Every time I see this,

I think that all the “Pearls” after the wars were trapped and used as power sources.


Guys, I know its not actually a “Pearl” on the Gem Destabilizer. It’s just whenever I see it, I think about what Homeworld has, if at all, done to the Pearls after the war. Since we can infer Peridots are the new standard.

So if “Pearls” were mass produced servant class gems who outlived their use in the advancements of gem technology (or other factors since our Pearl can pretty much understand some new gem tech). Then I don’t think Homeworld would simply let them go as free citizens, since I don’t think they see them that way. They’d utilize all the “useless” Pearls as an energy component for new gem technology.

Use this as an opportunity to think about our Pearl completely falling apart and becoming a hollow shell of herself after the discovery of her fellow class being reduced to AA batteries.

And then cry about it.