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Philippe Myers - Lowkey Love

A protective Phillipe myers one where yore best friends but are lowkey flirty and his team mates tease you both about it but some new one doesn’t know so he flirts with you and then Phillipe intervenes and the truth comes out that he likes you and it’s super cute

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The night had started off like any normal night: hanging out with your best friend Philippe, and as usual, he wanted to go out.

Philippe loved pizza more than Sidney Crosby loved winning the Stanley Cup so of course, that meant going to the best pizza place around for dinner.

“Thanks for coming with me (Y/n/n).” The Canadian, happily bounced as you walked into the local, family owned pizzeria.

"I don’t know where else I’d be, ya big doof.” You laughed.

Philippe smirked slightly, “Thats right,” he paused, “you don’t have any other friends.”

"Hey!” You swatted his arm playfully as he scowled jokingly.

Philippe led you to a table, and being the gentle man he is, pulled a chair out for you. “Malady.” He teased.

You laughed at his actions as he sat down across from you.

"Before I go and order, what kind of pizza would you like?” Phillipe asked quickly, anxious to get his food.

"I am offended that after over 10 years of friendship, you don’t know my favourite kind of pizza.” You lifted your hand to your heart in mock sadness as Philippe stood from his chair backing away slowly and laughing. “I doubt Auston Matthews would treat me this way.”

"Yeah yeah, I’m a terrible friend.” He said while smiling slightly. “I’m just going to get a large meat lovers, cool?”

"Absolutely.” You swatted him away to order.

A tall man walked towards your table, where you sat furiously playing candy crush on your phone.

"What’s a beautiful woman like you sitting here all alone?” His voice caused you to drop your phone from shock. “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you Miss uh-”

”(Y/n).” You said smiling as you picked up your phone. “I’m just waiting for a friend, and don’t sweat it, I drop my phone all the time.”

“Really?” The man asked incredulously.

"It’s a gift, Mr.-”

"Aidan.” He replied smiling. “I definitely drop my phone all the time too.” He laughed.

"No way!” You giggled.

Philippe could hear your laugh from a mile away. It was one of the things he loved most about you, so he was basically programmed to hear it.

Immediately it made him smile, thinking that you were watching cat videos on your phone to pass time, like you always did, but when he looked back to see you with a stranger, who just so happened to be a cute guy, his heart dropped.

He had only begun to realize now how hard he had fallen for you these past couple of months. The things you always did that he had never noticed before or thought of as cute, became entirely clear.

Whenever you laughed, your nose would crinkle up and your smile would light up the room. He remembered you saying that when you were thinking, you liked to put a pencil behind your ear because ‘it made you feel smarter,’. Whenever you’re scared, you grab onto his hand for security because you feel safe around him. He loves the feeling of your hand in his, but he had never realized how that feeling of warmth he got from being around you was love.

"Large meat lovers.” The man at the front called out, snapping Philippe out of his daze. He payed for the pizza and began to walk back to your table with fire in his eyes.

"Excuse me.” Philippe coughed as he reached the table. “You’re in my seat.” His voice was cold and stern causing the man in front of him to stand abruptly.

“I’m extremely sorry man.” Aidan looked at Philippe apologetically. “Is this your friend (Y/n)?”

“Yeah.” You murmured, feeling anxious as your best friend set the pizza onto the table and sat down huffing. “Philippe this is Aidan. Aidan this is Philippe .”

“Nice to meet you.” Aidan extended his hand to Philippe, which he did not except, only glaring at the man.

“Wish I could say the same about you.” Your eyes widened at his words.

“I can sense that I’m not wanted here.” Aidan said as he pulled out a pen and got a napkin, scribbling something down.

“Glad you got the message.” Philippe stated bluntly, which startled you further.

“Here’s my number (Y/n).” Aidan handed you the napkin. “Call me sometime.”

The man quickly walked out of the pizzeria as Philippe huffed in annoyance again.

“Like hell you will.”

“What in the world has gotten into you?” You slapped his arm forcing him to drop the piece of pizza that he was bringing to his mouth. Gulping slightly, Philippe’s eyes lightened.

“I am so sorry (Y/n). I-” His words seemed so desperate that you began to smile. Philippe was jealous, and there was no denying it.

“You were so jealous.” You cut him off.

“Wait. You’re not mad.” The look on his face was priceless.

“Of course not. It was kind of cute.”

“You think so?” A smile lit up on his face.

“Absolutely you doofus. You’re adorable when you’re jealous.”

“I was going for hot, but adorable will do.” You giggled at his remark.

“Oh believe me. You are pretty hot.”



The spiffy photo of Mark posted earlier accompanied this interview with him in Out magazine back in 2010 where he talked about his “capital highlights” including the best (and worst) sides of London, recommended tourist attractions, dog-walking spots and the restaurant where he had his first date with Ian (d'aww).

(As usual, screencapping to avoid crossposting.)

Nnnnffffffffgggnnnn I don’t like it.

