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Lgbt+ songs list

So I know that a great thing is seeing some representation of yo self in media, so here’s a masterlist of songs with lgbt+ themes. Some of the song don’t seem lgbt+ themed themself, but are stated to be by the creators or the singer is gay. Personally as a closeted queer I love hearing songs i can relate to

Love songs(songs about a romantic/sexual relationship of some sort:

Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko

All the things she said - t.A.T.u

My boots - Lights(actually about canadians winters but sounds very gay)

The blow - Parentheses

Cliffs Edge - Hayley Kiyoko

Wherever We Are - Human Life

Beautiful day - Brett Avery

End of the world - Matt Alber(sad ballade)

Venus - Lady Gaga(sounds gay too)

Too young to be in love - Hunx and his punx

Closer, Boyfriends, Stop Desire, etc - Tegan and Sara(the duo are lesbians so they have a lot of lgbt+ love songs.

Might tell you tonight - Scissor Sisters

Let’s make love and listen from death from the above - CSS

If I Had You - Adam Lambert(probably one of the most famous ones on this list)

I’m Not Gonna To Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You - Black Kids(straight dude sings from the perspective of a lesbian)

She keeps me warm - Mary Lambert

Jenny - Studio Killers(AWESOME music video, must watch)

Girlfriend - Icona Pop(could be a bff song, but they use the term Girlfriends so)

Gay Pirates - Cosmo Jarvis

Him - Geo Louis

Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill(reccomending this to feminists)

She - Jen Foster

Sweet Girl - Nicole Dollaganger

Hood - Perfume Genius

Night Go Slow - Catey Shaw

SEE - Potions

Ghost - Halsey

Ironworks - Baths

Against the night - Child Actor

I didn’t just kiss her - Jen Foster(sounds a bit non consensual??but idk??)

Love You Anyway - Ji Nilsson & Marlene(i think Ji Nilsson has more lgbt+ songs)

Cool for the summer - Demi Lovato(some say it’s a biphobic song tho..)

I kissed a girl - Katy Perry(personally don’t like giving Katy Perry cred for making this song, since she also made the song “You’re so gay”)


Girls/Girls/Boys - Panic! at the disco

DON’T WAIT - Joey Graceffa

Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Spectrum - Boyinaband ft. Cryotic & Minx

Different - Naomi King

Define Me - Ryan Amador

Same Love - Macklemore 

It Gets better - Todrick Hall

Everyone is gay - A Great Big World

If you were gay - Avenue Q(from a musical)

It’s OK to be gay - Tomboy


Spectrum - Ryan Amador ft. Jo Lambert & Gyasi Ross

Gay Bar - Electric Six

Help Me - findingconnor(very nice song about being trans by a trans person)

My body is a cage - Arcade Fire

Transgender Dysphoria Blues - Against Me!

The Love You Have In You - Asbjørn(I think he has other lgbt+ theme songs??)

Around - Russell Elliot

She Likes Girls - Metro Station(it’s kinda like a straight dude’s perpective on lesbians/bisexual girls, but maybe you’ll like it?)

The Gay Song - Lesbian Answers

Only a girl - Gia(the music video is like a lesbian orgy fantasy of a straight dude tho..)

I don’t do boys - Elektra

Girls - Beatrice Eli

Girl or boy - Dani Shay

Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of eachother - Pansy Division


COMING OUT - Ally Hills

Spa Day - Le1f

Girls and Boys - Blur

I’m your man - Alexander Jasper(he has other songs with trans themes)

Break Free - Ruby Rose

My Body Is Not A Apology - Aston Colby

Gay Goth Scene - The hidden cameras

Pansexual - PansexyJenny(bad audio quality, super cute tho)

Gay or European - Legally Blonde(also from a musical)

Feel free to add some and please share so others see all these queer songs!!

last night I went to the first class in a trick dog course and there was a behaviourist there as well and things weren’t terrible but I have since been feeling all of those human things like shame and thinking I’d been doing everything wrong and letting my dog down

You’re Allowed to Be Angry

Alex had never wished for super hearing in her life.

She’d seen how Kara struggled with it, had noticed the looks of distaste every time she overheard something she’d rather not. And even though Alex has been a little jealous of Kara’s many abilities at several points in her life, hearing had never been one of them.

