My best friend got to meet Amy and see Erika in Seattle this past weekend, and he took a picture with Amy.

Two women I idolize and love very much, and he got to touch one of them and breathe the same air as the other. OMG.

He’s a lucky dog, because he’s the one who was like “AMANDA, AMANDA, TRUST ME ON THIS, YOU’RE GOING TO FALL IN LOVE WITH AMY TOO. WATCH STRIP SEARCH.”

And I did. Thanks for that.

Coming out and the narrative in comic form: Part 1 of 2

I’ve come across a few comics which sum up coming out (whether coming out gay or trans) as very inspiring, but especially informative. It goes back to the part that all of us in the LGBTQ community have unique narrative, but on some level, we understand each other and have many shared experiences. The first series of comics comes courtesy of amytfalcone (of Strip Search fame!). These comics are not necessarily trans* related, but I personally resonated with them.

While I’m talking about her, I’ll plug her webcomic, Clique Refresh. Enjoy!

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