I mean it’s fine.  It’s… perfectly serviceable as a ship.  There’s nothing… overtly terrible about it, in its basic conception.

I just can’t bring myself to find it interesting in its more modern and most common iterations.  I feel nothing from their chemistry.  At all.

Which sucks because I actually kind of dug their Silver Age incarnations, you know, with Dick being the adorable younger doofus with the precocious crush and Babs being the older more mature and responsible adult woman who thought his interest was flattering but wasn’t really into him and was just kind of like, “Lol ur cute, get back to me in ten years kiddo.”

When they drug it back up from comics history in the nineties they erased the age difference and basically everything I found interesting about them so now they’re just kinda of… boring and lackluster to me.

At least when the writers aren’t being completely 100% terrible about pushing it, via shitting on Kory and Dick’s relationship with her AND his Titans history in general AND his characterization AND basic Bat-history and I better stop there before I go into a rant.

And that kind of editorial bias just doesn’t exist in the reverse, like, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a DC writer deliberately denigrate Babs to favor Kory, at most they just don’t really mention her so yes I am just a teensy bit testy when it comes to Dick and Babs because I get enough stupid misogynistic Die For Our Ship crap from the fandom I don’t need it from the source material too, thank you very much.

So yeah.  I don’t really care for them and I tend to ignore it as a ship.


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caramelstroopwafel  asked:

so I hear ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) that you are into bnha now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) andyour fav character is toshinori ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) tell me about him, no holding back

Oh wow okay. I’m gonna do something similar to what you did with Reborn just because. So.


All Might/Toshinori is, in a single statement, an ADORABLE DOOFUS. I would compare him to someone if I could, but honestly he’s such a different cut of “mentor-character” that I can’t really think of someone else. (There are a few, but they still don’t give quite the same vibe - either because of poor execution, short role in story, or intrinsic differences)

A huge thing that I love about Toshinori is how he is a character with a health issue. Maybe it’s because I have health issues myself, but he’s, so, EARNEST. “Debilitating health problem brought about by near-death experience that has cut my ability to be a hero significantly? Oh well, time to go do my hero duties!” He’s so virtuous but in a way that doesn’t grate on my nerves or feel like a reach, like in the usual storylines.

He’s just, nope, don’t care, “oops I just coughed blood BWAHAHA NO BIGGIE I CAN STILL PUNCH MY FOES TO THE MOON JUST GIVE ME A SEC.” And then he’s also quiet, with features that look downright terrifying and dimensions that look like they could cut you (LITERALLY, THE CHIN, I’VE SEEN POINTY ANIME CHINS AND I LOVEH OW IT’S DONE HERE BUT FOR A CHARACTER THAT HAS A REASON TO HAVE A POINTY CHIN + SALLOW CHEEKS).

Underline, DORK. Look at how he is!!! He’s so startled from Izuku’s friends entering that he jumps and coughs blood. Goes from American Hero bravado to quiet sickly guy that fades into the background and tries to stay in the background. There are flexible characters in the figurative sense, and then there is Toshinori, who is literally on both sides of the goddamn spectrum while still being the same person. I LOVE IT.


(Note: from here on out it’s not just Toshinori/All Might, it’s also the friendship he has with Deku)

I’ve honestly never seen two characters with such a dynamic relationship that effortlessly makes so much sense. And these two, they are a comedy skit. A SIDE-SPLITTING, ADORABLE COMEDY SKIT. I mean really, once-fanboy-turned-protege, and once-idol-turned-mentor/dad. Neither are the type for being the serious/broody one, or even the loud-mouthed violent one (these roles are more or less filled by Todo-broski and Baku-ho, the rivals, ironically enough) WHICH LEAVES THESE TWO AS THE ABSOLUTE DORKS. 


*coughs* Toshinori shows so much concern for Deku. I mean I know he’s his successor but, it’s just, so ENDEARING? His reaction is so PURE, so SURPRISED, so DIFFERENT from the usual Cool Indifference/”I’m a fucking badass that will have my moment and then be forgotten later” mentors in the usual shounen genres. Toshinori is an adorable man-child/father that totally dads Izuku.

Just… LOOK at the regret on his face. MIDORIYA’S HEART-BREAKING WORDS, TOSHINORI’S LOOK OF REGRET AND “I DUN FUCKED UP,” GOOD GOD. And they’re both so goddamned pure-hearted it physically HURTS. GGUUGH

LOOK AT THESE TWO. LOOK AT THOSE SMILES. They weren’t standing in the same room or within a couple meters of each other, Deku was in an ARENA, Toshinori was in the STANDS, THEY MADE EYE-CONTACT AND IT WAS LIKE “HELL YEAH I FUCKING DID IT ARE YOU PROUD DAD” WHILE TOSHINORI WAS LIKE “MIDORIYA MY BOY YOU FUCKING DID IT I’M PROUD OF YOU SON” AND I LOVED IT, I LOVE THESE FUCKING DORKS. (…I mean I guess with less swearing, since, Katsuki is so heavy on the swears that he probably has a patent on them or something, and liberal use of the word “fucking” is pretty much held solely by him)

… oh. Oh shit. I almost forgot. I HAVE to include this, because the implications destroy me (the reasons for which are PRETTY DAMN OBVIOUS WHAT WITH HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE IDIOTS)

THIS PAGE, IT FUCKING DESTROYED ME. I was all happy, reading this amazing manga, loving the characters being their badass lovable selves and these two being doofuses together, and then this. THIS. WHY. fucKING WHY.


