an amazing performance

yoonmin out here representing my feelings about school and homework (and life in general)

I’m currently listening to Sleepy x Yongguk’s “Body Lotion” and I can’t help thinking that it would be amazing if Zelo performed Sleepy’s parts with Yongguk at their tour. Sleepy and Zelo’s voices sound similar at times when they rap and I’m sure BangLo would kill it performing the song together onstage 😍

Sehun Appreciation Post

Sassy Maknae

Gentle Hugger

Gorgeous Man

Cutest Eye-Smiler

Smooth Dancer 

Dazed Puppy

Embarrassed Cutie

Sehun is the member who gets the most hate for being “untalented” and “useless”. First of all, Sehun is hilarious in a sassy manner which is great for variety. He’s also an amazing performer that has a really cool aura when he dances. His hyungs dotes on him, and you can tell that he honestly loves and adores his members. Exo would not be complete without his unique personality, amazing stage aura, and absolute sassiness. Please give him the love and appreciation that he deserves.

We are one!

thenjw  asked:

just watched the spring day from music core and GOSH jin (and everyone) looks so lovely, and the choreo is so dynamic!! goodness!!!! so much interaction and movement and like. use of the stage!!

Waaaahhhh, this performance got me choked up like an old engine I tell you what, it’s fucking beautiful, this one - man - I still can’t decide but this is close to I Need U as far as my favorite BTS choreo goes and I can’t even believe I’m saying that because I love I Need U so much but hhhhh gave me shivers too. JIn legit looked like True Royalty  - all the boys did such Princes, such amazing performers, such voices!! So much Jin < 333 Thank you for blessing my inbox with this ask friend, I hadn’t seen this yet!!!

Everybody feast your eyes and ears on this glory and have a blessed day < 3


Love Bites Open Mic! 

The night was really a blast! I laughed quite a bit. 

Thank you to our amazing performers for being so awesome! Thank you to everyone who came, and laughed and participated.

Congrats to Anasterien Dawnblade for winning the Best Performer title! 

Whew…I am tired now. 

not to be dramatic…..but bangtan saved 2016

Okay but Ben Platt’s choices to show the severity of social anxiety and his ability to present it so accurately and truthfully without being fake or over dramatic is unbelievable. He’s doing an amazing emotional performance every night and he deserves all the praise he gets.