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InCube Gala Fic! (stuffing, mentions of mpreg)

(Literally don’t even look at my scribbly drawing omg I’ve been half asleep consistently for a month and a half.)

Anywayyyyy Happy Gala, InCubers! Super special thanks to @monster-at-heart for putting together the event and the merch for the giveaway. I haven’t had time to get too detailed with any of this, but here’s a ficlet about our dear Dashiel’s end-of-gala experience. ;)

The Argentan night sky, Dash decided, was ugly as fuck.

As a kid, he used to love laying on his back in the dirty snow and looking at the stars Chionis had to offer, but in hindsight, that sky was ugly too. Uglier, possibly. Constantly smeared with clouds of factory smog and the contrails of transporter ships.

Dash hadn’t seen a real, quality night sky until his InCube pay transfers had started rolling in, at first in three figures that he practically burst into freaking tears over… then four, and before he knew it he was earning six or seven on a single job. And with the money came the ship, and eventually the reactor that qualified the ship for longer trips. Suddenly every kaleidoscopic star pattern was more goddamn beautiful than the last – and when he sunk into his couch with his back aching and his abdomen heavy with the latest fuck-knows-what-monstrosity, he always closed his eyes and saw constellations painted in layers on his eyelids, stretching forever.

Which, come to think of it, probably had to do more with his average booze intake than anything else.

And tonight’s intake was above average.

Dash tore his eyes from the clouded gray horizon and slowly hoisted himself off of the stone bench outside the Gala ballroom, holding out a hand to help Marsh up after. Even if the sky was ugly, at least Marsh wasn’t.

Marsh really, super wasn’t.

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cpt-winniethepooh  asked:

Hello! My problem is that I have a storyline and plot but not characters - I just have empty shells but they're not well-developed. I've tried filling out character charts but they still feel very fake and unnatural to me. It's the first time that something like this have happened to me because I usually have the other way around: I have characters but no plot. Could you give me some advice how to get my characters to come alive?

Tl:dr: Don’t fret. Maybe your story isn’t about the characters at all.

Once upon a time (1990, to be exact), Ender’s Game author Orson Scott Card wrote a book about How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy. Now, OSC, love him or hate him, knew a thing or two about the craft when he wrote this, especially as it applies to speculative fiction genres, which I propose to include sci-fi, fantasy, historical fantasy, alt history and even horror.

He proposed that all stories are a mash-up of four elements: Milieu, Idea, Character and Event, or the MICE Quotient. To some extent, one of these concepts must dominate the others. Let me break them down for you:

The Milieu is the world the story is set in. Every story has one, but sometimes, it’s the world the writer cares most about. In Gulliver’s Travels, as OSC notes, the point of the story is to visit these different places and either compare them to the societies of Swift’s time, or, for us readers now, to compare them to our societies. It would have been absurd, therefore, to blather on about Gulliver’s childhood. Rather, the story starts and ends with his journey.

The Idea story starts with a question, and the point of the story is to answer that question. Mystery stories are essentially Idea stories, generally answering the question “Who killed this person?” Mystery readers are accustomed to this story structure, so they don’t need to find a dead body on page 1. But in other genres, if you’re writing an Idea story, you should make it clear relatively early on.

The Character story. We know this one. Done properly, a Character story is about “the transformation of a character’s role in the communities that matter most” to that character. Here’s the meat of the answer to your question: “It is a common misconception that all good stories must have full characterization. That is not quite true. All good Character stories must have good characterization, because that is what they are about; and other kinds of stories can have full characterization, as long as the reader is not misled” into expecting one when the story is really something else. (p. 79, from the 2001 edition).

In the Event story, something is wrong with the natural order of your created world, and (most commonly), the story is about setting things back the way they’re supposed to be. Or creating the world that should be. Or, most rarely, watching the world descend into chaos. 

Regardless of which MICE story you write, “The most important thing is that you must end the story that you begin.” Don’t promise a Milieu story and then get into chapters of detail about how your MC grew up. 