I swear, if All Might is killed off like Kamina in TTGL was… Please. Please don’t kill him for Izuku’s character growth, these dorks don’t need to suffer.

*gross sobbing in a corner*

So, yeah. My thoughts on Toshinori. … That. *coughs*

msbeeinmybonnet  asked:

Your taste in movies is so DEEP, man. If I didn't already know you're an adorable doofus I'd feel intimidated. Do you still like us dorks who live on rom-coms and children's movies? (。̪•́ .̫ •̀。✿)

Is it that bad? (。・ ~ ・。”) I never considered my taste in movies deep - if one takes a closer look at it it’s just me going deep into the filmography of my favourite actors ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ They’re also mostly contemporary, so it doesn’t earn me enough points in artsy-fartsy circles, but yes, when I make someone watch my favourites on a family movie night or sleepover they might end up crying and/or having an existentional crisis, which can get awkward?

I love blockbusters, but they don’t stay with me (except for the biggest blockbuster in the galaxy… you know the one :’D). I prefer indie movies because they really help me with my writing - I tend to picture my fics as movies, and consider the colour scheme and where the camera would be and the music and the mood aaand it’s one of the reasons I’m very dialogue-focused.  

However, I firmly believe that no taste is suprerior - so don’t feel intimidated! 
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The incuBEST Halloween (Sam x Mika/reader)

So you decided to write a Halloween seduce fanfic about my favorite incubus Sam. I’ve officially contributed my role in the seduce me fandom. I might do a smut continuation. Maybe. Possibly. Also Michaela Laws if you reading this (which I doubt you are) just wanted to say: hi
Okay I’ll shut up now…
Sam’s Pov (A/N okay, usually I don’t like switching Pov’s, but this one time i’ll make an exception)
We were waiting for the girls to come. What was taking them so long? Anyway, James decided to dress up as a prince (old habits die hard I guess), Mathew was a wizard, Damien was a vampire, Erik was a Pirate, and I was supposed to be a werewolf, not a dog. Suddenly we heard the door opening and in came Naomi and Suzu, Mika’s friends. Naomi was dressed up as a witch and Suza was a zombie
“What took you so long?” I asked
“Sorry we’re late, Mika took forever putting on her costume” explained Naomi
“Speaking of which, MIKA GET IN HERE” Suzu yelled out the door
“NO!” Mika yelled back, causing me to raise an eyebrow
“Why not?” I asked back.
“Come on Mika you look great!” Naomi encouraged.
“Like I said:NO! I don’t want Sa- the boys to see me like this.”
By ‘the boys,’ I could tell she was referring to me. I heard her groan
“Why did I let you talk me into this.”
“Oh come on princess,” Erik cooed, “it can’t be that bad”
“You say that because you can’t see me!”
“Just get in here doofus i’m sure you look fine.” I said.
She sighed. “Fine, just don’t laugh okay.” She emerged from behind the door and…
She was dressed up as, what I think the human’s called it a ‘Neko-maid’ which was basically a human female in a maid outfit wearing cat ears and a cat tail saying things like ‘master’ and ‘nyah’.
The whole thing kinda sounded dumb to me but seeing her now…
She was wearing a green maids out fit, black ears and a black tail,knee high kitty socks i’ve seen uh couple other people wear and one of those choker necklace things with a bell attached. All this tied together with a blush on her cheeks.
“Well?” she asked bashfully.
“Amazing.” said Mathew
“Interesting choice, miss.” Said James
“So cute princess~” said Erik
Mika smiled a bit and looked to me.
I blushed and looked away.
You look so fucking adorable doofus I thought to myself
“You look good.”
“His exact thoughts are ‘You look so fucking adorable doofus’.” Said Damien, making me whip my head back to glare at him.
“Stop reading my thoughts!” I growled
Mika giggled a bit (making her even more cute) making me look back at her I could see a mischievous smirk paint her face before she looked back at me
“Thank you sam Senpai.” she said in a sweet voice before winking at me. I blushed and looked down, glaring
That teasing doofus
I looked back up at her to see her looking me over. I had ripped jeans with a wolf tail, Brown fur covered shoes, A ripped plaid shirt,fake claws, fake fangs and wolf ears.
“Werewolf?” she said.
“THANK YOU!” I practically yelled looking back at me brothers
My outburst caused Mika to giggle again. I willed myself to keep whatever little control I had.
“Well, should we get going?” asked Naomi
“Yeah, I wanna get candy!” said Mathew
“I wanna scare people.”
“Then what are we waiting for?” asked Mika, “Let’s go!”
“Right behind you!” called Suzu, and everyone followed her out the door.

