kissmytat2s  asked:

what have you done to your BRZ so far? any future projects you plan on doing for your BRZ?

Haven’t done anything to the BRZ…yet. Since it’s my first manual car, I gave myself a grace period where I’m not allowed to do anything to it. Gives me a good foundation on knowing how my car works and feels before I put any mods on. Luckily, that grace period is almost over :)

I’m going to be documenting my car projects! My friends and I make car videos and we plan to keep a documentary of how my car evolves. It’s a new journey for me and I think it’ll be fun to see how it unfolds, so stay tuned!

As for near term projects, I have a short shifter waiting to be installed—probably in the next month. Some cosmetics upgrades are sitting in their boxes. Definitely a clear bra on the hood. And chrome tip exhausts.