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16.11.02 AnAn Interview - Aiba Masaki [English translation]


Aiba Masaki

To choose a gift or present is the very moment to feel that “I am an adult”.

Hope the various gifts from Aiba-san reach you well.

“It’s tasty, please try it” I say.

“Not just to receive, I have to return too.”

“Are you happy?” “I am happy.”

“I always bring gifts with me. When I meet my senior, and when I go to watch the theatre performance of my senpai. I also receive lots of things, and when I have something that I think ‘tasty’, I take the card of the shop and go to buy it later. In this summer I went to watch the theatre performance of V6’s Morita Gou-kun, I brought the baumkuchen I liked as treat. And then Gou-kun said, ‘Ah, I know this. It’s tasty thing right’ (Giggle). I was happy about that.”

When choosing gifts, the situation of the recipient should also be considered.

“There are lots of co-actors in theatre performance, things in small portions, things that many people can eat, things that would not be troublesome to consume, these things are good. After that, things that don’t expire quickly are good. Expiry date is important!”

Gift is a proof of adulthood to Aiba-san.

“In that past I was the one who received lots of things. But, I thought that I have to return for that. As an adult, it takes much courage to go empty-handed. Nowdays, when I choose gifts for Chu-gen (mid-year) and for year-end, it’s the very moment that I feel ‘I’m an adult~’.”

Is it good to re-consider the souvenirs to members?

When Arashi members have overseas work, it is a routine for them to bring back souvenirs. But, “I choose gifts to senior with totally different consideration. Until now I have bought many T-shirts or coasters with the logo of the location, things like ‘that’s souvenir’. Though I buy things that can be used in daily lives, I have not seen any member wearing the T-shirts I gifted. So perhaps T-shirt is not a good choice (Giggle).”

Regarding the activities of Arashi, the arena tour starting from April was a success, the whole-country dome tour will start in November. New album is also on sale. This year there are “Gifts from Arashi” in various formats too.

“The album this time has an image of broad breadth. The title is ‘Are you Happy?’, and different people have different answers to this question. It may be ‘happy’ or ‘unhappy’, I think there can be much interpretation.”

By the way is Aiba-san happy today or…

“I am happy! Full of happiness. I also have a lot of fruit (snack in the filming site), I am very happy about this, I have finished one piece of work today, just to think about dining afterwards makes me happy. In relation to fruit, [I want to have] lots of meat (Giggle). Happy. How to perceive it is up to you. Human gets used to fortunate things as well as painful things. Though I hope I can get used to painful things, [I hope] I don’t get used to fortunate things, I want to stay sensitive.”

Live is one symbol of fortune (happiness).

“It’s an occasion to communicate directly with fans, to sing and to dance is what I have been doing since I was Johnny’s Jr., an occasion that I can do this is fundamental. But I am not sure what live I can make, I think I don’t want to get used to this fortune (happiness). Work is, perhaps slow, perhaps stumbling, perhaps failing, but it’s fine and you go on everyday. Do not give up, and ‘until you succeed, keep going, then you’ll succeed’. I think about this whenever I challenge something.”

“Until you succeed, keep going, then you’ll succeed.”