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Posting this one separately as well because it’s my entry for the @kiribakuweek2k17 too~ today was a free day which considering how much else I drew for this nerd’s bd it seriously saved me haha

Hiking: Heroes Edition

Climbing Mistpeak for ‘fun’

Sparrow: Always ten feet ahead, probably chasing the dog up dangerously vertical rocks

Hammer: Taking the big risks, the one that would skip down the mountain on the way back and purposefully slide down the big ones

Garth: The fact that you think they managed to get him away from his books is laughable

Reaver: Always complaining that he’s dying. Grasps into the nearest person for unsteady footholds. Everyone wonders why he invited himself along

Malika is from Milan, Italy. She was born from an Italian mother and a Moroccan father.

She lives in a city which is famous for fashion. With her features and height she could easily be a successful model.

“Many people from fashion industry tried to convince me to become a model. But I have other passions. I was never into fashion. I’m actually in love with hiking.

When I was 8, I entered in a Scouting group and I started to explore the nature. I often go to the mountains. I hike there alone and I don’t see any human being for days. I always do that when I feel stressed and tired.”

Malika is not scared at all to be alone in the wilderness because she learned everything about exploring the nature since her childhood.

“I feel safer in the mountains than in the city. I live in a rough neighbourhood of Milan and sometimes it’s a bit dangerous for a woman there.”

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Hello! Are you planning on extending the Come on Baby, Light my Fire series? (P.S Its amazing) If yes then here's a new word prompt you could use : Malapert - Clever in manners of speech

You thought I forgot about this, didn’t you @mellarkablegirl? SURPRISE! It’s Firefighter Friday!!!

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Come On Baby, Light My Fire: Part 10 - Malapert

Does it count as a first date if you wake in the person’s arms?

We lounge in bed, drifting between awake and asleep, Peeta’s fingertips skating over my legs and hips, etching cool patterns or maybe words into my skin. It’s such a luxury to wile away the hours this way. We get up to eat, but it isn’t until early afternoon that we’re both awake and willing enough to actually go on our hiking date.

I dress in cotton pants and a t-shirt, tugging on a hooded sweatshirt for warmth. Peeta leaves me for a few minutes to dress in his apartment and returns garbed much the way I am, his black backpack slung over one shoulder.

It doesn’t feel like a first date as I drive us out of town, since Peeta apparently doesn’t own a car, preferring to walk or use public transportation to get around the city. We talk and laugh, the windows down and the crisp fall air making a tangled mess of flyaways even though I braided my hair. I tell him about the time my father and I got ourselves chased up a tree by a black bear when we plucked berries from a bush he’d apparently already laid claim to. And as I park in one of the lots at the trailhead near Lake Panem, I realize that I’ve never been this comfortable on a first date before.

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My autistic self who doesn’t understand what people do who travel all the time to socialize: I just want to go to beautiful outside places often, hike, camp, and read my books.


Nimh’s turn! Again, please forgive the unedited photos, I have no excuse other than “I don’t have the energy for shit” lol. This girl looks so at home in the mountains I swear, I really should take her up more often, these are just quick poses at little side of the road tourist overlooks, I can only imagine the cool sorts of pictures I could get with her on actual hikes.

I also should make her a new wig, this one is inexcusably messy, but for now it’s low on the priority list- as are the winter clothes I want to make her (I’m thinking about a rabbit fur capelet as well as a cosier top and pants- maybe even a teeny hat. Idk, by the time I’m able to make her another outfit it’ll probably be spring again lol.)

whenever link n sidon go hiking , which ya theyre one of those couples who hike , link always goes in front of him partially bc hes always super hype n likes to scurry ahead so he can clamber over + look at everything but also bc sidon purposefully walks slower than him bc he likes watching his hips + his ass

The View (Pietro x reader)

hey everyone! I hope you’re having a good day, and I want to remind you all that I love you 💗 here’s a short Pietro imagine for tonight. doing chapter 2 of Battered and Bruised took a while so I wasn’t able to write something better. I hope this will suffice. I will be writing a lot tonight because I have so many ideas floating in my head, so stayed tuned!

Description: You and Pietro go on a hike as a date. And reaching the peak is full of bliss.

Warnings: none. but beware of the fluff


“Pst, F/N. Pssstttt, princessa. Wake up.” Pietro was sitting on the edge of the bed, lightly shaking you.

“Nnngghhh.” You groaned and turned your body away from him, pulling the sheets over your head. “Babe, it’s like four in the morning.“

He chuckled, pulling the sheet away from your face. “It’s actually nine in the morning.” He began to shower you in kisses. “Come on, princessa. We have a hike today, remember?” You groaned, but a smile began to form on your lips. “I’ll make breakfast while you get ready. Okay?” He placed one last kiss on your neck before breathing, “I love you” into it. He got up from the bed and headed to the kitchen, leaving you slightly colder than when you woke up.

You stretched along the bed and slowly willed yourself to leave the warmth of it. You sluggishly walked to the bathroom, taking a good look in the mirror.

“This is a good look.” You scoffed at your reflection as you looked at your frizzy, tangled hair. You washed your face and brushed your teeth, the coolness of the marble slowly waking up your nerves. You found a pair of black leggings and a lavender tank top you always wore during any type of exercise. You put some light makeup on and put your H/C hair into a messy, but cute French braid. Then, you put on your favorite sneakers and baseball cap.

You walked down to the kitchen to see Pietro standing behind the counter. The smell of waffles and bacon filled your nose.

“You look beautiful princessa.” You blushed at his comment and gave him a loving kiss on the cheek. He always made wonderful breakfast. Once you both finished, you got into one of Tony’s many cars and drove to the hiking site. Pietro drove, his hand on your thigh, something he always did when he drove in the car with you.

When you pulled up to the start of the trail, Pietro helped you get out of the car. Even though you didn’t need it, he was always a gentleman when it came to you.

“Okay Speedy, the only thing I gotta say before we start this is that we hike this fair and square. No super speed. Got it?” You smirked at Pietro, he always loved it when you got sassy.

“Okay, okay, I got it. Come on F/N, I want to see the view before it gets too hot.” He chuckled and put his arm around your waist as you began to hike the 1.5 mile trail. It was a beautiful day, and there was a slight cool breeze to counter the heat. The actual hike wasn’t so bad, all the training you’d done with your fellow avengers made this feel like nothing.

“Finally, we made it.” You kissed your boyfriend on the lips as you finally reached the peak.

The view was beautiful. You could see all the mountains, lightly covered with snow from the last storm. The flowers were blooming on them, giving you the site of patches of purple and yellow across the brown rock formations.

“God, this is beautiful. I’m so glad we took this hike.” You laughed, smiling at the wonderful nature around you.

“You’re right. The view truly is beautiful.” Little did you know, he wasn’t looking at the mountains, he was looking at you. You slowly walked over to him, kissing him tenderly. He wrapped his arms around your waist. He pulled away and kissed you on the forehead. There was nobody around you and you stayed there, as one, for a long time.

When you began to get hungry to turned to Pietro saying, “come on babe, lets go home. I getting hungry.” He nodded, and you got on his back. “Do you mind using that wonderful speed of yours? My stomach is really starting to growl.”

He gave you a wink. “This isn’t the only thing my speed is good for princessa.”

Hope you enjoyed! I’ll post more tomorrow ❤️