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The combination of watching Civil War and then Eurovision the next morning has led me to spend most of the day picturing Wanda Maximoff making all the American (and Asgardian and Wakandan) Avengers watch Eurovision with her. Natasha, of course, already knows about it and thinks that’s a great idea. Clint knows about it because Natasha has been making it the centerpiece of his family’s Memorial Day barbeque for years. 

Everybody else starts out staring in awkward confusion, but by the time the votes are getting announced they’re all jumping up and down and yelling indignantly. 

the civil war nearly breaks out again

For my BLACK Family

Ive been telling all my people to watch and keep tabs on this powerful documentary series, Hidden Colors directed by Tariq Nasheed. The current 3 part series purpose is to explain and describe the marginalizing of African Americans in America and the world.

I really want to push it out to our youth, 10+. They may not grasp it fully but introducing it before the system get a grasp on them is so important.

Again Hidden Colors by Tariq Nasheed

my dad was so confused about why all the Dalish elves in Dragon Age: Origins were randomly American, and I have to admit the thing I’m probably looking forward to most when he plays Dragon Age 2 is the look on his face when he realises they’re suddenly all randomly Welsh

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The frustrating thing about Charlie Hebdo is that most of the posts I see about them are American people trying to explain to the world how Charlie Hebdo was awful, which they have never fucking read, by taking all the cartoons of context. Like this satirical cartoon about Christiane Taubira (a WoC) depicted as a monkey where it's written "Rassemblement bleu raciste" : it denounces "Le Front National", also called "Rassemblement Bleu Marine" - a political party which said these racist things.

And when french people (like me) who know this magazine, who read it, who didn’t just discover its existence this week, try to explain them the full context behind it, why the cartoonists drew that, who are the real racists in France, they just don’t listen. Our posts get, at best, 200 notes. People have the right to be offended - Charlie Hebdo wasn’t politically correct so it’s normal. But saying that it was racist, etc when they have literally no idea what the magazine stood for, is wrong. (2)

If there’s one thing tumblr has taught me it’s that they don’t give a shit about context, especially if it works against their arguments.

Today on Fresh Air Lynne Olson discusses the conflict between American isolationists and interventionists during World War II. Here she explains how Americans felt removed from the war before involvement in 1940:

“They looked on it kind of like a movie. … It was something that just didn’t affect them. We didn’t have the technology. We didn’t have the instant communication. We didn’t have the ability to travel — the ability to travel quickly — to Europe that we have now. And so most Americans — not all, but most Americans, especially those who lived in the heartland — really didn’t feel that they had anything in common with Europe. They hadn’t been there. They thought this was a distant place that they really had nothing to do with, and they felt that way until 1940.”

Boy stands among ruins of his Polish town outside of Warsaw via histclo