So if you get seriously bogged down, and the editing process isn’t going to fix it, maybe you need to rethink the kind of story you’re telling, and you need to go back to the beginning to fix it. (Save your drafts, all of them!)

Now, if you’re still bent on writing a character-driven story, or you still need to flesh out characters in another story format, make sure you check out our tags section; perhaps there are resources there that can help. 

If not, then please submit another ask with a specific example, and maybe we can help you debug. 

Young Sheldon trailer: First look at Big Bang Theory spin-off featuring Sheldon's origin story

Fans are all set to watch The Big Bang Theory’s quirky genius Sheldon Cooper’s formative years in Texas in the new CBS series called Young Sheldon.

The network has released the first promo for Young Sheldon, which explains how the mighty Sheldon came to be.

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The trailer opens with scenes of older Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons) from the original The Big Bang Theory series and then we see a nine-year-old Sheldon (played by Iain Armitage) playing with trains.

We meet Sheldon’s God fearing mother Mary Cooper, played by Zoe Perry, who helps her genius boy navigate through the life as he heads into the ninth grade at a very young age. His idea to make the bowtie trend fails as he alienates not only the students but the teachers, by questioning their credentials and calling out wardrobe violations.

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The promo also featured a sweet moment between Sheldon and his father, played by Lance Barber, with whom we know Sheldon has a difficult relationship with, alongside several sibling rivalry moments with his twin sister Missy and brother, George Jr.

The Big Bang Theory actor Parsons spoke about his new show, which he will also serve as executive producer. “Iain is just really special,” he told Entertainment Tonight ahead of CBS’ Upfront presentation at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Most popular: Young Sheldon trailer: First look at Big Bang Theory spin-off featuring Sheldon’s origin story

The 44-year-old continued, “We saw lots and lots of tapes and we saw lots of auditions and there’s something about Iain that just popped immediately. There was no denying it as soon as you saw his face and he handles the language well and he memorises easily, and the biggest thing of all is he’s just an excellent actor. I don’t know how.”

Armitage also spoke about taking on Parson’s character and revealed to ET, “We sort of buddied together and sometimes it would range from stuff like, 'Say this line a little differently because Sheldon would think of it differently.’ 'Don’t smile.’”

From Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro and Jim Parsons, this new comedy follows the life of a young Sheldon Cooper as he navigates childhood in a small town Texas family.

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If you haven’t watched the early airing of Beta, spoilers below:

That was a great episode! Lots of cute moments and some Gem lore! I’m going to breakdown the new information we got from this episode

I will be talking alot about the Kindergartens, for ease I will refer to them as KG’s, BKG = Beta Kindergarten (the one showed in this episode, Jaspers KG) PKG = Prime Kidergarten (Amethyst’s KG)

Jasper was made on earth

 in yesterdays episode ‘Bismuth’ we learned Rose was made on earth too and we already knew Amethyst was. Earth must have the prime conditions for Quartz’ specifically.

to dispute a theory real quick: since ‘Bismuth’ aired people have been saying Rose lied about being made on Earth because shes a ‘old’ Gem. Being made on Earth doesn’t mean she was made right before the rebellion. I say it took hundreds or thousands of years for Homeworld to make the progress on Earth that they did before the rebellion happened. Remember “Rome wasn’t build in a day”, the Earth colony wasn’t either.

Beta Kindergarten isn’t as good as the PKG

It is made of sandstone (Peridot; “it will do in a pinch) it’s small for a KG, the holes are randomly placed and don’t line up.

The PKG is a well thought out KG

Peridot said that the PKG was a great KG. And that even though Amethyst emerged 500 years late, that the conditions was stacked in her favor for being made there. in ‘Bismuth’, Bismuth mentioned that not all Quartz can make a whip like Amethysts’ and was impressed, maybe the conditions at the PKG is why she has a good weapon?

Homeworld was desperate for soldiers

The BKG was rushed because in the middle of the rebellion HW needed more soldiers.

Peridots statement on that disproves the theory that HW doesn’t tell new Gems about the rebellion. I don’t think they tell them about the Corruption Bomb though 

Things we learned about Jasper

Jasper's exit hole is perfect, so perfect that Peridot, a certified Kindergartner, has never seen such a perfect hole. And Peridot says she’s the ultimate Quartz. 

