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B99 Themed Ask

joke peralta - what is your favorite joke or episode of b99?

pineapples - do you have any nicknames?

amy - how organized are you?

santiago - favorite font?

ames - what is your myers briggs personality type?

rosa - are you a pessimist, optimist, or realist?

ro-ro - name 3 things that make you happy.

emily goldfinch - what do strangers usually think about you?

charles boyle - how clumsy/prone to injury are you?

captain holt - are you a good leader?

raymond - tell us about something petty you’ve done.

BONE?!!!??! - who was right about the monty hall problem?

gina - have you ever gotten any stitches or broken bones?

kwazy kupcakes - what is your favorite app?

dancy reagan - are you a good dancer?

terry jeffords - do you like kids?

minivan dad - tell a dad joke.

terry’s reading glasses - do you wear glasses?

peraltiago - do you enjoy the will they/won’t they dynamic in tv shows?

dianetti - what do you hope happens this season of b99?

pimento - who/what do you hate?

CJ - what’s the most expensive frivolous purchase you’ve made?

cheddar - do you have any pets?

coral palms - have you ever been to florida?

the hiatus™ - are you looking forward to anything?

the pontiac bandit - who is your favorite character in b99?

gertie - do you have any worthless objects that mean a lot to you?

sexarella - have you ever lost or broken something important?

nikolaj - what was your favorite toy as a kid?

teddy (from jazz brunch) - are you the life of the party or the party pooper?

hitchcock and scully - what is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

just let the pain remind you hearts can heal

listen, i’m not gonna lie to you guys, the last month has sucked major butts. just generally, all around, in all arenas of life. but it’s fine because today is the last day of the month and i’ve managed to right the course, so even though it’s still gonna suck for a little while longer, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and there is hope in the air and that’s enough for right now

writer’s block is, as everyone knows, a bitch, but i think i’m getting close to being out of the woods on that front as well. i’m not in love with this fic but it’s the first thing i’ve written in a month that a) didn’t take 4 days to write and b) didn’t make me want to claw my own eyes out in frustration so!! i’m considering it a win. here’s to hoping this is just the first fic in a resurgence of fics from me

this is set in the same universe as sleepwalking, specifically between the chinese food scene and the charles visiting for the first time scene. it’s mostly fluffy but as u all know i’m a goblin and i can’t be stopped so there is a pinch of angst in there too, an echo of a bitter taste despite the chocolate-covered cotton candy ur about to drown in, because this is sleepwalking, and also is it really an em fic if i don’t metaphorically punch u all in the gut at least once?

the answer is no, no it’s not,

She moves more slowly than she used to.

Jake watches her carefully from his position on her couch, sprawled across the cushions in such a strategic way that he’s able to look like he’s asleep at a glance. Amy’s in the kitchen, reorganizing her plates first by pattern, then by circumference, only pausing every now and then when she moves too fast and aggravates the bullet wound. Music is playing quietly from the speakers a few feet in front of Jake’s head, which drowns out the sounds of the plates clicking together.

It also drowns out the quiet grunts of pain he suspects escape Amy’s throat every time she pauses and winces.

He’s been walking a fine line recently. She’s been out of the hospital for less than a week, and while she’s been incredibly diligent about following all of the instructions the doctor gave her about medicine and physical therapy, she’s been all but belligerent about the bed rest side of things. It’s hard to tell her no, and not just because one pleading look would be enough to convince Jake to commit arson for her; Amy Santiago can be quite intimidating when she wants to be.

(Part of him wonders just how much that terrifying look hardened while she was undercover. Part of him never ever wants to know.)

So while he came here to be both her doting boyfriend and her concerned partner, she very flatly refuses his help with virtually everything she does, so he more often than not finds himself shunted to one side to look on helplessly while she goes and does the exact kind of physical labor her doctor warned against. Like purging old clothes from her closets or reordering her spices or deep cleaning her oven.

Or reorganizing her plates, apparently.

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anonymous asked:

And for the head canon part: Do you have any head canons on the way each amis organizes their books/book shelves?

I don’t really have for all of them, but here’s what I got! 

