an abridged series

I was thinking about that ultra-serious Gintama abrigded thing, so here are a few of ideas of reverse-engineered Gintama (and oh boy this is a bizzare thing; thinking of Gintama as the proper abridged series and trying to see what could it be a parody of): 

  • Gintama, or Silver Soul is ultra-powerful all-destroying technique, passed on through generations to only one student, who proves he is worthy of its power. There can be only one who knows it alive at time, as the final test for this technique is killing your master.  Gintoki has gotten it, and Taksugi went half-insane of jealousy. 
  • Shinpachi and Kagura are Gintoki’s two dilligent students; at the end of the series Gintoki will decide who will get Silver Soul technique (That’s what this series is about). They try their best to show that they are worthy of it, or rather that they will be when they grow stronger (when their power reaches over 9000…) 
  • They don’t know that one of them will have to kill Gintoki at the end (insert Zura’s and Gintoki’s long dramatic talks about the innocence of youth)
  • Kagura and Shinpachi don’t really compete for the Silver Soul; they respected each other from the start and now have a strong bond of friendship. Power of friendship boost them to new heights of strength, of course, and they couldn’t do it without each other. 
  • Kagura is a noble female space monk (?) from space (!), as her mother before her. She prefers fighting on her own. She believes in harmony with the universe and that the body is the extension of a soul; her fighting style (hitting fast and strong…) reflects that. Her strength is her fighting spirit and strong moral code; her weakness lies in the fact that she often thinks after trying to right any wrongs with her fists,
  • Shinpachi is the genius strategist and a natural born leader, taking responsibility in every situation and loudly (very loudly…) motivating people. He believes that any action is an extesion of the thought, and he actually avoids fights where he can, but if he can’t, he uses enviornment, his allies, and everything he can think of to take control of situation and then finishes everything with one deciding slash. His strength lies in his strategic nature and strong sense of responsibility; his weakness is that he can be too scheming and is not actually very strong physically. 
  • Sadaharu is an actual god-sent creature sworn to protect Gintoki as the holder of Silver Soul technique. 
  • There are, like, 20 romantic subplots. Love triangles (and squares, and octagons) everywhere. 
  • Zarkon: Once more, those fools have fallen into my evil clutches! Now I shall force Lance to fight the one he loves most. And according to all the fan fiction I’ve read, that would be… Keith.
  • Haggar: But sir, it is obvious that Lance is in love with Allura.
  • Zarkon: What? No way, that’s insane!
  • Zarkon: What kind of messed up fanfics have YOU been reading??