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Drabble Challenge

No. 148 “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?” 

“Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”

Keith swiveled in his chair at the dinner table to stare at Lance. “What?”

Lance glared. “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”

Keith positively gawked. “Lance, I- I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He folded his arms awkwardly, tucking his gloved hands into his sleeves. “I’ve never kissed you?”

Lance blinked and frowned, while Pidge tilted her fluffy head to listen, and Hunk glanced around nervously and shuffled into the kitchen. A moment later, while Lance continued to splutter, Hunk slid back out, scooped his tiny owl of a friend up, and re-disappeared.

Lance managed to get his vocal cords back under control. “Of course you have!? Only I’m never awake! We had this big moment and confession and that was great and cuddling is nice and all but then you like, avoid it? So I think, okay, cool, no pressure, you need time or it’s not your thing we’ll work it out, but then when I’m about to be asleep you suddenly do!? And I need an explanation, like, yesterday!?”

Keith got out of his chair and approached Lance with his hands in front of him like someone trying to calm a wild animal. A flush successfully claimed territory over his cheekbones, but his eyes were serious and his voice flat. “Lance, none of that has happened. As far as I’m aware, you don’t even like being in the same room as me. I have never even th-…I’ve definitely never kissed you. I’d remember.”

Lance stared a little more and then blushed harder than should have been physically possible. “Right.” he said. “Right. Okay. I must have made a mistake. Cool, coolcoolcoolcoocoocoocoolio.”

He backed into the doorway, smacked into Shiro, and continued backing past him.

Shiro came in, eyeing Keith’s blush. “What just happened?”

Down the hall echoed an unintelligible shriek in at least two languages.

“I have no idea,” whispered Keith, blankly staring at the empty doorway. “No fucking idea.”

anonymous asked:

Cher Dirnelli. Merci d'ouvrir les champs du possible dans le domaine de la cravate haute qualité. Pouvez vous en dire un peu plus sur qui, quoi, quand, comment, où, pourquoi... ? C'est la cerise sur le gâteau d'avoir une histoire à raconter à propos de beaux objets. Si possible bien sûr. Merci.

I’ll answer this one in English, for the benefit of all followers:

You wish to know the 5 W’s about my new tie venture: who? what? where? when? why?

My answers, in no particular order:

What? – Handmade 7 fold ties, with hand rolled edges, made-to-order in Paris, in a standard size of 148 cm long by 8.5 cm wide, using the finest selection of ancient madder silk fabrics (plus a couple of twills & regular navy silk, for good measure, in case my carefully curated iGent-targeted fabric selection is too next-level for your own personal taste…)

Where? – Made in Paris, France. The silks come from Como in Italy, of course, but the labor is all done right here, in the center of Paris, by a family-sized workshop that been around for a VERY long time. Making by hand in Paris comes with a heftier price tag, inevitably. We all know that workmanship in Italy is less expensive, Eastern Europe even less, and the Far East even less than that. But I’ve decided to work with people I know well, and whose workmanship is top notch, which guarantees that I can offer a unique product to those followers/customers who understand and accept the trade-off on pricing. But who are we kidding: these ties are still dirt cheap compared to their intrinsic quality, duh.

Who? – That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? I have a gentleman’s agreement, with the owner of the workshop I’m using, not to reveal the identity of my maker, because I am pricing below the market price on this product, which is available at some of the finest luxury boutiques worldwide, for a much higher price of course!

When? – I’m running this as a made-to order-business: I’m not immobilizing any capital in stock, every tie will be made by hand for each individual customer only after it has been settled up front. However,
there is no risk of not being delivered, I’m working with one of the finest workshops in Paris that has been around for nearly a century, they’re not about to disappear overnight – contrary to blow-ups we’ve all witnessed in Italy, for example. But, were I even to be hit by lightning, you could still follow up on your order directly with my workshop. Delivery delays are consistent with the production rate of the workshop, i.e. roughly 3 weeks, plus shipping time, which depends on the local post office here and the local post office in your own country, for deliveries outside of France. By the way, it would be only two weeks delay if these were normal ties, but Dirnelli ties have hand-rolled edges, which adds an extra 1 week delay, because there’s only one worker in the workshop who knows how to execute this delicate step, therefore she handles the hand-rolled batch separately, on a rolling weekly basis.

Why? – Clearly, somebody would’ve created this business sooner or later, so it might as well be me: who better qualified to curate a collection of the most tasteful vintage madder fabric rolls in the workshop’s plethoric archives – thousands of references, we haven’t even scratched the surface with the first collection of only 33 references. If demand is strong enough, I can go back and curate a new collection of fabrics every six months, in sync with the season or with the evolving taste of the global iGentry. And you may also ask yourself why am I not charging 50% more, to be lined up with the market price on this exact product? My answer is simple: this is mainly a labor of love, I’m only doing this to cover my costs, plus the time that I’ve invested, as a service to the #menswear community. I’m not fronting the cash, and I don’t have the overhead of running a boutique. Mine is a simple little business with low margins, which I hope will be met with the patronage of as many #menswear enthusiasts as possible, so that we can keep this setup going for as long as possible, almost like a buyers club. Oh yeah, before I forget: I also really liked the idea of putting my name on a clothing label – I think it looks wicked cool, and I’m really happy with the script font they’re using. (In case you never noticed, I chose my alias as a thinly veiled reference to Adriano Cifonelli, so now my joke has come full circle, which makes me smile.)