  • Bahorel, as I think I’ve written in a precedent story, puts all his scandalous books (so, most of them), in plain sight in his rooms. Sexy books meets Censured Political books, trashy Romantic Romances surrounds even more political books. He’s got a few cooking books and “women books” here and there, too; he doesn’t really have a system to organize them, he just really likes putting vastly different sort of books next to each other. He has law books, but they’re hidden under his bed and Prouvaire, who found them once, is sworn to secrecy about them. 
  • Combeferre’s bookshelves are basically an ode to his personality. It’s like, “show me what books are there and how they’re placed and I’ll tell everything about yourself and your beliefs” basically. Combeferre does not organize his books by authors, or by colors, or format, but by subject - sort of. Of course there are so much books, about so many subjects, and Combeferre might get distracted and put them back on the wrong shelves. Really, when it comes down to it, despite being a totally unconscious thing, Combeferre’s sole real organisation is: “This book is on the Top Shelve because this is a Fascinating Book I agree with; This one is on middle shelve because while fascinating, I cannot know for sure this hold any truth” and “This book is at the bottom because it is Wrong and I’ve spend an entire night writing how wrong it was on every page or so” (a few dictionaries are there)
  • Prouvaire has bookshelves, and Prouvaire has books. Why would he ever combine the two, however, is a mystery to him. His bookshelves are full of plants, exotic objects, paintings, etc. His books are all over the place. On his desk, in is bed, in the kitchen, under the couch, on the couch, on chairs, on the ground as a pile - and the funny thing is, Prouvaire is able to tell you where everything is; you’ll be in the middle of a conversation and he’ll be like “oh i need to show you this book of poems” and there he will go, disappear behind a big armchair that’s in the corner of his living-room, and come back with the book a few moment later like nothing. Pretty sure if any books  find themselves in the bookshelves, it’s not one of his, it belongs to a friend.
  • I don’t have particular head canon about Feuilly’s bookshelves, but I know he’d be the one who organizes it the most properly (with Enjolras, probably). He loves books so much he takes care of them like one might take care of beloved plants; they’re organized in the most efficient way, and yet very artistic too, probably, though Feuilly does not realize it. There is also, always, two of three books near his bed - books he’s currently reading, generally borrowed in his friends’s eclectic book collections. 

You can guess where we’re going today!

Aurora wanted to come but her parents are making her stay home and watch the house for them. Shadow is trying to help by bringing Vegas to her but it’s not working…

Dresses/inspiration: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

No but guys, Parent’s Trap AU with twins Enjolras and Cosette.

Filled under “fics I will never write” BUT I am so inspired by this (and plot twist : it has Valvert, Mariusette, Enjoltaire, Courferre, and Montponine) (don’t underestimate my capacity to include my ships in everything I writte.)

So get this:

  • Valjean and Javert are in love and they adopte adorable blonde baby twins and call them Enjolras and Cosette.
  • But the plot being the plot, they break up. Valjean keeps Cosette and Javert keeps Enjolras. (And yes this is the weirdest arrangement ever but blame the movie not me).
  • And so we have on one hand Cosette and Valjean having pretty much the same relationship they have in the book, sweet and caring, but with a slightly overprotective Valjean. On the other hand we have Javert and Enjolras who deeply love each others, but have trouble communicating and therefore don’t get along that well. With Enjolras being his revolutionary self and Javert being … well … himself.
  • Okay can we take a moment to imagine fucking Cosette and fucking Enjolras AT WAR AGAINST EACH OTHER ??? They are the most determined and savage characters from the book like can you imagine the bloodbath ???
  • And to make it clear, Cosette is the one trapping Enjolras’ room like they do in the movie. Yes Cosette can be evil as fuck.
  • And then obviously they discover the truth because they both have half of a super cheesy 80′s wending picture with Valjean and Javert (just imagine) and they decide to switch places.
  • Okay so for this to work I made some canon divergences BUT BEAR WITH ME GUYS I PROMISE IT WILL WORTH IT TRUST ME.
  • For exemple : at home, Enjolras obviously has Les Amis but Grantaire isn’t part of it. In fact, he doesn’t know Enjolras, because he lives near Cosette. Not Enjolras.
  • At home, Cosette has two best friends : Eponine and Grantaire. (Squad goal amarite ?)
  • At home, Enjolras has Les Amis, Marius, and in a way Montparnasse who shows up sometimes.
  • And therefore when they switch, Enjolras end up with Valjean, Eponine, and Grantaire. On the other side Cosette end up with Javert, Les Amis and Montparnasse.
  • Valjean is super glad to have his daughter back, but can help to notice that she is different. She seems more politics aware, more rebel, she questions more of his decisions (it’s not a bad thing though) … Eponine notices too. And so does Grantaire. Actually he might be … developing some feelings for her ???? Which is odd because Cosette is her best friend and he never felt anything else for her before.
  • And Enjolras is freaking out because this painter guy is really cute and seems to like him, but it’s obviously because he thinks he is Cosette and ANGST.
  • On the other side, Javert is surprised as well by his son. He is way more gentle, speaks to him more, ask him a lot of questions about him. Les Amis are also surprised to see that Enjolras talks a lot more about feminist and prison issues.
  • Also there is a subplot where Cosette notices that Courfeyrac and Combferre like each others and act as a match maker.
  • It works. They make out and everything is great.
  • And Marius is confused as fuck. Because he never considered himself attracted to guys, but since he is back Enjolras seems different more gentle and sweet. And Cosette freaks out as well because he obviously likes Enjolras and not her and damn this guy is cute and ANGST.
  • And one day Montparnasse shows up and immediately realize that it’s not Enjolras for plot reasons. But he promise Cosette he won’t tell.
  • On the other side, Eponine find out as well and make the same promise to Enjolras.
  • Also no “Meredith” in this fic because I always found her useless in the movie and I have enough subplots already. (If we really need some obstacle between Valjean and Javert, Javert’s pride will do).
  • Being the only ones who know the truth, Montparnasse and Eponine help the twins to organize the reunion and BAM MONTPONINE HAPPENS !
  • Montponine is love. Montponine is life.
  • No but seriously it will be like Martin and Jenny. They help to organize the whole reunion in a hotel, meet up and go like WELL HELLOOOOOO.
  • (Let me have my ship)
  • So Valvert reunion with every cheesy romcom cliche ever.
  • And yes it means that Enjolras, Cosette, Montparnase, Eponine and Les Amis organize them a big ass romantic dinner in a ship with fireworks.
  • It also means that Javert threw a hairdryer at Valjean. 
  • SUBPLOTS RESOLUTION : Grantaire finds out that Cosette is a guy and Enjolras freaks out thinking he is going to hate him but Grantaire is like “Are you kidding ? I love you even more as yourself ! I did not fall in love with Cosette ! I fell in love with you !”
  • And they make out and everything is great.
  • And Cosette goes to Marius like “I”m so sorry you thought I was Enjolras you must be so disapointed” and Marius is like “Are you kidding ??? You are so much better then Enjolras !! I love you”
  • And they make out and everything is great.
  • And also at the end you think that Valjean and Javert won’t get back together because Javert leaves with Enjolras again.
  • But !!!! Valjean and Cosette are wanting them home just like in the movie.
  • And Valjean says “I thought for one I should be the one chasing you”
  • And they make out and everything is great.
  • (And Cosette and Enjolras high five each other)
  • (The end)
Teamiplier Coraline/Others AU (Part one)

