an accordion

pearlrhein: Thanks, @nytimes, for helping promote my 11:30 show on 11/11 at @54below! I may be performing an old song I wrote about this poor old softie a.k.a. Frankenstein’s monster. Among many other nerderies and dorkeries and surrounded by MANY COOL PEOPLE (guest announcements start tomorrow!!) #followthecomet #actormusician#womencomposers #newmusic #piano#accordion #violin #viola #guitar#musicaltheater #cabaret #covers

Some Manu headcanons:

- Complains about her own country 24/7

- sleeps until late

- anything under 16 degrees is cold

- loud

- small (and you know it)

- has like 7 cups of coffee a day

- believes in spirits

- very religious

- has three small spots(I think that’s what they’re called) on her back representing fernando de Noronha, Ilha Bela and Ilha de Marajo also known as three of the most famous islands in Brazil

- Kubitscheck was her favourite

- come to Brazil

- Has two birds and one dog (the dog is named Bidu btw)

- Plays the accordion

- Probably born in Porto Seguro, Bahia

- Master of Zueira

- everything is better for her in funk version

- Watches a lot of Novelas

- Gives everyone a nickname

- Actually nice and generous

- But also can be quite feisty

- Football is her religion (she’s actually catholic but yeah)

The Zodiac Signs as Instruments

Aries: Electric guitar

Taurus: Saxophone

Gemini: Accordion

Cancer: Triangle

Leo: Trombone

Virgo: Harp

Libra: Violin

Scorpio: Acoustic guitar

Sagittarius: Drums

Capricorn: Piano

Aquarius: Electric keyboard

Pisces: Clarinet

This is the first time i draw Kass, i had a lot of fun doing this :) / Esta es la primera vez que dibujo a Kass, me divertí mucho haciendo ésto :)

Daily Doodle! 6/27/17

Based on @imaginashon and @spatziline Pirates AU! FUN Story! My friend has been throwing Murder Mystery Dinner parties every year, and this year’s theme is PIRATES!! so of course I asked if I can bring my accordion and play some sea shanties, and he said yes! So I drew this for that.. cause pirates, accordion, fun.