Other things we learned:

  • Peridot ripped the bowtie off the alien she won in ‘Too Short to Ride’ and now wears it
  • Peridot and Lapis like to make meepmorp (art)
  • Lapis now likes Camp Pining Hearts
  • Peri said her tape recorder art makes her feel sad, she still misses it
  • Peridot is getting better at moving things with her mind
  • They have done alot to the barn
Something possibly curious

Ah yes, another piece of interesting, wild speculation from your old pal Gaslight.

Well in the latest leaks from “Beta” there is something that an awful lot of the fandom has picked up on, and has even been put into more arts than I can count.

Peridot is wearing the bowtie from the smol alien plush she had xD

Well I was just doodling and has a little thought…

What if she’s wearing a bow to copy Pearl?

I mean, not in a mocking way, but moreso in an endearing way. An almost admiration.

It seems remote, I know, but think about it, We’ve had one major confrontation between Peri and Pearl, the robot fight right when they only just got to the Barn. You remember what that small tiff was about? Pearl, and her place in the world. Pearl was adamant about who she was, not just a pretty decoration, but her own gem with goals, admiration, aspirations… A life…

Do you know how that might seem to Peri? of course, we know Pearl actually isn’t all that confident in her own ability, but Peridot hasn’t witnessed Pearl showing that, all she’s seen is how much of a grasp on herself Pearl showed during that confrontation. And to Peri, that might very well be what she wants to achieve.

Peri is a complete alien to Earth, both metaphorically and literally, and while she knows quite a bit more than your average Homeworld gem about the Earth, she also knows an astounding amount less than the other Gems, and she knows this. Peri doesn’t have too much of a grasp on herself, because she tore herself from the place she called home for reasons I don’t think she quite fully comprehends herself yet, to live with a group of strangers who, in her eyes, were SUPPOSED to shatter her, but ended up showing her compassion that she wasn’t aware people or gems had. My point being that Peridot is still very VERY out of her element. She could try and relate with Lapis, but they come from homeworlds millenia apart, that’d effectively be like a whole different place, and even then Lapis is still very introverted, and unlikely to engage in a lengthy conversation with anyone, maybe with the sole exception of Steven. Also remember that Peridot has moved from being in contact with thousands upon thousands of gems with similar beliefs, mindsets, and likely even appearence, to a group of stange rebels who all think uniquely and differently… It must feel very isolating to her, to go from millions of people to talk to, to just a handful… I think that lack of knowledge, lack of communication and lack of interaction, could leave Peridot feeling very… alone in the world… Very unaware of her place. So she does the one thing that, honestly most people do, she begins to try and emulate the actions, behaviour and Personality, of the person she sees as having it the most together. the one whom has the most stable, knowledgeable and happy life, atleast from her perspective. Pearl.

(She also seems very fascinated by Pearl’s bow in that picture x3)

Dear Matt Smith, Doctor Eleven, My Doctor:

Thank you. Thank you for all the bowties and the fezes and the cowboy hats and the fish fingers and custard. Thank you for Sexy and River and Amy and Rory and Clara. Thank you for all of it. All the monsters, the good times, the bad, the companions, and the adventures. Actually, especially thank you for the adventures.

Doctor Who had such a special place in my heart as the show that stopped me from killing myself and you, Matt as Eleven, especially. You are my Doctor, the Doctor that was scary when he was angry, bouncy when he was happy, and totally cool. Whenever I’ve gotten sad, or into that place again, I knew the thing to do was turn on an episode of Doctor Who and watch my favorite bowtie wearing alien zoom across time and space and I could be happy again.

I can remember going home and bawling my eyes out the day I found out you were regenerating. And well, here we are, 20 minutes from the episode and I’m still not ready to see you leave. 

So thank you Matt Smith for three whole seasons of happy memories and that ability to make me smile even in the darkest of times. I’m going to miss you so much. 

Goodbye you raggedy man, I’ll remember you.