an adventure in rockport


Time for a big post of all the TAZ arc fanart I did in order, for fun! 

If you guys haven’t listened to The Adventure Zone, treat yourself a go listen to it! I really love the podcast, the characters, the storytelling and the humor are just so wonderful! 

this good good arc brought us Jenkins and Angus McDonald and I feel personally blessed. also that whole town of tom bodetts (which i totally tried to fit but couldn’t really work in). i struggled a bit with the composition for this one, as it feels a bit stiff, but it is what it is.

Prophecy Fulfillment
  • Magnus: I'm Magnus the Hammer.
  • Jess: What was it? Magnus the HAMMER??
  • Magnus: Magnus the Hammer.
  • Jess: ...ok... is 'the Hammer' your last name?
  • Magnus: Is 'the Beheader' YOUR last name?
  • Jess: Legally yes, I had it changed.
  • Magnus: Me too!
  • Merle: Actually Magnus is his STAGE name. His real name is Diddly.
  • Magnus: listen guys we just blasted a giant crab I think we're past the point of fake names.
  • Merle: I DON'T THINK SO.
  • Magnus: Well I do!
  • Travis: Magnus is making a unilateral decision.
  • Griffin: I just want to say that when I was writing this mystery chapter how certain I was that the three of you were not going to be capable of introducing yourselves to the characters I was creating. And you have fulfilled that prophecy with flying colors.