I was tagged by the effervescent @junebugninja to post my last selfie, the last song I listened to and my lockscreen.

  • The selfie is of me (on the right) with my friends Brenda and @wwjend, who were both here visiting last weekend! It was wonderful to hang out with them both again. 
  • The Song of the Sea is one of my 5yo’s favorite movies, and she loves the soundtrack too. We were listening to it the other night when I was putting her to bed. 
  • The lockscreen is a photo I took of my daughters one day last spring when we were in Iwakuni. They’re standing in front of Kintai Bridge, which is a wooden arched bridge first constructed over the Nishiki River almost 350 years ago. It rained on and off that whole day (that perfect kind of rain Japan seems to have which makes everything seem soft and clean and lovely, but doesn’t get you completely cold and wet as long as you have an umbrella), which made it a perfect day for walking around and exploring, actually. We almost had Kikko Park to ourselves!

Low-key, no-pressure tagging @amywhipple, @izzyisamachine, @applepiips, @belonely@celerylapel, @wwjend since I mentioned her above, and anyone else who wants to do this. :)  

amywhipple replied to your post “How late is too late to send a personal thank you card?”

Never too late

ipromisetowrite replied to your post “How late is too late to send a personal thank you card?”

Never. Even feeling embarrassed by being late is better than wishing you had sent one.

citizenchristy answered your question “How late is too late to send a personal thank you card?”

I don’t know if it’s ever too late, given that it’s never a requirement.

OK. Going to write it and mail it and feel grateful all over again.