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maybe your goals are a bit too extreme? with your height and weight, your bmi is ranging from a 18-19.1. getting to that 94 pounds would mean that your bmi would be 16.4. that is not healthy. i know it's hard not to focus on those toxic thoughts, but i don't think weightloss is what your body needs right now. it needs love, support and care. eat clean by eating fruits and vegetables with some occasional treats, try working out a bit more. feeling energized and mentally stable is what we all need

I read this message dozens of times and felt a different way each and every time.

At first I was angry. Who the fuck are you to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do with MY body? Do you think I’m not capable of googling BMI and figuring that out for myself? I wanted to attack this message to make you feel stupid for even asking it, so that I would feel less guilty about knowing you were right.

Then it made me sad. Sad that I’d attack someone I don’t even know for offering genuine care and support. Sad that maybe realistically I’d never reach the goals I really cared about. Sad that I felt this way about health at all.

Now I’m willing to work with it. I want to achieve a smaller body and I think that’s OK, but I want to do it by listening to my body and treating it as well as I can. I’ve been caught in restrictive cycles for 7 years … and I’ve been what I’d consider “thin” like … maybe 3 times. That’s not right. It’s not working. I can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results.

So I’m going to try to eat well, exercise more, treat myself a bit better. Thanks for this message, it really means a lot.

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Hi. From your prompts, could I request #91 and #94 with Steve please? Thank you x

“Tell me you need me.” & “I had a bad dream again.”

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You woke with a start, you had that awful dream again where Steve had got hurt on a mission and broke up with you. 

“You okay?”  His gruff voice startled you out of your thoughts. 

“I had a bad dream again.”

“What can I do to help you?”

“Tell me you need me”

“Of course I need you, go back to sleep.  I’m here.”

Sa sobrang busy ko nakalimutan ko na may flight ako kanina papuntang cebu kaya napa *tangna* ako hahaha tawa ako ng tawa habang nag shoshower ako kasi sa sobrang tanga ko haha 94 missed calls from lee kaya ako ng tumawag at di na ako nagulat na sisigawan niya ako and I said na calm down let me talk and I said sorry kasi sa sobrang sakit ng katawan ko at madami pa akong pasa sa tuhod ko at sa braso ko lalo na left ear ko na namamaga pa hahaha slight lang kaya napa sobra ako ng tulog then ayun I said I’ll catch up sa march maybe.

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From your prompts 31, 94 and 64 with Sweet Stevie.

“I haven’t slept in ages.” “I had a bad dream again.” “Here, take my blanket.”

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“Why are you awake?”  Your daughter was staying in the doorway to the living room. 

“Princess you should be in bed.”

“So should you daddy.”

Steve laughed at the truth his daughter spoke. 

“I had a bad dream again.”

She crawls into Steve’s lap and hand him her blanket. 

“Here take my blanket.”

“Thanks princess.”

“It’s okay daddy, I haven’t slept in ages anyway.”

Steve lets out a laugh picking your daughter up and carrying her to her room.


“Glowing appearance, glowing.
Black jeans and a white t-shirt.
Gathering the spirit of the sky, 
Absorbing the essence of the sun and moon.”

– Namjoon describing Hobi


Happy Birthday Dookie!

Dookie is the third studio album by American punk rock band Green Day, released on February 1, 1994, through Reprise Records.It was the band’s first collaboration with producer Rob Cavallo and its major record label debut. Dookie became a worldwide commercial success, peaking at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 and charting in seven countries.The album helped propel Green Day, and even punk rock music into mainstream popularity. Dookie was certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America for the shipment of 10 million copies.

“…I’ve been following you.”

“You stay away from Lapis!”


“Kid, Lazuli’s had her ensemble in order since before I even met her.“

“It was you I was following, mister pink-and-yellow.  Where’d you buy that life vest?  A corner store?  It doesn’t even fit your established aesthetic, which, by the way, whole other topic of conversation, we’ll get to that in a minute.”

“First, though, I swear I can smell somebody wearing homemade jorts with a turtleneck, and if it’s not one of you two, who the hell is it?  I need to go beat the life out of them.“