Your/Mika’s Pov
We had gone to a couple houses for trick or treating. Granted we got a few strange looks from some people, probably because we were all adults and we were out trick or treating but I didn’t really care. Neither did the boys seem to either. They most likely had no idea trick or treating was for kids. Probably because I didn’t tell them~. Cruel? Maybe. But everyone deserves to at least go trick or treating at least once in their life. Demon or not.
Eventually we passed by a haunted house, which sam stopped to gawk at.
“Oh cool, i’ve heard about these.” He said, turning back to us with an evil grin “We have to go in!”
“I don’t know sam,” said Matthew, sheepishly “Do we have to?”
He smirked at his younger brother
“What, are you a scaredy cat or something?”
No, but I am I thought to myself. I didn’t see it out loud though. 1. Because Sam said this would be his favorite part of Halloween and he’s always wanted to go in one. Ever since he found out that they existed. And 2. I just knew someone (If not Sam) would comment on the Neko maid costume. Why did I decide to wear this again?
“Sam, maybe you should consider how Mika feels about the situation.” said Damien. I remembered he could read my mind.
Sam turned to me, taking on a more considerate expression. I must have been pretty pale, because looking at the haunted house I suddenly felt overwhelmed.
“Doofus, you gonna be okay?” he said to me, “We don’t have to, if you don’t want to.”
I smirked and turned back to him with a smirk on my face and a feeling of determination.
“Puh-lease, I can handle it.” I said with a newfound confidence. “I bet i’ll go through the whole thing with the expression of a brick.” Sam smirked.
“Is that so Doofus?”
“It is so.”
Suzu laughed our attempt at flirting
“Well, if that’s the case maybe you 2 nerds should go in together.” she said.
“Yeah! If Mika gets scarred, you can protect her, sam.” Suggested Naomi
“Or vise versa.”
Sam chuckled and put an arm around my shoulders.
“Yeah right doofus.”
“Well what are you two waiting for? We’ll be waiting for you guys when you come out.” said Matthew
Sam looked to me.
“You ready?”
“Ready when you are…” I suddenly felt a bit mischievous, so after I said that I also tagged on, “Master. Nyah~”
Sam blushed, momentarily stunned. I took the chance to walk ahead to the haunted house, hands behind me back, tail swaying, and I silently thanked Naomi and Suzu for forcing me to where this.
He shook his head and jogged to catch up to me, and with that, we both went in.

Sam’s Pov
The haunted house was pretty average. It was kinda scary I guess, but I’ve seen scary. Suddenly I realized that Mika was no longer by my side.
“Mika?” I said, turning my head around, Suddenly a bit more scarred. “Mika?”
“BOO!” I heard someone yell behind me, scaring the living shit out of me. I turned around to see Mika laughing at her own prank. I sighed
“There you are doofus.” I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me, kissing the top of her head.
“Don’t do that, you really scarred me.” I knew she could handle herself, but I still wanted to be protective. Plus, this counted as my revenge for her teasing earlier.
“Sorry.” she relaxed in the embrace, and lingered in my arms. Eventually she pulled back and grabbed hold of my arm,
“Come on, I have to show you something cool!” SHe said, sounding very excited. I smirked (for like the 6th time tonight) and decided to humor her
“Alright, lead the way doofus.”
She smiled and dragged me by my arm to a group of book shelves and placed me in front of one of them.
“Alright, now what did you want to show me?” I asked, turning back to her. My expression hardened as I saw her turned away from me.
“Mika? What’s wrong?”
She hesitated a moment before responding to me.
She turned around, blushing her tone dripping with nervousness
“Now that we’re alone I want to tell you something. Something I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time.”
“Y-Yeah?” I was shaking, wondering what it could possibly be she needed to tell me.
I shivered at the sound of her using my real name.
“I…I” suddenly she turned around and flipped a switch I didn’t notice before
“HA!” she yelled
Suddenly the ground beneath me vanish and I fell into a room, a huge air mattress breaking my fall. The room was full of bloody skeletons and it was pretty terrifying. Meanwhile, Mika was laughing up a storm.
“MIKA!” I yelled in fury
“Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself! You would’ve done the same.” She said
I growled up at her. She smiled apologetically down at me.
“I’m sorry. Are you mad at me?”
I didn’t answer her. She reached hand down to me, the room wasn’t that big.
“Let me help you up.” she said. Yeah right, like she could lift me up. I decided to humor her, giving her my hand. I was surprised when she actually managed to pull me up. I was even more surprised when I’d managed to land on top of her, my arms on either side of her head. I looked down at her as she looked up at me. This kind of reminded me of the first time Mika and I ever kissed. She fell off the roof, I caught her, and she landed in my lap. It was just like now, only vise versa.
“Heh, when did you get so strong?” I said.
She shrugged in response. I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to have to punish you later for that.”
“Can’t wait.”
I smirked before planting a subtle kiss on her neck, causing a shiver to run through her body.
Eventually, we got up off of eachother and I helped her to her feet. Before we left, I broke that lever so no one else would fall down that hole.
“Oh and sam?” I turned back to her. She sneakily kissed my lips, stunning me.
“I really am sorry. You still mad at me?” she said with big sad eyes, letting out a very sad, “Nyah.” I sighed and pressed my forehead against her’s
“You know I can’t stay mad at you doofus.”

