an actual stydia kiss


12 days of stydia
    ⤷  day two:
favorite episode (3x11)


The Stydia kiss was gross?!? Have you actually seen it? You guys are so hateful. If I have to say what I think, the Stalia kisses in season 5 were way more terrible, and I’m saying it as a person that never hated Stiles and Malia together, even though I’m a Stydia shipper since the very beginning. It’s just that the kisses were not passionate and it was so obvious that the actors were just kissing for work, not feeling anything… they were not into the character, and it’s not supposed to be like that. You should be able to feel the characters’ feelings. And the Stydia kiss…. that was all another level. Their faces were so desperate, it was clear that they wanted to kiss so bad, they had wanted it for so long… there’s a moment in that kiss scene, where we see Lydia’s expression, it looks like she’s crying. But she’s crying because she’s so happy, she can’t believe he’s actually there, kissing her, finally. She finally feels loved by someone who can give her the world and make her feel appreciated, and she finally feels what we call love, after a LONG time. Why can’t you just admit the beauty of this desperate, passionate and real kiss? I mean c'mon. I guess all those people who say that this kiss is ugly and that Dylan and Holland expressions are irritated or any other shit (I think they were so into the scene that they connected in an extraordinary way) have never seen two people kissing after all the time that they wanted to but they couldn’t. I bet you’ve never seen two people that are so fucking in love with each other kiss for the first time. Well I did, and I also know what it feels like personally. I’m sorry that you don’t want to understand how beautiful that scene is, I really am.

i’m lowkey irritated that supposedly lydia “knows” stiles saved her on the lacrosse field and “knows” he killed donovan and “knows” he visited her in eichen and “knows” her friends love and care about her because like… these are potentially really significant stories that are not being told in canon -_-

i like how we all argue about all these different ships in all these different fandoms but like the one universal thing that almost everyone in every fandom agrees on is stydia like it’s that ship :))