Thanks to @turquoisemagpie and to @northeast-artist98 for the idea! I used a mix of the book and movie for this so yeah! (Sorry for not tagging you earlier northeast!)

~Part one (You are here), Part two, Part three (coming soon!)~

 Amy ran her hand against the railing as she left the house, camera in hand. She was very excited to explore for a bit and get out of the new house. She, Mark, Ethan, Tyler, Kathryn, Seán, Robin, and Signe had just rented this house for a year, maybe more, to make filming easier. Teamiplier had all come together but the others were going to be here any day. Amy and Mark had one apartment with another room for Seán and Signe since it was decided the couples would have one apartment. Tyler and Ethan had the bottom apartment since they were used to living together. Kathryn was staying upstairs. Everyone’s rooms, expect the couples, would probably change since they all had no idea where Robin might stay. He ‘just wanted something easy’ (There was another apartment in the house but they did not rent it ). ‘Course the easiest one was Chica. She just floated around the rooms and around the house.

 Amy did not care. As long as she was with Mark and her friends, she was happy. However, Mark had been a bit snappy with her. The moving put a lot of stress on him and sleepless nights, so she understood. Still, she missed the happy, energetic Mark. He could use some space at the moment.

  That’s what brought Amy to explore the grounds. With her trusty camera in one hand and her stylish outfit on, she was for anything. 

   She walked around the house, getting different angles of the house. However, it still looked menacing from every angle. She gave up on taking pictures of different places on the house’s property and moved onto the forest. 

   Amy spotted Chica a few times. She called out to the cute fluffy dog, but Chica seemed too distracted by something. 

   After a while, Amy’s camera’s short battery life ran out, so she went back home. So far, she found an apple orchard, an old tennis court that had weeds popping through and a decaying net, the old well the owner told them about, and an old garden that was dead and lifeless. Amy walked into Mark and her’s apartment. She walked into the kitchen to grab a drink and saw Mark, who was doing something on his laptop.

   “How’s it going, Mark?” She asked as she pulled a water bottle from the fridge. Mark responded with a grunt. 

   “Hmm. Have you talked to Seán and the rest yet?” She asked, opening her water bottle.

   Mark let out a frustrated sigh and said, “No. Why don’t you go see how the others are? I’m busy.” Amy frowned.

   “Mark, if something is wrong, you can talk to me.” She tried a sad smile.

   “Nothing’s wrong. Just busy.” He said, not looking up at her. Amy frowned and left the kitchen.

   “Sure.” She mumbled. 

   Amy decided to fully check out their apartment before checking on the others.

   Her search led to nothing interesting, at first. Then, she found a locked door. It was a huge, oaken, carefully carved door that, she felt, lead to something interesting. She was not sure what would be on the other side. She went back to Mark.

   “Hey, what’s on the other side of the big, locked, wooden door in the room with the fireplace and old furniture?” Amy asked, with one hand holding onto the door frame. Mark lifted an eye to her.