Your/Mika’s Pov
With a hop a skip and a few jump scares later, we finally exited the haunted house.
“So, you get scared at all?” Sam asked me.
“Pssh,” I responded. “It wasn’t that bad.”
Suddenly a fake clown jumped out of a garbage can and let out a nightmarish screech
Next thing I know: i’m in Sam’s arms. Shaking. The clown had run off.
“All the emotion of a brick huh?”
“Shut up.”
He wrapped his arms around me, and comforted me. I hated clowns. Ever since I was a kid. Nothing really personal, they were just hella creepy.
I felt safe in his arms, and he didn’t let me go until I stopped shaking. He leaned his looked me in my eyes with his hands still around me.
“You alright?”
I nodded and pulled away from his embrace. I spotted our friends and started walking toward them and looked back at Sam.
“You coming?” I asked him
“I’ll be there in a minute. First I’ve got to go find that clown and beat the living shit out of him for scaring you.”
Before I could tell his otherwise, he was already off to avenge me. I giggled and headed back to my group.
“So how was it?” asked Damien
“Pretty awesome.” I said. James looked around and sighed
“And where is Sam?”
“He went to go beat up a clown who jumpscared me” I answered. He pinched the bridge of his nose
“Of course why not?” He said
“Aaaaw!” said Namoi “How romantic!”
“Hey giiiirl~” I heard someone say behind me. One was a robot, the other was a Skeleton.
“Wanna play with me joystick?” The robot one said to me
“E-EXCUSE ME?” I half yelled
“You heard him. But if you’re not interested in him, maybe you’d be interested in playing with my bones, kitty~” said the skeleton. It was then that I decided to politely tell them I wasn’t interested ,and to leave me alone.
“Fuck off.”
“Ooh~ kitty playing hard to get?” Said the Skeleton
“That or she’s just a lesbo.” added the robot
“I have a boyfriend.”
“Well I don’t see him.” Said the robot
“Turn around.” said a familiar husky voice.
Both of them turned around and standing there was sam, clutching a clown wig and looking very menacing, even though he looked like a dog. Probably because he was pissed off.
“And now that you have…”
His eyes glowed gold and his voice changed into his demon tone.
With that single word, The two men who flirted with me ran for the hills. Sam looked back to me
“They give you any trouble?” he asked me. I shrugged not knowing how to respond.
“Get that clown?” I asked.
“Yep.” He tossed the clown wig in his hands to the side of him and dusted off his hands.
“You know Sam, it’s there job to scare people.” Said James
“I Know!” Retorted Sam, “I just don’t care. You scare my girl we’re going to have problems.”
“Your girl?” asked Mathew. Sam blushed at the realization of what he just said.
“Whatever, are we gonna head home or what?”
“Yeah! Naomi and I got a bunch of Halloween movies!” said Suzu
“Yep! I mainly got movies like the nightmare before christmas while Suzu was in the horror section.”
“Isn’t the a christmas movie?” asked sam.
“No, it’s a Halloween movie.” said Mathew
Before they could engage in a heated argument, Damien intergcted
“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”
I heard him say before that Halloween movies were his favorite part of Halloween. No wonder he was excited.
“Alright! Then let’s go!”

