an affair to remember

Don’t ever kiss Cary Grant. He tickles! During many of poignant love scenes in An Affair To Remember I had a terrible time keeping a straight face. Cary was supposed to hold me tenderly but each time he put his strong arms around me, he would give me a little tickle under the ribs. This would start me giggling like a school girl, but Cary kept it up until I was almost exhausted. We were the despair of the director and the cameraman.

Each time I’d screw up my face and take a deep breath because that would prevent me from laughing. Somehow we managed to get through all but the final love scene. Director Leo McCarey said, “Now in this one, Deborah, I want you to show all the tenderness you feel for this man. Okay,” he said to the crew, “roll ‘em”. I held my breath, but I could feel Cary put his arms around me tighter and then, in pure mischief, he started to slide his hand toward my ribs. Very slowly. I knew the tickle was coming. But when! It was a torture! But I held on so hard, that the tears came to my eyes. Finally, the director said, “Cut!” then he turned to me and said, “Deborah, that was wonderful.”

But I was so exasperated with my leading man that I didn’t realize I had just been paid a compliment. Instead, in a high shrill voice I said: “For heavens sakes, Cary, will you tickle me and get it over with?”

- Deborah Kerr (via


An Affair To Remember. Did you ever see it? Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. She’s gonna meet him at the top of the Empire State Building… only she got hit by a taxi. And he waited and waited. And it was raining, I think. And then… she’s too proud to tell him… that she’s, uh… [starts to cry] crippled. And he’s too proud to find out why she doesn’t come. But he comes to see her anyway. I forget why, but, oh… Oh, it’s so amazing when he comes to see her because… [crying more] he doesn’t even notice that she doesn’t get up to say hello. And he’s very bitter. And you think that he’s just gonna walk out the door… and never know why she’s just lying there, you know, on the couch… with this blanket over her shriveled little legs. [sobbing] Suddenly he goes, “I already sold the painting.” And he like goes to the bedroom… and he looks and he comes out and he looks at her and he kind of just… They know and then they hug. And it’s so… [trails off crying]

Rita Wilson in “Sleepless in Seattle” [x]