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I’m in tears… I’ve gotten so many messages from all of you and it shows me how much everyone cares even if I don’t know you. I may not have family or friends but I have you guys. I took your advice…and convinced my friends to stay alive…at least for 2 more weeks and we have to really try to get better. The one girl actually said she was thinking the same thing as me, and the other girl wasn’t too keen on the idea but she agreed. I just hope we’re doing the right thing… I love all of you. Thanks you so much for being there for me and even my friends in our darkest times.

You know, as someone who’s been in an unhealthy relationship before, this episode struck me on a personal level

I can totally see a metaphor here, the ‘lets get back together, ive changed it’ll be better this time’

Some might think this was over hyped for what they delievered, but I think it deals with such a strong level of emotion for those who can relate.

It’s actually really hard to deal with these kinds of things, Lapis said she missed Jasper, but she was still able to put an end to it.

Of course Sugar would be involved. Thank you

You can understand someone’s point of view and not agree with it.

Brought to you by the two hour long “conversation” I just had with my mother. 

I said this to her at least three times.

She still doesn’t buy it. 

anonymous asked:

Wouldn't it have been more unpredictable for OUAT if they had just followed through with King George ordering the death of David's father? Whenever this show tries too hard to come up with some "twist" they end up going against established character development and creating way too many plot holes. Honestly it would have been more of a twist if they followed their original plot set-up to its logical conclusion.

I know, right? That would have been surprising (even though I called it months ago!). For the thing to ACTUALLY BE the thing. Instead, we get more self loathing Killian when Regina’s still got a vault of stolen hearts while whining about new Robin not being HER Robin. Well, duh? Now new Robin might be evil. Well done, Your Majesty.

I mean, Killian’s got enough anxiety about proposing to the woman who doesn’t really like talking about feelings. In THIS episode, she said “feelings are okay, once in a while.” That is an actual thing she said. They haven’t talked about marriage or any deeper commitment beyond living together. Killian obviously wants the whole deal, but what does Emma want? We don’t know. Clearly, when he asks, she’s going to say yes, but I would much rather THAT kind of drama play out than Killian feeling guilty for a thing HE DIDN’T KNOW WAS A THING UNTIL THREE SECONDS AGO.

I… just told my mum about how I’m not feeling well after keeping it all bottled up for years…

I’m really frustrated. I don’t know. I know that everyone makes mistakes and your past is your past and people should be allowed to grow and move on and become better people. But we don’t know this girl personally and we don’t know if she actually feels bad for all of the horrible things she’s said or if she just apologized because she was getting so much negative attention for it. I mean being ignorant is one thing but she repeatedly made disrespectful tweets. Just some nasty stuff. And it’s not like she was young and stupid. She was like 20. Old enough to know better than to put that kind of stuff out there. Who tweets those kind of things. It’s disgusting. What really gets me is that Wale is a dark skinned black male and Namjoon is an Asian male and she had the most derogatory disgusting tweets about dark skinned and Asian people. It’s just shocking to me that they know her and thanked her and said they loved her. At the age of 20 you should know it’s never okay to say the things she said. It’s just not. And while she should be able to move on she shouldn’t be receiving the attention she’s getting as an army and Wale fan. She has a lot to atone for and I feel like she just wants the past to disappear. In her mind she apologized and now it should all be forgiven and never brought up again. But that’s not how the world works and that’s not how the Internet works. Maybe I’m being unfair but BTS NEVER leaves messages to individual fans. And there is a good reason for it. They have many devoted and loving fans who deserve recognition so where and when should the line be drawn. Bighit is smart and they draw it at 0. But now it’s at 1 and it’s gonna be a mess. Sorry for the rant guys I just need to get out my thoughts

TSK: So there's this semi-retired doctor working in my Urgent Care, and it's been MANY years since he last did a female pelvic exam...

Scene: Female Patient is “in the position” (feet in stirrups, nethers exposed); Doctor is seated between her thighs; Nurse is standing nearby with equipment tray.

Nurse *handing speculum to Doctor*: Here you go.

Doctor *stunned by the sight of a clear plastic speculum with built-in light, instead of the old metal torture devices models which require an external light source*: Wow! I’ve never seen one of THESE before!

Patient: *peals of laughter*

Nurse: *chokes on own tongue trying not to giggle*

Doctor: What? What’s so funn- OH! I didn’t mean… I mean… Oh.