Sam’s Pov
Somehow, Mika and I had ended up being the only ones still awake. What time was it anyway? I didn’t feel tired. Probably because when we got home we’d eaten a bunch of candy. We’d watched a collection of Halloween movies, (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, ext.) Mika yawned, causing me to look down at her. She was cuddled in my chest with my arms wrapped around her.
Incase you get scared I had said. Yeah right. Mika decided to humor me though and agreed to my conditions.
“You tired, doofus?” I asked her. She shook her head ‘No’ Against my chest.
“You sure.
“…Well, maybe. But I don’t want to go to sleep just yet.”
I chuckled.
“Then what do you want to do?”
She paused for a moment, thinking.
“Wanna barter candy?” she asked. I cocked an eyebrow at her.
“What’s that?”
“I’ll explain later…” she said getting out of my arms and standing up. We were both still in our costumes because we were to lazy to take them off.
“Come on, let’s go upstairs.”
“Alright.” And with that, we both headed upstairs.
Your/Mika’s Pov
So Bartering candy is basically another word for trading candy. I explained to Sam
Then why don’t the call it ‘Trading candy’? He asked
No one knows. Just accept it.
Now we were in a heated trading war. Suddenly an idea popped into my head. Mischievous? Yes. Yes it was. What can I say? I guess I just felt a little frisky tonight.
“I’ll trade you 4 Twizzlers for 2 Reese’s.” he said. I decided to put my plan into motion
“Ok. And i’ll trade you 15 jolly ranchers for 1 pack of sour patch.”
“Okay, sounds fair. How about I’ll give you my skittles for your M&M’s.”
“Alright. But only if you throw in 3 kisses.”
“Got it.” Said Sam. he furrowed his eyebrows and scanned over his candy.
“Wait, I don’t have any k-” he blushed and looked at me as I smirked. He smirked right back.
“Oh, heh.” he placed his hand on my cheek, causing me to nuzzle into it.
“Deal.” he leaned in and placed a kiss against my lips. Sweet, loving, and protective. He pulled away.
“One.” he said in a husky tone, before leaning in again. And again, it was Sweet, loving, and protective. He pulled away.
“Two.” Before he could lean in again, I grabbed him by his shirt.
“Three,” I said before slamming my lips into his. This one was hot, heated and passionate. I pulled us back so the we were laying on top of eachother.I released my hands from his shirt and combed my hands through his hair. I felt him lightly bite my lower lip, asking for entrance. I teased him a bit before granting him entrance. Our tongues wrestled for dominance, but eventually his won. His tongue explored my mouth, and I waited until I could do the same to his.
Eventually we pulled apart, gasping for air, a string of salvia lingering from his mouth to mine. His eyes were glowing gold with desire. He leaned down and whispered in my ear,
“You must be pretty uncomfortable in that maid costume. Mind if I help you out of it?”
I giggled, “as long as I can do the same for you.”
I don’t know why, but I took the chance to nip at his ear, causing him to shiver. I remembered what he had said earlier,
I’m going to have to punish you later for that. He had said.
“Are you going to punish me now…Master?” I said, hoping he’d remember. He blushed and stared down at me in surprise. He remembered it perfectly.
“You gonna keep calling me that?” he asked.
“Maaaaaaaaaaybe~” I teased. He smirked evilly.
“In that case…” In an instant, he nipped at the sweet spot at my neck, causing me to let out a loud moan.
“…I’ll have to make you scream that tonight.”
I couldn’t think of anything kinky or sexy to say so I just purred.
“Would you like that…kitty?” I nodded.
He started to enthrall me causing me to moan once again.
“Well then…” he changed his voice to his demon tone and smirked lustfully down at me
“Let’s get started.”
I could tell this would be the sweetest thing i’ve tasted all night~

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i miss the heart shaped hair poof and the Dimple and soft smiles

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i miss the brightest smile with the wattage to match the power of the sun

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I??? Miss?? Watching him act??? and turn his head so GOOD?

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i miss watching him single out fans to make them feel appreciated and loved because he appreciates and loves the fans so much

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I miss watching him be a smug little bastard knowing exactly how sexy he is

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i miss watching him noodle about like the most adorable curly haired doofus who ever doofed

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PLEASE he loves his BUNS, HUNS

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….stop…..i miss them….

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my very favorite…

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most special…

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gorgeous from the bottom of his hear to the tips of his toes…

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Lord Dame Sir Harry Elizabeth Styles. 

   ((Ricks at the Bar, mostly including the Ricks I rp as (Evil Rick @evilneverfeltsoalive, C-137 of course, and D-99 @sealteamricksfinest) plus adorable Doofus Rick <3 because why not))

@redthreads replied to your photoset “agents-mulder-scully-touchstoned: “Doc Holliday. The Doc Holliday?!”…”

Yooo… so with you on this. I didn’t want to like this show so much… or him. But then… yup, happened.

The entire main cast is just… so attractive? And Doc is such an adorable doofus sometimes? 

I can’t tell if I love him or Wynonna more. She’s like Jessica Jones done country-style. Down to the leather jackets.

*clears throat* 

We need to talk about Hinny engaging in PDA

  • So their first kiss Harry’s just caught up in the moment, he doesn’t stop to think long enough to be embarrassed
  • this is a total one off the silly is so scared of Ron that Ginny has to initiate EVERYTHING they do when they aren’t on their own
  • Even holding hands
  • Ginny has zero qualms about PDA
  • she has an awesome bf and he is HERS and she is more than happy to remind any/everybody about this fact
  • Even her brothers
  • Especially her brothers
  • Ron won’t leave her alone about something?  She literally grabs Harry by the front of his shirt and glues her lips to his
  • “Sorry Ron I can’t really talk right now”
  • Naturally Harry is terrified by this behavior
  • “Ginny we can’t continue to date if I am DEAD because your brothers have MURDERED me”
  • But of course he secretly loves that Ginny is so proud of their relationship
  • And gradually, as the magically enlarged slugs Fred and George promised continue to not show up in his bed, Harry gets more comfortable holding hands kissing picking Ginny up and physically putting her on his lap
  • It’s soon his go-to form of revenge when Ron and Hermione make him feel like a third wheel
  • Or when he sees some bloke hitting on Ginny at the Leaky Cauldron
  • They’re famous among the Harpies for their post-match celebration
  • They become the parents whose kids are embarrassed by them LITERALLY ALL THE TIME because “Dad you’re too old to be kissing Mum like that in public!”
  • And Harry is normally a very private person, but he doesn’t mind everybody knowing how much he loves Ginny
  • Hinny PDA literally all the time because they’re both so happy that this adorable doofus is theirs and they want everyone to know


