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Malika is from Milan, Italy. She was born from an Italian mother and a Moroccan father.

She lives in a city which is famous for fashion. With her features and height she could easily be a successful model.

“Many people from fashion industry tried to convince me to become a model. But I have other passions. I was never into fashion. I’m actually in love with hiking.

When I was 8, I entered in a Scouting group and I started to explore the nature. I often go to the mountains. I hike there alone and I don’t see any human being for days. I always do that when I feel stressed and tired.”

Malika is not scared at all to be alone in the wilderness because she learned everything about exploring the nature since her childhood.

“I feel safer in the mountains than in the city. I live in a rough neighbourhood of Milan and sometimes it’s a bit dangerous for a woman there.”

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tell us a wee bit more about yourself! 😶

Let’s see … 

- I have essentially two snacks of choice when I’m being desperately unhealthy: jalapeño kettle chips or (OR, not and - this is important) sour Haribo gummy bears. Though I recently discovered Tangfastics and man I tell you what, those fucked me right up. Gourmet™

- I just returned from a trip to England and Scotland (during which time Mr Blake brought a backpack LADEN WITH BOOKS during a hike/actual mountain climbing activity because, as he says, “I am a professional endurance athlete, babe, and you’re a person who runs a few miles a week” to which I naturally responded “what I am is HORRIBLY INSULTED you undiluted monster”)

- I wrote Youth for my best friend, whose favorite characters are Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore (I know, I KNOW, what even)

- I will occasionally write my own qualities/preferences into my story characters. For example, Hermione consistently enjoys Earl Grey with lemon in the afternoon, while Remus abhors olives

- My physical well being is often tied quite closely to my mental state. In times of severe emotional turbulence, I have been known to give myself ulcers, lockjaw, and hives (separate occasions, thank god)

- I have my best story inceptions whilst exercising (which is a thing I deFINITELY DO despite Mr Blake’s lack of confidence) but if I get stuck the quickest way to sort it out is to take a shower

- In my nightmares I am usually late for something 

- So, I am technically a Ravenclaw, but I can argue with you all day about why I’m not really a Ravenclaw (I absolutely detest authority and will fight you at any given moment, and if anything I value knowledge mostly for the purpose of emotional/psychological manipulation, sooo???), which I’ve come to realize might be what makes me a Ravenclaw but *SIGHS LOUDLY* I don’t know I’m not convinced

- I’m still incredibly jet lagged. I should be sleeping, tbh, so apologies if this is a disaster


We had such a fun day in the Peaks today! We’d planned all week to go to Wales but the weather warnings were panicking me a bit (we’re not exactly winter walking experts), so thought we’d just head to the hills rather than the mountains! So glad we did because this was so much fun.

I’ve had the best weekend with my favourite human, ultimate Sunday night blues.

@tricksnriddles “This is her fault,” Frankie announced, all in a huff, “We’re lost, and, I’m pinning the blame solely on mini-you. Someone’s gotta.” Though they were only a little way away from where their camp was set up for the night, she didn’t bother to keep her voice down– she was annoyed, and she didn’t care who in their group knew it. Conveniently ignoring her own past mistake (because it was infinitely easier to hone in on someone else’s), Frankie muttered something unintelligible before turning back to Carmen, and, as if she were asking about the weather, “Can I make the waterworks happen now? I could probably break her in five.”

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1. Not having anywhere I have to be in the morning

2. Doctor Who audiobooks

3. Reading back a few pages of a story I wrote and thinking, “… some of this is actually not bad.”

4. Hiking in the woods

5. Doggies <3

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Trever Groth Considers Mineral Ridge Hike

COEUR D'ALENE, ID - Trever Groth considered taking a hike on Mineral Ridge Sunday morning, an idea he originally dismissed due to the popularity of the hike amongst local Instagrammers & drone pilots alike.

After a conversation about the hike escalated at the breakfast table, Groth’s friends suggested that, all jokes aside, the hike might actually be an enjoyable activity.

This is breaking news and will be updated as the story develops.