an abundance of lizzies

Dark Yen Press, show me the messy side of the twins.

Give me OC having to stay at home with Rachel while RC got to go out to do things with Vincent . Give me OC feeling less loved due to this. Give me RC boasting about his day to his brother, making OC feel even worse.

Give me OC feeling inferior to his brother. Give me OC resenting his brother at times for the perfect life that’s been planned our for him. Give me OC hating himself for being born minutes after his brother.

Give me RC choosing to play with Lizzy instead of his brother, making OC feel less important than the fiancée that could’ve potentially been his.

Give me OC growing to feel an abundance of jealousy towards his brother, and even to Lizzy. Give me OC dreading the less important life he’ll lead, compared to his brother’s. Give me RC bringing up his status and how more important he is when the two fight.

Give me people giving more attention to RC. Give me OC noticing RC is generally loved more. Give me cultists who paid more attention to RC and treasured him more because he’s the eldest..Give me OC feeling utterly miserable because, even when being held captive, he’s still worthless compared to his brother.

Give me OC taking his brother’s identity both as a way to cope and because he was afraid everyone would be disappointed to see him come back instead of his brother. Give me OC who grows to practically hate his brother. Give me OC who develops horrible dissociation and forces himself to forget who he used to be, only to remember when exposed to triggers.

There’s no way things were always happy.