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And a woman once in Oregon came up to me at a bookstore and said, you know, in one of your books, you teach that it is sometimes necessary to lie. And that seems like a very disturbing lesson to me. Can you name one time when it would be absolutely necessary to lie? And I was so happy that the answer came to me right away, instead of, you know, as it usually does when people say something to you. … And I was able just to turn to her and say, nice sweater.
—  Daniel Handler/Lemony Snicket on Fresh Air

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When he get’s jealous

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Tate: Tate get’s jealous when there is more than just a hint of flirting. Like, when someone try to check you out, he will just run red and walk you away from whoever was making an attempt. He usually won’t act upon his jealousy- just subtle hints - but if it goes too far, he’ll take a stand.

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Kit: Kit likes to make his mark; what’s his is his, end of story. And when someone comes and trespasses on his property, he takes care of it. He’ll give the person a chance to make off, and Kit’ll be like “Hey, she’s my girl”, but if he doesn’t back off, then some punches are gonna be thrown.

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Kyle: Kyle is a really sweet guy, and wouldn’t necessarily try and harm the person, he would probably use some humor like, “Hey, if I didn’t know any better, I would think you were trying to steal my girlfriend.” But other than that, he would give you little kisses and hugs from the back, holding onto you really closely, marking you as his.

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Jimmy: Jimmy would be so over-protective. He would tell the person straight up, “She’s mine,” or, “Hey, Man, back off.” He would keep a strong, subtle arm around you, and wouldn’t want you to know when he get’s jealous (because he pretends he doesn’t)

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James March: James get’s jealous at the drop of a hat. He’s good at not showing it right away, but you’ve caught on a little. He usually clenches his jaw and waits till the person leaves, then he “deals” with them. When he returns you just give him a look, but he makes it up (;

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