   “Um, we shouldn’t have a locked door. Hold on.” Mark said, getting up to grab a key from the large key drawer. He shifted through the keys, decided that the oldest, black one, who’s top resembled a button would be the right one. 

   “Let’s try this.” He said, following after Amy to the room. She showed him the door. Mark took the key and unlocked the door to reveal a bricked up wall. Amy frowned. 

   “Really? I thought it would lead to someplace cool!” Amy looked over to Mark. He shrugged.

   “It probably once led to that spare apartment. Some doors, like this one, were probably bricked up when they divided up the house.” Mark turned on his heel and walked back to the kitchen. Amy took the key out of the door and closed it. She put the key back to where it went.

   “I’m gonna go check up on the others,” Amy said. Mark nodded. She grabbed her camera and left. 

   Amy left their apartment and stumbled upon a few packages. She looked down and saw a bunch of packages addressed to Kathryn. Amy collected them in her arms. She smelled something funny. It couldn’t be the packages, right? She thought. Amy brought the packages to her nose and took a quick sniff. She pulled them away from her face and gagged. Amy quickly ran to Kathryn’s apartment and knocked on the door. Kathryn opened it and smiled. 

   “Hey, Amy. Those mine?” She asked. Amy nodded and handed out the packages. 

   “Jeez, Kathryn! These smell horrible! What did you get?” Amy said, her face twisting to disgust as she remembered the smell. Kathryn laughed. 

   “Well, I’m not gonna say but this is gonna be funny for us and horrible for the boys,” Kathryn said, taking the packages from Amy. 

   “In that case, buy all the weird stuff you want. Hopefully, they won’t try to rope us into whatever it is.” Kathryn took the packages and smiled them, before doing the same as Amy. 

  “Yep! This is just as bad smelling as they said. I’m gonna go put thesis away. See ya around dinner.” Amy nodded and smiled. 

   “Till then.” Kathryn closed the door, leaving Amy to check on the blue boy and the stone-faced man. She quickly went down to their apartment and knocked.  

   When they did not answer after a minute, she knocked again and called out, “Are you two decent or not?” She heard footsteps and then the door opened. Ethan was there. 

   “Sorry, Amy. We are still not done unpacking. It’s been a bit hard for us to adjust to this timezone. I was taking a nap and I think Tyler fell asleep in the kitchen.” Ethan said. Amy smiled. 

   “I feel that. Mind if I help? I need something to do before dinner.” Amy asked. Ethan eagerly nodded.

   “Please!” He said, taking Amy’s hand and pulling her into the apartment. Amy saw boxes upon boxes. She cringed. 

    “Jeez! I knew you guys had a lot of the equipment but I’m sorry we gave you most of it.” Amy said. Ethan shrugged, letting go of her hand. 

   “It’s cool. We don’t mind. It’ll be easier when the rest get here. Speaking of which, do you have any idea when they are getting here?” Ethan asked. Amy shook her head.
    “I asked Mark the same thing. He said any day now.” Ethan frowned. 

   “I thought they were already here, like before we came, but no one was here.” Ethan went to the kitchen to wake up Tyler, who was indeed asleep, leaning on the counter. Amy looked puzzled. 

   “What? What make you think of that?” Amy asked, but Ethan was trying to wake Tyler so he could at least move to his room. 

    “Oh, Amy’s here?” Tyler mumbled. “Hey, Amy.” He came into the main room, rubbing his eye. 

   “Hi, Tyler! Maybe you should take a nap?” Amy suggested. Tyler shook his head. 

   “Nah. I’ll only mess up myself more. I’m not used to getting up this early, ’s all.” Tyler said. 

   “Yeah. It’s been taking a toll on Mark, too.” Amy internally cringed think about the toll it seemed to take on everyone. 

    “Alright. Want any coffee, guy?” Ethan called out to them. 

   “Yes, please!” The two responded. 

    After they all sat around, drinking coffee for a they, they started to unpack. They decided not to touch any of the tech equipment, since they could be moving the tech rooms around. So, they moved the boxes of clothes into they boys’ rooms. Next, they moved the boys’ stuff, like lamps, into the right rooms. Amy helped them organize the tech in separate sections, based on cords and monitors and everything in between. Soon, Kathryn came down to tell them that dinner was ready. The three stopped unpacking and organizing and went up. Tonight was Kathryn’s night to cook. 

   They all gathered around the table Mark was once working at to eat. Tonight’s dinner… something. Kathryn scooped some onto everyone’s plates. The stuff seemed to be stingy and kind of goopy. 

   “Um, does this have any peanuts?” Ethan asked. 

   “Why would I poison you like that?” Kathryn asked, frowning. 

   “Just checking. I can’t really tell what’s in it.” He shrugged. Kathryn rolled her eyes and smirked. 

   “Okay, yeah. It is kinda mushed together. It’s a casserole. I promise it’s good.” Kathryn said, sitting down. The boys started to dig in. Amy took a bit and decided it was not that good. She tried to eat half, before giving up.

