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Future - DP

Phanniemay prompt: Girl Power

Drabble Request: Valerie Grey, ghost hunter, and holder of a special power.




“Could be worse,” the seventeen-year-old slouching along beside her muttered.  His black hair dangled in his eyes and a ratty backpack was tossed over his shoulder.  Rain drizzled around them, and the early evening shadows were longer and darker than usual for the time of day.

“Could be?” Valerie asked, curious.  She settled the hood of her jacket over her forehead again – it kept working backwards to allow rain to splatter on her face.  The late March shower was unwelcome and cold.

The boy shrugged and knocked on a passing wooden light pole.  “No ghosts, right?”  He shot her a thin smile.  Deep in the back of his eyes, reflected from the fluorescent light overhead, radiant green sparkled amongst the blue.

Valerie frowned, looking around.  “Point,” she murmured. 

“Yay for living in Amity Park,” he continued with a sigh, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jeans.  Without a raincoat of his own, the teenager was getting soaked.  “Six more months and we’re out of here.”

“You really think they’ll be able to handle the ghosts without us?” 

Danny shot her a look that bordered on incredulous.  The rain made his face look smeary.  “I thought you were the one that was so up on all of us leaving this place.”

“We don’t want to stay here forever.”  Valerie chanced looking upwards, checking out the dark clouds.  They were thick blankets that stretched from horizon to horizon.  “You don’t either,” she added, elbowing him in the ribs. 

Grimacing and rubbing his side, Danny scowled.  “I know.  College is a good thing.  Leaving here is a good thing.”  It sounded like a mantra he’d been forced to repeat day-in and day-out for the last several months.

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