Ya know what makes me kinda sad about the whole Homestuck lore with all the ancestors and dancestors? We get the information, that after a Scratch the grubs/babys actually get switched, so that suddenly the heroes are the ancestors and viceversa. And we get to see both versions of EVERYONE. We get to see Bro Strider and Dave, but also Dirk and HIS bro, who’s actually Dave. We get to see Kankri, but also the Signless. But we get zero information about Karkat and the other trolls of his group as ancestors! What were they like in this supposedly peaceful culture? THAT is something I wanna know and imagine. Did Ancestor!Tavros also get paralyzed, Ancestor!Terezi blinded, Ancestor!Aradia killed and would Ancestor!Vriska be responsible for it? Would Gamzee also snap at some point or would he forever just be this drugged lil’ clown?
Did anyone ever made headcanons about THEM or even dared to draw them?