a cross country journey to bring Billy to Angel Grove, all the while being chased by demons
  • Trini and Kim get separated from the boys during an ambush where Trini gets hurt and Kim has to take care of her
  • they end up getting to know one another
    • Trini was killed by a bunch of kids in her high school who got drunk one night and decided to jump her when she was getting out of work
    • they dragged her into the woods and beat her until she stopped breathing, all because one of the boys thought she was trying to sleep with his girlfriend
    • Kim was a cheerleader and the queen bee of her school and she can’t fathom why the Angels wanted her because she was a horrible person when she was alive
      • Trini, looking up at the stars: “Not all monsters do monstrous things. Not all humans do humane things. Who we are does not define what we do, but what we do does define who we are and who we become. I think the Angels chose you, not for who you were, but for what they knew you would do. Who you would become. You are an Angel, Kim, and you deserve it.”
    • Kim’s so shocked that she doesn’t even realize she’s kissing Trini until her tongues halfway down the shorter girls throat
    • But before anything else happens the boys interrupt them
  • They make it to Angel Grove just as a hoard of demons descends on the gang and they race to the boarder where an army of Guardian Angels are already fending off demons trying to break the seal
  • It’s only when they reach the barrier do they realize their dilemma
    • Trini can’t pass
  • Kim stands on the edge of the barrier and tells Trini she’s not going to leave her and Trini smiles a little sadly before she quickly kisses Kim and pushes her over the boarder
  • and Kim watches in horror as the demons swarm Trini and she disappears
  • Jason races Billy to safety as Zack shapeshifts into a Hellhound and begins to tear into the hoard
  • And Kim fights with him, quietly sobbing and shaking with rage, as she shoots her arrows at demon after demon
  • More Angels join them and just as things look the bleakest, a battalion of Reapers appear in a cloud of smoke
    • Guardian Angels and Reapers, working together, fighting side by side
  • Eventually Rita is defeated and Kim doesn’t even realize she’s earned her wings until her mentors Zordon and Alpha-Five are congratulating her
  • Jason walks up to her with Billy safe and sound and its then they spot Zack, walking through the mounds of dead demons and carrying Trini’s body
  • He sets her down right on the barrier line just as Kim reaches them and falls to her knees, crying and wailing and everyone is dead silent as they watch her delicately pick Trini up and hold her, her new wings curling around the both of them
      • Kim whispering: “You were never a monster.”
  • Suddenly theres a flash of bright yellow light and then Trini’s gasping, opening her eyes and sitting up with Kim’s help
  • And they’re both confused until they see Trini’s wings and Zordon steps forward
      • Zordon: “In order for an Angel to get their wings they must earn them. And it would appear you have finally earned yours.”
  • Kim’s still crying but its happy tears, and she pulls Trini in for a tight hug only for Trini to pull back just far enough to kiss her


  • After a year of dating Trini and Kim perform a ceremony that bonds them for eternity and it’s really beautiful and even Billy’s granted temporary access to Heaven for it
  • And the gang remain friends through the years, watching over Billy as he grows up and grows old
  • And when Billy’s dying in his hospital bed, with his Angels at his side, and Jason holding his hand, he’s not scared and they promise to greet him the moment he arrives at Heaven’s gates
  • And they do
In which I think we can all agree that Dean maybe hit a dog without hitting a dog.

So I just reblogged this post from @elizabethrobertajones​, but she said a thing – “The cosmos are not kind to Sam” – and I’m stuck on it.  

Not just because it might well be the understatement of the decade, but also because I think it’s part of why I’m so interested in the deeper insight we’ve been getting into Sam this season.  

Sam has been a cipher more than he hasn’t over the course of the show, and part of his character is that while he tends to be the brother who outwardly encourages people to talk, he’s rarely the one to be vulnerable  He withholds a lot of critical information, is the brother most likely to lie or keep silent, etc.

He’s also the brother most likely to be sidelined or punished by the universe even when he does what’s conventionally supposed to be the right thing.

Like, this is the kid who tries to be normal and good, but ends up rejected by his father, loses his girlfriend, gets dragged back into the life he walked away from, turns out to be tainted from infancy with demonic blood, and turns out to be Lucifer’s true vessel.  

And, like lizbob pointed out, he’s the kid who prays and believes, but it’s Dean who gets rescued from Hell by an honest-to-Chuck angel – Dean doesn’t even believe in angels – and keeps getting handed all this noble destiny shit. 

(Not that this ever ends well, but come on.)

So it’s really, really interesting to me that adding Jack to the mix has forced the show to give us more Sam-without-Dean.  Not just insight into how he sees Dean, but also what he values and his internal process.  I’m not convinced he was reading The Drama of the Gifted Child just for Jack, especially given the book’s content.  He’s had his own decades of pain and trauma, had to withstand parental disapproval, had to mold himself to be different people in order to fit and get comfort and acceptance.  

And what’s great here is that we’re entering a phase where the brothers have flipped positions on something in a weird way.  When Dean and Cas ended up in Purgatory, Sam just…stopped.  He assumed Dean was gone, dead, vaporized.  

Dean was not, of course, gone.  Maybe Sam could have found him, maybe not, but his failure to look is one of Sam’s Big Sins™, and an old wound that the brothers didn’t really hash out until the Mark of Cain storyline.  

And now here we are in S13, and Mary has vanished into another dimension with Lucifer, and Sam…

Sam remembers what happened last time, and the lessons there.  He also only just got to know Mary, feels shortchanged by fate, etc.  And he is trying to do the right thing by looking for her, saving her, because he didn’t last time, and that was the Wrong Choice™.  

And we keep coming back to this, over and over, every episode.  Sam pushing on the Mary thing, digging into where Dean is on this and getting nowhere.  Or, worse, getting that Mary being gone isn’t tearing Dean up the way Cas’ death is.  

You should get over mom, she’s not coming back, Dean says, and Sam is like, let me introduce you to my ability to subtly verbalize the sarcasm font because you’re a passively suicidal wreck about the dead person I’m not mentioning, but you’re going to yell at me about him again at some point.

And then Cas comes back, and Sam presses on whether things are normal for Dean now that Cas is back.  Like, oh, you’re good?  Great.  while he is visibly screaming inside that no, things are not good you asshole, you know better than this and dragged me over the goddamn coals over this and I am not okay and mom is not okay and goddamn it Dean, fuck you.

That “fair enough” in 13x06 is so heavy.

Like, at least Sam got a dog out of it for a little while the last time shit like this went down. 

I’m not big into speculation, but if I were a writer on the show, exploring this – not just this echo of Purgatory Fallout, but giving Sam more depth, and maybe a path to a long-deserved extra cookie – would be something I’d be super into this season. 


I want Jack to talk to Dean about Cas.

Like Sam tells Jack about Dean and Cas, and so Jack goes to ask Dean about him. And Dean is all huffy about it at first, but then he starts telling Jack about Castiel, the angel who saved him from Hell.

And it goes on all night, Dean telling stories and reminiscing about Cas and what he meant to him.

I think that would be beautiful.