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I put sha/ad/ns don’t interact on my art because I don’t want sha/ad/ns interacting with my art. At. All.

There are plenty of other artists just as gross as you I don’t why you gotta rb or even acknowledge my art’s existence so yeah stop that please and thanks

And no I don’t care if you want to support me, I don’t need support from ya’ll, I’m perfectly fine with how my art is circulated. I’m one of the few artist’s that don’t care if my art gets attention, yeah it’s nice but I do this shit for fun so don’t try and use that excuse please. There are no excuses strong enough for your gross asses.

You rb my art you will be blocked, I ain’t got time for nasties.

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Is sociopathy a form of mental illness? Bc I feel like Kylo Ren might be a sociopath, I'm just not sure if that falls under the mental illness umberella

ASPD, which used to be termed sociopathy, is a form of mental illness, but I really, really, very firmly believe that Kylo does not have ASPD.

I’m gonna speak in broad terms here, because I’m not an expert (nor do I have ASPD), but the following is generally true.

ASPD is characterized by amorality. People with ASPD lack the intuitive aversion to hurting other people, typically cannot form strong emotional attachments, and fail to consider that actions could cause people (including themselves) pain, whether emotional or physical. They are also typically impulsive and have an inability to create and follow plans.

This does not make them immoral. There’s a difference. This is an actual quote from the movie:

Kylo (about Han): “He means nothing to me.”
Snoke: “Even you, Master of the Knights of Ren, have never faced such a test.”
Kylo: “With the grace of your training, I will not be seduced.”

Kylo does not lack any of the above. Intuitive aversion to hurting other people? No. He wouldn’t be “seduced” by the Light Side if that were true. Cannot form strong emotional attachments? If that were true, murdering his father would not be the “test” Snoke says it will be (and that Kylo concedes it to be in his response). Failure to consider the consequences of his actions? Nope. Kylo knows exactly what he’s doing. He walks into the encounter with his father planning a murder. That’s not a result of ASPD; it’s just fucked up. Also, Kylo can be blinded by anger, but he isn’t really impulsive. Going easy on Rey at the beginning of their fight so he could try to play a long-term game (“I could be your teacher” or whatever the fuck he says) is not impulsive, it’s calculated and forward-thinking. 

Most people with ASPD can lead fairly normal lives. Their disorder simply means that they have to consciously adopt the morality that comes naturally to most people, and have to consciously think through their actions to avoid hurting people because otherwise, they might do so without really intending to. 

Kylo is a genocidal murderer, but he is hardly someone with ASPD. Amorality and immorality are different things, and choosing immorality despite it feeling innately bad (and being legitimately hard! because Kylo does feel the “pull to the light!”) sets Kylo very, very far apart from people who actually suffer from sociopathy. The narrative of people with ASPD being cold-hearted killers is a deeply, deeply ableist one. A lack of a felt moral code does not make someone a bad person. Having that internal moral code, though, and choosing to turn your back on it certainly does. 


let there be flawed gays in media

stop portraying us as absolute perfection

if i were perfection i wouldn’t be in the situation i am right now

joseph is a cheater without the cult ending being around people need to realize that and understand that we’re not supposed to like him but we can appreciate his writing and ‘controversial’ delivery.

if this were a straight dating sim nobody would say shit about a demon priest killing all the date-ables lovers and feeding off their misery and cheating on his wife and then leading you on.

i dont even think half the people would have even given it a chance actually

because people saw gay and immediately hunkered down for the way straight media writes us.

this was made by lgbt writers

they arent pandering

they just wanted to have a game where you could be trans or cis, be poc or white, be muscular, thin, or overweight, have had a wife or a husband, adopted or given birth to your child, help your daughter through a tough time as any dad should while having the perk of being able to date suspiciously eligible dads

seriously why has nobody ever looked at a dating sim and wondered how all your dating options are single


Polly Wright and Anneke Wills fans where are you at?

Let’s just scream at the one-second glimpse we got from her in the Christmas special.

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I think Tokyo Mirage Sessions was extremely fun. I could watch the combat sessions for hours and never get tired of them. The characters were likable and the music is extremely catchy. It's one of my favorite Wii U titles and people are missing out.

Agreed 100% Anon ^^ 

It’s one of my favorite JRPGs in a very long time and quite a few people who gave it a chance actually enjoyed it too. Despite the sales, I do hope that Nintendo brings it over to Switch. Some gamers wanted to the play it, but weren’t able to since they didn’t have a Wii U. Plus, the game itself deserves it.

This is super random and not related to anything but; why do the heroes in movies stay on the phone while the villain threatens them??

It seems really obvious that the moment the villain goes into threatening mode, you should just like… hang up… Now ya don’t know what the villain was trying to get you to do, so any threat is inconsequential. The villain has to find a new way to get the information to you. You got more time to figure out how to defeat them. Win-win.

Keith: *Ties a necktie into a bow and stuffs a dishtowel down his shorts*

Keith:  “I’m a princess now”

The AU this fandom needs but does not deserve in which Keith grows up loved and happy with his big Galra mama.


Headcannon that Dad Kogane buys Keith’s mom sassy clothes with stuff like “I wear the pants” completely unironically.  She doesn’t get it.



       “ Oh Skull, you idiot, get it together!

Pulled out all my energy to get this out here now too! Just like the Noctis!Joker ones, I did two versions of Prompto as Skull as well! My poll on twitter states otherwise, that this won’t be the only variation of Prompto you’ll see LOL For now enjoy this one until I come back with more!
Go my little sunshine—let the captain be free! 


No one talks about this scene from the ‘03 series even though it’s probably one of the best Royai scenes in existence

Dear Evan Hansen AU in which Connor didn’t commit suicide but rather he ran from home, leaving Evan’s letter behind. So pretty much the story of the musical still plays out. But then Connor ends up coming back, half because he wants to kick Evan’s ass for pretending to have been his friend, half because he caught wind of the Connor Project and… He was glad?
I mean, they were all hypocrites but the support and memorials… It got to Connor and after calling Evan a dick he held out his hand like “I’m the real Connor. Thanks for making them remember. Now get ready to deal with me and clear all these lies up.”