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ouma is already a problem, but I’ll never get over little kiibo;; hang in there saihara! 


Tom was gorgeous and eloquent and wearing purple socks and best of all, he was RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME.

Other things:

He had a little tuft of hair sticking up, which makes me just itch to be able to smooth it.

The amounts of face-touching, jaw-stroking and hands - just hands - was egregious.

There was a lovely young gentleman beside us who was filming it for Radio Times, so I’m guessing we’ll get a video at some point?

No new news about S2. :(

Alistair Petrie made Tom laugh a lot, for which I am supremely grateful to him.

On Tom Hollander’s improvised molestation of him: “He didn’t even ask permission. I’m scarred for life.”

How good is this suit?! 

Purple socks.

**please forgive the absolute shit quality of these iphone photos, I didn’t bring my real camera and these are for posterity only!

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  • Secretly a hoe for it: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Openly a hoe for it: Gemini, Leo, Libra
  • Doesn't really care: Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Have I ever mentioned how I’ve ruined my life by keeping a dream journal back in 2009? 

Because I kept a journal and made it an active habit to try to remember dreams, I now am cursed with having lots of dreams all the time. I seriously don’t sleep well any given night. 

and… i’m not even sure how much context I want to give. Mostly because my dreams are absolutely stupid. But like… 

I was having someone clear out files on ‘my school computer’ and 90% of the files were just stupid gifs I saved. Some where really awesome!! But the ones that made me lose my shit in dream land, and that I have the actually ability to recreate in real life…. were…


Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in new trailers for Kong: Skull Island

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What Apollo Said: As usual, I was struck by his resemblance to his father, Poseidon. He had the same sea-green eyes, the same dark tousled hair, the same handsome features that could shift from humor to anger so easily. However, Percy Jackson did not favor his father’s chosen garb of beach shorts and Hawaiian shirts. He was dressed in ragged jeans and a blue hoodie with the words ahs swim team stitched across the front.

What Apollo Meant: Percy Jackson is so hot. Like gods damn so hot. Those turbulent sea green eyes and tousled bed hair… mmm good shit. And those cheek bones man. Meg, have you seen this kid’s jawline??? Sharper than his sword I swear to gods. If you think he’s hot now, you should see him when he’s angry. And man this kid just rocks that bad boy look, thank the gods he didn’t get his father’s sense of style. Good shit.