   “I think that’s all can eat, tonight. I’m just not hungry tonight.” Amy said. She pushed away from the table and cleaned her plate, before placing it in the dishwasher. 

   “Is it not good, Amy?” Kathryn asked. Amy shook her head, no.

   “I have no idea what’s up with me. Sorry. I might be coming down with something. I’m gonna take a bath. I’m sure I’ll feel better after that.” Amy shrugged. 

   “Good night, if I don’t see you later.” Tyler said. Ethan nodded. 

   “Yeah. Sweet dreams.” Ethan said. 

   “Good night!” Kathryn said. 

   “Good night, everyone. See you guys tomorrow.” Amy waved, before leaving. She climbed up the stairs and into the master bathroom. She drew a warm bath and added a bath bomb before soaking in it and her thoughts. 

   After the bath, Amy did feel batter and went down to check in on Mark. He was back at work. Amy sighed and leaned against the door frame. 

   “Hey, Mark. Are you gonna stop working?” Amy asked, frowning. Mark shrugged. 

   “Yeah.” He said, as if was not sure. “Be in bed soon. I promise.” Amy sighed.  

   “Yeah, sure. I miss you, Mark.” She said, looking down. Mark looked up at her.

   “We just had dinner awhile ago.” He said, confused. 

   “Yeah. We did.” Amy left the door frame and got ready for bed, easily stinking into sleep when she cuddled into the blankets.

   The sound of squeaks woke Amy up from her sleep. She opened sleepy eyes to hear the sound of squeaks and claws against the wood rang out in the silence. Amy leaned over to see Mark asleep. No need to wake him up, she decided. Amy slipped into her slippers and pulled on a robe, walking after the squeaks to see what kind of venom they had.  

   The sounds seemed to always be just in front of her, until the soft footsteps turned away. She followed them to the room with the old door. The door was opened slightly. This puzzled Amy as she remember shutting. The sound of the creatures came from behind the door. She opened the door, thinking she had them caught, but she was mistaken. 

   The door opened to a dim-lit hall. Amy was curious. She walked down the hall, noticing the hall was the color of her old room in California and the floor was a rug that they had to leave behind. It made Amy feel happy and calm, plus it added to her curiosity. She quickly walked down the hall and opened the door.


Marluxia of the Week


I am a very passionate person and one thing I am extremely passionate about is animal rights. Now, I am in no way a perfect human, I only began transitioning into this lifestyle 6 months ago and still have quite a ways to go. I compiled this list out of my own research and decided to share it, I can only hope it will be useful to someone ◕‿◕ I will update it as frequently as possible, but please feel free to edit, ask questions, or educate me and others. Thank you!!!

♡ Related Links: 

Leaping Bunny - Administers Cruelty-Free guidelines internationally and is the most reliable source for “…assurance that no new animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories, or suppliers.”

Shop Cruelty-Free - Search brands to see if they are Cruelty-Free or Vegan.

White Rabbit Beauty - Sells only Leaping Bunny approved brands.

VitaCost - Has Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan sections to purchase from.

♡ Related Blogs/Youtubers: 

Veganmakeup - my favorite Cruelty-Free/Vegan beauty blog (let me know of any others!!!)





♡ Key: 

Obviously, everything on this list is currently Cruelty-Free (CF).

Ⓥ = Vegan

N = Natural

☆ = personal favorite!

♡ Makeup:

100% Pure (Ⓥ N)

Afterglow Cosmetics (Ⓥ N)

☆ The All Natural Face (Ⓥ N)

Alythea  (Ⓥ)
Arbonne (Ⓥ)
Aromi Beauty (Ⓥ)
Au Naturale Glow (Ⓥ)

Avalon Organics(Ⓥ N)

☆ theBalm (CF)

Balm Envy (Ⓥ) 
Beauty Without Cruelty (Ⓥ)
Beauty Secrets (Ⓥ)

☆ BH Cosmetics (CF)

BITE Beauty (CF)
Cheeky Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Cherry Street Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Cosmic Tree (Ⓥ)

Crazy Rumors  (Ⓥ)
Cruelty Free Shop (Ⓥ)
Devita (Ⓥ)
Devine Natural Mineral Cosmetics  (Ⓥ)
Earth Diva (Ⓥ)
Earth Goddess (Ⓥ)
Earthy Essentials  (Ⓥ)
Eco Minerals (Ⓥ)
Eco Glow Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ ELF (CF)
Elixery (Ⓥ)
Emani Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ essence (CF)
Everyday Minerals (Ⓥ)

☆ Fyrinnae (Ⓥ)
Gabriel Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Glam Natural Makeup (Ⓥ N)

☆ Hard Candy (CF)

Hurraw! (Ⓥ)
Illuminare (Ⓥ)
Inkia (Ⓥ)