This thing has been stuck in my head for a few days now and I’ve really been fighting with it! If you don’t know who this is, let me tell you, this is Mohn, he is a minor character in Pokemon Sun and Moon who is there as a NPC to run an optional little side-game-esque thing called Pokemon Pelago which I guess is sort of like Neko Atsume for the Pokemon in your box? Idk, I actually haven’t used it much yet, but here’s the thing, this “Mohn” has a whole lot more to him than just being some guy who runs a Poke-Play-Park on some deserted island (because it is made quite clear in the game over and over that there are no other humans here) (One might also wonder why this guy has decided to live on a desert island, but more on that later). It is revealed through the game that he is in fact the father of two of the games major characters: Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life), and Gladion (super adorable bundle of angst who needs to accept the fact that I am in fact his friend not just a random acquaintance) and the husband of their mother, the main antagonists, President of the Aether Foundation: Lusamine (scary hyper controlling manipulative lady if you call Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) ugly one more time I’m pulling out my Reaper edgelord shotguns). FURTHERMORE, he was the one who originally confirmed the existence of the Ultra Wormholes and the Ultra Beasts which Lusamine spends the entire game neurotically trying to get a hold of the entire game.

But here’s the kicker: according to Gladion in the post game, after discovering the Ultra Wormholes and Ultra Bests, his father, Mohn, disappeared into an ultra wormhole. This is apparently what caused Lusamine’s hysterics: abusing her children, and potentially destroying the world in order to open the wormholes, find the ultra beasts and get her husband back! Of course she later seems to have gone completely insane and only cared about the Ultra Beasts themselves. But this is the point…Lusamine went insane and did all those terrible things (including hurting and calling ugly Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) because her husband got lost in an Ultra Wormhole…ONLY HE DIDN’T GET @#$%ING LOST IN AN ULTRA WORMHOLE BECAUSE HE’S SITTING ON A TROPICAL BEACH AS WE SPEAK PROBABLY MUNCHING ON A SPICY MALASADA OR SOMETHING!!!

So, is this the answer? Professor Mohn is just an asshole who abandoned his darling family, including Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) to chill the bachelor life on a deserted island?…Or is there something more to this? Why a desert island, for one? Why even stay nearby? If Mohn was going to fly the coup on his family, couldn’t just go to Kanto or something (like Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) does eventually causing me to cry into my fluffy signature one of a kind Alola’s first champion pillow every night)? So why does he decide to live the castaway life surrounded by the Box Pokemon of another trainer and one volleyball named Wilson (not cannon but cannon to me)? Also, add to the fact that from all accounts, Mohn was a guy who really seemed to love his family and just talking to him in Pokemon Pelago, he seems like a really great person! Well…my idea is this…what if Mohn is actually also someone else? Like…he is apparently a wormhole/space and time expert right? Well…what drove him to study these wormholes in the first place if they had only been legends before his research? Why are you the only person who he allows to learn of his existence? What makes you so special to him? Well, strap in my friends because this was all just the build up.

