an admiral without ships a hand without fingers


“Seaworth had a lordly ring to it, but down deep he was still Davos of Flea Bottom”


got meme → seven quotes {3/7} 

 “I have come through rain and wrack and storm. I will not go back without doing what I came for, no matter how hopeless it may seem.”


“fire to relight the life you lost, and stones to weigh out the heavy cost” (x)


My luck. His shortened fingers patted at this chest, groping, finding nothing. The pouch was gone, and the finger bones with them. The fire took my luck as well as my sons. “The fire took it all… the fire…”

Stannis lives, he knew then. I have a king still. And sons, I have other sons, and a wife loyal and loving. How could he have forgotten? The Mother was merciful indeed.