Juice Beauty (CF N)
Killer Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Kett Cosmetics (Ⓥ)

L.A. Colors (CF)
Logona (Ⓥ)
Lip Ink (Ⓥ)
Mad Style Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
☆ Melt cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Minerale  (Ⓥ)
☆ Motives Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Modern Minerals Makeup (Ⓥ)

Mountain Minerals (Ⓥ)
Musq  (Ⓥ)
My Earth (Ⓥ)

Natural Girl Cosmetics (Ⓥ N)
☆ Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Pink Quartz Minerals (Ⓥ)
☆ Pumpkin & Poppy (Ⓥ)
Pure Gaisha  (Ⓥ)
Prirodna cosmetics (Ⓥ)

Rockeresque (Ⓥ)
Rogue Republic (Ⓥ)
Scout Cosmetics  (Ⓥ)
☆ Shiro Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Smash Cosmetics (Ⓥ)

☆ Sugar Pill (Ⓥ)
Swagger Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Tick Tock (Ⓥ)

☆ Too Faced Cosmetics (CF)

Well 2  (Ⓥ)

Wet N’ Wild (CF)

♡ Brushes: 
Alima Pure (Ⓥ)
Bare Escentuals (Ⓥ) 

Cozzette (Ⓥ)
DermaBrushes (Ⓥ) 

Earth Diva (Ⓥ)
Earthy Essentials (Ⓥ) 

Eco Nvey (Ⓥ)
☆ Eco Tools (Ⓥ)
☆ Furless (Ⓥ)
Inika (Ⓥ)
☆ Pirouette (Ⓥ) 

☆ Real Techniques (Ⓥ)
Vegan Vibrance  (Ⓥ)

♡ Nail Care: 
Acquarella Polish (Ⓥ)
Anise (Ⓥ)
Big Ruby Nail Tattoos (Ⓥ) 

Beauty without cruelty (Ⓥ)
Butterlondon (Ⓥ)
Colorclub (Ⓥ)

Dreams (CF)
Gabriel cosmetics (Ⓥ) 

Gosh (Ⓥ)
Misa (Ⓥ)
ncLA  (Ⓥ)
Nail Aid (Ⓥ)
No miss (Ⓥ)
Nubar (Ⓥ)
Priti (Ⓥ)
☆ Sparitual (Ⓥ)
☆ Zoya (Ⓥ)

♡ Skincare:  
Aeon Botanica (Ⓥ)
Akin (Ⓥ)
Amie (Ⓥ)
Ayana Organics (Ⓥ N)

Be Genki  (Ⓥ)
Be Natural Organics (Ⓥ N)

Beautiful Earth (Ⓥ)
Bioethique Organic (Ⓥ N)
Blue Ridge Gypsy (Ⓥ)
Bonicca ( Ⓥ | also makes cosmetics)

Botani  (Ⓥ)
Botanicals For Beauty (Ⓥ)
Bronzo (Ⓥ)

Ceela (Ⓥ)

☆ Dermalogica (CF)

Devita (Ⓥ)

Dinga Bear (Ⓥ)
Dolphin Organics (Ⓥ N)
Dr Danton (Ⓥ)
Dr Loretta (Ⓥ)
Different Daisy (Ⓥ)
Dr Wendy (Ⓥ)
Elta (Ⓥ)
Envy Tan (Ⓥ)
Essential Stuff (Ⓥ)

Florere (Ⓥ)
Från Krämer  (Ⓥ)
Gourmet Body Treats (Ⓥ)
Happy me Skincare  (Ⓥ)
Herbal Choice (Ⓥ)
Herbology (Ⓥ)
Hippy Heaven (Ⓥ)

Hothouse Botanicals (Ⓥ)
☆ Hugo Naturals (Ⓥ N)
Keshi Organics (Ⓥ N)
Kimberly Sayer (Ⓥ)
Kuush  (Ⓥ)
KSA Jojoba (Ⓥ N)
LaMari   (Ⓥ)
Lin Lou (Ⓥ)
L’uvalla (Ⓥ)
La Bella Pink (Ⓥ)
La Isha (Ⓥ)
La Natura (Ⓥ)
Leap Organics (Ⓥ N)

Lillian Skincare  (Ⓥ)
LooLoo’s Escape (Ⓥ)
Loving Naturals (Ⓥ N)
Malcoms Miracle (Ⓥ)
Metamour Skincare (Ⓥ)
Metropolis (Ⓥ)

moom  (Ⓥ)

Mystic Zen (Ⓥ)
Naturally Green (Ⓥ)

Nature’s Gate (Ⓥ)

Nude  (Ⓥ)

Odacite (Ⓥ)
Organic Grooming (Ⓥ N)

Organic Kama (Ⓥ N)
Organic Roseshare (Ⓥ N)

Osea Malibu (Ⓥ)
Paradise City (Ⓥ)
Planet eve (Ⓥ)