So here’s my theory with Mohn. He is hiding on the island because he knows that leaving he island could potentially cause a split in space and time: why? Because, there is another version of him alive, living in Alola at the time of the games. What if Mohn was actually a kid growing up on Alola at the time of Sun and Moon. Now, what happens is that later, after the wormholes have become more common, this kid, grown up and ready to take on the world, accidentally falls into one of these wormholes and ends up something like, 30-40 years in the past. Well, his first instinct of course is: oh my goodness, I need to get home…now! But unlike the future where he is from, where everyone knows about the wormholes and how they work, only a few people here even believe they exist. Mohn didn’t really pay attention much to that stuff, he didn’t really care, but now he does care: like, a lot. So what does Mohn do? He begins doing everything he can to uncover the secrets of the ultra wormholes, but to do that, he needs funding, and to get funding, he needs someplace that can fund experiments and stuff. Where does he find that? Aether foundation: boom. He becomes a scientist for Aether, but hold up, something unexpected happens, Mohn falls in love. He falls in love with someone who probably knows he really really really shouldn’t be falling in love with: like, it could cause major trouble (btw, by this point, since he had to make up a new identity in the past, he has created the alias of Mohn (probably also the most ridiculous alias you could make since you live in a Poh-keh-mohn world and you change your name to Mohn, but Mohn isn’t actually the smartest tool in the shed)). Still, when your heart says yes, the brain’s power to say no becomes vetoed, especially if the object of your affection loves you back and so: boom, Mohn gets married to Lusamine, President of the Aether foundation. Around this point, Mohn is thinking, “well I don’t know, I’m really happy here. Sure this isn’t where I though my life was going but I’m probably happier than I ever could have dreamed in my entire life,” but then Mohn realizes something. After his wife gives birth to their two kids, Gladion and Lillie, its only a matter of time before he, Mohn (or the kid who will become Mohn) is born. Furthermore, he knows, growing up as himself, that the kid who is him will likely come into contact with both of these kids and through them, Mohn himself, and suddenly, Mohn, who isn’t the same clueless kid who fell into a wormhole who knew nothing about the space time continuum, realizes that if he sticks around, he’s going to cause some major tears in the fabric of spacetime. So, he is faced with a choice: stay with his family and risk all of time and space getting ripped to pieces, or leave them despite the fact that he knows what will happen to them if he goes…ultimately, Mohn decides to leave (the universe where he stays doesn’t exist for us to be playing Sun and Moon in because it got destroyed). He fakes a disappearance into an Ultra Wormhole, leaves behind all his work, and runs away to a nearby deserted island where he can watch it all takes place. On that desert island he will wait until his kid self has fallen into the wormhole, and it is safe again to re-enter the wold and try to explain to his family what happened.

So, here’s the final question then…who is Mohn?…Well…to me, there is only one possible solution: Mohn is Hau. Now now now, I know, there are a bunch of potential problems with that theory: for one, they don’t look that much alike, but Mohn is something like 30-40 years older than Hau, and he can dye his hair, wear color changing contacts, and as far as skintone, maybe that’s more Hau’s natural color when he stays indoors hiding from the world all day instead of running around getting a tan under the hot Alolan sun. Or maybe Lusamine made him use whatever anti-aging stuff she uses on herself (it can’t be just clothes come on) and it had…well…side effect or something. The thing is, Hau actually makes sense! He’d be about the right age, his childhood directly intersects with Lillie’s (darling of darlings light of my life), which is why he would know it would be too dangerous to stay around his own family, and actually…Hau and Lusamine kind of share some…kind of awkward to watch…moments. Like, when they first meet, Hau kind of hits on Lusamine, telling her how impressive it is that she’s done all this stuff at such a young age, before he gets extremely awkward when he learns she’s 40+, and then Lusamine responds back by suggesting they go out to find him a new outfit…like, she legitimately kind of asks him out…which is weird. Like, Game Freak did not need to put that in the game, and they also didn’t need to make Mohn the guy running Pokemon Pelago. They also make an effort to make Hau really surprised when Gladion says that he (Gladion) knows Lusamine is behind Lillie’s (darling of darlings light of my life) kidnapping. Like, he makes a big deal of refusing to believe it because Lusamine is “such a nice lady.” I’m sorry, Game Freak, but you’ve two too many potentially shippy interactions between a 40+ year old lady and an 11 year old boy for me not to crane my head a little bit, but here’s the thing, what if Hau and Lusamine were the same age? Doesn’t it kind of imply that as two people with such compatible personalities (Hau gives out compliments in droves and Lusamine loves getting complimented) that since, even with the age gap, they seem strangely drawn to one another, that if they were the same age, they would literally and physically be all over each other?! Plus if anyone was going to accidentally fall into a wormhole and end up 30-40 years in the past, it would be our Malasada loving adorable doofus of a best friend. Finally, let me make one more point. Of all the trainers on Alola, Mohn, for some reason, chooses you, the protagonist, to be allowed onto the desert island where he is hiding out. It’s almost as if he knew you were going to be in Alola, he knew who you were, and he knew he could trust you, but that’s the thing: of all the people in the game, you, the protagonist, are probably the single person who Hau trusts the most because you are his best friend. So, who does he allow on his island, you, because he knows you can help him and he trusts you not to blow his cover. And finally, Hau is the only main character who could possibly be Mohn because, every other main character is either too old or is one of Mohn’s children, and I’m not going to say Gladion is his own father because that would be creepy as all heck, and no way am I going down that road. Besides, perhaps Hau being similar to Gladion’s long lost estranged father would be a further reason why Gladion is annoyed by Hau so much. Also, the main character cannot possibly be Mohn BECAUSE THE MAIN CHARACTER IS SOULMATES WITH LILLIE (darling of darlings light of my life). So yeah, maybe not cannon, but this is a theory that personally, works for me, and it means I don’t have to go kill Mohn for abandoning Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) to a life of trial and abuse.

tl;dr: Mohn is actually Hau who fell through a wormhole and is hiding in Pokemon Pellago in order to not cause a rip in the space time continuum. It sounds ridiculous, but if you care, read the whole thing.