an abyssal stare

Characters’ quotes about new pets

(Images courtesy of Klei forums user Instant-Noodles)

Rock den (critter crafting station):

Wilson: Is there something in there?

Willow: Is there anything cute in there??

Wolfgang: Wolfgang hear little noises inside.

Wendy: Oh. The abyss is staring back at me…


Wickerbottom: A perfect hollow for nesting animals.

Woodie: Anyone home?

Wigfrid: Tis a peculiar boulder.

Webber: It looks warm in there.

Maxwell: Am I being watched by that rock?

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Confusion overtook me as I looked into it’s eyes, not even giving me a second to feel any fear. It was like I forgot I was sinking into the abyss, The creature staring into my soul with it’s haunting, unforgettable green eyes.

How do we celebrate valentines day? With a pirates/mers au, of course!

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