☆ Paula’s Choice (CF)
Raw Gaia (Ⓥ)
Sanctum  (Ⓥ)
Sevi (Ⓥ)

Smartmen (Ⓥ)

Soapwalla  (Ⓥ)
Sukin  (Ⓥ)
Treasured Earth (Ⓥ)

Tri Nature  (Ⓥ)
U little Beauty (Ⓥ)
Yaoh (Ⓥ)
Y natural (Ⓥ)
Y-yo (Ⓥ)
Yuva  (Ⓥ)

♡ Bath & Body:  

Antho (Ⓥ)
Bare Body Soaps (Ⓥ)

Bubble Shack Hawaii (Ⓥ)

☆ Clean Cauldron (CF N)
Dixie Bits (Ⓥ)
Dr Singha (Ⓥ)
Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics (Ⓥ N)

Earth Light Organics (Ⓥ N)
Earthly Body (Ⓥ)
Emerita (Ⓥ)
Enfusia (Ⓥ)
Fanciful Fox (Ⓥ)

Free Of (Ⓥ)
☆ Freeman (Ⓥ)
Holistic Body Care (Ⓥ)
I Love My Muff (Ⓥ)
Kalliste (Ⓥ)
Keys (Ⓥ)
Little Owl (Ⓥ)

☆ Lush (Ⓥ N)

☆ My Konjac Sponge (CF N)
Sensibility Soaps (Ⓥ)
☆ Spa Ritual (Ⓥ)
Squid Balm (Ⓥ)
Well in Hand (Ⓥ)
Wildflower Organic Bodycare (Ⓥ N)

♡ Hair Care: 
☆ Abba (Ⓥ)
Aesop  (Ⓥ)
A’kinAl’chemy  (Ⓥ)
Apteka (Ⓥ)
Animal Aid (Ⓥ)
Australian Organics  (Ⓥ N)

Botanicals (Ⓥ)
Colure Hair (Ⓥ)
Creo Care (Ⓥ)
Daniel FieldDavid Babaii for Wild Aid (Ⓥ)
Davroe Hair Wellness  (Ⓥ)
Delorenzo (Ⓥ)

Giovanni (mostly Ⓥ)

Green Body Green Planet (Ⓥ)

Honesty Cosmetics (Ⓥ)
Kept (Ⓥ)
Know! (Ⓥ)
Max Green Alchemy (Ⓥ)
Micro Broo (Ⓥ)
Mixed Chicks (Ⓥ)
Muk (Ⓥ)
Natures Quest (Ⓥ)

Not You Mothers (CF, ?)

O.B.I Natural (Ⓥ)

☆ Organix (CF N)

Paul Mitchel (CF, some Ⓥ)
Peter Lamas (Ⓥ)
Salon Naturals (Ⓥ)
Surface (Ⓥ)
Tara Smith (Ⓥ)
Tisserand (Ⓥ)
YarokZerran (Ⓥ)

♡ Hair Dye:  
Daniel Field (Ⓥ)
Developlus (Ⓥ)
Herbatint  (Ⓥ)

Ion (Ⓥ)
☆ LaRiche Directions (Ⓥ)
Light Mountain Hair Color (Ⓥ)
☆ Lush (Ⓥ)
☆ Manic Panic (Ⓥ)

Naturtint (Ⓥ)
Special Effects (Ⓥ)

Splat (Ⓥ)
Tints of Nature (Ⓥ)

♡ Sun Care: 
☆ Alba Botanica (Ⓥ)
Invisible Zinc (Ⓥ)
☆ Kiss My face (Ⓥ)
KINeSYS Sunscreen  (Ⓥ)
Monimay (Ⓥ)
Natural Glow (Ⓥ) 

♡ Dental Care: 
Desert Essence (Ⓥ)
Dr Sharp (Ⓥ)
Eco Dent (Ⓥ)
Jack N Jill (Ⓥ)
☆ Jason (Ⓥ)
Kiss My Face (Ⓥ)
Natures Gate (Ⓥ)
Oxyfresh (Ⓥ)
Stim-U-Dent (Ⓥ)
White Glo (Ⓥ)

♡ Deodorant: 
Alba Botanica (Ⓥ)
Alvin Connor (Ⓥ)
Deodorant Stones (Ⓥ) 

LaMari (Ⓥ)
Milcu (Ⓥ)
Naturally Fresh Crystal (Ⓥ N)

♡ Perfume: 
Green Ritual (Ⓥ)
Kai Fragrance (Ⓥ)
perfume organic (Ⓥ N)
Julian Rouas Paris (Ⓥ)
Le Labo (Ⓥ)
Malibu (Ⓥ)

☆ Pacifica (Ⓥ)

♡ Body Mod. Aftercare: 

☆ Really helpful post about Vegan Tattoos.

