an acoustic tour with the maine

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What have been your favorite Maine tours?

Ooooh this is a good question! I really liked the acoustic tour, free for all/american candy in full, and 8123 tour just to name a few.


The Maine - “Miles Away” (Acoustic)

i think being with luke is like being with the sun, always radiating warmth and comfort wherever he went. he is spongebob footie pajamas left on your bedroom floor. he is as bright as the bustling city streets outside your apartment window. he is the main protagonist in every book you wished you have written. he is the koala stuffed animals he collected from every stop on tour for you. he is the space documentaries you would watch late at night and question your existence. he is the big, deep questions. he is acoustic versions of every pop punk song about love. he is the space where the sea meets the shore, hiding behind his deep ocean eyes. he is cartoon marathons at 4 AM. he is those laughs that snatched the air out of your lungs, replacing every vessel in your body with joy. he would be not only your love, but your best friend. your safe place.