After Inked (Ⓥ)

H2Ocean (Ⓥ)
Out Of Sea (Ⓥ)

☆ PunkMedics (Ⓥ N | stretching, piercings, tattoos, everything)

♡ Sexual Health & Hygiene: 

Earthly Body(Ⓥ)

☆ Glyde(Ⓥ)

Good Clean Love(Ⓥ)

SebaMed (CF)

Sir Richards condoms (Ⓥ)
The personal Vegan (Ⓥ)

♡ For Fury Friends 

Beach Organics(Ⓥ N)

Castle Baths (CF N)

demes (CF N)

Farm Dog Naturals (Ⓥ N)

ecos (CF)

♡ Household Products 

Astonish (CF)

☆ Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps (Ⓥ N)

Earth Alive (CF N)

Eco-Me(Ⓥ N)

Ecover (CF N)

Martha Stewart (CF N)

Miarose (CF)

☆ Seventh Generation(Ⓥ N)


[CHARACTER] Sailor Mercury.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: セーラーマーキュリー
Romaji: Seeraa Maakyurii

Role: Major character
Type: Human
Family: Saeko Mizuno (mother), unnamed father
Aliases: Ami Mizuno, Dark Mercury
Alignment/Organization: Sailor Senshi, Moon Kingdom
First appearance: Act 2
Last appearance: Special Act
Status: Alive
Actor: Chisaki Hama


  • Ami only had blue hair when she transformed into Sailor Mercury or Dark Mercury.
  • She was the only Sailor Senshi in this series to have no shoulder pads or coverings.
  • This Sailor Mercury did not use a supercomputer or wear a blue visor.
  • The primary blue colors in her live-action suit were changed to a lighter shade.
  • Sailor Mercury had the most weapons.
  • Chisaki Hama was credited as “Rika” in the Special Act and Act Zero because her real name is Rika Izumi. The characters for “hama” (浜) and “izumi” (泉) respectively mean “beach” and “fountain.” Both words are related to water, which is Sailor Mercury’s element.

anonymous asked:

Your sketches the other night reminded me how much I love courferre! 1. any fic recs? 2. do you have any feelings about courferre on a ghost walk?

I inspire courferre fever everywhere I go. ;)

Here are some fics I’ve read (relatively) recently which I recommend:

Make Believe (He’s Here) by Raeldaza - Les Amis is an organization of supernatural hunters, and Combeferre and Courfeyrac partner up to take down a succubus which takes the shape of the object of your desire to lure you into her trap. (One of my favorite courferre fics, and it’s over 10k!! A rare, beautiful thing for the pairing.)

Seven Thursdays, And Counting by AkumaStrife - Courfeyrac’s go-to coffee shop closes down, so he has to start going to a new one; there’s a really hot regular there, though, so it can’t be all bad. (SO CUTE and the characterizations are spot on. A present to me from the author, who is super lovely and talented and will be famous one day, mark my words.)

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again by eirenical - Courfeyrac is a famous actor, and Combeferre is a devoted fan; but in their childhood, they were also Internet friends. Now, united in the flesh, Combeferre craves so much more. (Steamy and adorable, read it!!)

A Blind, Lucky Disaster by Raeldaza - Enjolras takes it upon himself to set his two friends up on a blind date. Unfortunately, it’s the worst first date in the history of dating. (Loaded with second-hand embarrassment oh my goodd, but it’s so cute!! Another present to me from the author, because I’m super lucky and people are amazing??)

Even Brighter Than Usual by theglitterati - Courfeyrac poses shirtless for Grantaire’s art one day in the Musain, and Combeferre is definitely affected by it more than he should be. (I mean… shirtless Courfeyrac. Flustered Combeferre. Need I say more?)

In addition to these, check out my previous list of recommendations, because I still strongly stand by them!

As for the ghost walk…. please elaborate, dear anon.

-Monika xx

shutupperalta  asked:

joke peralta, amy, the hiatus (ask meme, not just spewing words here)

i love the clarification 😂

joke peralta - what is your favorite joke or episode of b99?
i’m gonna go with fave joke being every “title of your sex tape” joke, it never gets old. i can’t choose one favourite episode!

amy - how organized are you?
not at all lmao you don’t want to see my room

the hiatus™ - are you looking forward to anything?
i’m going to a little mix concert in july and i’m meeting ariana grande in september so it’s an exciting few months ahead!


Root x Shaw | TV Scoop Awards 2016: Favourite TV Couple

Congrats, Amy Acker & Sarah Shahi! Well-deserved & an OBVIOUS choice, really.

Honestly, who else has this mad, undeniably organic chemistry together on TV?? Every pairing pales in comparison. It’s truly amazing. So rare, yet here we are: Amy & Sarah, the 2 SHOOT captains (Thank you, POI writers! Thank you, ladies, for bringing it!) from TV’s most unique, clever, poignant, phenomenally exceptional show - POI.